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Contest: adiZero Rose 2.0s

Win kicks signed by MVP Derrick Rose. No joke!

Derrick Rose is that dude. And yet, the L’s youngest-ever MVP isn’t on vacation this summer, sipping a pina colada somewhere in the sun. Nah, he’s at home, rebuilding asphalt courts and sharing his shine with the fans who love him most.

Saturday, October 15 in Chicago, fans that followed “Run with DRose” on the adidas Basketball Facebook page had the chance to watch and—for the luckiest ones—even play a casual pick-up game. Now, in honor of his dedication to the people of his home town, adidas is releasing a black-on-black-on-black colorway of his adiZero Rose 2.0. The details, courtesy of our friends at adidas:

To continue the Chi-Town love, adidas will drop a Triple Black version of the adiZero Rose 2 on November 10 at Foot Locker, Eastbay, and shopadidas.com. The shoe features thick, sturdy materials to represent the outdoor courts and street style of Derrick’s home turf of Murray Park in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. It has a rough, pumice finish to rep the concrete and asphalt courts, as well as D-Rose’s explosive play. Stay tuned to the adidas Basketball Facebook page for the exclusive, first opportunity to buy the shoes next week before the official launch.

But that’s not all.

We’re giving away three (3!) exclusive autographed adiZero Rose 2.0s, in the original red/black/white colorway (second pic in the gallery). Yes, that means the MVP himself offered his sig—a rare slice of history and a crazy cool piece of memorabilia. Want to win one? “Like” adidas Basketball on Facebook, and submit your answer to the following prompt in the comments section below:

The new adiZero Rose 2 colorway is built to reflect DRose’s “home turf.” Tell us—in 100 words or less—about your home turf. The place where you made a name for yourself growing up, honed your skills, played pick-up games every day after school or shot jumpers until the lights went out. Where is it? What’s special about it? What happened there? Why is it your home turf? Be original, be creative, be entertaining. And, of course, be real. The three best entries will be sent the auto’d Roses, courtesy of adidas and SLAM.

Winners will be announced on Friday. Good luck!

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  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty

    *cut to dozens of people who spent the whole season last year hating on Rose, writing heartfelt emotional essays trying to get his shoes for free*

  • Airswade

    Lol @Boing!

  • Matthew Richardson

    I’m am from England, I live near a community center which has a concrete court, This is my home, This is my life, this court is a big piece of my heart so I always volunteer when its time to refurbish the court. I have most of my memories there; staying after dark and using my flashlight to illuminate the court cause I didn’t want to leave. I have become famed in my community because of this so i regularly have young kids come down and watch me. I always help them and teach them all my knowledge before we play a pick up game. I modeled my game around D-Rose there, practicing ball handling, passing and athleticism. He is my role model he wont take hits at any other player and I always preach that to my fellow teammates that good sportsmanship is key. I currently own a pair of Adidas Court Vision and I would love a upgrade these would be the best.

  • http://twitter.com/4point0show Wes

    I grew up hooping in Columbus Park on Chicago’s west side like a full time job; 8 hours a day, all summer long. If you wanted to stay out of trouble basketball was the alternative, so the harshness of the block would be channeled into energy on the court, and it made for incredible competition. Don’t believe me? Ask SLAM:
    “The west side of Chicago is unlike any other place in the world. It’s like two Harlems and half of the Bronx rolled into one, the heaven that Rick Telander shoulda wrote about.” – Scoop Jackson, “Chicago, Chicago” SLAM 21.

  • Luke Hatfield

    My home turf is in Birmingham, England, in a small park surrounded by nothing but grass, the local government has had to come down 5 times, each time because we managed to break the hoop, throwing down dunk after dunk during some 5-on-5 street-ball games…Even without any official markings I set up practicing three point shot after three point shot, only to realize the rim is 2 and a half inches low, resulting in me bricking my first 30 three’s come game-time at college, even still, It’s my home-court and always will be, no matter what…

  • Yann Blavec

    all my verse is rotten

  • JWG

    The new adiZero Rose 2 colorway is built to reflect DRose’s “home turf.” Tell us—in 100 words or less—about your home turf. The place where you made a name for yourself growing up, honed your skills, played pick-up games every day after school or shot jumpers until the lights went out. Where is it? What’s special about it? What happened there? Why is it your home turf? Be original, be creative, be entertaining. And, of course, be real. The three best entries will be sent the auto’d Roses, courtesy of adidas and SLAM.

