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Vince Carter and The Tape

The long awaited classic is here

One day about three years ago, Ben Osborne showed up with a video tape. He didn’t tell us what it was, he just slipped the tape into the VCR in the office and hit play, and for the next five minutes we all watched with our jaws open.

It was a tape that a friend of Ben’s (who works at a company that does highlights and stuff like that) who had put together a tape of his favorite Vince Carter dunks, from the Olympics/Fred Weis joint to a lot of his better stuff from his first two years in the League. No special effects. No added music. Just the game announcers and the reaction of the fans.

These days, as Vince drifts out closer and closer to halfcourt, we see less and less of that Vince. But every few months we grab that tape and have an informal viewing party back in the office. We’ve been telling to you to check the website for the video since SLAM 104 and today, we share the joy with all of you.

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  • the brown guy

    could have been a great player
    but …

  • Mike

    sweet tape greatest dunker ever

  • RonMexico

    imagine how good he’d be if he wasn’t a pussy. he might have been in the new nike commercial. his agent must be like “f! why can’t this guy F-ing play ball!…Sheed made the spot? awesome, i want to represent that dude.”

  • http://www.joelkimmel.com J3K

    Meh. :)

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    Does this guy still play in the NBA?

  • Ken

    Thanks for the release of this. Not to sound ungrateful, but I was hoping for a little better video quality or size. Still, makes for a good supplement to the Vince article from 104. Thanks.

  • deestarbuckz

    Wow… just think if he ever got better. Vince just takes a step back each year. What does VC do better now than he did his first few years in the league? Frown harder?

  • RonMexico
  • jj

    Each time I see these kind of things I’m reminded of that magical dunk contest…

    The thing with VC is that you can’t say he turned out to be a complete dissapointment, but I’m sure that in each and every one of us there’s that bittersweet feeling… he settled for “good” when he could have gone for “one of the greatest”…

  • http://none Zizzle #33

    damn son VC is that dude!!!!

  • http://mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Max Airington

    Well worth the wait. Is there any way to maximize that window?

  • Zee

    Ugh, the footage of fred getting boomed on does it every time. Vince is still a beast, just wish he was more focused. He’s getting traded soon so maybe he’ll get his chance.

  • Jonathan

    VC is the third leading active scorer in the NBA. He has averaged 24/5/4 a year since his rookie campaign. He is putting up 25/6/4 this year.

    Dunks do not define great players. They may help to establish them, but vince is one of the greatest players in the L.

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    We’re lucky the video hasn’t crashed the site yet. Our technical experts told me I should chop it into smaller parts, but I think you need to see them one after another in rhythm to really take you back to the era of Vinsanity.

  • skip

    The dunk on Weiss is up there with MJ over Ewing(best dunk ever).For those who know the one I’m typing bout .

  • Matthew

    Awesome tape, a little grainy on my screen, but awesome nonetheless. But where are the Mike Tyson sound bites and Bruce Smith passing out on live T.V.?? Another day I guess. Another day. I’ll be waiting for that one too.

  • miguel024

    i don’t understand how all of you can write “oh he coulda been great” when i don’t think theres any more proof than this vid right here of how blessed we are to be basketball fans while this guy was still playing. you think vince fell off? who’s given us some of the most memorable stuffs over the last 2-3 seasons?

  • albert

    fred weis. damn.

  • Sparker

    funny, the one i’d like to see again was during a raps/nets before the big trade. it was coming to the end of a quarter, and j kidd did an unwise switch and picked up vince as he was just starting to head to the basket from the foul line extended on the right side. kidd managed to slow him down for a second, and vince looked like he was going to settle for a jumper (which, by the way, he did way too often back then too)… but then vc decided otherwise, took him to the hoop and dunked EMPHATICALLY on his head. what made it amazing, i guess, is that this was no broken play. this was one-on-one against (at that time) the top player on the top team in the east. and vince HUMBLED him. as they play together, i sometimes even wonder whether vince still brings it up…

