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Nike Basketball Unveils LeBron X, Kobe 8 System, KD V ELITE Series 2.0+ (KICKS)

Just in time for the 2013 NBA Playoffs.

Don’t look now, but the NBA Playoffs are right around the corner. And with that, you know Nike is bringing heat. This year, Nike Basketball is unveiling the Nike ELITE Series 2.0+, celebrating the achievements of Nike’s top players and propelling them into the postseason run.

Meet the LeBron X PS Elite, Kobe 8 System Elite and KD V Elite, all of which draw colorway inspiration from, yes, the Championship trophy, and all of which feature lightweight construction, enhanced fit and dynamic protection. Not only that, but just like last season, the kicks have gold-flecked Kevlar laces, speckled outsoles and gold-threaded Flywire. Plus, now you can sync your iPhone to via Nike+ Basketball to track your stats.

The Nike ELITE Series 2.0+ will be available at select retail locations and online at Nike.com: the LeBron X PS Elite+ and KD V Elite+ on April 20, and Kobe 8 System Elite+ on June 1.

Images via Nike

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  • vaze7789

    The lebrons are sexy

  • Tempest

    Them black Mambas are mean!

  • Talker

    The KD’s And Kobes look to much alike

  • http://twitter.com/AdonKay Adnan K

    I have 4 of the elites from last year, both home and away colorways for Kobe’s and Lebrons… the Lebron’s I still wear weekly for basketball, holding up well, the Kobe’s were absolute garbage and rip around the collar ankle area after like a month… the gold color on the logos, forget about it… it peels and chips off almost completely within a week or so of ball in all of them… had to use gold nail polish to redo them..

    as far as these new versions, won’t be picking any of them up…. especially the, KD version…. it looks like it doesn’t belong here with these established basketball shoes, just bland and no personality whatsoever…. looks like a tennis shoe more than anything… can’t believe Kevin let this design slide under his nose…. he hit the sweet spot with his last low cuts the 4′s, and a nice solid all around thing with the 5′s…. but these Elites are a total miss

  • Tim

    …I guess Kobe better make the Playoffs now! :)

  • robb

    The KD’s look like the hikers version of the Kobes

  • robb

    mean as f*ck man. I need those. I just hope The Lakers make the playoffs or Kobe and I will be doing the same thing while wearing them: kickin’ it at home watching the playoffs on tv.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    man, i’d happily take all of these kicks. works of art. especially the ‘brons

  • iggi

    King James all day. What’s the different between the Kobe and KD??