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Kicks: Kobe’s $200 Shoes for 2012

Add the Zoom Kobe VII Elite to Nike’s list of high-price releases on deck.

by Abe Schwadron / @abe_squad

Shelling out a pretty penny to cop a fresh pair of sneakers is nothing new. Exclusive, in-demand kicks command hundreds of dollars on a consistent basis. But usually the highest price tags are reserved for retro or custom kicks. Nike wants to add performance basketball sneakers to that list, making plans to release an on-court hoops line with a staggering $200-plus sticker price. Details are still flimsy, but the latest addition to the collection (scheduled for next summer) is the Kobe VII “Elite.” More, via CounterKicks:

Nike Basketball is coming for your bank account in 2012. We’ve dropped previews in recent weeks on the $200 Nike Zoom Hyperdunk Elite and the new benchmark $250 priced Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite, both expanding Swoosh basketball introductory price points to new territory. We can now confirm Kobe Bryant’s seventh signature shoe will join the $200 pack in the form of the Nike Zoom Kobe VII Elite.

Nike’s “Elite” series is timed for product unveilings during the NBA Playoffs, so the marketing heads in Beaverton are likely hoping there’s something of a season to be played. If not, we’d expect advertising to shift to pure high-end performance story and potential Olympics 2012 buzz and roll out.

Athletic Propulsion Labs made waves with a high-performance basketball shoe listed at $300 in 2010, but has since dropped its retail price to $195 (and been banned from use in the NBA). Nike’s “Elite” line would top that figure, presumably without APL’s guarantee of an “instant increase in vertical leap to anyone playing basketball.”

Expect to see two Kobe Elite colorways: Black/Dark Grey/Metallic Gold and White/Black/Neutral Grey/Metallic Gold.

For a more thorough analysis of what Nike’s new pricing points mean, hit CounterKicks.

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  • Jay Cutler

    Considering the shoes are made in sweatshops for FAR FAR less than the retail price, I think I’ll pass.

  • http://www.twitter.com/nflem41 Nicolas Fleming

    He’s got loans to provide.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    I can’t believe that Nike has the nerves to increase prices in the middle of a bad recession, next thing you know 1s gonna cost like 150. Sheeeeeeeit

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHoliday

    This is why Kobe is lending players money during the lockout! He knows Nike is planning on ROBBING PPL!

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    I blame the sneakerheads.

  • mike

    That’s terrible. Give the kids quality and affordability.

  • http://slamonline.com SpaceJam

    I’m 15 and we can’t afford the 120 dollar hyper dunks. I paid 50 bucks for my shoes for this basketball season. How you gonna charge 200 dollars for basketball shoes. That’s a total rip off especially in a recession like this. I’m really disappointed in them

  • T-Money

    they’re essentially manufacturing exclusivity. some people will buy those shoes SOLELY because they’re overpriced.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    Nike done lost they dman mind! didnt know lebrons was $250, got damn. Do I actually play basketball like those dudes after I put them on.smh

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    lol. Yea, definitely a rip off. But it makes you think, some people have got to be buying them if NIKE is able to set the bar so high.

  • john

    I wouldnt be surprised if this has to do with the kobe vs lebron thing, I remember lebron saying his shoes were better because they cost more. So kobe probably was like, nike make me a $200 shoe just to spite lebron lol

  • Jer Dawg

    I said no way then, it’s still no way now. They will still wear and tear like normally priced, general released, sneakers out in the market. We love Nike, but why would anyone pay that price? It makes me wonder if they are truly giving us LESS for the regularly priced signature line sneakers. The outsole will wear out indoors after 8 or so times? The cushioning will pop? The upper will explode during the middle of the game? What could possibly justify the normal person to spend on “Elite” sneakers? How much more cushioned, supportive, and better craftsmanship could these be? smh. I hope these don’t move at retail stores and wind up at outlets. I would only pay for these if they truly improve performance out on the courts. Otherwise, PASS!

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    T-Money you nailed it on the head. I saw that tag and I was immediately planning to go grab a pair of $200+ Kobe Nikes. They aren’t trying to market these for the average youth ball player.

  • http://kb24.com DreXnaW21

    wow screw the high prices, definitely not worth it

  • SwissArmyKnife5

    @dfrance21 Today we agree fam. I’m at a loss for words this is some ol bull$#!+ I mean really $200-250 I plan on tryingout professionally next season if I crack a roster I’m still not getting this shoes only if they issued by the team.Some peoples car note is $250 smdh.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    People will pay for these shoes, I bought a pair of $85.00 dollars FILA basketball shoes in 1997. So really whats the difference, people where paying more for Jordans and other shoes 14 years ago. Who cares, if you have the money buy them, if you don’t find some knockoffs. BOOK IT!!

  • idrees

    these are $200 in america. i’m terrified what they will cost in canada…

  • thegfunk

    Advertising ebay here!