  • c1

    a true memento for all of us: you start getting old at 24 it ain’t fun

  • ichabod25

    Crazy video! Brings me back to when Vince and Jwill were dominating the highlight reels. Ben needs to find a Jwill tape now!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Khalid Salaam

    my favorite is vince over mutombo.i sweat dek rose up and vc got went higher. yes vince didn’t take it to the level he should have but he’s still good. all bs aside when everything is said and done he’ll be in the hall of fame. you laugh?? they let Nique in didn’t they? people talk about tmac as a hof fame guy. people talk about grant hill making the hof right? are you saying the vc isn’t better than all of them?

    i don’t even like vince carter that much but damn don’t act like he’s garbage.

  • Parkadamus

    i just wished vince n t-mac played together after their first playoff run against the knicks. if u loook at it now them two dudes were stupid to go off on their own. they say they want their stardom but now look at them. they want championships!!! no one can do it on their own. they just got selfish and went on to do their own thing. in life u can’t do sh*t on your own. its just sad we never got to see them in their prime together.

  • Mike

    8-time All-Star, career 24ppg scorer, ya he’s pretty much one of the worst players in the NBA…

  • Detroit1

    Oh,what could have been………

  • M.K. Petrik

    The only way you’re going to get VC to play to his potential and then some is for the Nets to sign Charles Oakley to get on his back.

    As a resident of Toronto and for someone that watched Vince in all of his old school glory days, it wasn’t until Oakley started to rag on him during pre and post game interviews that VC just started to attack attack attack and become a complete monster.

    Come to think of it, the Cavs should consider signing Oakley because I think he is the only one that can bring out the absolute best out of Lebron day in and and day out. Plus if I remember correctly Oakley resides in Ohio.

  • Chris O’Leary

    The most disappointing 24, 5 and 4 in the history of the League. Vince still might have more ability than everyone else, but the fact that he settled for what was at the tip of the iceberg is tragic.

  • http://the-seed.net/suns Maha10k

    Vintage. Thanks for putting that up.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Khalid Salaam

    like i said. vc is gonna make the hof. deal with it.

  • Chris

    Who would you have on your team right now.. Vince or Gilbert Arenas, Vince or Carmelo, Vince or Joe Johnson, heck Vince or DWade, the fact that vince isn’t the clear answer in each of these cases is why he’s a disappointment. With the exception of Kobe, and maybe LeBron, vince should be the best player on the floor everytime he steps on the court. Most nights he’s not, he’ll tease you with it every now and then, but it seems like most nights he’s just pretty good and not great. I think O’LEary said it best “The most disappointing 24, 5 and 4 in the history of the League”

  • Sparker

    i think what would made vince invincible was a mid-range game, which- unlike mj or, more recently, d wade- he never developed.

  • Vitor

    Best dunk ever was Kobe over Ben Wallace (when Big Ben was a journeyman in Washington), back in Kobe’s rookie year. Often overlooked, this dunk is probably the nastiest I’ve ever seen.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Khalid Salaam

    are we accounting for age? b/c if we’re not then i’m taking vc over joe johnson. and i like jj so thats not the problem. the problem is too many of you guys just regurgitate what you’ve heard others say. vc is no slouch. i take it whomever shrugged their shoulders at vc’a numbers must be a raptors fan. i understand the hate that you guys have other people on here are just clones. i hate clones.

  • MC Welk

    Don’t tell Jackie Christie. She’d be jealous to see Doug making those passes at VC.

  • niQ

    could have been better quality if that “play” sign wasnt blocking the way xP

  • http://www.zio.ch Darksaber

    Puhleeeeze clean up the quality. We live in the age of HD, right. Please, i need to see this in good quality, NOW. Damnit, Vince was (is) incredible

  • Joe

    Haven’t seen the video (crappy internet connection), but I hope it’s got the one back 5 or 6 years ago when he blew by Shandon Anderson and the rest of the Rockets to dunk to *win the game*. A buzzer-beater dunk. No words to describe it.

