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Wanna Jump Higher?

Tell us what you’ll do with some added vertical and you could win a free pair of APL kicks.

Could you use a couple inches on your vertical leap? Trying to become a better shot blocker? Can you almost dunk, but just need a little help? We’ve got you covered.

This All-Star Weekend, Athletic Propulsion Labs will be releasing a new red colorway of their Concept 1s, pictured below, and SLAM is giving away a pair. The rules are simple: You think you deserve ‘em? Tell us why! Just drop a comment below explaining why you could use a few extra inches on your vertical leap, and APL will send the commenter with the best reason a pair of the jump-enhancing kicks, in your size. The sneakers say BANNED across the insoleand you should know whyand will only be released in very limited quantities. These retail at $300, so getting a pair for free should be pretty enticing.

So why do you need to jump higher? Check the pics of the kicks below, and comment away with your best answers. Good luck!

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  • http://twitter.com/ricardo242 Ricardo

    To realize how amazing is the feeling of a gorgeous throwdown. Here in Brazil these shoes don’t even exist.

  • Donovan johnson

    Last year I could dunk on people and now that I hurt my knee I can barely dunk, and my teammates don’t think can dunk in a game, I wanna prove em wrong and get back yo dunking on people

  • http://twitter.com/dwillydesign Dwilly

    I need these shoes because, well…I’m a white boy; and as we all know…white boys can’t jump (without these kicks, that is)!

  • Max

    I need them cause I’m a 6 foot 2 white kid who can barely hit rim and they always make me play the post cause I’m the tallest kid on the court.

  • Matthew Roach

    I need to jump higher so I can start on the high school team next year. I’m about an inch away from dunking and have been working on my vertical for the past month and will continue to work on it until I can dunk.

  • Ivan Aziza

    Dear Slam,

    I have been doing jumping exercises since I was 16. And although I have ganes a few inches in my vert I’m still a couple inches now. I am now 22 and have tried just about everything spent a couple hundred bucks and I still can’t dunk, can almost dunk but not quiet there. I’m not that tall either (5’10) but I have always dreamed of getting on a fastbreak soaring and finishing on the other end with a tamohock jam. These shoes would mean the world to me and would greatly increase my chances of making my dream come true.

    Sincerly, A loyal Slam reader

  • Akii Dean

    Why do I need them? Im 5’11 playin college ball at a small NAIA school 6th man. Im like an inch or 2 away from dunking. My coach says if I dunk He will run 20 miles to the beach and back!! That will be hilarious, and im tryin to get that on camera ha. I gotta be able to dunk I got the quickness, and body control, But juss cant get there. I need to shut everyone up and catch someone slippin!!!

  • Mike R

    I’m only 5’6. all my life I’ve been picked for being little. I’m the only guy I know that can’t grab the rim at my local park. These would help me able to hold my head hi. Even if just once, I would be the “little guy”

  • Double J

    Dear SLAM,

    A few years ago I could dunk and I mean I could DUNK! Being only 5’10 it was very nice and I worked hard to be able to do so. Unfortunately do to an injury sustained a while back, degradation of my left knee has caused my vertical to drop tremendously. I have what is known as extreme tendinosis, basically tendonitis for life. With these shoes I would be able to relive some of my past glories. So please SLAM let me throw down on some fools again!

    Double J (Ex-Jumpman)

  • Oh Nose

    I wasn’t given natural athleticism needed to dunk..and also not given the height!


    i need dem because im a 5’2 spanish 23 year old,and whenever i go to la fitnees to play i always get picked because of the iq and i know what i should be doing and the little glue guy is what i want to be,but it doesnt help that eveybodys 8 inches taller than me ,please help

  • jorge monteiro

    I want these trainers cause I wanna fly touch the sky and be that high. Give me those sneackers I’m still one of the believers

  • sev

    I’m a 5’11 filipino. I have a chance to play for ncaa in the philippines. I can touch rim and almost squeeze. If I get a bit more vert it’ll help me and show them that I belong there. I really have something to prove to all these doubters. With these shoes it’ll help me dominate like LBJ or Blake Griffin.

  • Riggs

    I want these kicks to prove to my 6 foot 5 older brother that his little brother can dunk as well. Sibling rivalry should win lol

  • kc

    I need these kicks because i ruptured my achillies playing ball about about a year ago and, i’m still no where near being 100% recovered. I haven’t even dared to step back on the court because my left leg lacks the spring that it used to have. If i cannot play at the level I used to, then I just wont play at all. Maybe these shoes can give me the boost i need to be able to step back on the court once again.

  • http://www.rickyrubio.net Nick Hausman

    Don’t you want to see a 5’5 overweight kid that looks like a mix between Teen Wolf and Sam Kinison dunk a basketball? If you need another reason just imagine this guy wearing APL Concept 1′s:


    If you can find better reasons than that, then I don’t deserve a pair of these shoes.

  • John

    I run the practice squad for the university of daytons womens basketball team and can just get the rim without the ball. I’ve been running with them ever since I was a freshman and have been dying to slam in a scrimmage. These shoes would help me accomplish that goal. I am now a junior, and would love no feeling more than to dunk on one of the girl players who still think there better than the average male player in bball.

  • Tyler Whitcomb

    I play a ton of basketball and love it. I’m a huge Basketball junkie. In the past 4 years I have ruptured my achilles tendon and had back surgery repairing herniated disc. I still play besides those injuries and the one part of my game that is lost is my vertical. I still rebound well for my size because I box out, but could use some extra added vertical leaping ability to my game when I go against these young kids that are more athletic.

  • Peat

    27 year-old going down but still wanna go up.. Give me those shoes and i’ll increase my scoring by at least 8 ppg.. Come on I need them !!

  • FBenn

    Im so tired of dreaming about dunking, then when I wake up and go to the gym, the results are different.I know that its all the same(point wise) but there is a little something more to the game when you are able to posterize somebody or a breakaway dunk.

  • Erickson Garcia

    it would be amazing to give a massive swat like Lebron James..!

  • http://www.redraidersports.com Nicolas Fleming

    Let’s be honest. I just want to know if they work, and I’m not spending $300 to test drive them.

  • Dylan14

    I’m 5’9 and pretty easily grab rim. I need those few extra inches to throw one down and I’ve been enticed by these shoes ever since I read about them a few months ago in SLAM. On top of it all they just look cool and I’m a basketball shoe junkie. Help me out SLAM, help this 5’9 White boy from Mississippi throw one down!

  • Coach S

    Because I’m tired of wearing these stupid Power balance bracelets on my ankles…

    I’m a very young high school coach at a fairly “hood” school…one of the ways I teach, is to get out and play with them…I have pretty good ups for a 5’10 white kid, but could use those last couple inches to show my kids I still have it. And I certainly am not getting paid enough to buy shoes for 3 hundy a pop.

    Maybe then, one of the kids will stop calling me Ben Aflleck…

  • themis

    because I would like to perform an impersonation of Remi Gaillard kangaroo stunt http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81szj1vpEu8

  • http://djysonline.com DJ YS

    I’m 5’5. Used to be able to grab rim a bit but a torn MCL 2 years ago put an end to that. Help me relive my rim-grazing hoop dreams Slam! lol

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    If I had those shoes, I could finally change the light bulbs in my garage!!

  • Greg

    I’ve played basketball all my life and have always loved it. Till this day I still play pick up on a consistent daily basis. In college I have gained a whole lot of muscle and jumping ability that I didn’t have in highschool. I am fairly short and can almost throw down, all I need are those few extra inches. I’ve been trying all sorts of leg workouts and conditioning to get a few more inches. It’s always been a dream of mine to dunk and these shoes could help me achieve it. Plus it wouldn’t be a bad addition to my basketball shoe collection!

  • Anthony Goodar

    I need these shoes because im 5 foot 5 and I can almost touch the rim. All my life I have been getting made fun of for my height. I made the varsity team but i don’t play a minute unless we are up big. Winning these shoes and being able to dunk would prove all the bigger guys on my team that slam on me all the time. Wearing these shoes would give me more confidence and the explosiveness to take my game to the next level.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Or donate them to Andre Iguodala so he can complete that dunk fail..