    Or the comments field below on FB, right? ;)

  • Tommy Yeung

    I participated in playground ball in Alhambra, California most of my life. I honed my signature Big Foot jump-shots and Tiger Flash first step at a place called South Courts where some of the local Asian ballers spar in pick-up games against each other. I got educated from veteran baller-sensai’s that come on Saturdays. It’s definitely my home turf because I know everyone that goes there. I am respected by the regulars. I love proofing myself to strangers. It’s a special place because I love balling while watching the sunset. “If anything”, it makes even our pickup games seem epic.

  • Jeremy

    My home turf is secluded parking lot right outside my apartment in Davis, CA. I discovered an out of use hoop in the parking lot three years ago. I fixed it up and have been balling there with my friends ever since. It’s a shame that the backboard is now broken, but I still practice my shot there everyday.

  • tdubb

    I grew up in Toronto, Ontario, and ever since grade 2, basketball has been my love and passion. Growing up, I was never the greatest basketball player at school. Upon entering high school, I began making a name for myself having played almost every day to try and improve my game. Our high school, at that point in time, had no basketball team, and I was absolutely devastated. A friend and I went around the school day after day, getting people to sign a petition to get a basketball team. After a strong effort, we got our basketball team, and that’s when I began to blossom as a basketball player. Through my 4 years of high school, we won 1 Tier 2 Championship, and I was awarded with the Most Valuable Player of my school in all 4 years. Without the efforts of my coach and teammates, I would’ve never made it to where I am today as both a person and as a basketball player.

  • ripslam

    You’re giving away three individual shoes? ._.

  • Lenny Lin

    Born in Manhattan but raised on Brooklyn. If you know Brooklyn, then you should know that there are courts everywhere. You can play pick-up games anytime you see ball players shooting around. I love to play and watch sports especially basketball. To be honest, I can’t really call this my home turf, it’s where my friends go play in a small park called Sternberg Park near the Lindsay area. We share this place, an area to meet up and hand out. Too bad, I only go there on the weekends due to college. When I’m free, I’m always out there trying to be like D. Rose!

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Man, those would look DOPE next to my autographed D Rose jersey.
    But I did more fighting, dodging bullets and the occasional drug deal (nothing I’m proud of) as a kid at my local basketball court than I did play basketball.

  • TakeItOver

    That happiest moment when your parents get you that basketball net in front of your driveway, you cannot help but stay there for hours and hours. Get off your school bus, all I cared was about was hoops. -20 degree Celsius snow storm (yeah, Canadian weather)? No problem. Shovel that snow away, put some gloves on, shoot away. As a player, I didn’t care what’s trying to stop me from playing; all I cared is how I get to play the game I love most under all conditions. Driveway hoops, my home turf. It’s where it all began.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    LOL I looked back at my comment and realized I made it look like I lived in a war zone ghetto or something.
    Nah, wasn’t that serious. lol just saying as a young knucklehead I didn’t play much ball, and the local thugs hung out at the courts. So thats where I usuall was

  • Mehat05

    Hey I’m 17 years old and I am in my senior year of ball at school. As long as long as I can remember I have been playing ball. I lived near a school and every night I would go to the school and just do some dribbling drills and shooting drills. I really honed my skills as a child and teenager. I am now the captain of my school team and a leader for the team as well. I after I would do the drills my friends from school would meet me their and we would play until everyone about 11 or 12. After that we would walk home together and this has really helped our team really become a brotherhood.