    Still, there is probably 40 players in the NBA I’d rather have on my team than VC.

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    A quick recap of how the Vince Tape came about: Satellite feeds to various video tapes; various video tapes cut and edited into one video tape; video tape ages for a few years; video tape finally transferred to DVD; DVD uploaded to web. It’s not like we pulled this off a live feed last night, fellas… All that Sam, how likely are we to get sued out of business if SLAM start selling DVD copies of this thing?

  • allenp

    Khalid is right that Vince is still really great, but man, he could have been better and people hate unrealized potential. Especially when they wish they had an inkling of that potential. Vince could have been in the Larry, Magic and Bird discussion, not the Nique discussion.

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Yes, Joe. Yes it does.

  • Michael

    Damn it’s been so long since we’ve seen any passion from Vince you almost forget how good he was… and still is. He isn’t a complete dissapointment, maybe he wasn’t the next Jordan as advertised but who is. He still puts up pretty good numbers.

  • Chris O’Leary

    The problem with VC is that the drive isn’t there (literally and figuratively). When someone that talented comes to NJ and is happy to be the third banana, or when he says he doesn’t care if he gets dealt, or if he pulls up for the J when he KNOWS he can just blow by his man and get to the hoop whenever he wants, something’s wrong. His numbers might get him to the HOF, but it won’t change my opinion of him. He’s happy with being good enough when he could have been the best.

  • http://www.zio.ch Darksaber

    MJ and his incredible urge to destroy any opponent in competition, Stockton and his sneaky but effective will to win, Isiah (that creep) and the bad boys, even Magic with that smile, but the refuse to lose attitude, and one of the greatest winners ever..Bird. Those guys have spoilt us, to the point that a less driven player is labeled a bust. In my opinion, VC is a great player, legendary even, just not that obsessed with the win column. But y’all have at least 5 great memories of him embedded. i do.

  • Carlo

    F the haters, VC is and was DOPE! A likeable guy with mad skills.

  • Reggie Evans

    Half Man … All Amazing.

  • Vince Carter

    Man, seriously, some of you guys have never even watched Vince play. You’ll just listen to anything that Lang, Marc Stein or pretty much any columnist says. It’s the same deal as Kobe. People appreciate (or are starting to appreciate) him now but 2-3 years ago, didn’t everyone hate him? Didn’t columnists (including Lang) love to rag on him so that people would read there columns? Vince Carter is a spectacular talent, always was, and always will be. I had the pleasure of watching him his first 4 years in the league on a nightly basis…VC would have take over the league in the 2001-2002 season had it not been for that damn injury. He was playing spectacular then as well. He’s been great with the Nets. You guys are really quick to judge and hate. When the Nets were winning, nobody questioned Carter’s antics. “OH He’s Back!”, etc, etc. Now that they’re losing, everyone’s on his back again. STOP hating on a player you never see play, and stop basing his abilities on what writers like Lang or anyone else say.
    According to writers and media-people, Lebron is the reincarnation of Jesus and Adam Morrison is already better then Bird while Kobe is the anti-christ.

    You people need to grow up. I’m sick of generalizations about certain NBA players.

    This is especially towards Kobe, Steve Nash and Vince Carter.

    By the way, all of you Toronto bitter-ass fans need to shut the fuck up and grow the fuck up.
    It’s over, it’s done with. He moved on and so should you. There’s no point in booing him, there’s no point in hating on him. And by the way, not every single Toronto resident hates Vince. There’s a lot of people that still love him and the way he plays here.

    By the way, stop fuckin complaining about Carter. He’s great but look at us now; Bargs, Bosh, Calderon (SLEEEPERRRR!!, Ford…we’re gonna be fine.

    By the way SLAM, stop sleeping on Jose Calederon.

