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Nike Kobe

October 17, $120.

Each day this week on Kick of the Day, we’ll feature one of Foot Locker’s greatest releases for this fall. To celebrate the release of KICKS 2009, our friends at Foot Locker have given us some gift cards to give away. Who wouldn’t want a $100 gift card? Exactly. All you have to do is tell us about your favorite shoe purchase of all time and why it meant so much to you. Please limit your answer to 100 words. And yes, an entry with 101 words will not be counted. At the end of each day, we’ll pick a winner from the entries. Five days, five $100 gift cards. Get writing.Nike Kobebanner-bottom6

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  • Mr.Clutch


  • Moid

    My favorite sneaker has to be the Air Jordan XI. My grandfather once wore that sneaker, and would take care of his pair like it was a piece of gold. Before he died, he gave his prized possession to me, and it meant the world to me. It was his way of showing his love. When the Air Jordan 11/12 Pack released earlier this year, I went to purchase them with my father. While waiting in line, he told me that I was just like my grandfather when it came to sneakers. I shed a tear that day.

  • Pardeep

    I remember walking into the store and getting this weird feeling when I saw the Melo 1.5′s. It was like when you see that beautiful girl and you want to ask her out. They were so nice I was actually scared to buy them. The baby blue and white colorway with that sick tounge and a dope toe, even the laces and bottom parts of the shoe were HOT!. This was the shoe all the girls loved and all the guys wanted. Ive been rocking them every game ever since then. They aint ever touch the road and never will.

  • Joe

    My favorite shoe purchase wasn’t even of a basketball shoe. I’ve always grown up off Payless and Costco shoes because my family couldn’t afford anything nicer. So when I got my first job in high school and finally got enough money, the first thing I bought was a nice pair of Puma suedes. I loved them and was extra careful with them. I don’t indulge in shoes, and $65 is still the max I’ve ever spent on shoes, but I still remember those Pumas being the first pair of shoes that I bought on my own.

  • Pardeep

    Who won yesterday?

  • http://www.anwilson.blogspot.com rainman10

    for the KG stuff?

  • Pardeep

    No I already know who won the KG stuff I want to know who won yesterday and the day before they should post it on here.

  • Pardeep

    For the footlocker gift card contest that is.

  • SeanB

    May 2003 – spent all my 13th birthday cash on black Jordan VIIIs – same ones my favorite player (Kobe) had during his 40 streak. Also, Who didn’t love the fluffy tongue? I wore those shoes all summer, getting them into such a groove I didn’t even have to untie them; they practically became an extension of my feet. Flash forward 6 years, and I’m still wearing them on the blacktop…even if they are a size too small. That’s the definition of sneaker love.

  • Dan Powell

    I’m from an Australian country town and for 7 years atleast 3 players on my team had the exact same shoes as me, colourway and all! You see there’s only one sports store in my town, we were given a HUGE selection of up to 4 different kicks each season. But after that 7th season I turned 18 (18 = Paypal = internet shopping). The first pair I bought were the white T-Mac TS Lightspeeds. My shoes may have got more attention then my game but that season I was the only player to have NOBODY else wearing his kicks!

  • Joe

    Btw, I like the picture of #11 from Connecticut is the representing picture for this kick.

  • http://sneakernews.com Aaron

    On a frozen December Wednesday back in 2000, I braved an ice storm to cop the even colder Air Jordan XI ‘Space Jam’ that everybody’s goin’ nuts about this fall. It was both dangerous and lucky for me because I couldn’t skip school, but when it let out early, I was among the few on the road (age 16, brand new driver, mind you). I had to sell them the next year after prom to pay for a car and they sold for more than retail even after a lot of gentle wear.

  • Rusty


  • http://www.slamonline.com JL

    My sentimental favorites are the original Reebok Pumps. I was the first in our school to get them, and everyone seemed to want to try pumping it, even though I was the only one feeling the pressure of the air. It got pumped so much the ball eventually fell off, but I still loved it and actually took it apart to see how it worked. I was the most popular guy in school cuz of these shoes! Please replace my pumps with a new pair of Kobe’s!

  • jose

    My favorite shoe purchase had to be the black and white Proteges with The straps. I got them the 1st day they came out. I remember everyone was hating on them saying “those shoes aint good” or ” you can’t expect those to last you long if you paid $35 for them.”.i personally thought they were legit. well, i’ve rocked them everyday playing ball and they still in good shape and now i see everyone rocking the Proteges. so that was my favorite shoe purchase in the sense that i knew that these were legit…

  • http://nba.com t.dot

    The dwyane wade 1.3 all star edition shoes. they were white, with some blue, and pictures of roses. I got them 2 years ago, when i was 11 years old, at a foot locker in toronto. I then brought them with me when i moved to israel. I wore those shoes to shchool, and i obviously balled with them, mostly on the outdoor courts in my school. Those shoes were certainly tough. This was in sixth grade, and i was a size 12 by then, so everyone had a clear view of the kicks. They ended up not living up to their full potential, because they were stolen from my doorstep when I was airing them out overnight. I was obviously very depressed, and it was even worse because the shoes were still in good condition. I still don’t know who stole them, but I do know one thing, that whoever stole them got a real nice pair of kicks.