  • http://twitter.com/TheBarged Povilas, Lithuania

    I’m a basketball fanatic, when I was about 6-7 y.o., I used to hang a basket on my room’s door and try to stuff it. My home turf was a concrete court just outside my house. The hoops were a bit lower, so I used to go outside for hours after preschool, later – after school, until I got everything right. We played pick-up games, three-point contests, HORSE, anything you can think of with a basketball. Probably the best memory in my short basketball career – my first dunk – a poor one-hander, also happened to be stuffed down in that court.

  • Hugo

    The new adiZero Rose 2 colorway is built to reflect DRose’s “home turf.” Tell us—in 100 words or less—about your home turf. The place where you made a name for yourself growing up, honed your skills, played pick-up games every day after school or shot jumpers until the lights went out. Where is it? What’s special about it? What happened there? Why is it your home turf? Be original, be creative, be entertaining. And, of course, be real. The three best entries will be sent the auto’d Roses, courtesy of adidas and SLAM.

  • notinbtnet

    Backyard hoop – the weird bounces and the funny slopes is where I learned to play, but those things don’t translate to a real court; they get you cut. In high school, I was always playing ball. I even managed the team to get games in before and after practice. That is where I left my blood, sweat and tears. In 10th grade, my work paid off because I made the JV team. And while I barely played, everytime I put on my uniform and stepped onto the court, I knew I was on my home turf, where I belonged.

  • mark

    Here is the film of the launch event in Chicago Run with Rose http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PC8GgTRf8eE

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    That all black pairs looks hella nice damn.
    Spend allmost all my time of this summer playing ball at my local court, to come back better from injury.
    Used to play there all day everyday with my friends.

  • Blue

    I grew up, well still am growing up, in Bondi Beach Australia. Every day before school i would wake up at 5:30am and head down to the beach for a surf, and then when the sun began to rise i would head straight to the courts and practice my game. Its just a great place to play basketball because its right infront of the greatest beach i know and is pretty much the stomping ground for the entire suburb. Its my home turf because its locals only and its kind of like a family, all the people who go there have known each other for a long time. Whats paticularly memorable about it for me is that 1. its where i acheived my first dunk and 2. its where i first blazed =)

  • Joe Gemma

    My home turf is the local park right up the street from me. My friend and I would walk up there every day when I was a kid. Those double rims and torn nets were just part of the game. We’d challenge these guys twice our age to 2 on 2, and I always wanted my friend with me. They’d be stunned when we beat them. You never see that anymore. That’s how you get better. You’ve gotta challenge yourself or you’ll never get better. That’s my home turf.

  • Bill

    Im going to give this is sweepstake a try since I never have done so. I am from the northside of Chicago. I have been watching drose play ever since last year and I have continously watched him and the Bulls progress into the playoffs and sadly witness the team get booted in the east conference finals. Ever since watching him play I have picked up my 4 year old basketball and played pickup at multiple parks but I usually played ball at horner park. Every weekday in the summer for 4 hours in the morning, I have been practicing on my shots. I also have been more focus with my drives because I’ve seen Mj dominate with his jumpshots. Now, I get to witness the second coming of greatness which is drose with his drive ins. Hope Inspired slam writers and everyone to play ball lolz

  • Alton Schwenter

    I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska and went to a boarding school In Sitka, Alaska. During the winter it gets pretty cold, so instead of being outside freezing I’d always being in the gym. Everyday at lunch while everyone else ate lunch, I would be down at the gym putting up shot, after shot, after shot. My freshman year I was really new to basketball because I had only just started playing in 8th grade. My handles were bad, my shot mechanics sucked, and I really didn’t know what to do. But that didn’t keep me from hustling and I made the JV basketball team. I watched every varsity game that year and pictured myself out there. The crowd was crazy and the warm up music got me so pumped up every game. After shooting at lunch everyday, a season of JV basketball, and nightly open gym runs, by the end of my freshman year I was 20 times the basketball player I was at the start of the year. I continued to put in work throughput the summer and next school year. During my junior year I ended up tearing my meniscus right before Christmas break.. I love basketball so much that I didn’t let that hold me down very long. I was playing in games two and a half weeks after my surgery. By my senior year I was the best player in the school and was throwing down some jams. The gym at the school has a raised court and the atmosphere during games is amazing. The warm up songs still give me chills to this day. That’s my turf, and i can’t describe the feeling I get when I step on that court.

