Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 at 12:41 pm  |  4 responses



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  • Stefano

    Because in Italy the APL doesn’t export his amazing shoes!!

  • Jroc Johnson

    dear SLAM,
    i had a game the other day. my girlfriend went to see me play and i played pretty well. i got a steal and went in at the rim hard, everyone cheering, dunk! dunk! dunk! but when i got to the rim i could only get up high enough to slap glass. Strong layup indeed but it was disappointing to the crowd and i lost hype. my teammate got a similar play except he finished his with a ridiculous tomahawk slam that shook the gym. the crowd went wild. i no longer have a girlfriend. i need those shoes. -_-

  • Caleb Thomas

    Dear Slam

    My name is Caleb Thomas and i am a 15 year old in Charlotte NC and i am only a couple inches away from dunking i tried every jumping workout no results i have a crazy work ethic but no results i will love to have this shoes it will help me and my game i have a perfect shot and pretty good handles and this shoes will put my game to a whole different level i will ask my dad to get them but he will say no please man i need these shoes please from Caleb Thomas class 2014 future NBA star and duke star plzzzzzz i need this shoes

  • Jarius Williams

    If I had a few more inches, man way a game I would have had last night. I’m 5ft 5 inches but I try to play like I’m 6ft5inches. I’m done growing so I don’t count on dat to help. I just try and work out my legs to get a few more inches on my vertical, but it’s taking forever. If I had a few more inches I would be able to duck , block more shots, and even change direction in the air on lay-ups . If this shoe does wat it say it do, it’s the best thing ever made….. and I haft to have a pair, will bring my game to a whole new level