  • http://www.slamonline.com AllDayEveryDay

    I always have these bullies at school chase me at least once a week to steal my money. I usually run away through some alleyways and such. They always end up catching me because they are more athletic and are able to get through the obstacles more easily. With the added hops, I will be able to jump over the boxes, trash cans, and fences faster so I will have a chance of escaping them and keep my money.

  • TJ

    I am a 6″2″ guy, who constantly gets picked on by my friends for not being able to dunk. I am a little heavy (240), and I am so close to dunking. I would use the extra few inches to personally posterize any of my friends that calls me out. I will be Blake Griffin Jr.! Please let me get these, so I can live my posterization dreams!

  • Erik Franke

    I want to get these shoes so I can give them to my little brother. He is in 8th grade. He says he doesn’t like basketball that much so I am afraid he is going to quit soon, but if I got him these shoes, it would give him reason to keep playing. I wanna see him play through high school because he is better than he thinks he is. If he just focused on basketball, he could be pretty good some day. Thanks.

  • OneOneNine

    Dear Slam:

    I would like to increase my 2 inch vertical a few more inches.
    I believe these would help me get a bit higher.
    If not I would still look pretty sweet in these shoes.


  • http://www.grownasskids.com David Lopez

    Being the 5 foot 9 white boy at the gym is hard enough but when you have no hops to go with it, it makes it a lot harder. If you hooked me up with a pair of these APL joints I’d finally be able to throw it down like D-Wade did on Sideshow Bob out there in Cleveland lol. Not only would I put them to use on the court but it’d help me with all aspects of life. I’d finally be able to reach the dishes on the top shelf without using a girly step stool. Id be able to get the toilet paper out of the front tree in my front yard from when these damn kids tp’d my house last year. I’d be able to spit game at this tall model chick in my finance class. And if thats not enough reasons for ya SLAM, itd bring world peace. Yes, giving me these shoes would solve all the world’s problems so HOOK ME UP!!!!!!

  • Jones

    Like alot of commenters Im not very tall (5’11″) has had a series of basketball related injuries ( broken foot last year and a series of sprains and sprains) and I am also getting older by the day. I simply want these shoes because they look great, they got great reviews, and hey it wouldnt hurt to be able to throw down every once in a while in my weekly pickup games. Simply put, these shoes would be put to good use by a true fan of your product.

  • http://youtube.com/jusanthrday Thomas Litteer

    I have been training at several pro exposure camps overseas (where the shoes aren’t banned!) and am very close to landing a contract in a second tier league. These shoes could get some great exposure over there when a 6’1″ guard is flying high in the paint. Not to mentioned the edge they would give me; would be great to get some APL Concept 1′s!

  • TJacks

    Because straight up… I can not afford $300 and I have wanted to try these shoes since the first interview.. I also won a Banned in the NBA t shirt, and would like to actually have the shoes too match =).

  • Jer dawg

    Because there comes a time when 5’8″ power forwards who pass their prime want the exhilarating feeling of dunking once again before father time catches up to him. He wants to recapture his youth before middle age settles in. That’s why i would be thrilled to have a pair of The jpL kicks.

  • kingrichard

    I own over 100 pairs of basketball shoes. I have seen every cushioning system and gimmic around and nothing has helped my performance on court. I have to admit I am intrigued as well as skeptical about the claims made by APL. This is a chance for APL to prove their system works and isn’t just hype.

  • Adam

    i would just use it so i can look and feel cool for once in my life!

  • rob stewart

    I would go to all of the surrounding grocery stores and grab stuff from the top shelf for all the short and/or old people. And i would suprise my friends with a dunk or two

  • Eddie

    Dear Slam,

    I’m a 28 year old virgin who’s spent every waking moment trying to dunk. Please help. I’ve sacrificed everything just in order to dunk. I have nothing but that dream. Make it happen.


  • Ansonpanson

    i’d 360 with these.

  • http://klatschendom.wordpress.com/ speedy

    I don’t need these shoes because after a ruptured achilles tendon I will not be able to play the level I played before. But I feel with Kc and hope these shoes will at least help him back on the court.

  • Roberto

    How about….

    I am getting married,
    My future wife would never let me buy these (especially with the cost of a wedding),
    And they would be a great wedding present.

  • Eric Mercier Jr

    I want these kicks for my brother who just got on in Portugal to play pro ball. He came from a D2 college and I played juco and naia college basketball. He took it to a level I always wanted to and I’m living vicariously through him! So it would be a nice present for him, size 15 shout out to slam magazine too!

  • robz

    Dear SLAM,

    OMG, my dream shoes !!! I’m 5’6 tall human being dreaming to fly like them 6 footers, I tried all kinda programs to help me jump higher, gave me results but not enough. Please SLAM…Please…Please make my dream come true…I WANNA BE LIKE MIKE !

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jordan

    I need these shoes so that when I end world hunger and deliver SLAM magazines to the underprivileged children that don’t have the joy of SLAM and slamonline in their lives, I will look good doing it!

  • Yann Blavec

    I wish I could jump over Vince Carter, since I’m french. I wear size 9.

  • answerbulls

    I’m really close to dunking and few additional inches would be perfect for me. I also read that these shoes give you advantages on horizontal explosiveness as well and I really need to become more explosive to take my game to another level.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Clyde

    Grrr probably gonna be a double post. I could use them in the Jimmy V charity game coming up here in Phx. The events for a good cause and throwing down on your friends is also a good cause lol. Sent from my Blackberry Crap Phone.

  • Hightop23

    I am 5’9, almost removed from knee surgery. almost back to my old ways, tryna get that vertical up. not only will these shoes improve my confidence, but will have me ballin and jumpin like fresh. Please hook me up. Im a college kid, i cant afford these.

  • Tuukka Kallio

    I need those shoes because during the summer I made a bet with my friend that after the season I would dunk. It was for 50 euros and I started to work on my jumping ability but now I can`t anymore because my back gave up on me, so I can`t do any heavylifting. But I’m really close to dunking and I think those shoes would give me that extra push, to be able to dunk that ball. Plus I’m from Finland so there is no way I could otherwise get those shoes.

  • Thunder Dan

    I’m a 6’4″ wing player, leading my team in scoring and rebound, but I can’t dunk. Our varsity coach won’t let us work out, and if he catches or hears of us working out, he’ll kick us off the team. So here I am,stuck with whatever vertical I have right now and mocked by all the MY fans for my lack of hops. But I’m not off by much- just an inch or two; with a little help from my friends at Slam, I’ll be throwing it down. I can just imagine the crowd going nuts now. “HALF-MAN, HALF-AMAZING!” Come on, Slam. Show a lifetime subscriber some love.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    they need to make a promotional song with 2 Live Crew called “Banned in the NBA”

  • kobe4ever8

    I need this so I could attach them to my jumpsoles so I could dunk on a 12ft ring like Dwight!

  • Jonah007

    I need these… so one day I can be on the cover of SLAM!

  • alex80

    I want to jump higher becaquse I want to jump acroos the US border and get myself a nice pair of APL kicks in Arizona. We don’t have that in Mexicali, neither visas.

  • Jray

    While it’s hard to distinguish yourself from everyone else, we all deserve these as much as each other. For a pair of kicks like these, it’s easily worth a few lines. My name is Jordan, and I’m a junior in high school. Being the tallest on your team is great, but if your boys are throwing down and you aren’t it’s a little humiliating come warm-up and such. Air alert, vertical jump bible, and a skip rope later, dunks come only on a solar eclipse. Without a doubt these would put me over the edge and dunks would come regular, and on tuesdays when we watch game film Id have something to smile about .

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    There this guy at my gym called Joe who is a d-bag…….dunking on him would shut his fat face up ….Thanks

  • jdn41

    I need these shoes so I can do my own viral internet video and jump over an aston martin (more likely a honda civic)

  • Kourtney

    Alright, well first of all i can’t dunk and won’t ever be able to so i’m not gonna say I need them for that. I need them because my jump needs to be improved alot. Im a girl and I think it would be cool to see a girl sportin those shoes. I play beasketball all year round and have dreams of playing in college some day. I need a better jump though. Please and thanks!

  • Kourtney

    I also read slam all the time. Much love to the mag! It is pretty sick. U should write more about the Blazers though. About injuries or Lamarcus Aldridge cuz my team deserves it! Thanks

  • http://nobulljive.com/ Enigmatic

    I need these shoes cause…..nah, f*ck it, I don’t want these shoes.

