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Kicks: Spalding Slash x Jimmer Fredette

Jimmer’s new signature sneaker.

The pride and joy of Glens Falls, NY, Jimmer Fredette, has added another element to his resume: His own sneaker. Fredette has teamed up with Spalding to create the “Slash” which were released via web earlier this week. According to the official Spalding Slash product description, the new hoops sneaker is built with a lightweight mesh upper, high-abrasion carbon rubber outsole, and D30 shock absorption and rebound technology for cushioning and bounce. While the above photos feature a “Jimmer” badge, it is unclear whether that insignia will be released to the public. They retail for $90.

(H/T Counterkicks)

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  • Ethan

    Coming to a WalMart near you!

  • Eric

    Oh man these look like hell…

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    Get your money – especially since you’re not getting PT. But these look like any other pair of Spalding’s kicks.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    marketing slogan: under whelming-just like his rookie season

  • http://Google Shano From The Wickid

    Perfect shoes for a ballboy or team manager

  • Killerbee

    Jimmer deserves any endorsement he gets, he’s a class act, hardworking and many people look up to him for inspiration. On any other team in the NBA, he would have been ROY! It’s so unfortunate he got stuck with Sacramento, the worst team, Coach and players in the NBA. He was very limited in many ways. Jimmer will have his day and mark may words, in a few years, he’s an NBA All Star and will have a long successful career, most of the NBA players just aren’t willing to work as hard as he does/will. Spalding is smart, they know what his future holds. Congrats to Jimmer!

  • ruben 1 fan

    brought two pairs they look good i like em good for jimmer

  • wawayne wade

    ^SO you’re saying jimmer is the ONLY nba player that works hard…smh

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    First off – the Kings aren’t the worst team. Second of all, he’s undersized and doesn’t play defense. And even he’d tell you he has no chance of ROY, even if he played on the Bulls the whole stretch DRose was out.

  • Roberto

    I just saw them on Dick’s Sporting Good’s website and…DANG!!! $90.00 for a pair of Spalding’s?? I would rather pay the extra $5.00 and get a pair of the Nike KD’s.

  • kablamo

    I kan definetly use these at work#UggMugg

  • T. Brown

    These shoes are ugly… and who ever heard of a $90 pair of Spaldings?

  • Russ M

    Got these before the release date. Cost me $200, but it was worth it. Cats were buggin’ in my hood when I was rockin these joints before anyone had them.

  • Jay Z

    Yo Yo Yo, dees kicks is fly dawg! Awl my boyz and all my honeyz gonna be ridin up on me, frontin and wantin som lovin, but i be rollin solo you tru dat jimma jay gonna be ballin in style – go whitey, go whitey go Yeeeeahhhh das be what im rappin bout. peace to the wizzzzorld

  • mckay R

    Spalding seriously

  • Justin05

    Lol sounds like you got took Russ. Idk what cats are in your hood but even my borde collie would choose a pair of KDs over these. I agree w/ Roberto

  • kris Pope

    JIMMER!!! – -I bought 5 pairs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Y’all sure the guys over at SHAQ didn’t make this shoe?

  • Ben O

    Man jimmer needed that. its so sweet

  • Russ M


    It was a joke

  • 1stRoundKnockOut

    Well, kinda of late on this whole J-Fre sneaker deal. But we all work hard in the league, and J-Fre is an extremely good athlete and with time he can lead his team to the playoffs. Like I tell all rookies/newcomers take every single endorsement that comes your way. Regardless if the product sells or not, you still get paid and that’s the beauty of it. Sometimes there are benefits to not being endorsed by big name companies like nike, addidas, reebok. For example, I am bound to wear only nike, nike everything in the public image, charity events, press conferences etc. Fortunately its free, but it can be a hastle, especially now since nike makes dress shoes (Cole Hann). J-Fre get your money and endorse everything.