  • PITO

    my favorite shoe purchase was my adidas promodels because it was a really hard situation in which i was in we didnt have any income for 4 years living of foodstamps and money we were makin from sellin scrap metal it was bout 2 years back when i was 14 now im 16 i had saved enough money to get me some real basketball shoes not some payless knockoffs and i was able to save 60 dollars in like 2 years cuz of how hard things were and i was able to go to finishline and get me my first real pair of basketball shoes and i still have them till this day there some of the best basketball shoes ive played in but that my shoe expirience

  • PITO

    my favorite shoe purchase was my adidas promodels because it was a really hard situation in which i was in we didnt have any income for 4 years living of foodstamps and money we were makin from sellin scrap metal it was bout 2 years back when i was 14 now im 16 i had saved enough money to get me some real basketball shoes not some payless knockoffs and i was able to save 60 dollars in like 2 years cuz of how hard things were and i was able to go to finishline and get me my first real pair of basketball shoes

  • PITO

    my favorite shoe purchase was my adidas promodels because it was a really hard situation in which i was in we didnt have any income for 4 years living of foodstamps and money we were makin from sellin scrap metal it was bout 2 years back when i was 14 now im 16 i had saved enough money to get me some real basketball shoes not some payless knockoffs and i was able to save 60 dollars in like 2 years cuz of how hard things were and i was able to go to finishline and get me my first real pair of basketball shoes.

  • ablaze

    favorite shoe purchase of all time is no doubt the kg bounce allstar edition 07. fell in love with the all white colorway when it first hit the philippines. it retailed for the equivalent of about $160. that is an insane amount for a pair of shoes considering the average daily spending there. then adidas released the all star edition packs. (kg,gil,td,tmac,chauncey). hands down kg’s were the finest. about 6 months later my girlfriend found an outlet store where they had size 12.5s (i wear 13s which are a extremely hard to find) which were on sale for about $70. she got em for me as my 2nd year anniversary present. to this day she says the look on my face was priceless; full of glee and just couldn’t believe i got em. i still remember that day when i got em; and it brings me right back there to that point in time. just unbelieveably happy. i still rock em to this day. that would end up being the last purchase we’d ever make at that store because about 3 weeks later that building of the mall exploded from a gas leak. sorta became immortalized in a weird way.

  • rog123

    My lebron ivs are my favorite purchase. I started watching nba games after the jordan era so lebron james is the best thing I have ever “witnessed”. Ever since his rookie season, my goal was to play in a pair of his shoes in hopes of achieving his extraordinary talents. I got my chance when I bought these sneakers. Unfortunately I never came close to a lebron level of play. These kicks were so special to me though not because of what I did on the court, but what my idol did in them. HE DUNKED ON TIM DUNCAN!

  • http://stavangerbasket.blogspot.com Petter

    The shoe that made the most impact on me was Nike Air Flight Penny II. It was my first really lightweight shoe and boy did it feel good. I can’t remember what shoe I had before it, but it felt like night and day had changed.

  • http://myspace.com/2grownup2beshownup Jack

    I laughed when I saw the heading, pretty generic.

  • trick..

    My favourite shoe purchase was my all white Air Force 1s. I had saved for them and decided not to ball in them and keep them looking new. As soon as I got to my nearest court, that changed. I felt different because I was wearing my Air Force 1s. As soon as I touched the rock I knew I had to play in them. What they did in terms of modern basketball shoes meant I had to use them as they were intended, for playing hard. I played in them until they fell apart and I never regretted it.

  • Liquid Swords

    Maybe it’s different if you’ve been wearing good kicks since the day, but I remember exactly how it felt cracking the lid of a pair of T-Mac IVs. Trying them on. It’s not the first girl you kiss that matters, it’s the first girl you couldn’t believe you just kissed. The white/black colorway, the laceless lines; they’re smoothest things ever to grace my feet. I was a preposterous late bloomer in the kick game– I got into hoops as first a broke student, then a broke traveler, so things got delayed. I’m still wearing those T-Macs (on wood only), but they’re like Demi Moore: still hot, but the lines are getting deeper and their age is taking its toll. Mad boom tho.

  • Jose

    It’s pretty simple…it was the first shoe that kobe dropped from his azk line…lot of people were hatin (whats new) but yeah i called footlocker every day and when they dropped the rest is history…since then ive picked up every shoe he’s dropped from his line and dont plan to STOP…the reason it means so much to me is cause kobe is the greatest player in my era and i support him as player and appreciate him in every aspect…kobe is the reason i love basketball!