  • Geezuz

    If I get these shoes I’ll go straight to africa jump so high, pull down some clouds an let it rain on the Sahara. So there will be food and peace on earth. Peace and Love. World B Free.

  • Tianyi Zha

    Black men can fly? White men can’t jump? Says who? What about Asian men?

    Check out my dunks back in 2009: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CFM-0vb6tg

    I cannot wait to use some extra inches to dunk on people and then update my YouTube account. Thanks.

  • http://brimartin13@gmail.com Brion

    Cuz ya I have kicks but I need a new pair, cuz courts in the summer have girls there…

  • Thegfunk

    George and the jungle made me love trainers! Here in England, well, George’s uptempos are few and far between. I would enjoy trying the apl shoes. See what they can do for a 19 year old with bad knees and hereditary back problems Ha! I have a bad habit of thinking my bodys old already………….Lemme have em!

  • tony knorr

    I need these shoes because I am a 6’2 25 year old canadian who for years was able to throw down but never could do it consistently in games. anyways about a year and a half ago I was traveling in australia and by chance was offered a spot on a division 1 professional mens team over there, however the main reason they wanted me was for my rebounding and leaping ability but once I came back to canada and had to inform them that I was going to have to get reconstructive ankle surgery (which is my third surgery in the last for years on my right leg) they were no longer interested in my services. since the surgery I have worked hard to get back to my old vertical ability but so far I have only gotten back to being able to dunk occasionally and still can’t hammer hard in games. If I had these shoes I would be smashing on fast breaks and put backs in games consistently which would perhaps allow me to fulfill my dream of playing professional basketball one day. At the very least I could send the Gold Coast Goanas a video tape of me blocking shots and dunking in games so that they could see what they gave up on all too quickly.

  • Zogs

    hey so this is my story…
    im a white 16 year old, 160 pound 6″4 player who used the product jumpsoles but did not work. i then worked very hard in the gym doin calf raises squats, box jumps, etc, until i finally got my frist dunk!
    during the summer i played and worked out everyday for a month and a half. then i fell on my ankle (ironacly on friday august 13) and just started balling again in december. i was cut from my school team (which im still being made fun of) and lost a few inches on my vertical. im not going to lie and say im 5’3 and have no money, but i am in love with basketball and if im chosen to win these i would wear them everyday only indoors and hopefully be able to dunk again
    thanks a lot slam

  • Joblo

    I want to go higher

  • Gus

    I deserve them more than anybody ´cause i´m the one who´s gonna show that the APL Concept 1´s can get banned in a lot of other places and circumstances, like for example, in the lingerie department of my favorite store, or on my bedroom just before the saturday night special! hell, i might just get´em banned on my next airplane flight, at my auntie´s place just after jumping over my annoying uncle…man o man, those Concept 1´s are going to see nuthin´but red “DO NOT!” all over the place! i´m going to do them justice each and everyday of their life!

  • Mark Lewis

    I’m a 5’8″ slightly overweight 34 year old Englishman so I need all the help I can get ;-)

  • http://www.double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    So I don’t have to pursue illegal means to get high…..No overdose.

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  • kamuimask

    Touching Air, a Haiku.

    Gifted with no Air
    To high five the rim, I will
    Require banned shoes.

  • TheMac

    I’m 30 6’0” and can still dunk pretty easily. But with these kicks, I would probably get my 20′s bounce and show some off some dunk art for a proof of concept. P.S: The new colorway matches my team’s jersey & they are not banned in the league in play…

  • superrapsfan

    Hey SLAM. Im a 5’5″ 15 year old, and it can get pretty tough when everyone you’re playing against is much taller than you. I really love to play ball and i would do anything to see my friends faces after they see me soar over their heads! These sweet kicks would really be amazing for me. And by the way i love your mag. I’ve been reading it for about 8 months and i’m hooked. Im a SLAM reader for life! Thanks SLAM.

  • AsianNeedingHelp

    I’m 5’9, Asian. I love the game, there was a long period where I played everyday until I couldn’t run anymore, and did squats with heavy weight. This combination gave me shin splints first, and then knee pain. I still love the game, but I feel better now because I stopped working my legs out. I can’t do jump programs anymore, these shoes will give me an enough boost to dunk! (I still have a quick jump, but I have no means of increasing my vert)

  • Jake C

    I want this pair of shoes to help me achieve the unbelievable sensation of dunking a basketball. Without these shoes however, this would not be possible, which is why i am desperately pursuing them. When i am famous i will help market the product and give you 100% credit. I am begging on my knees that i would have the substansial oppurtunity to have these amazing works of art laced up on my very on feet. Just the thought of not having the chance to obtain them strikes terrible sadness upon my heart and i all can do is hope that the kind soul reading this would be considerate enough to pick me. I thank APL for even thinking about giving away a pair of shoes and wish them all the best. You guys simply the greatest and i truly hope that i am the one you will choose. I wear a size 11

  • Mitch

    as a 5’11/6’0 unathletic white guy still in high school, i dream of dunking every time i’m on the court. if i got these shoes, you better believe those dreams would come true. I’m already painfully close, I just need that extra push that i can’t seem to find, and these shoes could do that for me

  • TimmyJim

    I am a 6 foot small forward. Mainly hustle, rebound, defend, and run fast breaks. Been following the company since it started, but was disappointed by teh $300 price tag. I have been wearing #15 since I can remember, I’m a big fan of VC. I am close to dunking, but I have never had that feeling of actually throwing it down before. A few inches would give me that.

  • emoney15

    Well slam the reason i need theese shoes is because im a white guy and we all know white men cant jump. And when im in the middle of games the bigger kids are always snatching the ball from right over me when i jump and i hate that. But with the shoes it will help me increase my verticle so ill snatch over everybody else.And not only will i jump higher everybody will be asking me what shoes do i have have and ill just give them a smile and big wink and just walk away. This is why i need the APL’S!!!!!

  • robb

    These are shoes for cheaters. Lame. I can jump by myself thank you very much.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    Do I need these shoes? Hell, I wouldn’t be able to say that. But I can say that I’m a 5-10 power forward who scraps in the paint all day for rebounds and can box out like a fiend, but I get the ball picked out of the air over my head too much. I can’t get into jumping contests with people, I’m all heart, blood, and hustle. I work harder than anybody on the court, but my height and lack of jumping ability holds me back. This will hopefully increase my chances of fulfilling my dreams of rebounding like Love or Rodman. Suffice it to say I can’t jump, and I need to. Do I need the shoes? No. Will they propel me into the elite? Hopefully so.

  • http://Facebook Aaron Anson

    I am just recovering from a torn acl, and was close to dunking before. I have been doing jumping exercises and promising teamates that I would be able to dunk in our league, with no luck. I would like to return to the court fast and strong, and believe these shoes would help me throw down in our league. (By the way, a dunk in our rec league results in a technical foul- well worth it!)

  • Zach

    hi I’m studying Kinesiology at Mesa State Grand Junction. We have a Human Performance Lab there and would love a pair of these shoes to demonstrate just how impressive technology in athletic equipment really is!

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment!

  • BIGd

    nagged by knee injuries (both knees) and have had to start over from scratch and my vertical just isn’t the same as it used to be. I used to touch the top of the square off 2 steps but now can barely grab rim.

  • http://YouTube.com/user/jonathankaker Jonathan

    I want those shoes for a couple reasons. I’m coming off ankle surgery so it will take me a while to dunk again, these would help me out to dunking faster. Number two I want to play at UCLA & a few inches on my vertical will help me get to that level.

  • Austin G

    Picture this: Your the 6ft point guard in high school. There is 3 seconds left and your team is down by 1. They could pass it into me, and i could hit the jumper to win it. Or we have this play for our big guy where we oop it and he taps it in. But imagine seeing the little point guard be the big man and throw it down. If i got these shoes, id post a video of that play. It may not be the game winner, but it would be sweet to see the lil point guard to just jam it on the other team. If i get these shoes ill post a video and give you guys 100% credit for the shoes. Ill post all over my facebook and twitter ads for slam magazine and for APL.

