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Contest: Win a Jason Terry-Autographed Reebok SubLite Pro Rise

Leave a comment, win a pair of JET-signed sneaks.

Jason Terry has always been known for his deadly shooting touch. After all, he holds the record for the fourth most career three-pointers in NBA history. His mid-ranger can be just as damaging too. And now, after eight impressive seasons with the Dallas Mavericks—where he won an NBA championship and an NBA Sixth Man of the Year title—Terry has joined the Boston Celtics and will be looking to fill in Ray Allen’s shoes, who’s now in South Beach.

Leave a comment below predicting Terry’s impact on Boston this upcoming season and you could win a pair of  just-released Reebok SubLite Pro Rises signed by JET himself.

The SubLite Pro Rise just hit the shelves on September 1st for only $100. Visit Reebok’s official page to see the entire colorway collection. In honor of the release of these dope new kicks, we’re giving out a free Jason Terry autographed pair to the commenter who can best predict Terry’ impact on the Boston Celtics this season. In 100 words or less, what can JT do for the Celtics?

Let us know…

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  • http://twitter.com/JoShuaAJ96 JoShua Jackson

    He will be in the running at the least for sixth man of the year of course! I WANT THOSE SHOES PLEASE!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/SharpyMarker Justin Sharp

    As a JET fan his whole career and die-hard Celtics fan to boot, I predict the same success from both sides. Jet Terry’s been creating, taking, and making big shots wherever he’s called home and I would never be the one to bet against that again. As confident he was to tattoo a championship the first time with Dallas, he went a step further to do it with the Boston logo on his arm. I’m never one to jinx anything, but I believe we’ll have as great a chance as anyone. My final prediction on his impact includes leading a revamped 2nd team and be in the top 3 on the C’s in scoring. In other words, who is Ray Allen?

  • http://twitter.com/JoShuaAJ96 JoShua Jackson

    Can hear it now Celtics fans Screaming JET as he reins 3s! Rondo to JET for 3!!!!!

  • Matt

    He’s going to fill the void of Ray’s smooth stroke and clutch shooting for the C’s! It’s gonna be like he never left! 14 points a game!

  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.b.rodriguez.10 Christopher Rodriguez

    He’ll provide the scoring punch off the bench that Boston lacked last year. He and Avery Bradley will be one of the best scoring guard combos in the East next year. The fact that he doesn’t miss games because of health will be the biggest coup for Boston. He’ll be in the top 3 for 6th man of the year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/spencer.wingate44 Spencer Wingate

    With Ray Allen and Mickael Pietrus departed this off season it was essential the Celtics added a dynamic scorer to offset the loss. Add in the fact of Avery Bradley’s shoulder injury Boston was in desperate need of guard help. Terry will be a veteran perimeter shooter who can stretch the floor and provide an immediate impact. Boston can count on him for fifteen points a night much like Dallas has these past few years.

  • kevin

    The departure of Jesus Shuttlesworth could be big, since he went to their rivals and the team always in dire need of outside shooting. But with the addition of the Jet, it may have worked out better for them. In Terry, they get someone who isn’t afraid to take the big shot and someone whom Doc can depend on. People talk a lot about players who “aren’t afraid of the big moment
    or shot.” Oftentimes, this phrase is overused or bestowed upon unworthy
    players. In Jason Terry’s case, though, the statement is 100 percent
    Take his gutsy shot over LeBron James
    in the NBA Finals. I’m
    sure it’s not what Rick Carlisle drew up, but you put the ball into your most fearless player’s hands and let
    them do what they do best. That’s exactly what happened on that
    play, and the result was Jason Terry fearlessly launching a 30-footer
    over one of the best perimeter defenders ever in LeBron James. And just as any director would script it, the shot hit nothing but net. That,
    my friends, is the audacity of Jason Terry. He may be undersized and he
    may not be as explosive at age 34, but he still has that competitive
    swagger and boldness on the court. When he and Garnett are on the floor together, the competitive juices will be flowing at an all-time high. Terry definitely isnt short on confidence, case in point, he always has a Celtics tat freshly inked on his body.