  • jak

    i didn’t start playing until high school, and my Gramma wouldn’t let me play at parks due to violence, so my home turf is my own back yard. i’m lucky. my yard is a 15ft x 15ft square. so when i tried out for the team as sophomore, my mid-range jumper was lethal. the square isn’t even though. the ground is uneven, there are slopes and cracks and rough edges. i’d stand there and shoot FT for hours, once making 86 straight. I’d run out into the yard during commercials then back inside to watch NBA Inside Stuff as a kid. i played alone because my neighborhood was full of gangs and drug dealers, but i played hard. it got so bad, i had to learn to do laundry because all my clothes were dirty. my home court is, quite literally, my home court.

  • TLove

    Its hard to get street cred where I come from in Buffalo. The nearest hoop is at a church 3 miles from my house with no net. Everyday I would go there with my friends to play until the Preist came to tell us to leave. For 4 years this was my life. My christmas was when the Gus Macker came to town and we could play from sunrise to sunset even if we diddnt win, you just get that much better. My junior year the preist came out with a shiny metal net for us. Ball 4 Life.

  • Paxton

    I grew up in Urbana, Illinois – Near Chicago but not in the city itself. The place to play in my town is known unofficially as the 6-pack. Six baskets and their asphalt courts bake all summer underneath the rubber soles of countless ballers. A younger me started playing half-court games on the side courts in 2002. Every summer I’d go back and recognize the same dudes from the summer before, just a little older. It’s funny how a basketball court can bring us together. Even people you never see outside the painted lines of can become like brothers.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    @Alton Schewnter – shout out to Alaska! I’m living in Palmer, working in Anchorage.

  • Joseph Flores

    My turf, were concrete driveways in Moorpark,CA. I made myself known to me & I have my father Rick Flores to thank. My memories are with my dad playing on driveways of different homes growing up. My father was my BIGGEST challenge because he was AMAZING at basketball. Ask anyone who played him. I would have one on ones with him only to be schooled more then I can remember. He taught me to NEVER give up game after game. One day, I finally defeated him street ball style. Hand on shoulder & a one arm hug proved it.

  • Evan

    H.P. Chitown whatup! Many people know it is as Hyde Park, but my crew and I only refer to it is as H.P. Many people only know about it for the University of Chicago, but now my neighborhood has blown up for housing the first African American President, The truth, aka. Barack Obama “Flocka Flame.” I’ve been here all my life playing on courts from washington park to the 47th and the lake front, down to 63rd and Hayes drive. Chitown is my city, because I treat it like its MY own. I give back to the community through tutoring at the neighborhood club and organizing pickup games weekly out of my old high school, the University of Chicago Lab school, to keep the homies active and together, to living sustainably and recycling to keep my neighboorhood looking so fresh and so clean clean. Anyone who’s ever played there knows to watch out for my hook shot, or that long bomb I will splash in their face. Whatup, Chi city till I die pretty

  • Jesse

    My court is the same court I use when I’m at school down in Wynyard TAS. It’s an outdoor court in the middle of the school yard and I walk down my street and just shoot for hours and hours by myself. I keep putting shots up until it goes dark and the local security guard comes round and tells me that it’s time to get home.

  • http://www.facebook.com German

    My turf is not in only one court, I played ball around the world because of my father’s job. In Mexico, Hungary, U.S.A and Czech Republic I’ve played in many courts, but my work ethic has always been the same. It is special because it was always outside, always playing basketball outside. In the rain or even snowing, just shooting competitions with my friends. My home turf will always be the same with a basketball and a hoop.