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    (Sorry, can’t keep it at 100 words, more appreciation than contest participation really)
    I’m 34, from Africa, played most of my ball in Europe, and this is a love story. First kicks were an obscure Nike Force hightop in blk./ white, back in ’89, balled in Nike’s ever since. (never wore another brand in 20 years of balling, ever). Back in the 90′s, nice kicks were hard to come by, so when i saw Jordan in my first viewing of an NBA final (vs. the Lakers) and he switched hands while wearing the AJ VI, i went to great lengths to get them. Only way back then the only way to get hot shoes was to wait for one of my better off friends to travel to the US, and beg/badger/threaten their pets well being till they agreed to bring em back for me. When Nicolas (eternally grateful my man) brought them back. I LOVED them, played well in them, never got hurt in them. Just like MJ we practiced the hangtime handswitch to the point that some of us would actually land on our faces. Last summer i moved to Asia, and during the process, i aired out my attic, and found a TON of OG – Nike Kicks up there. Nike Hyperflight, 6 or 7 generations of Shox, the beige N’Dstrukt ones, AJ’s (XI, XIII, VII) and even an Air Maestro, a GP shoe or 3 and a few Air Pippens. I invited my former teammates over for a barbeque last August, some who’d nearly mugged me in the past, due to the fact that i always had on some great kicks over the years, and proceeded to give away or sell all my old, well worn shoes. Every single one got taken off my hands. Even yellowed ones. There was a white/Silver GP shoe that was practically yellow, and 2 guys had words over it. You know which ones i didn’t even CONSIDER selling (even though an old friend with an elephant’s memory asked me where i was hiding them)? My first Air Jordan…the VI, cause you never forget your first.

  • Daniel

    For me, it would be the Nike Hyperdunks. May seem too new, but seriously everyone was talking about it and saving up for it. I went on Eastbay and purchased it as soon as it came out, and soon enough they arrived. All this time I was waiting to see if these shoes can really increase your jump, and I found out that night when I easily pulled out my first jam. This will always be my favorite shoe, because even today I am still amazed. There is only one word that sums up the Nike Hyperdunks,- Perfect

  • MC

    The Nike SC3′s. I was 11 and it was the very first shoe that I picked to buy. My family’s not rich, one of my aunts who I’ve never seen flew me to LA and decided to let me buy a shoe. I have never bought a shoe mind you, its always somebody’s hand me down when it came to sneakers. When I saw those SC3′s I loved em! At the age of 11 I would clean it after every wear. From then on I wore it for 4 years until the whole sole came off. That’s were it all started.

  • kevin

    My favorite purchase has to be the Air Jordan 1, released in 1985 kicking off not only the greatest legacy in sneakers, but also the greatest legacy in basketball history. These groundbreaking shoes caused the NBA to ban them because they violated NBA color rules naming them “devil shoes”. When I bought these shoes, I felt like I had bought a piece of history. They were the first kicks that started me to become the sneakerhead that I’ am today. To me, it is the holy grail of shoes that marked the beginning of a new generation of shoes.

  • Chris

    Kobe Huarache 2K5 All-star with the 8. I won a trip to the Denver 2005 NBA All-Star Game. I went to Niketown not realy expecting to buy anything. Nike had 5 exclusive all-star kicks on display but this one blew my mind. I didn’t have the best seats at the game but it didn’t matter cause my feet looked and felt great. When I returned home EVERYBODY was like “where did you get those?” Naturally I said “Don’t worry about it”. I still wear these casualy and to ball in. This started my Kobe collection again. My GOAT!

  • http://www.infamousklav.blogspot.com Klav

    my favorite was the Jordan 3’s. wanted them since i was in 6th grade when i saw true blues at Footaction in 01. i didnt get a chance to get them until last year when the CDP dropped. i pulled a lot of strings cause i didn’t have the money for it, but managed to get the black/cements for $115. i got my favorite pair, and for a steal of a price, they continue to create great memories for me.

  • http://www.derek.li Drek

    The retro’d Flightposites are what got me into the shoe game. Before them I had never really found a shoe that spoke to me or really stood out. They looked like Batman’s shoes, and made me interested in the Posite tech. That got me into the Hyperdunks and Kobe IVs. I thought the Flightposites felt good on my feet; wearing Hyperdunks made me feel like I could do anything on the court. Thank goodness one shoe led to another.

  • Migs

    It was mid 2004. He was ROY, averaged 20-5-5, Cleveland’s hope, LeBron James. The next big thing. Nike’s next big thing. I saw it first in Kicks – black/white/red, composed of ballistic mesh, double-stacked zoom air, the biggest strap I’ve ever seen, and laser engravings boldly, ferociously proclaiming royalty – and my first thought was “Damn, those are ugly”. But something drew me in, and kept me coming back. Take care of them, and they’ll take care of you, protect you. Five years later and I’m still rocking them. The LeBron 2s – Nike’s finest shoe and its greatest achievement.