  • PakkAttackk

    JT will be like nitrous to the Boston Celtics. From blowing a 13 point lead in 2010 NBA Finals Game 7 against the hated Lakers, to the ECF Game 7 last year. One common theme was that we had no one that could create their own shot when Pierce, KG & Rondo had done all that they can. Basically ran out of gas. Now we have Jason Terry who can create his own shot & is CLUTCH in the 4th quarter. Jason Terry will be HUGE for the Celtics this year.

  • http://twitter.com/jekrull23 JEKrull23

    JT is “bringin’ sexy back” to the Celtics bench! JET will re-ingnite the spark that the Celtics bench was missing last year and provide that extra boost in points and excitement to once again make the Celtics contenders. Jason will still make it rain three’s in Boston like Ray but now adds a speed component that will help break down defenses! The Celtics will not miss a beat with Terry! Boston will be telling Miami “Say hello to my little friend!” and 2013 NBA six man of the year!

  • James H

    Jet should probably assume the role ray had on the team, but I assume he’ll have a better relationship with Rondo. His game matches up well with Rajon’s, especially while streaking up the wing. I won’t be surprised to see him racking up the 3′s this season, putting in about 14 ppg off the bench.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mickey.acosta.96 Mickey Acosta

    Jason Terry will do damage to any team! He will average around 11 points a game and 3 assists. He will basically be a ray 2.0 because he runs the fast break twice as good as ray, he can hit a three in transition or drive in and kick it out to kg or the truth…. Basically I’m saying he is money, lights out, and will be a boost in any part of the game!

  • http://www.facebook.com/michaeldinhnguyen Michael Nguyen

    Jet is going to keep giving a spark on both ends of the floor

  • Matt Pederson

    Terry makes any team he’s a part of better. Nothing but good things for the Celtics.

  • sandro dela cruz

    he’s a big contribution of celtics,pure shooter..

  • Mark

    Wish the C’s the best of luck. Love their team. Hopefully Terry’s new tat will bring them the trophy!!!

  • IDoMoms

    he is going to score around 15-17ppg off the bench and the fact that he is playing with rondo he is going to hit a career season on efficiency. He will hit at least 3 clutch shots for the Cs and pretty much be a better version of Ray Allen because he can play off the dribble. Nobody will see it but it will be a big 4 with terry, rondo, pierce, and kg.

  • IDoMoms

    also, he is going to have around 3 assists and 2 rpg.

  • http://www.facebook.com/justin.chen.921 Justin Chen

    Jason Terry is going to be remembered in Boston as Jason Terry, not as Ray Allen’s replacement.

  • $huff

    The jet is going to be instant offense for the c’s. Rondo is going to set him up for those great jumpers. He is a proven NBA Chamption and i wouldnt expect anything less than greatness from him

  • http://www.facebook.com/alamo50 Jurgen Aspers

    The Jet will get into major problems with Rondo.

  • Erik Franke

    I think Jason Terry is going to try to fill Allen’s shoes, but I don’t know if that is possible for anyone in the league. Jason Terry is clearly on this way out of the league. That is not to say that he won’t contribute, but to say he is gonna be just as good as Ray is a little out there. Good luck to Jason Terry and the C’s this year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507626147 Melton Andre

    Jason Terry could add some more quickness to the offense with his jet like reflexes in assists and getting to the basket

  • zamir

    Jason terry will be someone that will be able to contribute 12 points on a daily basis but i also think that some nights when the celtics need points down the stretch for example against a team like miami i think that doc rivers will let terry be point gaurd and let him run the offence and let avery bradley be at the 2 which will allow the celtic to spread out the floor which is something the miami heat hate and it will be easy point for terry and bradley and also peirce and KG because with 3 outside shooters on the floor there is going to be alot of switches on D for the other teams which will allow for KG to demolish the paint with his open jumpers and jams at the net. I also think that jason terry will be someone that will explode during the playoffs(like usuall) and get another 6th man trophy to his belt.