  • Atb

    Jefferson City, Montana, not a basketball hot bed by any means, but it is where I cultivated my game. As a kid I played on a dirt court outside my house until I broke that by dunking too much. These dunks were aided by a trampoline, but don’t judge me. I was terrible and Slamball was currently having its 5 minutes of relevancy. As I have grown older I am not much better at basketball, but I still love it. In fact, I am writing a paper on its integration in a Radicalism class I am taking right now.

  • Mujeeb Ahmed

    My home turf is a small court down by a lake. One day my dad took me to a park & I saw the court, really small & next to a lake, there I met my soulmate. Basketball has never been about competing for me, it’s always been my place of peace. I love hearing the sounds of basketball from the basketball dribbling to the sound of a swish. I just got love for the game & that small court by the lake is where I saw my first love, basketball I guess love at first sight IS real.

  • Mr.Graham

    My home turf is my backyard, literally. We decided to pave what used to be a gravel road and what turned into a pretty ballin turf. I practice my game, and my friends/family play two on two. My brothers and I play american. It’s in the middle of the forest, no distractions accept the guys you play. Some memorable moments on my turf were when I was playing american 21 against my brothers, I was stuck in the corner and threw up a backwards bank shot for three to win. Also playing in mits and jackets here in Canada.

  • http://kicks.com Michael Rice

    My home turf is what some may consider the MECCA of college hoops; North Carolina. Morganton, NC to be a exact. Small town wit big hoop dreams, for the young and old. Like many other basketball driven community most of these dreams begin at Collett Street Recreation and Mountain Brown Recreation. These gyms have not only been the breeding ground for the youth players but, also the stage for many AAU games. But even more special OPEN RUN. Im not talking your regular everybody gets run type open run. You have to earn your keep on these scared hoop grounds. Intense. fast paced up and down basketball. NOTHING LIKE IT, where you can express creativity, and pass like Paul, fly like Bron, and dribblethelike word is out like Rose. And just in casevoice) the locals aren’t enough comp . Don’t worry the words out surrounding cities come wit there 5 too! CAN YOU DIG IT!!!!(In my SHAQ voice) LOL

  • Jon

    Marina court in Elkton, Maryland is home. Nothing compares to hearing the ball flow through the chains or hitting the chain fence. Everyday when school ended, I was there. Me and my boys reminisce on the rainy days when we could hardly dribble through the puddles and our shots were off cause the ball was soaked. Rain or shine, everyday I balled there. Now I’m in college, but still make time to go “home”. It’s the place where I built a love for the game, and a brotherhood with my boys. It’s the one place on earth I’m at peace.

  • Balltastics2000

    I grew up in a relatively small country town in Victoria, Australia. In a town dominated by football culture I somehow found myself drawn to hoops, shooting the rock during recess and lunch while most of my classmates were out on the field kicking the footy. I was never athletic or tall and didn’t play organised ball until much later in life (shout out to the Balltastics 2000), but growing up I found my love of basketball on the schoolyard courts of Wangaratta. I’m still not tall by any stretch of the imagination and I’ll never be able to attack the basket like D-Rose, but thanks to my time on the courts growing up I can knock down mid range jumpers and obsess about hoops all day long. Word.

  • evic

    My home court was the outside court at Legacy Park in San Diego. There was always a pick-up game running there after school and a great place to shoot the breeze with the boys. The major rule there was there was no fouls! You bleed you go home! I can’t lie I was an awful perimeter shooter my game wasn’t that great so I spent most of the time waiting for the next game. But it was fun and it will always be where I hit my double set shoot turnaround fade away jumper to win a game! Memories!!!

  • Gavin

    I always love to ball on my sport court in my backyard. Being a Canadian, I’ve only got a good four months, if I’m lucky, to play out there. Mostly I ball alone, but I know that people have noticed me. I make eye contact with passers-by through the fence, and I know that they can feel the love for ball pass through them. Im sure I’m know as “the cager on the corner of the block” to some. Anyways, It’s getting cold, up north, and the days are getting shorter, so I’m off at it again! PCE!