  • chen liu

    my favorite shoes was jordan xi playoff og
    my bro and my sis each has one pair
    we were playing 3 on 3 with other ppl
    it was quite a scene and i still wear them
    for the love of sneakers

  • Josh

    My favorite shoes were my Adidas Antoine Walkers. Got them at Foot Locker in tenth grade and was so excited that I had a pair of kicks that no one else had (got them the first day out and recommended by the staff there). I shimmied all the way to the court with my silver and while kicks.

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    WOW THESE SHOES ARE TOO NICE! and are we still eligible to enter if we already submitted our “favourite shoe buy” last time? well I’m going to submit it again if anything cause I’m always looking to buy new shoes! I’m too much of a shoe fiend!

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    My favourite shoe purchase had to be the AND1 Skip to my Lou’s. I remember I never saw them in Toronto. I was on a vacation in Hong Kong and I found them! At that time, Rafer Alston was the main reason why I had got ‘back’ into basketaball. I remember my dad asking me if I wanted to the Skip’s or a pair of Jordans. I chose the Skip’s, OVER J’s! They meant a lot to me in terms of basketball. The best part was, no one else was rocking them back in Toronto!

  • Godwin Park

    My favorite is the Nike Kobe IV MLK versions. It was the first shoe I ever had to camp out for, but I got my size and it was so beautiful. I loved the competition Kobe and Lebron had on the game Kobe wore the shoes. Kobe won that game. It was a piece of history I had to have.

  • Bouf

    My favorite shoe purchase was my Converse(the first school). Those were my first real pair of basketball shoes and they really mean a lot to me. I played a whole season with those and I still wear them even if there is hole in the sole of one my shoes.

  • adbphilly

    Answer IV’s. I’m 15. I was 11, didn’t care about what I had on my feet. These helped me become a sneakerhead. Idolizing Iverson my whole life, these were extra special. My first Iverson kicks. Absolutely beautiful. Rocked them everywhere. That’s what’s special about them. Still have them and everytime I look at them, I remember a special moment, like when I wore them to a football game. stepped in mud. Like I lost my best friend. Was up all night with wipes scrubbing the mud out. The 4’s were my babies. Introduced me into the sneakergame. Thanks Answer 4’s.

  • rob stewart

    One of my favorite shoe purchases was when I got the Nike Penny I’s. Originally I couldn’t afford them but my friend/teammate had a fresh pair. He hardly wore them because he said they hurt his feet. I offered him something like my Nikes, money, video games, and some CD’s and eventually we worked out a deal. When the Lil Penny commercials came on T.V. I knew I had made the right decision.

  • Dmanlian

    My favorite purchase was a pair of red Tmac 3′s. This was my first pair of legit ball shoes, and I bought it because my team decided we wanted to signify that we were “out floor blood” at the tournament we were playing in. The bright red never fails to catch the eyes of those I’m ballin’ with, and I love how they stand out. They also feel GREAT.

  • adbphilly

    winning the $100 dollar gift card would be sick! Oh man i hope slam hooks me up!

  • jay

    my fav shoe pic up was the space jam first retro in 2000. crazy day but i did not have to wait in line..those were the good old days…these new kobe colorway aka the purple fade is sick!!!

  • Jace

    my favorite shoe was the kobe 3.. first time I bought shoes with my money, first purchase from footlocker. It really has a sentimental value to me..

  • JChau

    Best purchase? Gotta be my Nike Shox VC 4s. The first moment you put them on your feet, you don’t even need to work it in. It’s fresh out of the box. And boy, did they feel springy. Whether Shox worked or not, they gave at least a mental lift that you could jump higher. It may not be the best looking shoe during its release, but these shoes are responsive. Hey, it didn’t hurt for me, when my first time dunking on a 10ft rim was with these shoes, haha.

  • Bre01

    My favorite shoe of all time is the AJ XI. I got my first pair when i was in the first grade. I remember thinking that i would be able to play just like MJ because i was wearing his shoe. I remember sleeping with them the first night i had them. I caressed them in my arms just like i used to hold my teddy bear. The first day i wore them it was raining outside. It didn’t matter because i knew when i got to school everyone would be turning their heads to look at my new Jordans.

  • Marco

    My favorite shoe of all time is the Zoom Kobe IV. Kobe Bryant has been one of my favorite player but not his sneakers until his 4th signature shoe. It’s an amazing shoe in both performance and look wise and considered top selling sneaker in 2009. What makes it my favorite is the history kobe made with it, he defeated 2009 MVP Lebron James on MLK day, surpass Charles Barkley on the all-time scoring list, scored 61 points at Madison Square Garden, won the 2009 NBA finals, and last but not least crowned as the 2009 NBA Finals MVP.