  • http://www.zio.ch Darksaber

    He jumped over..his..headdd! Not a dunk, a revelation

  • http://www.myspace.com/russellkeewatin Chief

    Yeah man Vince hasn’t fall off. He just needs a cause, the Nets don’t look so good so he isn’t playing at his peak level every night. But when the playoffs come he will come back with a Vincegeance?

  • JAMS

    We all can agree that when we talk about Vince, it’s just a broken record with this discussion. Vince is good, even great at times. He’ll never be the way he was that’s a given. People hate him ( I live near the G.T.A.) and I like him. He’s just a frustration to us all. This topic is a broken record.

  • http://slamonline.com mutoni

    vince will definitely make the hall. the times he’s made people leap out of their seats when watching him play alone should be enough.

  • JAMS

    Vince plays in the playoffs the same way he plays in the season…look into it.

  • Vince Carter

    If Nique is in the hall, VC should be in the hall. Yeah, you read right Lang.

  • http://edge4.blogspot.com Chris

    Look at Vince + J-Kidd – and the nets are still #FreeThrowsAttempted

    At his current rate, he will only be considered a good player who, when young, was the greatest dunker of all time.

  • Mike

    Clearly you dont know what your talking about JAMS, Vince averaged 30 ppg last year in the playoffs and 24.5 in the regular season

  • http://www.ihtraptors.blogspot.com coach

    half man , half your money to the wife !


    who cares what he averaged? ever. He’s never made it past the first round, has he? So you guys are telling that based on his dunks he makes it into the HOF? WOW!!! I’ve said it a million time and will again. He’s a sideshow clown. He dunks and sell tickets. That’s it!! If he does make it it’s going to be a slap on the face to anyone who is in there.

  • Drolfe

    That was a lovely experience. Thank you.

  • Dblizzy!

    Khalid is right, most of you guys are just repeating the hate you read and hear. The only reason to be mad at Vince is because he’s better than YOU!

    When people (all the haters on this site) wish they were good at something (basketball), and they see someone who can do it effortlessly (Vincent Lamar Carter), they hate because it’s not them.

    Name one player since Vince came in the league that has been more exciting. Nobody has been able to duplicate Vince’s electricity. it’s not the same as it used to be, but he’s getting older. But still, look what he did to Nocioni a few weeks ago. Two of his greatest dunks, the one on Zo and the one on Nocioni, aren’t even on that tape.

    Stop hating and give the man the credit he has earned!

  • Matt Wens

    hey Dblizzy, names wade…dwyane wade

  • William

    If the refs called fouls on Vince (when he was in Toronto) like they did to Dwyane Wade, we would not be having this conversation, Vince would still be Air Canada and Vancouver would still have the Grizzlies.

  • KMG

    Christmas of 2000, Freddy Weis gets a gift in the mail…a t-shirt with the words “DEEZ NUTZ”. Weis promptly abandons any hopes of playing for the Knicks, much less the NBA.

  • Chris

    The are three schools of thought in this thread.
    1. People who think VC is the greatest thing since sliced bread
    2. People who think VC is garbage.
    3. People who think VC is good, and on some nights REALLY REALLY good, AND think he COULD be REALLY REALLY good EVERY night and wish we could see the REALLY REALLY good VC EVERY night.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jake Appleman


  • hansosword

    Wow.Thank you.Some of you younger cats might not remember…but there was a time, not too long ago,when guys like Shawn Kemp, Larry Johnson and Derick Coleman where being hailed as the future of the L. Sure,after that we had Iverson and a young center & guard were making some noise in Orlando, but we also had a lock-out and Grant Hill’s mug everytime we turned on the tv. Plus, nobody was going to challenge the Bulls anyway,when 23 came back. Is it any wonder that streetball became a sensation in the late 90′s?!
    Then Vince happened…Sports-center was no longer an annoyance but more addictive than heroin.You had to watch every morning because VC did something every game that you had never seen before! This cat dunked higher and harder than Dominique!! ” Did you see what Vince did last night?!” Check old issues of SLAM..even your favorite mag was calling for an end to the slam dunk contest at one point.That shit was boring..until Vince turned in the greatest performance since chicago ’88.
    I know this was lengthy, but it’s impotant to realize VC’s real legacy..he may never win a ring , but he made alot of us tune back in and fall in love with the game again.