  • ai come back

    my home turf would be the recreation complex a mile and a half from my house i met former nba players patrick beverly and linton johnson there(theyre not big names but it means so much to me just to meet people at their level), the court is great its the foam stuff thats different but still feels good dribbling on ir ive thrown up on it so many times from playing so much. taht gym was where i got my midrange down pat, and where i first grabbed rim. Its my home turf because honestly im usually the only one in there for about 8 hours before all the old guys(theyre really around 30 but im 16)get out of work. It gets boring sometimes but once i rememer why im playing its back to dripping sweat all over that foam stuff. thats why i love the underarmour line so much-my house is an empty gym

  • Daio

    I remember when I came to the Philippines. It was real different place from California, and the fact that I wasn’t in the richest area emphasized that. I didn’t know how to acclimatize myself; I towered over most people at six feet, people spoke a new language, and nothing seemed familiar. But then I headed to the local street court, and proceeded to play pickup every day, honing my game. Slowly, I became accepted. It was different – dogs took dumps on the cement, and people played barefoot, but I learned that while the culture’s different, basketball’s universal and a brotherhood.

  • OhMyGash

    Haters hate the best

  • mike

    My “home turf” is in the town I grew up in. The court was witj-in half a mile of my house, near to the high school I went to. I used to spend hours there during the summer just playing on the concrete trying to perfect my game. It used to get dark out yet I could see the rims slightly. I used to love to hear the swish sound in the darkness as I put up shot after shot. As the school year started there would be alot of kids from the school team that played pick-up games I played in thinking about the summer days and evenings that were and the indoor games and hardwood that lay ahead.

  • Reals

    Me and my sister used to argue and fight when we were young. We were just two years apart so we were naturally competitive, always trying to one-up eachother. It was smart of my pops to make us basketball court out front. My Sis went on to play four years at college, and I am currently doing the same. Basketball is a tool and a privilege. My kids are gunna ball.

  • Ballislove

    My home turf is in Philippines. While on my visit to see my relatives, my dad encouraged me to improve at basketball cuz he wishes 1 day to see me on TV and shine playing the sport I love which is basketball. During my stay I’d wake my dad early in the morning and walk to the barangay(neighborhood) basketball court and ball. I would call my cousin to come out whenever he didn’t have school and play competitive 1 on 1. Other kids would join in and we’d play pick up games. We’d stay there until noon and get back in the house to eat. I remember some of the kids having dull clothes and flip flops playing with us, I also remember one of them being better than me :) .I’d go back sometimes in the late afternoon and practice, cause I want to make my dad proud. Playing ball back there was different, the life there too. I improved so much during my summer at philippines my friends in Vancouver canada were amazed at my new talents. I’d love to go back there again, love ya dad ;)

  • Naefy

    My Home turf was My High school gym, When I first Started Playing Ball And Everyone thought I was terrible, So every day I played worked on all types of shots and eventually the year after that, I was breaking Ankles and Raining threes. I ended up moving up two teams that year and I earn’t everyone respect and all of the people there Knew my name and started to offer me a spot in their Local Tournament teams. I was later Amazed how much anyone can Improve If they Put in the Effort.
    WOYG :P

  • Dominik, Poland

    My home turf is made of black concrete. The rims are old and rusty and the paint on the backboards hasn’t been white for a long time. Above my turf there are only the sun, the sky and the wind, my rivals. The sun blinds me and scorches my skin, the wind denies my J’s and the concrete fries my feet. Yet I keep on practicing. My turf is my teacher, demanding but fair. It shows me what I should improve and rewards me with the swoosh of the net. It is the place where my game was born.

  • Jack “J-Money” Shelton

    My home turf being south philly, basketball was one of the only things that really keep us out of trouble. Before there was courts we could play at, we had to shoot and dunk thinking we were Dr. J on laundry baskets 2 feet from the ground. Gettin older we were allowed to go to the courts. We would play until our parents dragged us in by the ears. Even though our beatin up shoes were all we had, we would throw them up on the electric lines when we updated to different shoes. There was no hood better then mine.

