Monday, June 22nd, 2009 at 12:01 am  |  27 responses

Protege Stackjack

Out now, $34.99.

Protege Stackjackbanner-bottom2

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  • andrew

    It’s good that they’re cheap. They look it. Can a shoe have too much going on and still be boring? This is a definite yes to that.

  • http://slam shoeman

    have a pair of these and not to bad for a resonable shoe and just plain fun to ROCK.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    Looks like this shoe put on 25 pounds of muscle since the last model.

  • J.A.F.O

    Looks like a totally different shoe from the first version. At least its original.

  • andrew

    They are most definitely not original… Jordan XX3, anyone? But for the gum sole and the PU midsole cover, it’s pretty much a direct rip off of that silhouette. Even down to the stitching on a totally basic level. Not impressed. So not impressed I had to post on it twice.

  • FrenchKiss

    Cheap sh!t

  • niQ

    i think they’re wack. if i were to use them it’d be for straight outdoor ball cause i wouldn’t mind getting scuffs on them.

  • WDavid

    I had the A3H’s, which look just like these with a midfoot strap, and I threw them away after two months. The cushioning is absolutely nonexistent, even after I replaced the insole. You can find Nikes at the outlet for the same price.

  • Ajo

    yep they do look like the XX3′s but hey at $32 what do you expect. I like some of the other models better

  • cp

    i got the trifectas for $25 and those are way better

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  • Exist4eva

    The classical case of less is more should have been applied here….

  • Dallas STOKES

    O.k. so I totally missed it on this one. Sorry Andrew, and Wdavid hopefully are next round you guys will a shot?

  • andrew

    I don’t know what that means, Dallas.

  • Dallas STOKES

    The design wasnt a good one, too busy, has stitches on the side so it looks like a Jordan, I got you. Gonna have to work harder in the future to get that love from ya. I appreciate the input and will make sure in the future to not use cross stitching and make it look like a Jordan.

  • andrew

    Dallas – totally didn’t think the designer would actually check the comments section. Keep trying mate – you’re dealing with a really picky life long collector/sneaker obsessive here. I pick the $hit out of everything they post on here…

  • nicko

    who is al harrington?

  • Dallas STOKES

    All day long andrew, I care about what you guys say and want. i look at it like this, the money you spent on us could have went somewhere else so I try to give you your money’s worth. Nicko, al harrington is a third stringer who plays ping pong for the Brazilian national team.

  • http://slamonline ddaniels

    yeah D.stokes these are hott garbage they look like a mixture of a and 1 an a british knight no affense.You still da man.To get off da subject a little are you gonna drop a solid black aspire an a all black hustle in the near future?please do oh yeah some thicker mid an insoles for the aspires would be great.

  • Dallas STOKES

    Aspire is done, I’m working on Aspire2 today. No all black hustles on the books yet, sorry. I use to design And1 so maybe I need a detox…

  • http://slamonline ddaniels

    are you going to post any new pictures of the aspire2s on niketalk.com?an when will they go on sale?

  • Aaron

    Dallas, I would like to speak to you personally about some new design concepts. I replied to another forum in which you had a few comments to the fans, but as I stated there, I am a designer as well, and I know, and have what’s hot, and not a copy of anything, in my collection of sketches. Hit me up, been searching for the right opportunity to showcase a few designs, so along came Protege and I love the concept behind the company. In trying to make an affordable shoe, people also have to realize that the cost of materials can determine how you want to construct these shoes, but also realize that you guys have put leather in them as well as PU materials which are widely used in just about all brands. One!

  • http://slamonline ddaniels

    yeah thats wuz up i respect very much so what you all are doing with the brand thats why i support it myself im always for doing positive even though you have your share of people who talk down about the brand but you all keep doing ya thang.can’t wait to see the Aspire2s will they be the same color as the aspire1s?well dont wanna spend to much time talkin about aspires i look at niketalk.com daily to see if you’ve posted any new pics.

  • fly double N

    i dnt mind the proteges cuz they came out with numerous original designs which not many cheap shoe companies can do… starbury took about a year to make new models…. I have the first stackjack and they start off solid but then hurt your feat… i only wore them outside though

  • Jax

    Man yall crazy… These have NOTHING in common with Jordans… Nothing! What, because they have a diamond stitch… Crazy…. I actually like these and plan on grabbing a pair(size16) for myself and my two boys… Yeah I got a closet full of nikes ,new balance, jordans, lebrons ect, but don’t everybody…really I got a sense of style like no other..allz I need is a fit to set these off… Not only do I like the fact they made them affordable for they kidz in the city but to be quite honest.. This particular pair has a Lil bit of swag.. I’m feelin em and im sure I will be the first nigg in my hood to rock em wit so much style… West Oakland Cali baby… Imma make these kicks look real fly…. Keep up the good work folk, and don’t mind all these nerds, and talking hood heads… They’re all afraid to break the mold of what is and what ain’t acceptable as far as atire is concerned… I try and set trends not follow em!

  • http://slam ddaniels

    Hey wuz up D.Stokes? I’ve been offline for a minute; I recently went an purchased the protege edge from sears, and i really like the design an feel of this particular sneaker. Are the black an red L.S. gonna release any time soon? I will send you a copy of my personnal email..kewdaniels77@yahoo.com

    Hit me up.

  • c mart

    I bought the Trifecta’s both colors, and these, and the AH3′s. I got all my kids a 2 pair and we love’em. These are good looking shoes and we all play ball in them. I just wear these for looks. The tri’s I ball in replaced the insole and they are just as good as some Nike’s. I didn’t like the big strap on the Hustle, so I didn’t get them. The strap on the AH3 was a little too much. Those would be the best ones if you take the strap off or make it smaller.