  • Dillon Liang

    My favorite shoe purchase of all time is the 81 points Nike Zoom Kobe 1. They are limited to 81 pairs in the world and I was one of the lucky 81 people to purchase the shoes. I had to complete a scavenger hunt and then go through a raffle for those who completed the hunt. I was the tenth person called in the raffle and I almost cried when I heard my number. To this day, the 81 point Kobe 1s is my grail of all time in my shoe collection.

  • S.J.

    The AF1 white-on-whites with the ice sole were not necessarily my favourite sneakers, but definitely impacted my shoegame the most.
    The story goes like this…
    So I was all set for back-to-school, with my fresh whites. I show up to school, and lo-and-behold I see the same exact shoes I have on about 20 other dudes’ feet. So I went back to footlocker and got the fresh-whites with the ice blue soles. They’re a classic with a little bit of “umph”. Bread and butter, baby. Still use sea glow on ‘em to this day to keep those soles fresh.

  • Da Zen Master

    The Adidas Superstars with the shelltoes were and remain my favorite shoe of all time. Classic silhouette, you can rock ‘em with just about anything, and the toes never crease. I remember all the buzz surrounding RUN-D.M.C. and these kicks. They were also one of the first low-cut sneakers introduced for basketball. I had to use up all of my previously saved money in my piggy bank to cop ‘em. It was so worth it, man. Those three, black stripes looked so good on the all-white. Man, I wore those shoes ‘till the sole came off. Classic.

  • http://yahoo.com Angel Moran

    my favorite purchase of shoe had to be the Jordans 11′s. This purchase meant alot to me because these were the first Jordan shoes i ever bought and i ever bought with my own money. Plus the design was like nobody seen before. It was simple and sick. No fancy straps or stipes. when i weared these to school all the kids would be complemting my shoes. On the court i would ball up like jordan. And off the court i would be pimpin like Jordan. Plus these shoes were so sicck a kidd wanted to get down for them!

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan

    Air Jordan XI: Purchased at the Del Amo Mall footlocker when I was 16, and saved “till the day I got married”. I wore them for the first time last month on my wedding day. Prophecy fulfilled.

  • sideburn2go

    My favorite shoe purchase of all time is my Jordan CP’s. Since I started collecting, I have wanted a pair of Jordan’s but I had never been able to afford it. My family couldn’t afford that much money for shoes and I had to put all my money from my job towards other things. When I heard about these shoes I knew they would be sick. Chris Paul is my favorite basketball player and the Jordan brand is a classic. I saved everything I could to be able to get these and have wore them with pride on the hardcourt.

  • Kevin Hung

    Definitely the Reebok Question. I still remember my parents bought me my very first pair when I was in grade 5 to support me joining the basketball team. I remember that I was wearing them like 24/7 to ball or casual because they look cool and comfortable and they’re so meaningful to me. And today I’m proud that I can purchased the Question by myself. The Q’s is not just a shoes to me, it also witnessed my life and the love from my family.

  • jace morganstien

    when i first learned how to walk my older brother made sure that my mother got me a pair of jordan. they happen to be jordans 5. At the time i couldnt appreciate them but i always kept them on my dresser. Now 17 years later for my graduation present i went out and bought the same exact pair of jordan 5′s and gave the little ones to my brothers new born son as his first pair of sneakers ever.

  • Nolan

    My favorite shoe purchase of all time would have to be my Nike Air Force 25. I bought these shoes for my Senior basketball season and i didn’t want just any old basketball shoe. I wanted something stylish, comfortable and long lasting. These shoes did all that and more. I got very many comments days after home games people saying my shoes were awesome and extremely shiny. These shoes are now sentimental and i would buy a pair again in a heart beat. Best bball shoes ever made!

  • slamfan4life

    My favorite shoe purchase has to be the Zoom Kobe I, not only did it resemble Kobe’s amazing feat of 81 but it also showed everything about kobes game; as soon as i saw the white ones i HAD to cop em…next game i dropped 50…was it the shoes?

  • MrJay

    My favorite shoe purchase of all time has to be the Air Jordan 21s. I got them for my 13th birthday and wanted them so bad I begged and begged for them. The reason I wanted them was because of the commercial showing the highlights of his career and people wearing them to re-do the highlights. Even though nobody liked them, I loved them.

  • b00gaz

    It was my very first purchase of a basketball shoe. I think i was 11 or 12, my mom took me to footlocker to get a pair. I wanted the very first pair of the Air Jordans, just so all the kids would know me as the kid with those pair of the “AIR Jordans!” Well tried them on, it was perfect…until mom saw the price and she said “WHAT!” I think you gotta look at this instead, the Nike conversion…which was a cheap pair but the look was some what similar. I counldn’t believe it. I had to just settle for it. If it wasnt for that purchase who know maybe I wouldnt buy so many Jordans now days.