  • quitcrying

    stop crying about the price like its the only shoe on the market. if you want affordable nike will still produce that. these are designed for kobe and lebron themselves…not you

  • robb

    such a bargain

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    i know raw material prices have risen but these prices in THIS ECONOMY?
    Better stack up on 2011 Hyperdunks and maybe a Hyperballer or two as soon as they hit sales, cause Nike Fan or not, i’m not paying USD 250 for bball kicks. Not even personalised ones on NikeID.

  • O

    Seriously, $200?? When was the last time Kobe had a pair of kicks that even looked dope? LeBron’s releases were better designed than Kobe’s. I feel for Wade and Melo. Wade never had a dope looking release and Melo’s only dope pair were the 5.5 joints. I wouldn’t drop $200 on any of their kicks though. MAYBE a dope pair of Retro Jordans…


    jordan’s nuts have used and abused.

  • http://slamonline.com Tae

    @O ummm tha zoom 6 is crack. Did u see tha yellow and black ones in tha series against Dallas? Yea

  • Hambone

    How come mj, magic and bird could drop 50 in cardboard plimsoles but bikes marketing machine tells us we need flywire to have hops like the stars of today

  • Waggle

    Jordans are up to 210 in Canada for regular releases. Nothing new here. Lebrons are 180… 20 more for Kobe isn’t that much of a stretch. Oh yeah, last time I checked the dollar was even. They wouldn’t be this expensive if people werent buying them.

  • Mike From Spain

    Don’t be shocked, Nike is marketing these not for Hi school kids, but for sneakerheads who gladly pay 100s of dollars for rare models in Ebay. Also, if they are souped up versions of performance shoes, maybe these elite shoes will be the pros version

  • Thomas

    ^^^ Because we let them. People don’t spend that kind of money on shoes, they get them for their own vanity. If you just want a nice pair of basketball shoes, there are still plenty of option at around $100, esp. at outlets.

  • Kilo

    This is the fault of the sneakerheads (like me). They price the shoes at what people will pay for them.

  • JB

    Chris Webber came into the L and wore Nikes. Way he found out how much Nike was selling them for, he left Nike. No kid should have to pay that much to buy their fav player sneakers…and then possibly get mugged or killed because someone else wants ‘em. Kobe, take a stand!

  • Reedan

    “Drop dem Nikes fool!!!” … Retro Sneaker-robbing is about to be back! :s

  • Mike From Spain

    you don’t HAVE TO buy 200 dollar shoes, it is one of their many models. You can make do with some really nice Lebron soldier IVs at a 60 dollar price tag in outlets right now, nice air max & zoom combo. I’m jus’ sayin’. I don’t think the 200 dollar price tag is an affront to the rights of poor kids all over the world, you will still be able to find good affordable shoes regardless of how much the Kobe Elite shoes cost.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Not so easy if one has a preference, like me and my Shox models.
    Swooshies used to release up to 3 Shox kicks per season, now only one and they’ve hiked their prices up there too.
    USD 160 is just a bit too much, and i’m saying this as a guy who buys shoes he likes in different colours and has quite the collection (all used)
    i balk at the price of the Shox Hyperballer, i sure as hell am gonna lose it for 200+ Kobes or Brons.

  • ablaze

    same shoe releases in the states are generally $30-$50 cheaper than here in canada. lebrons are already around $200 here. even if the dollar is almost even, they just simply price kicks higher in canada. i have buddies who go down to the states every few months, just to pick up some kicks coz it’s cheaper. people will still buy em though, regardless of the price tag.

  • mytiman

    Ooh. This is why the world would end in 2012.

  • Youngindy21

    Wow $200 for a pair of Kobe shoes. That’s way too expensive. I don’t even think Air Jordans are sold for $200. Well the majority of Air Jordans are under 200 dollars. Sadly, Some people will probably still buy these just because they are semi-exclusive because of the price. Just look at the Air Yeezy’s by Nike and Kanye West if you want an example.

  • http://none Jumping the 3 Point Line

    They must have 4g internet, Bluetooth, and WiFi capabilities smh lol

  • http://none Dweezy

    WOWOWOW. Nike’s last few years:
    Price: up
    Quality: down
    Style: non existent

    These $250 kicks will be on clearance racks like white on rice. With this economy, Nike wont see the numbers their hoping for, and will be forced to get rid of inventory at their own costs. Bad move Nike!

  • Dbrown

    stop complaining and get $. If you don’t agree take you *ss to payless.

  • NasTee

    It’s funny that they’re charging double for half the shoe, seeing as they are making Kobe’s lighter and they’re low tops. Just start wearing New Balance or something if you don’t like the shoes. LOL

  • SuperStar

    What a joke!
    Can everyone say; “BOYCOTT”!!!!!

    Let’s these overpaid players come back down to earth.