  • kelseytiny32

    Dear SLAM and APL,
    I’m a 18 year old girl months away from graduating from the private school I transferred to, for my senior year, to be better prepared for the Mid-Major Division I school I will attend as a student-athlete on the Women’s Basketball team. Right now though my university is going through a serious growing year. We are 10-11 right now and can’t seem to get the rebounds. Most of the games we’ve lost (I check the stats) are due to extremely poor shooting and god-awful rebounding. We have one shot per possession and allow the other teams to get second and third chance shots.
    With these shoes I’d be able to come in as a freshman and get our team in at least the top-3 of our conference by at least out-rebounding every team we face. Also, I’m able to grab the rim on a good day, if I could dunk by the time game time comes around-think about how many games could be changed if I dunked? If we’re starting to get on a run to catch up to our competition and I go one time and dunk it-that game would become ours.
    All in all, I don’t want these shoes-but everyone who’s involved with my university and wants our team to succeed wants me to have them so we can become the team that gets to play in March Madness.
    Thank you for reading this and keep pumping out great articles SLAM,
    Kelsey #32 WU Class of 2015

  • Reignman40

    I need these shoes because right now my game is Hoosiers and i want to be Above the Rim. :(

  • S-Mills

    Dear SLAM, i know so many people who’ve posted deserve this just as much or more than I do but hear me out. I live in Canada in an average town with an average basketball fan base. Where I come from there only two high schools. One highschool has a long history competing on a provincial level, the one I go to has never won a provincial championship. Anybody who takes ball seriously here transfers to the winning school. Where i come from it is against the rules to transfer for athletic reasons but somehow all these kids get away with it. I decided early i was gonna be honest and do the right thing and go to the highschool i’ve always meant to go to. I’ve started and been team captain on a losing team every year. Every year when we play the other highschool we get blown out. I’m better than almost every kid on that other team. This means i get targeted and made fun of the most everytime we lose by kids i could handle one on one. Please SLAM anything that gives me a better chance at winning i need. And if we don’t win all i want to do my senior year is throw down on them in front of everyone that never believed i could. All i need is a few inches to reach my goal and a few points to achieve my dream. Please show me some love and if not give a pair to this guy “Geezuz”.

  • http://www.PursesRock.com Tracy McClure

    I don’t want to jump higher, but I’m sure my 47 year old husband would, especially because his 15 year old just started playing basketball. My husband, Steve, was hoping one of his boys would love basketball as much as he does and now he will need to keep up with him. We play in our backyard a couple times a week and Steve still has game +strong skills, but I know your shoe will improve everything! It’s about time that he wear a different (and better) brand! :) Please hook me up, so I can hook him up for Valentine’s Day…what an ideal gift for a guy this Valentine’s Day!

  • Aleks Kaludjerovic

    Why should I win these shoes? Because I work hard on my game each and everyday but I just don’t have the size or athleticism to throw it down. I’m 5’10 and I’m not only white, I’m Serbian (name one guy who could Slam from Serbia). Serbs can jump!

  • Mark

    i need a couple more inches on my jump, im 6ft tall and can get just about half my plam to grab the rim, but i just need that extra bounce to get me to get that first dunk!!! 19 next month and would love to dunk before my teenage years are gone. Plus these shoes look sick! i can see myself wearing these for my university team

  • Swagg_Sean

    Yo Slam i need these why? because I a 27 yr old 6’2″ forward and I can dunk(well with a lot of effort ahem) anyway with these I will be able to get my springs back like it was when I was a teen, with a pair of these I will finally be able to dunk like mike and impress my friends who always pick on me because at my height I cant dunk easily.

  • Tenisha Jones

    well First off i think i’m the only girl that has a desire, or urge to dunk i’m 5.5 and i always play ball against big guys and they like to block my shots. I have made an attempt to block a few of the guys shots except for 2 guys that has a great jumping ability and want to be the FEMALE LEBRON, KOBE & JORDAN combined i i’m a determined player in my heart i will be the First in my country to make it in the WNBA and u all can believe that. I GOT MY MIND,HEART & SOUL made up and i will make REMEMBER THE NAME TENISHA JONES or u can call me T-JONES #11

  • Ethan

    I need to jump higher so I can help the USA get to the Olympics in Team Handball, one of the only sport that team USA doesn’t have a medal in.

  • Mike

    Just trying to bring style to the court like MJ and fly like Vince… Im 23 years old n my love for the game will never change, Took the year off, but im going back to school next semester and I can’t wait to prove everybody wrong on the court.. Ain’t just about the vertical tho, Im taking over on every inch of the court, Because there ain’t nothing like dominating in between those 4 lines night in and night out.. So Hook me up!!

  • Jay

    I’m 5″10 and can grab the rim. A few inches added to my vertical and I could probably squeeze in a dunk. Having never done it before on a regulation rim, this would be the ultimate thrill for me as a basketball player. I’ve played ball for over 15 years now and still never accomplished this. I was able to dunk on some lower non regulation rims when I was younger, but as I get older, it’s getting more difficult to maintain my vertical despite training harder. These shoes would give me that added boost I need to dunk.

  • Yudhi Eko Prasetyo

    I’m from Indonesia, in here there’s only a few people who can dunk, and I want to become one of them.
    But the main reason is we can find your product here :D

  • Will

    I need them so I can dunk on McGuilacutti. Ungowa!
    Size 10 will do

  • kh

    I want to know if they’re bull$h!t or not.

  • JamieSenft

    Slam, why do I need these shoes? I NEED these shoes because well I am white, 6’6 14 years old and can’t dunk, I have three times but it is rare. I play forward/center and have a decent game, I am being recruited by a WCAC (best basketball league in the country) school to play basketball so I will probally transfer there but I can’t come in the June summer league being 6’6 and not being able to dunk so that extra inches of vertical will HELP A LOT.

  • Richard

    This year im playing on a high school basketball team, and im trying to improve my vertical and really want to be able to dunk, i am about 5 inches away from dunking and think these could help out a lot for my Vertical.

  • Robert C

    Why I need it? Need it to dunk cuz im so close to dunking and im 5’10. Also would be very good for volleyball

  • Chet

    Im 6 foot 4 and can only touch rim. I have shorter friends who can dunk. Its embarassing. Hook a brother up.

  • Rossni Presendieu

    I wanna get my former team back for saying “i cant jump” With these shoes I could use them to play aau basketball and finally make my dream come true. After I would celebrate by jumping off a trampoline 90 feet in the air just kidding lol.

  • Tipjam

    Because every man could use an extra inch or two…
    (but especially me)

  • Antonio Cruzado

    My names Antonio Cruzado and i’m a 17 year old
    who lives in Springfield,Ma. I have playing ever since I was 8, I would be in AAU teams, Winter league teams; basically anything that had to do with basketball I would want to be in it or do it.
    Well I’m 6’0″ and I could only touch the rim, I would love these shoes not just because they could make me get that extra inch so I could finally throw it down but so I could get a new pair of basketball sneakers lol. My Air Penny 2′s are worn out and those are the only pair that are comfortable for me. To have these amazing sneakers will make me want to work harder as a basketball player because one day I would want to dunk without these sneakers. I want to be the talk of Springfield,Ma before I graduate just at the fact that a lot of people aren’t known out here and I want to be that person that people would come up to and say “That dunk last night was RIDICULOUS!” and I was simply say “I thank Slam for everything.”

  • logues

    Well, I feel I am very close to being able to dunk, it’s always been a dream of mine to just have that feeling of being able to throw down. Also, so i can shut up and impress the older guys who think they’re so good just cause they’re older.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Thanks for all the comments and feel free to keep them coming. This will be live until Monday, at which point we’ll pick a winner and contact them by email. Make sure you log in to comment with a working email address!!

  • shuref00t

    I stopped playing basketball since I graduated high school nearly 10 years ago. This past summer, my cousin and I were shooting hoops at our local playground. After a missed shot, the ball got wedged between the rim and the backboard.

    Remembering that I was able to dunk a volleyball on regulation height back in the day, I confidently ran up and said “I got it!” Running at full speed from the top of the key, I leaped and missed the stuck ball entirely. I tried a second time, and grabbed nothing but air.

    There were a couple of young teens playing on the next hoop, and one kid who must’ve been around 12-13 years old and about my height (5’9″), without the need of a running start, jumped straight up and knocked the ball loose.

    I was both thankful to him, yet quietly embarrassed in front of my cousin, girlfriend, and her puppy who were watching from the sidelines.

    I need these shoes to help restore my vertical jump and my pride.