  • big1236

    My favorite shoe purchase happened 17 years ago. It was 1992 and had just started 7th grade. Basketball season was coming up and I needed a pair of shoes to play in. I knew exactly what I wanted, the Air Jordan VII in the white/cardinal color way. I remember my parents saying no at first because of the expensive price tag, but I offered to pay for half of it because I made some money during the summer by washing cars and doing yard work. I was doing those things so that I can get me a pair of Jordans.

  • The KiD

    It’s one hour away from my opening college ceremony. They told us to dress nicely, but not overly. Still, I’m wearing my old Nike Air Zoom Adrenalines, and loving their flashing light blue and grey style. They’re old worn out now, and far from achieving classic sneak status, but have grown into my lucky shoes, as I have worn them an astounding number of times. My sneakers not only rocked the court through blood, sweat- tears sometimes-but also dance floors, experiencing life, love and pain through tears of beer or champagne. I can’t wait to introduce them to the President.

  • Boston4lyfe

    mineee haaaassss to be the Jordan Pure Pressure. They are sooooo comfortable and i feel like i can wear them AALLLLL DAYYY!!! they look SUPER SLEEK and are perfecttt for any basketball occasion. definitely one of the most comfy and well constructed jordan’s ever. they provide a soft cushion so when you jump for your jumpshot, you feel fine coming down to earth, and your knees don’t take hell

  • Thunder Dan

    Nike Air Zoom Huarache Elite II TB in varsity royal. Probably my favorite basketball shoe I have ever played in, these shoes were the lightest, most-comfortable, and best-supporting shoes I had ever worn. Plus, their futuristic look was sick. And to top it all off, they were the first shoes I ever bought with my own cold, hard cash. I got them to commemorate my first year on my varsity team. Great decision.

  • James Mok

    April, 1992. That was the time when I first moved to Toronto, Canada from Hong Kong. I was a 12 year old Chinese kid who didn’t know what sports was. Basketball was the sport I first learned in my days in North America. And the idol I looked up to, was Charles Barkley. I was amazed by his phenomenal abilities as a under sized powerforward. His all around skills has captured my attention when I first saw him play on TV. His abilities to rebound the ball against taller big men, the way he handled the ball like a point guard, and the way he shot the ball from behind the arc, he was extraordinary. And the way he expresses himself, the fearlessness, had truely inspired me as a kid “fresh off the boat” to be confident at all times. I admired him very much. And during the year of 1994, when the pair of Air Max2 CB34s were on the shelves of Foot Locker Stores, I had to own a pair. It was the best day of my teenage life in Canada.

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven deuce

    The Fila Seize in white and red. I had just gotten out of the Marines, where I really started loving the game. I was staying with my sister & her family, so my nephew Eli & I palled around all the time. I started teaching him the game & he loved it so much, I talked his parents into letting him play in the YMCA youth league. He was extra excited to get his jersey, so I decided to take him shoe shopping. He picked out his shoes & I got some too to rep him on the sidelines.

  • Theo Joseph

    April 2007. My favorite and most memorable basketball shoes are the Dwyane Wade 2.0′s. I remember looking through 7 different stores since my size was sold out. I finally found them in a local footlocker a couple days later. I tried them on and realized that they were perfect for me and my season. I loved the heart that Dwade played with and all of his passion. His shoes meant a lot to me and I wore them out till the sole. The rose and thorns of the shoes played through me. I ROSE to the occasion.

  • Jason Thompson

    The greatest shoe purchase I have ever made was a couple of weeks ago when I bought a pair of Converse Wade Slash. It was the last shoe in my wade collection with Converse. It was a sad purchase because it marked the end of Wade’s affiliation with Converse. It was also an exciting purchase because his shoes with Jordan will hopefully be just as good if not better.

  • JuicePig15

    My favorite purchase was the Jordan 2.5 Team. I got the white and blue Finishline exclusive colorway. It was the day before birthday and my parents took me to the mall. We were low on money so it was extra special. We had a coupon for 10 dollars off but it excluded like every brand in the store so we couldnt use it. When I came home I was carrying them everywhere I went like a new puppy or something. I wanted to sleep with man. They were so comfy and good ankle support for ballin.

  • Taranvir Sandhu

    The GREATEST shoe purchase i am ever going to make is when i get this 100 dollar gift card and i buy myself a nice pair of Nike Huarache. So please choose me!

  • JoNaBo

    My favorite shoe purchase was when I got my first pair of Jordans. Now they weren’t classic Jordans, they were Team Jordans, and they were Vin Baker’s shoe The Vindicate. But I still loved those shoes and was just proud that I got to grace my feet with that jumpman logo.

  • http://www.sonicbids.com/shaemorin doyouwantmore

    Best shoe purchase I ever made was my first pair of Adidas Superstars. Black and white. No frills, no gimmicks, no space-age materials. Just fresh and clean. They were the shoes I wore the first time I got on stage, the day I got married, and the day I wrote this.

