Thursday, December 31st, 2009 at 12:01 am  |  24 responses

adidas TS Supernatural Commander

February 1, $100.

adidas TS Supernatural Commanderbanner-bottom23

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  • BeMahboz


  • BeMahboz

    now its time for the shoes.
    i would only wear those if someone gave them to me.

  • http://www.slamonline.com peter lopez

    first! shades of the GLOVE circa ’96 & Philly’s the other AI signature shoe from last year…this should called the TS Devolution…

  • nomde

    @peter lopez…add nike zoom flight club to that list

  • thalilbigkahuna


  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    Supernaturally ugly

  • J

    it has a signature on the sole, who is it made for? btw ugly…

  • Kendrick is God

    These are clearly the supernatural creators, and the sidniture is D-Rose’s

  • Tanoy

    Kinda looks like the Jordan 14 and 13′s

  • gregor

    Ugh!! Whoever designed this should be kicked off Adidas company.

  • Fat Lever

    Um, who is responsible for coming up with the names for these shoes? Supernatural Commander’s? Sounds like grunge band from Seattle or some ish. And ugly, by the way.

  • Flight


  • Myung

    Hmm. I actually am friends with the guy who designed this (I’ve had a sample of these for a few months and have played ball in them). It’s not a good looking shoe, but it is an excellent balling shoe (right up there with the Huaraches 2K5′s I otherwise play in).

  • DS44

    Too much with the white stitching.

  • vic21

    that ain’t the way to finish 2009

  • Alex

    ugliest shoes ever! adidas is so lame

  • mtgyles

    Yeah Clearly The Creators and Not The Commanders

  • clyde

    these are the creators, the commanders are way cooler looking

  • http://slamonline.com Niya-girl-fresh

    Now these are terrible

  • flippy

    I wouldnt wear those if they were free

  • alex

    these are supernaturally UGLY LOL

  • robb

    These are the Supernatural Creator actually. I always thought Slam knew what they were talking about.

    Anyway. They are too bulky. If Lebron was with Adidas, he would probably wear these shoes.

  • C-Dubb

    ADIDAS all day!! I used to wear only nike, then I got a pair of Garnett’s and it was all over. I only wear ADIDAS know, they are as comfortable and stable as nike. I got like 20 pair and I will be adding these to my collection. ADIDAS has gained back the swag they once had, just look at all the players wearing them know, Duncan, Howard, Garnett, Rose, Felton, Billups do I need to continue? And whoever came up with the BROTHERHOOD adds at ADIDAS should get a raise. When do they come out and where can I get them?

  • Sopas


    That’s it, I mean tech-wise it’s probably up there with nike (who else is competing?), but before I lace them up they at least look good man.

    And these literally make the original ts commanders and creators look really good!