  • batumswrong

    me and my cousin have been playing pick up games since even before we could dribble properly. Now at the ages of 19 and 21, we’re tough competitors. However, he always gets the best of me and looks down on me because of it. Asking for nice basketball shoes would be too much because we dont have that much money to blow. But I want and need every advantage that I can get. I really really need these shoes. Please: LET ME DOMINATE IN THOSE MACHINES YOU CALL SHOES. I will thank you, SLAM magazine when I finally take the lead in our epic life long series

  • add

    i feel i deserve a pair of apl kicks because ever since 9th grade i have been doin all i can to dunk but never achieved. i did 200 squats a day, 100 lunges a day, i even ran every day just so i could jump higher, but it was never enough… if i got these shoes it would help me achieve something that always seemed impossible to me.

  • manny

    I had to goal to dunk by the 12th grade, however it has been hard to meet. In the 9th grade i suffered a Tib-Fib compound fracture and when the doctor put my leg in a cast it turned out it wasn’t perfectly aligned. So my leg ended up healing on an offset angle were my foot is not inline with my knee. Also the healing process took 9 months and i still have not fully recovered, because of the leg not being aligned along withe the long recovery time my ankle cannot bend properly preventing my from having and explosive ability or jumping high. This injury also led to me getting many knee problems because it was not aligned. It seems my whole life i have just been the unlucky one, the one who always gets injured at the wrong time or can never stay healthy, yet i still keep playing basketball because i love the game. I feel like these shoes might just give me my lucky break, and help me reach my goal. a goal that has been so difficult to achieve that has always evaded me injury after injury I have worked hard and i really really feel like this shoe could help me finally get over the roadblocks and dunk a basketball.

  • reuben

    Im a 6foot shooting guard. im white, and most people view me as unathletic. however, this season ive just been able to barely grab the rim. If i had these amazing shoes, my vertical would go up and I would be able to prove all the haters wrong, and everyone would be able to show the world my new skill

  • Ben

    I’m already doing a jump training programme to increase my vertical but with a pair of APL’s it’s a done deal. High flyer here I come!

  • Josh
  • Amos Ayodele

    It will be really amazing to be able to dunk. i have the speed and the ability to get to the rim at will now i need the ability to finish at a high percentage

  • Angelo

    Every day I see birds flying around. They eat bugs,fly after each other,poop on things. With a pair of APL’s not only will I be able to dunk on people I’ll be able to poop on them at the same time. I thank the birds for the inspiration to take my b-ball skills to the next level(and hopefully new pair of APL’s).

  • Hightop23

    I am a year removed from surgery, i had to get knee surgery for my patellar tendonitis that i was diagnosed with because all i did was breathed basketball. day N’ Nite. I currently am playing basketball again, but do not do plyometric training as i did before because i do not want to get the dreaded tendonitis again. Hopefully if i win these shoes i will “STOP DREAMING, AND JUMP HIGHER” because pretty much all i ever wanted to do was dunk and out jump people because i am only 5’9. If i win these shoes, i know i will have the confidence again to try to jump higher and be an elite athlete like i was before knee surgery
    Thanks Slam, Your the best!

  • stavie

    Im a small (6 foot) “Big Man” coming off an ankle injury who, with a few added inches, would be able to play better with other “Big Men” and might be able to dunk with the extra inches. Hopefully i will get the extra inches i missed out on getting because of my injury and to “stop dreaming and jump higher!”

  • tungaw

    meron na ko nyan! mga walng pambili! mga pulubi!

  • Eli

    I need these shoes so I can settle the Lil Wayne LBJ/Dwade beef once and for all. See, Wayne feels insulted that they never acknowledge him, but the problem is that they can’t see him cause he’s like 4’11”!! If I give him these shoes he can jump up and down in the crowd and get Lebron’s attention!! And just like that, all the weezy fans would once again be able to watch heat games…well, maybe not the weezy fans in cleveland

  • jack boutchard

    i’m 13 and with those shoes i could dunk

  • J-Cheeze

    It’s not about height nor race or anything. I’

  • j-cheeze

    It’s not about height nor race. No excuses. I’m close to dunking though. I just wanna show my ex-girl what I can do on the court, and that is to slam it. ‘Nuff said.

  • james

    so i can play in the NBA, which then gives me the funds to buy everyone in Australia a pair.

  • Peter

    Im 6’0 very small big mann with little hops. I’ve bounced around from team team in my city league due to the fact that they have no room for my lack of productivity on the boards.. I’ve been replaced by guys who are quicker and are more explosive of there feet.. I just want to feel wanted by a team instead of me asking if i can join. I’m a competitor and i want to be able to compete with the best players in my league young and old.. Its not about being able to dunk (thats just a bonus) but to be productive and wanted on a team for my hard work and competitive spirit. So hopefully your product will be able to aid me in achieving my goal as a basketball player.

  • Kyle Garrabrant

    I need to jump higher so when my beloved orlando magic win their first NBA title this year lead by all-world center Dwight Howard I can jump up and touch the sky so I can be as high up as I’ll feel.

  • fnom11

    Because if I can actually dunk on a consistent basis it can help me standout and help me join my basketball team next year. Man if I could do that in a game it would be amazing.

  • Aristotelis Themelis

    Oh I can think of many reasons: So I can jump over skyscrappers in one single leap. So I can try triple jump the Grand Canyon. So I can dunk our moon through Saturn’s rings… but really I just need them so my fat ass can remember what it was like getting off the hardwood again.

  • j4zzm4n

    I would be able to jump higher so I could improve my shot blocking, dunking and improve my rebounding average all so that I could help my team get promoted from our division and at least bring some happiness to our much beleaguered team.

  • jack boutchard

    i’m 13 and 5’10 i’m an inch away from touching i have been doing vertical jump programs but still can’t dunk (without these shoes)

  • rodman91

    Well, I need those shoes, so I could jump over the walls of inequalities, unjustice, poverty and make this a better world…

  • Liam (In Australia)

    ‘Cause APL’s are $300+ and I can’t afford that (And the added vertical would work wonders for my game. Plus they look real good.).

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/hagekg hagekg

    NIKE LEBRON 8 best shoes in the world. with them kicks on my feet and HARD WORK everyday, i would be able to soar high with KING’S shoe on.

  • ernest

    i want the shoe, so i can fly high like MJ !

  • http://upandfresh.eu frednetick

    I’ll finally get all red with those red shoes and my red uniform !!

    I’ll be the little (5″11) red flying hood !!!

  • Jim Plimmer

    I need these shoes because being able to dunk will be like a dream come true for him, i spend hours watching videos on youtube, i try and dunk all the time but never quite get it so these shoes would be perfect! Being able to finally dunk will complete my life and there will be no greater accomplishment that can top the feeling of flying through the air and dunking.

  • August Schirmer

    Hey Slam!

    I’m a Norwegian playing for the Tromsø Ravens in the northern part of the country, 69 degrees north. Seeing as basketball is really small in Norway and there’s currently a team ranked way above us in our city, we’re not getting any sponsorships whatsoever. The whole team is based on volunteering and everyone’s working there ass off. But if you gave me these shoes you would contribute to at least one of the white boys being able to make a proper leap, us making the playoffs, getting lots of sponsors and creating history. Get in!

    Team page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tromso-Ravens/147276375318241

  • luis

    i would replicate tha amazing scene on the matrix 2 movie and jumped throught every head non STOP!

  • GranCaida

    in my family clan, my dad’s a former pro baller, my uncle too, my cousin is a former college player. i was a former college player too, but all my relatives even my dad is more dedicated to my cousin rather than me. i want to show them that i can showcase some hops too that will complement my game. they always say my swagger dont blend in with theirs. i just want to prove them wrong and prove to them that im capable and will be the leader of my pack. thx

  • GranCaida

    in my family clan, my dad’s a former pro baller, my uncle too, my cousin is a former college player. i was a former college player too, but all my relatives, even my dad is more dedicated to my cousin rather than me. i want to show them that i can showcase some hops that will complement my game. they always say my swagger doesnt blend in with theirs. i just want to prove them wrong and prove to them that im capable and will be the leader of my pack. thx

    btw, second comment here because i nvr told u guys that im from the philippines, its tough to have a crack at basketball leagues here, its more like, is he your friend? ok if he is then you’re good to ball with us

    thx slam

  • Idrees

    i need them because im a 5’6 teen who barely has jumps. im listed as small forward and power forward but other guys are MUCH taller than me, or have better natural verticals. if i get them, i can work on my blocks better and i’ll better on post ups, both offense and defense

  • Daan Vloeberghs


    Shannon Brown.
    Boston – LA.
    2nd Q, 2.55 remaining…

    That’s why!!!