  • MormonBoy

    Jason Terry will be a sixth man of the year again and thanks to KG and hopefully Fab Melo, Jeff Green or Sullinger playing in the post it’ll leave plenty space for shooters. He’ll switch roles with Bradley every now and then since they’re both undersized and more scoring guards than anything. He’s a younger veteran that will definitely benefit from Rajon’s court vision. He offers better defense than ray allen and won’t complain about getting less or more touches, he tends to dribble too much though.

  • Brock

    He will be fire off of the bench and bring a lot of energy to the C’s.

  • Celtkicks

    The Jet will be a strong influence on the yound Celtics players. He will become beloved in the city for his positive attitude. Most importantly he will have Reeboks hot in Boston like Dee Brown was back in town.

  • http://twitter.com/KWAPT KWAPT

    JET will bring some much-needed energy and spark to the 2nd unit. In 2009, when the C’s came 1 quarter short of their 18th Banner (STILL hurts), they had Nate Rob & Big Baby to bring that fun/energy & get the crowd and team fired-up. It was an integral part of that team’s make-up. I think Jet will mesh perfectly with Dooling & the rest of the C’s bench. And as we’ve seen already, Terry will be a great mentor for guys like Christmas too. Also a better defender than Ray at this point in his career in my eyes.

  • http://twitter.com/miggyda Miggy

    Although he is not the assassin that Ray (the greatest 3 point marksman of all time – yes, I said it) was, Jason The Jet Terry will provide the C’s with some much needed scoring punch off the bench after the departure of Allen. Combined with his pesky D, his ability to bring a crowd to its feet might just help Boston and its diligent fans to another deep playoff run come April.

  • Rob Stewart

    JET’s impact will be huge for 2 reasons. He will serve as an excellent marksman for hitting open shots created by Rondo,, much like Allen did in previous years. But unlike Allen he will be able to relieve a little pressure on Rondo because he too can create his own shot and shots for others. He also will prove himself once again as the TATTOO PROPHET as his new tat displays Boston as the champs. And his tattoos haven’t been wrong yet.

  • Guest

    Yo my man Jason Terry is taking boston all the way especially teach rondo couple pointers. Jason provides extra leadership and better more experience. Great team this yyear

  • Timothy Morales

    I think Jason Terry is really going to help enhance the Celtic offense. He also provides extra leadership considering all the weight goes on Rondo to lead the team. However Rondo has amazing passes but his shot is mediocre. So to have a man who can truly knock down shots it takes some slack off pierce and because ray allen left hes vital for that position. Being know as a great sixth man hes their when needed. Terry is also known to hit big shots he can help close out. The Celtics have a team to go all the way this year especially because of the addition of JT. He also provides more experience which is what the Celtics are know for.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    He’ll likely make a run at 6th man of the year. I think he can get at least 14ppg, 4apg and 2 threes per game as a combo guard for the Celtics. He’ll probably spend some time playing the 2 next to Rondo. And, of course, he’ll bring his victory JET pose to Boston.

  • jay chau

    A valuable 6th man is who JT is, and will do a fabulous job with the Celtics. His shooting prowess may just be the x-factor for crunch time, not to mention Mr. Terry is filled with the confidence that Celtic nation cherishes. Boston have themselves a treat.

  • hoosier4life

    great clutch shooting. 13.8 points per game somewhere around 120-40 made threes.
    c’s will fall to da bulls in the conference semi’s in 6

  • mohammed

    He is gonna be crazy. average points per game 55. Average rebounds probably 25. He is gonna put the team on his back

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice

    Definitely gonna be in running for sixth man of the year. Will be great teacher for Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee. Better defender at this point than Ray-Ray as well. Rondo to Jet for 3 will be a constant reframe!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice


  • SKY0321

    Jason Terry is a guy viewed around the league as a winner, a guy that can come off the Boston bench if necessary, and start if he has to. He will give Boston instant offense this upcoming season. JET is the best possible replacement for Boston with Ray Allen leaving the Celtics.