  • Dj

    Here; i’ll say it for everyone: the reason we are all “dissapointed” in VC isnt coz of his career 24/5/4, or his 8 all star appearencees, etc etc. HOF player, great player, sure.
    But the thing in the back of my head is I will always remember that one AMAZING run he had in 1999-2001 (but 2000 mainly) when he was seemingly hitting game winning fallaway threes every other week, taking over dunk contests, and leading his team deep into the playoffs, and the whole time everyone’s thinking:

    “Damn, he just might be, the NEXT JORDAN.”

    Turns out there will probably never be a next jordan (durrrr), but for a while, another 6’6 swingman from UNC in the eastern conference sure did a good imitation.

    That’s why ppl will always be dissapointed. Being compared to ‘Nique is nice and all, but he could’ve been MJ.

  • Dj

    not to mention all the cool parallels in Gatorade commercials, Nike Shoes(Air Jordan, Shox VC), shaved heads, dunking, etc that the two had in common.

  • Hilarious

    Guys, guys, read this post some idiot made right here:

    “who cares what he averaged? ever. He’s never made it past the first round, has he?”

    You CLEARLY haven’t watched basketball have you? I won’t even dignify that with a response.

    I don’t know what the average age of this board is, but honest to god, I know a LOTTTT of people (esp. in Toronto) that fell in love with basketball with the arrival of Vince.

    Some of you guys are either dumbasses who don’t know crap and just spew anything that you hear others say, or you overlook his achievements.

    He’s not the “great thing since sliced bread”, but his legacy isn’t half as tainted as some of you make it out to be.

  • Drolfe

    I just watched it again, this time reading along with the article. Does that make me a nerd? Or a hero? I’d prefer to go with the latter.
    They’re all amazing, but those dunk contest dunks were off the charts amazing. I hope we see another performance like that one day. You’d think something like that would render you hater-proof for life.

  • Dj

    one last thing: “He jumped OVER his head!!!”


  • ekam

    REMEMBER THE MJ COMPARISONS THOSE WERE THE DAYS NOW HES GETTING OLD and no one else left to wach like that well maybe dwyane wade

  • Boing Dynasty

    Nike VC’s are the most underrated ball kicks of all time, Pippens are 2nd.

  • Levon J.

    Vince, Vince, Vince… What can I say. Several years ago, we spoke about Vince, like we talk about Melo and King James (Before the jumpers knee). Watching that video was like watching a loved one that has past away. We miss u Vince, if u can, please come back to us.

  • Sparker

    some of you guys… you’re actually repeating khalid’s comment that all you’re doing is repeating other people’s comments.

  • mctate

    Vince is the best dunker of all time.. crazy stuff, i wish he would keep doing this, defences just have his number i gues.. Still vince is amazing one of the best

  • Dan

    Hey FLUXLAND, Vince did made it past the first round in 2001 when he beat the knicks. The nets are down because they are playing without Jefferson and Krstic; take MArion and barbosa off the suns and they’ll be almost in the same shape. Last couple of games Vince had 20 in the fourth quater and a game-winnig 3…you suckas

  • Poona

    I think the thing is people see the Vince from the early days, banging on peoples heads and wonder why he still doesn’t do it now. I think his shooting has gotten better now (to an extent), he has a bit more range, but you never get sick of him teabagging guys in the league. He can still get up there now, but who knows why he doesn’t do it more? Maybe its the competitive drive, its not there like it is in Kobe…
    Anyone else feel like when he went to his graduation and the media went at him for it, that he lost a bit of that drive. Like he saw the admirers turn on him for a bit and he lost that edge? Watch the guys eyes in the video (if you can see them), sheer determination to make another guy look so bad…
    I hope he can really get the competitive drive going one day and just dominate his foes. On a good, balanced team, where he isn’t necessarily the no.1 option, I think you’d see it…

  • Brad

    “Only the cynics and the depressed don’t like Vince Carter”
    -Bill Walton, 2006

  • Bill Biehl

    He is for sure the best dunker in the history of the game. too bad his desire isnt as strong as his dunking skills. and he rubbed off on tracy mcgrady to boot. both of those two could have been the best ever if it werent for their lack of desire.