  • cargile13

    i am a 5’10″ junior in high school and i have been starting the last two years, and i just wanna clown someone and make them look foolish! i can get it down with a womans ball now so im hoping these shoes would give me the edge, here in north dakota people dont get to see many slams, so i would like to have these shoes to let them see that.

  • Jamel

    Dear SLAM, Im big man for my high school basketball team. I have average jumping ablity and s

  • Yesse

    Before, i was able to jump higher and could almost dunk. Actually i dunked on a 10ft rim once last summer. After that my knees got the best of me and i have been trying to rehabilitate myself back ever since.

  • Slade Griffin

    I need these shoes because i am 30 now and losing some spring in my legs!!! Played high school ball and kind of got away from the sport for awhile due to work etc. I am 2 months away from having my first child (a boy) i got to get me hoops game back up so i can teach him some skills!!! Also my wife would kill me if i bought some $300 dollar kicks instead of diapers!!! lol Help ya boy out!!!

  • dawn

    I need these kicks because i love this beautiful game of basketball.

  • Ifonli Icould Bang

    Hi there,
    I am pretty tall 6’7. I play the wing for my high school and my friends make fun of me for not being able to dunk. I do box jumps and calf raises almost every single night but I still can’t slam!! I’m really embarrassed. I have a couple colleges looking at me but who wants a 6’7 guard who can’t dunk?! My parents can’t afford college, so a scholarship is my only chance. With a pair of APL’s I could reach my dream! Please help! Thanks

  • Basim TheDream

    Because I being 29 years old,6’2″ and 230lbs, never had the vertical jumping ability to dunk the ball. I am athletic enough(I play semi-pro football.) Do its not that. Giving me these sneakers and having them lift me the extra 2 inches I need to dunk would prove that your product works and I’d appear at all of your marketing events for free (excluding travel and lodging cost…) lol

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nafanator

    Hey SLAM, I need these kicks more than all these punks up here^^^. When I am going around my neighborhood helping children learn to read SLAM and play basketball they constantly ask to see me dunk. Now I’m about 2 or 3 inches away from doing this and making their dreams come true and a pair of these shoes would help me to do this for them! For the children, SLAM, for the children.

  • tomtom

    Hi, my name is kwame brown im sick of being 7ft tall and unable to dunk the basketball. These guys called mike n kobe are always bullying me and saying how much i suck. I really need those kicks, help me out slam! P.s. when u start a competition to win some passion n basketball iq think of me!

  • Think Tank

    I am 22, 6′ tall and I can dunk. I know I can jump, but I think the dunking is a byproduct of long arms and flexible shoulders. If these shoes actually do increase explosiveness and jumping ability then I still want them! Most people on this site loves basketball, shoes, and probably dunking too. We want these shoes.

    I am addicted to Nike gear, and I am about to go buy another overpriced pair once I figure out what I can afford and want. If I got these for free then I will send you a dunk mix and write an amateur guest shoe review. Thanks

  • Dallas

    My dream was to play college ball……my dream. I practiced 6 hours a day every day in highschool, and was pretty good, but got cut all FOUR YEARS!!…..Dreams dashed…….But I am dedicated…..Told by the coaches I would not ever play I kept going……Practiced for 3 years after highschool and walked onto a D1 school and made the team….elation! or should I say elevation. Only one from that graduating year to do that.

    So here is the jumper

    This march I have been invited to play in an alumni tournament in my highschool, with all of the highschool players and coaches from my year. And all of the coaches that cut me will be there.

    These shoes will help me do two things…..


    I can dunk when I have a lane, an extra inch or two and I will be doing it in peoples faces.

  • Josh Wagner

    Hey SLAM, my name is Josh Wagner. I am a freshman in college, playing NJCAA Basketball. I am only 5’9″ and I can grab rim two hands, but I just can’t quite dunk it yet. I’ve been doing jumping programs year after year and just can’t ever seem to get high enough to throw one down. In recent years, I had torn tendons in my ankle and needed to have surgery. It was hard to get my maximum vertical back. I’m pretty close and these could help a lot. My dream since 8th grade has been to dunk the ball. I’m trying to get a scholarship to play for a Division 2 school and with the help of these, maybe I could get where I want to go. I really appreciate it. Thanks SLAM.

  • BRI

    So I can be on the basketball court as what Khloe Kardashian is in real life…A MONSTER

  • sideburn2go

    I’m 5’6″ and my uncles and brother who I ball with are all between 6’3″ and 6’8″. In order to hold my own in games against them I have had to work on my vertical to improve my game. Since high school I have increased my vert from 28″ to 34″ but I am nearing the limit to what I am able to accomplish on my own. It would be great to throw down a dunk on a guy who is more than a foot taller than me, and a few more inches and I might actually be able to do it.

  • doyouwantmore

    I’m a youth pastor who has been playing basketball with the same group of high-risk teens for a while. Imagine their faces when I bust out a nice little two-handed slam after telling them for the last couple years that if you work hard you can do anything. They know I can almost throw down, and its become a running joke for them to watch me attempt to dunk. Please give me the chance to shock them out of their doubt.

  • drew

    Yo slam i need these shoes because recently ive had some ankle issues, second sprain this year! These kicks would give me the extra boost i need to give me an edge in my rec league games. Im 18 so this is my last year to try and win a title as a high school kid. also these sneakers look extra dope.

  • http://justjumphigher.com Colin

    Dear Slam, I am white. Therefore I need those shoes.

  • Glenn Loughran

    I haven’t played basketball in over 2 years because I really messed up my ankle playing a pickup game at my park. Not only did i grab a rebound, twist my ankle on the dude’s foot, but I also finished the game on one foot. Afterwards, my ankle ballooned up to a canteloupe and I tore some tendon along with severely spraining my ankle. It has been tough not being able to play, as I got older, recovery time has taken a lot longer. I would love to have a pair of these kicks to I could finally go back to the park and possibly throw one down. That’d be like riding off in the sunset. I know I won’t be able to play much any longer, so to go out with a bang would be great.
    I have been scared to mess up my ankle again and with this pair of kicks, maybe I could have one great day left.

  • Henry Larios

    i want these shoes i so could jump from california to china

  • hops

    i need these shoes to help me train, ive always wanted 2 dunkh, for skillz & bragging rigths

  • Balherett3

    SLAM, everybody’s seen guys pin shots and put people on poster, what makes everyone think the ladies don’t want to too? I’m not saying this will give me a 40inch leap. Beat having the oppurntunity to play in a way most women can’t(in the air)would be a rare feat.

  • Benny

    I live in Canada, on a small island on the west coast. Basktetball isn’t really that big here, and I hate that. I can grab the rim but am denied the ability to actually dunk. Just a few more inches. Please, please, give me just that little bit extra vertical, and I promise I will make Basketball here more exciting and show the people here why this sport is so amazing and should be watched and nourished.

  • Mateo Chang

    I’m the point guard AND coach of my basketball team down in Brazil (where Nike shoes run you US$250-300 a pair, imagine how much these would cost if they even brought them down here). Although my dream has always been to dunk, I’ve always come up “short”. Despite the fact that I’ve never dunked before, lately, through intensive training, I have been basking in the pleasure of BLOCKING players taller than me (I’m 5’6″ btw). Straight DENYING these 6’3″+ self proclaimed “ballers”.. anyway, I would love a pair of these, not for dunking, but for the EXPLOSION it provides the wearer (according to another review, these shoes also help with driving, first-steps, general quickness on the court).. all this to say:

    Guys.. I want these shoes.. so I can go from yelling, “DENIED” when I block taller players to “BANNED B*TCH! – Go get your own pair!” heheh..

  • CheeseWhiz

    I’m 6’2, white and can dunk .. oh well ..

