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21 Questions with San Dova: Last December

And another Zoom Kobe V Sneak Peak Premiere!

by Sandy Dover

If it was good enough for 50 Cent and Nate Dogg alike, I’m pretty sure that it’s exceptionally sufficient for SLAM. Regardless of music, 21 Questions with San Dova is taking the task of asking those nebulous questions that seem to revolve around the force of gravity we know to be the NBA. Check for the preguntas at the top of every month or so.

1. Is Agent Zero ever going to honestly return, or is this season just the prerequisite one-year waiting period following his microfracture surgery?

2. Why is no one talking about Eric Maynor?

3. Does anyone really believe in the Toronto Raptors in ’09-10? Does anyone really believe in Chris Bosh?

4. Now that Richard Jefferson is finally happy on a team now, will we see the Arizona R.J. make a return to form?

5. Why is Portland throwing Andre Miller on the bus, and giving Steve Blake all the brakes? Since when is he better than Andre?

6. And why isn’t Brandon Roy just the permanent point guard yet? Doesn’t anyone realize that the TraElton Brandil Blazers are best this way?

7. Shouldn’t Phoenix just go all out and spend for this year (especially the team’s resurgence)?

8. If Allen Iverson does return to the City of Brotherly Love, will Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams accept him? Will the big men be better? Is Philly truly better off?

9. And why doesn’t Philadelphia just make Elton Brand the center and either Jason Smith or Marreese Speights the four-man to integrate Brand better and keep some size on the low block?

10. Wasn’t trading Rafer Alston foolish for the Orlando Magic?

11. Are the New York Knicks crazy for passing up AI, and are the young guns in New York City even good or important enough to merit not signing Iverson?

12. Isn’t Byron Scott the lucky man in the New Orleans abyss?

13. After going 0-17 through the first month of the season, will LeBron even want to be bothered with the New Jersey Nets, despite all the future amenities?

14. Brandon Jennings: How many fools of teams has he made since his NBA breakout show?

15. Why don’t the Memphis Grizzlies just be “normal” and make a cohesive team? Isn’t winning a lot to ask of a team filled with B-grade stat fillers, ground-bound “rising” stars and the other players who know better?

16. Dahntay Jones is a scoring machine with the Indiana Pacers, but doesn’t anyone remember his high-scoring RutBen Wallacegers days?

17. Is Don Nelson is a Bizarroworld genius? (With the aims of proving that he can make a good team perform at its absolute poorest?)

18. Ben Wallace sure does look like he was worth the contract he got from the Chicago Bulls these days, doesn’t he?

19. What is Coach Mike Brown’s problem? Why doesn’t he go uptempo? It’s not like the Cavs will forget how to play the halfcourt game!

20. With Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich and Tyrus Thomas, aren’t the Chicago Bulls shooting more for a 2nd-round KO than an NBA championship?

21. Who really cares about the Boston Celtics anymore?


In the world of sneakers, the Nike Zoom Kobe V has become one amidst the flurry of hot shoes coming out for the holidays, and Kobe V blueas the new jacks are bound for release, I’ve been been able to attain another Sneak Peak Premiere exclusive with an upcoming colorway, with may or may not be released in the United States.

Decked out what is being called “photo blue” with black and white trim, the Zoom Kobe V is looking as bold as ever, and further reminding the basketball heads out there of No. 8 long-held dream of starring in blue and white for the Duke Blue Devils. Replacing the oft-called soft LunarLite foam is Zoom Air in both the rearfoot and forefoot for more support, bounce and that zoomy lightness that is often associated with that particular Air technology. The Flywire panel returns in a seamless, no-sew construction that will adapt to your foot pattern and mold a custom shape as the shoe is worn and heat emitted from your feet. The outsole is full rubber with a unique pattern that resembles both a heartbeat monitor and seismic readings, so I’m guessing it’s all about Kobe still having a pulse on the floor and his feet reading his reactions in on-court play.

My sources tell me that these are bound to retail early in 2010 for $240, which would make these a premium release, but as always, dates and prices are bound to change.

(Shoutout to Andrew for the much-appreciated intel!)

Sandy Dover is a novelist/writer & artist, fitness enthusiast, as well as an unrepentant Prince fan (for real). You can find Sandy frequently here at SLAMonline, as well as at Associated Content and Twitter.

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  • boy sanchez

    I don’t see many differences with Zoom Kobe IV…

  • http://www.slamonline.com JL

    240!!!!! WHAAAAAAT!

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Very nicely done. I’m an Eric Maynor fan and i’m not even sure what he is doing so far?

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    #3. – Yes and Yes, but maybe not at the same time.
    #10.- YES
    #15. – The owner is a ground-bound dough-head.
    #19. – The man has no imagination. None. Middle-management material who got lucky.
    #21. – Over 2 dozen teams in the National Basketball Association

  • Andrew

    I should add that they retail at $240 AUSTRALIAN, so around $125 USD. They drop in Australia in June, I would assume that they will be a worldwide release.

  • J

    i have no problem with low-cut shoes. i think it would look better in a different colorway. it’s not much of a jump from the IV..

  • http://www.stepienrules.com Brendan

    2. Eric Maynor will play 10 plus years in the league…that kid’s tough…best true PG in rookie class
    8. For some reason, I think AI to the Sixers will work
    11. Knicks made a mistake, no good reason for this year’s squad to not bring AI to the apple
    13. Can’t see Nets as viable suitor, Russian billionaires and Jay-Z notwithstanding
    14. If he keeps pace to win ROY, will more prep stars follow his path overseas for their year-in- waiting?
    19. Cavs are best with LBJ at the four…roll it out and run, I agree

    Those shoes are sweet…Sandy, if your in Australia when they hit the shelves, pick me up a pair!

  • http://www.boggiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty

    This post is the NJ Nets of SLAMOnline

    “Brandon Jennings: How many fools of teams has he made since his NBA breakout show?”

  • http://www.slamonline.com Cub Buenning

    Dahntay’s high scoring Rutgers days were followed by his low-scoring Duke days.

    Keep trippin Dahntay!

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