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Nike Officially Unveils the KD V (KICKS)

Kevin Durant’s fifth signature Nike shoe brings his journey to life.

Images via Nike

Finally, Nike has officially unveiled Kevin Durant’s fifth signature sneaker. Behold, the Nike Zoom KD V. Durant’s fifth shoe takes cues from his personal life and symbolism from No. 5, and combines it all into a premium performance sneaker.

Designed (again) by Leo Chang, Nike Basketball Footwear Design Director, the KD V launches worldwide on NIKEiD on November 6, then goes live in retail outlets on December 8, beginning with the Bright Crimson colorway and Black/blue colorways.

Here are a few more details, via Nike:

“Championship drive takes an entire team, and the new KD V represents the roadmap I follow,” said Kevin Durant, 3-time scoring champion. “Leo did a great job on the shoe by combining the best technology with my journey and what the number five means to me.”

With a refined design aesthetic matching Durant’s smooth and fluid style of play, the KD V integrates four leading technologies: 1) a Nike Zoom unit in the forefoot, 2) Nike Air unit in the heel 3) unibody Hyperfuse upper construction for superior fit 4) external heel counter to allow the foot to move while still providing support.

The shoe’s hidden story comes from five players united on the court, five sides of a pentagon – a Washington D.C. landmark, five corners of a star, and Durant’s fifth Nike signature shoe. This tribute to five is brought to life on the shoe’s outsole pattern, midsole texture, tongue quilting with V’s, and heel counter details.

The Maryland state flag inspires the color combination on the shoe’s Bright Crimson colorway – with the flag’s red, yellow and black remixed in bright and light tones – a fitting tribute to Durant’s home state.

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  • mister_elli

    Those look very slick. 10 times better than the LBJ model. Good job, Nike.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ben Osborne


  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Slick, just like his game. I like it!

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    Finally a signature kick I can full approve of on the get go

  • uqk

    the upper is to plain for 3x scoring champ..

  • The Mauve Avenger

    Looks sort of like a Hyperdunk or Hyperenforcer. I miss the strap honestly but these are nice.

  • nhm

    generic as f… it’s plain stupid that nike goes to the generic route of hyper/fuse for a 3x scoring champ. i don’t see any signature stuff on this at all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rjem7 Ralph Joseph Mijares

    nah its ugly.. but i guess because of the colorway.. i didnt like the color combination

  • biggieman

    I like these a lot better than his previous models, I guess I will just have to wait for a better colorway tho because I am not really feeling the red and neon green.

  • spit hot fiyah

    did he just get traded to the cavs?

  • R32

    Shoulda been a lowcut.

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    Big disappointment coming off the KdIV’s. Why not improve on the adaptive fit strap and stay lowcut? These look like generic hyperfuse/hyperdunk type kicks. But I guess this is what KD wanted .

  • Simba

    why not build upon the wildy sucessful selling KD IV? these shoes look like the hyper dunk 2012. smh .

  • http://twitter.com/xjumpman5 Riley Ubben

    there is only so much that Nike can do with this shoe while trying to keep it cheap, like KD wants. they aren’t bad looking. like them better than the new kobes.

  • shutup

    These are different from the Lebron’s how? they look like the same shoe just different colorway.

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    You mean exiled? Sentenced? Or perhaps “extorted through the use of lewd, expertly doctored photographs, coupled with fake lawsuits and the threat of all-out nuclear war upon the free and sovereign nations of the world if you don’t come”?

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    I figure I’m in the minority, but I find it easier to ball wearing low cuts… Anyone else like that, that’s why I liked the last KD’s, these are just meh, I guess, nothing original, and they look like there heavy to me.

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    Way more “nike tech” in LeBrons shoe. These, if anything, would be a bargain version of the LeBrons.

  • blj

    its the same guy that Designed hyperdunks the hyperfuse.

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    I think it depends on the style of play. I’ve played in both and sometimes its nice to have that lightweight, less restrictive feel of lowcuts, other times I like the cushioned support and lockdown feel of a higher cut shoe.

  • robb

    i hope they release an xdr version too. These are clean.

  • Slick Ric

    Last years looked much better to me

  • shutup

    Right but a version or copy none-the-less, who decide the high ankle laces and low cuff on the heel was the way all shoes should look? Even the D.Rose’s to the right employ the same style.

  • iNferno

    like the look, good colorway as well imo

  • Junior Taylor

    When did Nike become such a lazy company? This looks exactly like Hyperdunks on steroids.

  • BallingIsMyLife

    Looks like 2011 hyperdunks a little bit

  • Darksaber

    Well looky here, me like.
    The 2011 HD’s are the best bball shoes i’ve had in years and i own a few. Hate the styling and fit of the Lunar Hyperdunks (too narrow for me) but these look nice. Very similar to the HD’s but with a Max Air sole. Just got a pair of discounted Elite Hyperdunks but can’t wait to try these when they reach the stores here.Lots of nice colours available too in the near future.

  • JKH

    People don’t pay attention. KD has said that odd numbers = no strap, even numbers = strap.

  • aicomeback

    keep hearing good things about the elite hyperdunks lemme know how they play

  • Sneakerhead

    the Kd IV’s where sweet, but i guess this time around he is going for better ankle support? they seem higher and look kinda sturdier.

  • Darksaber

    Just got back from a shooting session with the Elite HD’s. Very snug fit in the forefoot at first, that eased with time. By the end of the first hour, shoe felt like an old pair i’d had on forever. Very comfy and much lighter than the 2011 HD’s. Playing my first league game in them tonight.

  • Darksaber

    Just got back from a shooting session with the Elite HD’s. Very snug fit in the forefoot at first, that eased with time. By the end of the first hour, shoe felt like an old pair i’d had on forever. Very comfy and much lighter than the 2011 HD’s. Playing my first league game in them tonight.