  • Etienne

    on every new team the coach figure out, who has the best airtime! and he ask always “Who here thinks they can jump higher than the goal posts”?

    and i say always “me”!!! and the coaches said that i am the worst in the team!
    but i tell them always that goalposts can’t jump!

    with these shoes…i will jump over the damn coach!:)

  • Spud Webb

    To Whom It May Concern,
    Since everyone else is writing one of these I might as try my hand at it. I’ve been short for as long as I remember but whenever people see me play they compliment me for being able to jump and having long arms. I’m 5’7 with a 6’2 wingspan, 23 years old so by now it is what it is. I’ve been grabbing the rim for about 5 years now and in that time I’ve sprained my knees 3 times, once requiring to have surgery. With these shoes, I’d combine them with Adidas sports undershirts and will post the video of my first dunk. All I need is to do it one time and I’d even give back the shoes so they can go to another deserving person who also wears a size 10 so they can live out their dream too. You know, the one where you are on a fastbreak and the defender thinks he can beat you to the basket but on your way your thinking about who to mail this poster to first. Thats the dream we all have.

  • IDOT

    I lost my vertical when I injured my knee like a few years ago and I rehabbed like crazy to get some of my vert back but now I’m just a spot-up shooter. I wish I could have a taste of flying to the rim. That would be the closets thing toward getting to heaven.

  • Taranvir

    The reason I need these shoes is because they were made for me. I’m too short and with these I could finally atleast touch the rim. My cousins are also very tall and they use this against me. So with these shoes, it would make my basketball life easier. I could finally fly :D .

  • http://Google.com Grant

    Thi kid in my school thinks he is better than everyone else because he can dunk, I’m really close to dunking but I just can’t get. This kid bullies other kids around and if showed him I could dunk it would shut him up. Pleeeeeeaaaaaaassssseee!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Google.com Grant

    Dear slam, I also want these sneakers because I’ve been working on my jump but since I’m just a freshman everyone blocking me and rebounding right over me. You never know what doors will open for me if I get these sneaks.

  • Jerry

    I’m going to give Blake Griffin a taste of his own medicine.

  • Andrew Cassidy


    I am veteran serving in Iraq right now. I am working out everyday on my game and I am still a little short on the dunk end. 5’11 and 185 but still my vertical leap is only to the front of the rim. With these shoes not only will my defense and jump shot be perfect but I might actually be able to throw one down which is something I have never done before. I play in a league out here for fun with all the troops and if my game could be taken into another level I might be a dominator in the league. I have attended combines wit at home and pursuing a career overseas when I am done here. I would love to own a pair of APL concept 1. I have been following them through your website and love to see if these guys really work and what they could do for me ! I hope to win these awesome limited version red APL concept 1′s ! Thank You APL, keep up the good work !

  • Reo

    Hi Slam, I’m in the 7th grade of my school. I am 5’10 and the tallest person on my team. We are all in the 7th grade except for one kid but he is really short. We have the skill but not the height. We are going to zones as the underdogs and I could use the extra couple inches of vertical to help push my team to victory.

  • chase

    With a pair of those I might hit my head on the rim http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0VIe54iPVg

  • Daniel Nunez

    I’m 5’7 and i have always wondered what it feels like to throw down a monster jam. I play ball everyday but only seem to be able to get a little bit of the rim. It would be really cool to get an alley oop pass from some of my good friends so it would help me by giving me the right amount of hop to get me able to put the ball in the rim. Thanks

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2010/12/whats-my-name-39/ Mark

    I need some APL’s because girls like a guy that can dunk and if I had those shoes, they could really help me step up my game.In more ways than one!

  • LA Huey

    I’m [insert height around average for an American male] and a [insert race stereotyped as lacking the ability to jump]. Please give me a crutch to replace my weak excuses!

  • http://slamonline.com Ali Yusuf

    Hello Slam,

    I’VE GOT A COUPLE REASONS OF WHY YOU SHOULD GET ME a 9.5 PAIR OF Apl Kicks, well the first reason is because first thing I want to be a true NBA star because I got handles plus I have a beautiful post game I’m big at 160 llbs&5’7 plus if I could dunk, WOW.I would the best B-ball player in my grade. The second reason I need the pair of kicks is because another man in my class got the Jordon 4’s and then I’m like how do I top those I am out of money ,I can’t a new pair. Then the same guy told me he’s goanna get a pair of Jordan SC 1, and as I said I got no more cash left on me. The 3rd & final reason I need kicks is because every time I enter a contest for kicks, for the same exact reason the website always says not allowed to people in Canada. I truly hope I don’t get snubbed by MY basketball Website &source for information on B-BALL.

  • http://gmail.com Serge Ibaka

    hey its Serge Ibaka and well i need these shoes because everybody knows im in the dunk contest and have to go against guys like blake griffin and Demar Derozan well i can almost do a 360 in between the leg twice dunk but i need an extra inch these shoes will really help and hey you wanna see a dunk contest for the ages. GET ME THOSE SHOES!!!!!

  • A as in Armstrong

    Well there’s gonna be a dunk contest in the family reunion and my uncle Darrell is on my ear telling me I can’t beat an old man like him. I could use a couple inches more [vert] so I DON’T embarrass myself making a reverse layup and coming in last place.
    Plus I’ve heard about the Earl ‘The Goat’ Manigault picking quarters off the top of the backboard– if I had that kind of boost IMAGINE how much money I’ll make touring the state playgrounds picking quarters off the backboards! Maybe then I could actually BUY a pair of APLs instead of waxing poetic about them. That is, if my Uncle Darrell doesn’t hustle me for quarters.

  • http://slamonline.com Zach Barens

    I believe that i deserve these shoes because i am a highschool basketball player who is trying to get to the next level and i believe that these shoes will BOOOOST my confidence and my spirit Pleaseeeee SEND ME THESE SHOES

  • KD

    I need those shoes because KEVIN LOVE has a higher vertical than me! Seriously, my vertical is a legit five inches. I need those shoes, BAD!

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    I need, nay, want these shoes because I want that K Love 30-30 special! I can get that first thirty, but rebounding at 5’8 doesn’t come too easy. Please, help me achieve the NUMB#RS!

  • Tyler

    Dear SLAM, I am about 5’6 right now(not gonna get much taller) and i can jump pretty high. But with my height, i can only do so much. I mean im only about an inch away from rim right now. I would LOVE to be able to get a fastbreak dunk in a highschool game or something but what really love..Defense. The feeling that i get when i jump up and throw some big man’s shot out of bounds is incredible. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. And most of the time its luck. So please SLAM, Help me out…

  • marc brown

    so i can finally dunk and beat my sister 1 on 1 smh..keep in mind im 28 and she’s 16 and i thinking dunking on her will teach her a lesson please i need these , she calls me LITTLE BIG BROTHER !!

  • DTC21

    i am 15 and in 9th grade but i have no ACL’s such as dejuan blair, and i do not have a good verticle at all. Please pick me.

  • Lucas Blumenfeld

    I’m 16 and 6″1 and I just started dunking but I’m not consistent yet. I love the feeling of throwing it down in the warm up but I sometimes miss and I just look dumb. The other day I stole the ball and went in alone on the basket, I went up for the dunk but just came a little bit short. The ball still went in but I’m only missing a little height to dunk emphatically! 4 players on my team can dunk but no one has done it in a game yet. I’m the shortest of the 4 and I’d love to be the first to dunk in a game so please help me out SLAM, so I can take my game to the next level!

  • Nick

    So as i read all these comments everyone is not thinking the right way. I want these shoes of course to see if they work but aso to help you guys by marketing them for you at my universities rec center. Not only will this help me but I could help you guys as well.

    Thank You

  • http://slamonline.com GlobeTrotter

    Dear SLAM & APL,
    Allow me to tell you why I need these more than anyone…..
    Back when I was in High School, there was this one guy who would always bully me during pick-up games. This guy was huge and I was one of the smallest 16 year old’s in my class, yet he would push, hit, trip, and even pull my pants down when I wasn’t looking!!! One day I crossed him over to everyone’s amusement, except he wasn’t laughing as he held me against a wall after the game and threatened to smash my face in if I ever did anything like that again…..fast forward to the future – over the years I had a growth spurt and am now a modest 5’11″. I’ve worked hard on my game, play in a decent team and have pretty good hops, just not quite good enough to get up and throw it down. Recently I started playing in a social league for extra fitness and who do you think I saw? That’s right, Jason is his name and now he’s got a big target on him courtesy of me! He’s still about 4 inches taller (and a LOT heavier), but his game hasn’t changed much, as I see him giving cheap shots to all the little guys (never the big guys!). He’s totally ignored me since we’ve been in this social league so I want to give him something to remember me by!
    I am sure, with the help of the most amazing basketball shoes ever, I will be able to throw down on this punks face when we meet on the court and let him know that’s for all the little guys he’s bullied over the years (I’ve even got the big guys on my team to promise to back me up if things get nasty afterwards!)
    Please, let me be the one.

