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Chat with Josh Smith Thursday

(And win a shoe autographed by him!)

Got a nice note from our friends at adidas about a Josh Smith chat tomorrow.

Here are the details:

adidas and Dick’s Sporting Goods have partnered to host a live Facebook chat with Josh Smith at 5pm PST/8pm EST. Josh will be talking with fans about his new adidas shoe, the adiZero Ghost. Fans can post their question for Josh and view his live responses here, on the Dick’s Sporting Goods Facebook wall. The adidas adiZero Ghost is available now in five colorways exclusively at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

But don’t just send Josh a question; win a adiZero Ghost signed by him! In the comment section below, please post your thoughts on what makes Josh so fun to watch. We’ll look at all the good answers and pick three of them at random. Those three will be sent a shoe signed by Josh. (see pic of the shoes below).

Chat is tomorrow, then we’ll leave this open until Friday afternoon before we pick winners. Good luck!

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  • Juan

    Well, that’s an easy question. He probably takes too much pride in being a Hawk so he tries to fly like one. That’s what makes him fun to watch!


  • Mujeeb Ahmed

    Watching Josh Smith is like watching fireworks go off for the first time as a kid. You don’t know what you just say or how what you saw happened but it was epic in every sense of the word. Just watching J-Smoove rise up & throw it down is an experience you just can’t forget! My question to J-Smoove is how old were you when you first dunked & was it with people? If so what was thier reaction?

  • Jay

    Josh Smith plays hard period and he’s all over the court. How can you not be entertained by someone that is looking to swat every shot, run the floor hard and put opponents on posters when the opportunity presents itself. He’s always making those big plays to change the momentum of the game and he is capable of doing that of both ends of the court. Hard to think of anyone that pins the ball off the glass as well as he does and those are the kind of plays that engage all the fans to get into the game more.

  • amy

    Josh Smith,you aint no myth!You are a GREAT DUNKER!Knicks cant take your tricks!You can beat the Heat with your Adidas on your feet!You got muscle and a lot of hustle!

  • ellis_

    Josh is my favourite player because he’s emotional, exciting and crazy athletic. You never quite know what you’re going to get from him, but it sure will be an exciting ride. He may be shooting 3s and pouting, or driving, spinning, laying up, dunking, catching oops, stealing and SWATTING. More often its the latter.
    But it’s the combination of his NBA Jam play, and the unknown that make him my favourite player, and so great to watch.

  • AMPduppp

    I love watching J-Smoove cuz every time he makes a play, he always tries to make it better than anyone else’s. It’s not enough for him to dunk, he has to tear the rim off on every slam. He can’t just block the shot, the opponent has to know he’s never bringing that weak ish back in his house. Josh Smith is amazing to watch cuz every time he sends the message: ‘Beat that.’

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    What I love about Josh Smith is his capacity to defend someone on the block, and then switch onto Lebron James and lock him down. Always wished those two were matched up more often, they are similar in so many ways.

  • http://@whogotjazz.twitter.com MIGZ

    nasty im Buying them

  • dylan

    What I like about Josh Smith is he is a great defender,a phenomenal dunker,and he has a good mid range jumper.

  • iLL will

    Straight up, the heart & soul of the Atlanta Hawks. The man brings it every game. He’s a basketball player. Period. You can’t define his game. He does whatever it takes to win. Block shots, rebound, pass, dunk, shoot.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Man, I’ve been a fan of Josh Smith since his rookie season simply because of the blocks! He gets it done every night and right off the bat he was averaging 2 blocks per game. It doesn’t hurt that I had him on my Fantasy Basketball season that year! Don’t forget he became the youngest player to block 1000 shots. But it’s not just about the blocks, in my opinion, Josh is an well-rounded all-around player who does just about everything you can do to fill up a boxscore. Not only is he capable of the nightly highlight dunk or block, but what I love most about kid is that he gets the rest of the team involved. Not many players look out for their team like that. It’s no secret that any team would love to have a player like Josh Smith playing for them.

  • Rishi Patel

    When jsmith checks into the game, you can feel the excitement from the fans, you know he’s gonna be a showstopper

  • Naefy

    Athleticism, dunks, blocks, ALLEY-OOPS

  • http://slamonline.com Neitel#2

    im not buying adidas. ever…am i crazy? Nike rules. period.

  • Sweetness

    What makes Josh so fun to watch? Well:

    Josh is an

    Monstrous Dunker
    Triple Threat
    Hawks Player

    Nuff said

  • dom

    Jordan-esque dunks
    Oozing with athleticism
    Honorable hops
    South-east skill
    Massive defense
    In your face!!
    Tantalizing talent
    House – he brings it down!!!!

  • dom

    read the last one

  • Sweetness

    Lol dom copying my thang but ill admit it’s good!

  • Taranvir

    I know I’m a little late, but I still gotta talk about why Josh Smith is fun to watch and the reason why he is fun to watch is because he’s got a good all around game. He’s such an avid player, and we have really witnessed him grow since his times in the dunk contest. Like someone above mentioned, he’s got heart and tenacity and we see this in his thunderous blocks and dunks. Will he ever be the best player? No, probably not, but he will continue to be in the plays of the days, for years to come.

  • Taranvir

    @Sweetness I like it, but you spelt Josh Smith wrong.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Just curious, when do we get news if we won?

  • ai come back

    to me josh smith is fn to watch because of that one play where he won the game by puttin back mike bibbys shot with a dunk that one game i cant remember what but he was like a ghost comin outta nowhere and winnin it for them

  • Sweetness

    @Taranvir oh snap i so didn’t realize that lol but thanks

  • J Blackburn

    Josh Smith is quite simply the definition of the NBA–out of this world athleticism along with fundamental basketball skills especially since he cut down on the three pointers recently. J-Smoove is a BEAST!!!!!