  • http://www.sonicbids.com/shaemorin doyouwantmore

    Kobe and Nike: I don’t mess with neither.

  • derek

    When you’re an impressionable 9 year old, it’s easy to think that you could fly. Watching MJ soar, I was immediately attracted to his feet. The black soles, white upper, red accents, and winged Jordan logo did it for me. I was hooked and I needed those kicks, BAD. Everyday, I would beg my parents. I told them that these shoes will make me jump as high as Mike. After several weeks of begging, my parents relented and forked over the dough to the friendly Footlocker cashier. Since then, I’ve been indebted to my parents for giving me one of the greatest gifts ever.

  • Jonathan

    Wasup SLAM!. My favorite shoes purchased all time was the Jordan Retro 8 orange/white/grey. It was the day after Thanksgiving. When I went in to Footlocker the Jordan Retro 8′s caught my eye once again. I have been eying these kicks for weeks. Almost every day I would go to Footlocker.com to just stare at them I even printed out a picture of the shoe. When I brought the shoe I felt so blessed I couldnt wait to go home to try them on. Sometimes I would wake up like 3 a.m. just to look and touch them.

  • ibrahim

    My favorite shoes ever were my Zoom generations ( LeBrons first shoes). I use to ball in them everyday and wore them to school and they just felt perfect and I wish I still had them.

  • http://thejoyinmudville.blogspot.com Kevin

    Off to college, away from friends and family and familiarity. I had two large, misshapen duffles crammed full of everything I owned, but I kept one item in its manufacturer’s box: the Reebok Question Low. My first basketball-specific shoe purchase, ever, I had always just worn my regular sneakers to ball. The bounce of the forefoot hexalite, the beautiful leather, the icy blue sole…. I was hooked. Always AI’s biggest fan, now I could look at my feet to look up to my idol. And the first time I ever dunked, my feet hit the ground in the Questions.

  • Balla-holic

    It was the very first basketball shoe I bought. It was beautiful. I knew I had to get it the second I saw it. Lace loops spelling REEBOK. Amazing! cushioning. The suede toe. The number 3 on the back. That shoe give me chills down my spine!. The Reebok Questions were the sexiest shoe ever. A young AI straight out of Georgetown inspired me to play basketball and his kicks made me want to play it even more. This shoe made me play harder and take it to whole over and over like Iverson. I still rock this shoe and just like Ivey this isnt ever gonna get played out.

  • Pamplaskuce

    When I was about 13 My parents bought me a pair of Patrick Ewings. Red and grey suede, god they were hideous, but at the time people loved these kicks…everyone was buying Ewings! I remember wearing them to my first basketball team tryouts, I was nervous but the shoes spoke volume’s b4 I even touched a ball….this was grade 5, and was the first year in the school I attended that there was an actual team available. Played my heart out, made the first cut….not the second….that summer I wore those Ewings out on the driveway, with the plan to go back the following year and blow everyone away. No matter how much you practice someones going to be bigger and better, but I made the team a kid who didn’t make the 2nd cut turns around and plays minutes the next year…all thanks to P. Ewing’s Suede high tops…I’d kill to have those shoes in my size now, they were sick!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iman Elbanna

    I got my first pair of Jordans when I was 5. I was probably the happiest kid in the world. The main reason being that I had shoes from the best basketball player ever. I actually thought Michael Jordan had worn them before me. I wasn’t the brightest child. I would wear those shoes wherever I went. And I always took a cloth with me everywhere so I could constantly clean my shoes. I loved those shoes more than my sister at that time. I still have them today to remind me of the good times!

  • http://slamonline.com Jacob J

    My favorite shoe is the air force 1. They were my first bball shoe and I was 9 when I got them. It was after the pistons won the title is ’04 and Sheed wore them and I wanted them. They started out my bball career playing for my school and was dominant for a lil kid I copied kareems sky hook and mastered it. They started out for me and the forever doninance of NIKE. The heart and soul for ballers all over including me. The evolution of the basketball shoe that changed the world forever!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Donald.

    The best purchase I made wasn’t for me but for one of the players I coached. He was my star player but couldn’t afford shoes. I bought him Jordan 13s. When I gave him the shoes his face lit up. One of the happiest moments of my life. I gave something to someone that needed it and put a smile on someones face. It was an amazing feeling, the boy became more confident allowing his game to flourish. He appreciated these shoes. This experience changed my life because I touched somebody elses life. I learned the importance of giving back.