  • Rustler

    Jason ‘JET’ Terry has given his all to the Mavs to get the title and now with the move to Boston can only go from strength to strength as he is goin to be a great fit there and make that new tat come true I’m sure

  • Neon

    The JET will provide instant scoring off the bench with Avery Bradley playing in the starting unit. However, expect to see him on the floor to close out games. He’s going to provide leadership in the second unit, and along with KG, will provide one more voice in what’s already a veteran-laden squad.

  • J DOGG

    JT gonna be an F15 Eagle, averaging 15 pts, 4 ast. Mark my words, he will have a ferocious dunk on J-Kidd and his Shark kicks will hit dat Kidd’s chest and take a bite outta dat Knicks jersey leavin him as “New York’s ONE NIPPLE WONDER!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/I.Static Ibrahim Stretch Said

    JET = instant scoring. Maybe he’ll come off the bench with Avery Bradley playing in the starting unit (similar to OKC with Harden + Thabo), but will close out games. Even with a squad filled with KG and Pierce he’ll provide leadership. I think he’ll play better than Ray Allen (his performance last year) and will have a great shot at 6th Man of the Year. THE TATTOO PROPHET aka JET aka A WINNER.

  • The Big Ticket

    Jason Eugene Terry (and that’s the REAL “JET”…not kenny smith haha) will have a HUGE impact in the Boston Celtics in my opinion. Even as a huge Celtics fan, I have always been a big fan of Jason Terry, he has had made many big shots against Boston both at home and on the road during the regular season mathcups. The games have always been pretty close too. In fact, it always seems like Dallas actually has an edge over Boston in the regular season. Jason Terry is a flat out relentless ballsy shooter that is not afraid of the big moment. He will spread the floor and add a weapon to the outside. Losing Ray Allen hurt but Jason Terry is younger, more athletic, a better ball handler, and he can create his own shot both on jumpshots and driving to the rim. The Celtics will not have to set 3 picks just for an open 3 pointer anymore like they had to do for Jesus Shuttlesworth. I will predict that when Kevin Garnett (the best and the most underrated passing big man in the game) gets double teamed in the post, there will be a lot of clean dimes sent out to terry on the perimeter for a wide open 3. Oh yeah and Cs also got this guy by the name of Rondo, ya well, you could expect many beautiful dimes coming from him too. ;]

  • adam

    green jet in garden = 2 x garnett like intensity with
    synergy effect included + general like discipline with increased firepower of
    the second charge + championship hunger booster + hard practice times for
    youngsters + unseen antics + a book of new quotes + rumbles in the jungle

  • ozWinston

    Jason Terry brings new life to the Boston Celtics bench and the team as a whole. He is a deadly shooter and I know he’s been spending some time in the off season working on those same curls, fades, double screen catch and shoot situations that we used to love to run with Ray. He brings a championship, veteran mentality to a locker room with that already in tact, the chemistry will be absolutely flawless, especially with the best point guard in the league at getting his teammates beautiful looks. One thing people forget is that Ray Allen may be the league’s leader all time in 3 pointers made, but the JET is only a few spots behind at #4 and will likely take command over #3 all time by the time the season ends. The offense won’t skip a beat. Last but not least he brings a new dimension which we didn’t have before in a secondary reliable ball handler and playmaker. Rondo was the only guard that could really handle the rock and create something for his teammates or himself, it’s going to add amazing flexibility to our line ups because now we can run Terry with not only Rondo but either Avery or Courtney with Green who is also a great scorer in his own right, with sully and melo down low and know the best possible plays will still be made and some of the stagnant moments on offense that we had last year will be washed away with an instant offense off the bench guy like JET. This is gonna be a good year can’t wait to be at the garden.

  • Diego Vargas

    The addition of Jason Terry brings versatility to the Boston Celtics’ bench. Past seasons the Celtics struggled to get point production off the bench and that is exactly what terry brings. What makes h dangerous is not only his 3pt shot, but his ability to get to the rim as well, which was also a problem for the celtics. Overall I see Terry playing a similar role as he has been for the most of his career, his stats should be fairly similar as prior seasons, with about 15pt and 2-4 ast per game.