  • Gilberto J. Oliveras

    My home turf is my high school gym here in Puerto Rico. I used to go every day after school, whether we had practice or not, and shot jumpers until they either shut the gym lights off or pulled up the baskets so I could shoot no longer. During recess I used to play pick-up games with my teammates, I used to spend more time on the basketball court than at home. This is my home turf because it is here that I discovered my love and my passion for the game of basketball.

  • Kobe Bryant

    Im Asian so i would like to know where to enter and contest and a way to let me win automatically, you can not tell me what to do cause i do want i what. So send those shoes now thx ex oh ex oh

  • Karley

    My home turf belongs to my middle school in Washington. Not only did I mix cross and dime, I helped to make the  program there the best they have ever had. 20-0 when I was there.I practiced all day and I’m known around town as the best girl basketball player and I keep working. That gym is heaven. It’s that place where nobody can stop me. Its so special to me because everyone doubted me as a girl and I proved them wrong. My name is on a wall and my jersey is retired as a middle schooler. 

  • Marvin Fidel

    My home is Sydney, Australia. Basketball is obviously not as popular as it is in US but it really is growing. We don’t have the knowledge of the game, so I work hard alone on whatever court I can use. My background is Filipino. I may not be the tallest (having 5 ft 5 parents doesn’t help) but I am a very strong believer in HARD WORK! I have made my mark here in my school being the youngest to represent the school at a National level. I’m in the varsity team as a juniour (yr 9) high school.

  • Ashley

    Growing up, I was known as that awkward kid with poor social ability and even poorer athletic ability. That made it hard to fit in at my grade school, but that hardly mattered when I discovered this open gym that was held every Sunday morning, where kids my own age played basketball, by my local church at Queens, NY. They welcomed me with open arms over there, and the years there was a time where I learned to fit in, make friends, and develop confidence. Becoming a better basketball player was just the icing on the cake.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Some awesome entries in here so far. Thanks for the passion. We’ll pick winners tomorrow.

  • Dejan

    Hello, I live in Slovenia. I was and still am playing basketball at older friends baskteball court. I am playing there and training since I was 3rd grade. When I was young i watched my friends playing there and wanted to play so bad, when they got tired I started to practice and slowly I started to play with them. Older that I got better I was and was easier to dominate. Now everybody are in college except me I am in highscoll and they don’t have time to play. But I still go there to practice my shoot and ball handling for the games.

  • NoLo DoLo

    My home turf is my backyard. Ive had a hoop there since I was 8, and I have spent hours every week back there honing my skills. Due to the small size of my driveway I was practicing post moves and free throws while everyone else was launching 3s and showing off their handles. I love my turf because it has given me an advantage in every game I play because even though I’m undersized for a post player, my post game is unstoppable and everyone knows if they foul me I’m still getting two points anyways.

  • Kenny

    My home turf is a court down the street from my house. The court is about half the size of a high school court, both hoops have double rims, and shake for about 30 seconds after a shot hits the rim. If you miss a shot the ball bounces straight over the fence surrounding the court half the time. Because of this I’ve become one of the best shooters in my city of Cleveland Heights and I’m only a freshman in high school. Next week my school has tryouts and I know without this court I’d have no chance.

  • Sweetness

    The place where I learn how to shoot, dribble, and pass

    Where I went hard and my skill shot up like the price of gas

    I crave, creative, became great and just loved the game

    Talk trash, had good and bad days but one thing was always the same

    Close to home, well actually home right in my driveway

    With siblings challenging each other every single day

    Where my brother dunk got block by my sister, it’s was something!
    Everyone when crazy, that’s when I realize Adidas slogan was true Impossible is Nothing!
    Where my range was insane dropping shots like rain
    My driveway was a place, where we all got entertain with our love for the game

  • http://slamonline.com/ Abe Schwadron

    Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry, some really great stories and home turfs (turves?). Comments are now closed and the 3 winners have been contacted. Thanks and good luck next time!