  • Owen11

    I simply want to dunk on my coach.

  • Zabba

    Because I’m tired of working overtime the past three months just to buy these shoes.

  • http://bugmarley.com Leonel

    I need this because I can’t keep on playing basketball wearing an old pair of generic sneakers. And oh, Serge can have it if I win.

  • http://bugmarley.com Leonel

    Also, I need this to reach my dream of winning this shoe.

  • Jordan Kirby

    I need to get revenge on this dude who has been dunking on me for too long

  • http://Google.com Rich

    My game is so good it’s illegal, so why shouldn’t my shoes be the same ??

  • Sam

    Im a little guy who has worked hard to get some pretty sick hops, but the rim still evades me. My friends are dunking on me and I wanna show em’ up with some throw downs of my own. Maybe I’ll make varsity as a sophmore with their help. (not that I need any help.)

  • http://slamonline.com Jeremy Bauman

    I’m 5-11 and can shoot the ball, but I’ve never in my life touched a 10-foot rim in a legitimate manner. To be frank, it sucks.

  • Trevin

    Dear SLAM & APL,

    My school district is moving all the 9th graders from Jr High to High School starting next year. There will be 3x’s as much competition just to make the team now. I’m in 8th grade right now; age 13 and 6’2″ and I want to be the 1st Freshman in the history of the school district to play varsity basketball. I have got 8 months until tryouts and could sure use the help of these shoes… along with my strong work ethic to make my dream happen. Since my dad got laid off we just haven’t had the extra money to buy these even though I have wanted them for a long time. My immediate goal is to get a quadruple double in one game. I almost had it in my last game but I was 4 blocks and 4 steals short. Coach took me out for the last 8 minutes of the game because we were ahead by so much but I really wanted to stay in and get those last 4 of each to complete my 1st ever quadruple double. That is the closest I have come and I know these shoes will help me reach this goal as well. Please pick me! Thanks for taking the time to read my reasons why I could use a few extra inches on my vertical leap. I hope whoever you pick uses them everyday to improve their game…I know I would! Also, our school colors are blue and red so I would love the new red color you are coming out with. Thanks again!

  • David

    Here it goes
    Im 5 foot 9 about 2 inches from grabbing on to rim play ball at least 3 hrs a day
    School, aau, going into high school next year and with growing taller over summer and these shoes grabbing on and possibly even dunking freshman year would be amazing. basketball is all I do I’ve done jump soles ect and I’ve gained results but need that last little boost please slam help me out

  • zach c

    I go to a small school and play other small schools, so there is only like 2 people in the whole district that can dunk, and I can grab the rim, but haven’t been able to get much higher than that. So it would be great to bring some more dunks to the games in the area. Most of the rims in all the schools haven’t been dunked on for quite some time. And all I need is a few inches.

  • Blizzard Man

    Although I’m a pure shooter (make it snow!), I always have to cover my biggest friend when we play (he’s got 5 inches on me at least). Adding a couple more inches to my vert will let me contest more and even the playing field a little bit.

  • Joosh

    I can dunk a soccer ball, just not a basketball yet. I’ve already done jump manuel so these shoes would really help me with the last few inches I need.

  • Wendell Sweetland

    I am a 55 year old, who has been playing for 45 years. Have been able to dunk until recently. The extra inches the APLs will provide will be greatly appreciated. I WANT TO JAM AGAIN!

  • Jands

    Because I will re-introduce myself to every ring in the hood.

  • abdul

    Dear Slam, I really need those I used all the plyometrics shoes like jumpsoles and I only got 5 inches all toghether I can toch the middl e of the net at 5’3″ which is good but I want more I would love those shoes

  • Jens Christian Auken

    Dear Slam and APL,
    The last two years I have played on the U14 and U15 Danish national which has meant the world to me. People around me have started to become so athletic while my body hasn’t followed that development, my national team coaches have told me that my athletic abilities (or lack thereof) might keep me off the team this year which would mean that I would miss out on the European Championships, so I have been busting my ass off in the weight room but the inches haven’t really shown up, these shoes could be the difference!

  • ReoR

    Hi im 12 and 5’11 with shoes. I can touch close to the top of the net when I jump. My entire team is my age and i am the tallest by about 6 inches. We are playing against people in grade 9 and they tower over us all. We win but I want to be better at blocking shots. I already dominate the rebounds but blocking is my weak point. Thank you for reading this.

  • Josh

    Hi Slam
    I was reallly happy a few days ago at my elementary school beacuse I could finally touch the 8ft rim there but I can’t with a ball. So I was hoping with these shoes that I could be able to dunk the rim at school with a ball

  • 49

    why do i wanna dunk? i mean comeon, i wanna be part of that exclusive group of people who can actually fly, and those shoes will help me get there

  • Zoey Taylor

    “Why do you deserve these APL’s”

    Well I saved $310 (live in AK) and purchased the green and black APLs. After a very long wait I received them and was excited to wear them to my first high school game of the year. At least I was until I was told to remove them immediately or I would be ejected. Wonderful. I spent three hundred dollars for an amazing pair of shoes that have been banned by ASAA. I sent them back and had to wait well over a month for a refund, even after I had the receipt stating they had received my shipment return. So I believe after honestly buying a pair of APLs and being sadly dissapointed on having to return them, that I deserve a new pair to use in gym night and maybe even try to use in a game (black and green were noticeable) thank you for reading this. 

  • Mathew

    Dear SLAM I would love to win thease shoes i wish i could get insanly nice basketball shoes and my best frieand told me about the webstite and i saw the contest i could not aford thease but if i won them this would be the best thing ever i am a hugr basketball fan i can shoot dribble and pass but i cant jump high i have bin practicing but if i had thease shoes i could jump higher thanks and hopfully i could win

  • http://Slamonline Maxim Dickieson

    Dear SLAM, I am 5’6 and can touch backboard, with these shows I can finally be able dunk and my hard work will finally pay off.

  • http://phoenixtreasureemporium.ecrater.com Dhane Benjamin

    I would relive the past Back to the Future style. I’m 5’6″ 37 years old. Instead of just breaking ankles and splashing buckets, I’ll funky dunk NBA Jam Style!

  • Gezim Dauti

    I need these shoes to swagg on all the older guys at the courts,who think they can actually play. But not only that, I’ll look fresh in these amazing kicks while finally being able to dunk.

  • SoleMinded

    Well they said MJ could fly… I figure this is as close as I can get!

  • Brandon Muller

    Ok, so im not gonna lie, there are a lot more people that deserve this shoe more than me. I know there are other people that need the shoe just as much as me. But one reason I really need this shoe because my high school basketball team has the shortest and smallest team in the league and im the biggest one so I play center, im 5-11. I am about 2 inches away from touching rim. Its really hard on me because ive been working so hard on my legs almost every night for the past 3 or 4 months and i dont notice a difference in my verticle jump. My brother also plays high school basketball, but he’s on varsity and im on C team. My brother can dunk and ive always wanted to be like him because he is one of the best players in the state. I have a feeling he might make it to the NBA but I already know im not good enough, so i just wanna be the best I can be in high school. So that is why I want to stop dreaming and jump higher. Thank you, Slam.

  • Raymond Barnes

    Once these shoes have been received, I will get invited to the White House, play on the private court, and dunk on the President of the United States of America with two hands. The publicity will propel the success of the shoe to new heights. Then APL, myself and SLAM…will proudly pro-claim “yes we jam!”

  • http://thejumpmanual.com/ jump program

    I believe plyometrics is really effective for your goals of jumping higher. I am doing it also and within just two weeks of doing it I have seen a great improvements with my jump.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Thanks for all the great entries. Closing comments now. Winner will be chosen and notified in the next day or two—hope you commented with a real email address!

  • http://slamonline.com/ Adam Figman

    Just want to give a big congrats to Thomas Litteer, whose comment up above was our winner. Enjoy them, man! Thanks to everyone who participated and to APL for the give-away.