  • Riley

    Everybody else is either sucking up or writing a novel over here, but i’m going to keep it short. The impact Jason Terry has on the Celtics this year: Badass Clutch DAGGER THREES.

  • Broderick

    The impact that Jason Terry will have on the Celtics is the fact that he will be able to come off the bench and add some deadly shooting touch to go with Pierce. With him the Celtics will be very good from deep and will get very far in the playoffs.

  • JDOGG80

    Jason “JET arms” Terry will provide his trademark Vinnie “The Microwave” Johnson style of sparkplug offense and timely nail in the coffin threes. His been there done that history and leadership will be a great help to the young guards and players on the Celtics. Will he help the Celtics to the Finals? Unless he grows 8 inches, puts on 60 lbs of muscle and improves his ppg by 14 the Celtics won’t be seeing the O’Brien trophy anytime soon.

  • jqt

    Jason Terry will add much needed depth and spark off the bench. He will also hit some clutch shots throughout the season and playoffs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/acezhitao Zhitao Chen

    6th man of the year

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mongoos3 Quinton Gierach

    Jason Terry is going to be a very productive player this year. People would look at him to start in order to take Ray Allen’s role with this team.

  • Screaming Jay

    Ray Who?

  • ThatOneCelticsFan

    He’s gonna make us say “Ray who?”

  • PaulieS23

    Jason Terry will play a huge role in the sucess of the Boston Celtics this year. He is pretty close to the same player Ray Allen has been for them in the past 5 seasons. Terry will be very good down the stretch of a game. He is no Ray Allen but his presence will definitely be felt in the 4th quarter. He will also add some leadership to an already veteran squad. Terry will help them on and off the court, and i would expect the Celtics to go to maybe the second or third round of the playoffs.

  • Zabbah

    At this point he’s a better player than Ray is but not only that, the Jet has no problem with coming off the bench. Better team chemistry. I know Ray and Rondo were professional despite their beef with each other, and they performed admirably on the court, but they still had beef. There is none with Terry aboard and I see the Celtics as a stronger team now, one that has a better chance of taking down the Heat than last year.

  • Jai

    Terry will adequately fill the role of sixth-man. He is getting old too, but he can still hit the clutch three and play some good D while providing an offensive spark off the bench. In last year’s postseason, Ray Allen could barely hit a shot and he was a liability on defense. With Terry on board, the C’s will have a much better bench and one clutch player just replaced another. When Terry was signed, the Celtics were still clinging to the hope of retaining Ray. But when Ray left the C’s and signed with the Heat, Terry was the fall-back plan. As the upcoming season approaches Terry is also being relied on to, hopefully, avoid any major injury.

  • jack

    jet will ad more experience and help mentor soe of boston younger players and will play the 6th or 7th man role and will do it well

  • http://twitter.com/KrisVazquez Kristian Vazquez

    You can’t win with just 5 guys. JET will show why the 6th man and the bench win championships.

  • BarryShu

    Jason Terry will have an enormous impact in Boston this year, both on and off the court. His positive attitude will be seen on the court; his veteran leadership will combine with his proven talent to fill needed roles. More important, people in Dallas uniformly praise his community activism and support – he will be seen around Boston as a role model, one who is available and supportive. We’ll all fly better with The Jet.

  • http://twitter.com/AMJKing Ariffe Munier

    Jason Terry is going to be a very productive player this year. People would look at him to start in order to take Ray Allen’s role with this team. He is going to make a major impact coming out of the bench. I predict he will avg a good 16 to 18 points this year especially with rondo, pierce and KG gonna feed him the ball. His consistency in the three point line is amazing and he is so clutch like he has proven the past years in Dallas. In addition, the fact that he will be playing with an amazing second unit including Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, Jared Sullinger, Fab Melo, Dionte Christmas, Chris Wilcox etc. will just be outstanding. Also Jason Terry is a natural born leader so he would fit perfectly with KG, Paul and Rondo. He has had so many playoff experiences and also has 1 ring much like the original big 3. As a celtic fan, I am so excited for the upcoming season and I’m waiting for #18.