  • ray

    My favorite shoe purchase was a pair of Starbury’s b/c this is what got me into buying sneakers and it also started my dram of playing basketball b/c my mom couldn’t afford to buy me a good pair of Nike’s. i bought a pair of shorts and a ball started playing on the court for hours a day

  • amrit

    My Favorite Shoes Were the Air jordan 3, they were my dream shoes. And on my 13th birthday i got those shoes. I went crazy when i got them. For days i couldn’t belive i finally got my dream shoes. I kept those shoes in the box 4 like 3 or 4 months and didn’t touch them cause i didn’t want anything happening 2 those shoes. Even though i had those shoes for like 3 or 4 years, and i still keep them in the box. I rarely wear those shoes. They shoes mean a lot 2 me

  • Manny

    Favorite shoe purchase,my brother bought the shoe above for me, the Kobe IV’s. I’m a Marine stationed in Japan and they never have the shoes you want here. I hadn’t seen my family in a year, so I missed Christmas (My Birthday), I told them I didnt know when I was going home.I was upset. But once I gotta that email, went to that post office and saw that box, I opened it on the spot since its been so long I didnt get mail. And there they were, some fresh Del Sol Colored Zoom Kobe IV’s.

  • Yuichi

    My favorite shoe purchase of all time based solely on sentimental value would be the time my moms bought me a pair of Reebok Pumps; only they weren’t the real deal. They were the ones with the BIG pump. Kind of a budget version of the official Reebok Pumps that Dee Brown and them were wearing. Anyway, although I noticed they were slightly different, I couldn’t care less, because my moms out of her tight budget bought me these things. Thanks Mom.

  • Kevin

    Off to college, away from friends and family and familiarity. I had two large, misshapen duffles crammed full of everything I owned, but I kept one item in its manufacturer’s box: the Reebok Question Low. My first basketball-specific shoe purchase, ever, I had always just worn my regular sneakers to ball. The bounce of the forefoot hexalite, the beautiful leather, the icy blue sole…. I was hooked. Always AI’s biggest fan, now I could look at my feet to look up to my idol. And the first time I ever dunked, my feet hit the ground in the Questions. 

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    My favorite shoe purchase as a kid was when my parents bought me some Fila strap basketball shoes. I tried to find the name on the internet, too hard plus I got these in the 8th grade in the early 90′s. No one, I mean no one had these and they cost my parents $85.00 dollars. I had to clean up for a long very long time. Worth it though, because they lasted a long time, bring FILA back, we need a Superstar to rep them. These were the Kicks, because they were orginials, these were classics.

  • JMac

    The most memorable shoe purchase I had ever experienced was when I bought original Jordan I’s from a friend. I was looking for MJ’s first shoe ever, not just for collection, but for use when I go out and play. It may have been wasteful to use retro Jordans for high school basketball, but it made me appreciate how the evolution of the shoe industry has traveled through time and maintained the great designs and creativity each brand had.

  • bmte

    My favorite had to be my jordan 8′s i was a freshman in high school and my dad just came home from the united states and Back then in the philippines it was really just the older guys who wore signature kicks so i came to school wearing them and people just started looking and i loved the attention because everybody knew me coz of my jordan 8′s and thats when i got hooked on kicks as it played a big part in raising my status back in high school.

  • stevie

    I dont own shoes.

  • Mister T

    The first shoe i purchased came out of sheer determination. I pushed the ref in the shoe store down, took my air jordans, then bolted out of footlocker as fast as i could. The poor security couldnt handle me with my running shoes on. -

  • byron

    i didnt even make the purchase. my older brother went out and bought the silver and black foamposite pros. he surprised me and bought 2 pairs giving me the other pair for just $60. i had a few hand me down foamposites like the black duncans and the royal blue pros. but this was the first pair i could call my own. i was so excited wen i got home i licked the bottum of the right shoe. i ended up meesing them up and buying a pair when they were re-released about a year and a half ago.

  • C-Note

    My Favourite shoe purchase took place three weeks ago. Thursday night, while checking my weekly email from my favourite local store, I learnt that they had gotten in a shipment of the Air Jordan Retro III’s in the ‘True Blue’ Colorway. My jaw dropped. The first time I saw them was in grade 8 when the whole senior team played in them. I waited in line overnight Friday, and was the first to have them Saturday morning… 9 years since I first laid eyes on them, but I finally own a pair now. Simply amazing.

  • Dae W. Kim

    My favorite shoe purchase was the Jordan IV black /red when I was in the 7th grade. My family was not in the greatest financial situation so I never purchase any shoe that cost more than $50 before I purchased these Jordans. I think I begged my mom everyday for like a month before she finally gave in and bought me my first pair of Jordans. I’m 32 now and I still remember the fresh pairs of Jordans on my feet. Since then I saved every penny and bought a new pair of Jordans at every release date.

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  • John Bang

    A young boy sat beaming at his 18-year-old cousin as the Zoom Kobe IV sneakers enclosed his feet. “These are perfect,” he said. Perhaps the greatest shoe purchase of my life was not one I did to self indulge, but rather sacrificed my meager savings so that my little cousin could wear decent sneakers. The sight of my cousin smiling continuously left a very memorable impression on me. That single action of generosity I had performed was indeed the greatest shoe purchase of my life because I learned that a man wrapped up in himself makes a small bundle.

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