    Ariffe Munier

  • Mystique

    The Jet will be an invaluable piece of the bench for the Celtics.The last piece of puzzle that will glue the whole rotation in.His veteran presence and scoring attributes will be a big help for the team.The most important part..late game heroics.That’s what he is known for.The Jet flies high.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Franklyn Calle

    Thank you for all the comments. The contest is now closed. Winner will be notified through email.

  • Edmund Fitzgerald

    He will be great replacement for ray Allen. He should do well off the bench and will be a great asset for the team

  • Bobby Martin

    Jason Terry is one of the classiest guys in the NBA.

  • Brendan

    Jason Terry will definitely fill in ray allen’s role except for the clutch shooting. He’s clutch but not ray clutch

  • ryan

    jason terry will fill allens shoes

  • Shane

    Jason Terry will bring energy and life into the Celtics game when they would usually start to fade. He brings the energy Allen didn’t have.

  • jasonterryismediocre

    Jason will be Terryfic, scoring 75 ppg, averaging 26 rpg, 17 apg, 12 steals per game, 20 bpg and -10 turnovers per game. he will also post a 135.786567456 point game while dishing out 45 assists, blocking 20 shots and breaking a total of 145 ankles during a game against the western conference team where he was promoted to “nba boss person guy” by David Stern, pronuncing him the GOAT of all GOATS, the sexiest man alive and potato farmer of the year. Despite this, terry will only be awarded one carribean island for his services to the world, where he will live the rest of his life surrounded by dozens of 19 year old virgins and developing an action plan for the next time aliens from outer space come to earth and play looney tunes cartoon characters in a game for possesion of the world.

  • JetCeltics33

    Jason the Jet Terry will be a great replacement for Ray Alllen who left to join the Celtics rival, Miami Heat. He put up 15.1 ppg last season and will have another brilliant season! even though he is getting older he can still put up poinnts and make big plays. Here are some Star NBA players who are 35 or older RAY ALLEN, Steve Nash, Chauncey Billups, Tim Duncan, Grant Hill! How about we add Jason to that list! He will cheer on Rondo when he is not in the best of moods and he will never argue with refs but politely try to explain what he thinks what happened. I predict no technical fouls for Jason the entire season and he will have 24.1 ppg, 13 apg, 6 rpg, and shoot have a .420 3p%. He will average double-doubles all season long! The Celtics are thankful to pick him up and the Mavs are sorry they lost him! I have followed him his whole career and know what I’m talking about!

  • Danny N.

    Jason will have a tremendous season with the Celtics! He will get a good amount of playing town now that Allen is out of Boston! Jason can rack up points and will keep producing rebounds and assists as well. In previous years he hasn’t averaged more than 4.1 rebounds per game. This year he will average 8.4 which is my bold prediction! He is getting to his final years of NBA and he will make them count in a Celtics uniform.The 6th man of the year in 2009 will be tremendous!

  • cnerwbx

    jason terry will have a monster year with ray allen leaving giving him a a ton of playing time and a bunch of threes

  • the Psychic

    the jet puts his $ where his mouth is…remember when he got the finals trophy tattooed on his inner arm before the mavs won it all? Broke my heart to see him go but the guy is a psychic of some sort…I won’t count the celtics out of the trophy chase.

  • Lachlan M

    Jason Terry is going to have a great season with Boston. Jason will still get solid numbers in the assists and rebounds stats. He will average around 10-15 ppg. The Jet is a great replacement for Ray Allen and will make some big plays. He won’t argue with the refs and have a nice overall season. Boston are very lucky to get a good replacement for Ray Allen

  • kmiller

    terry will take a while to adjust to the team but he should have a good season with Boston.

  • JTray

    JET is one of the best on the celtics, he gets more play time because Rondo is injured