  • T-man

    hey ”FLUXLAND” get your knowledge right, if you were paying more attention on the game you would damn know that VC was one shot away from the eastern conference finals in 2001. Now go study more…hater

  • Dblizzy!

    If Bill Walton said it,it must be true.

    Hey Matt,

    There is no way in hell that wade… dwyane “my mom mispelled my name” wade is more exciting then Vince in his prime. If you watch a heat game, Wade spends 80% of the game on the floor or the free throw line.

  • James


  • Dblizzy!
  • STAT

    I’m sorry but Wade just doesn’t excite me. I’ve been spoiled. I’ve been able to watch Michael in his prime. I watched Vince at UNC (I’m from Chapel Hill). DWade spends too much time on the floor. I mean, he’s OKAY but he hasn’t done much that makes me jump out of my seat like seeing AI go for 54, Vince getting 50, then AI answering with 52 in the 2001 playoffs…Wade…ugh, why am I even talking about HIM!!!??? Back to Vince, he’s just amazing. Charisma. Hit the game winner then hit you with the Bankhead Bounce as his teammates rushes towards him. I mean really…the dances, the screams, the pointing into the crowd. A pure showman that MADE people want to watch. I don’t know about you but the lockout of ’98 was SAAAAADDDD people…but who ushered the NBA back? Vince did. He blew your mind every other night on a team with the UGLIEST jerseys! Maybe his name should have been Jesus Shuttlesworth…

  • Will Lee

    why you guys are hating VC all the time? He’s 30 years old this year and its normal for a player to get bulkier and play smart. He still throws down alleyoops and dunks over people this season with the same frequency as alot other high flyers, just check out the highlights. I say he dunks as much as Josh Smith because of his skills to penetrate and all. Saying he’s a pussy is like saying Jordan is selfish. He’s the best dunker of all time, and a very productive scorer in his career. He revolutionize dunking as Iverson revolutionize dribbling. If you see dunks of Lebron, Josh Smith, Dwight, Amare, many of them were inspired by Vince. Fuck those haters.

  • mbe18

    where can I get a copy?

  • J G

    I am sorry, but the to rebutt Skip but the Vince dunk is the best Nba player dunk ever.

  • skizzle

    all the media scrutiny got to him i think, vince is a guy that likes to be liked… he kept doing all the right things and people found reasons to hate on him… i think the graduation thing really affected him too, a proud moment in his life but the world responded with a huge negative reaction… he doesnt have the thick skin like kobe and once a couple injuries caught up to him people just tore him apart even more… it’s crazy to imagine what could have been though if tmac and vc both stayed in toronto

  • http://scarecrow-0bmib.blogspot.com/ darren


  • Harlem_World

    Maybe its a sign of the times. Playa Hating. Jealous One’s Envy. Whatever. Fact is, Vince Carter is a player headed to the Hall Of Fame, who still collects royalty checks from Stern himself. Vince brought more people back to the NBA than any other player other than (MAYBE) Jordan. Those who consider TMac a better player (even though he gets consistent love) absorb too much of other peoples opinions. Free your mind. Think for yourself. Look at the evidence and come to conclusions on your own based on SOUND judgement. What player in NBA history has been able to sustain a ‘highlight dunk’ level of play throughout their career? Every stud has adapted his game as he gets older to save his legs (MJ, Nique, Doc). If Vince was born a decade earlier, he’d be talked about in the same bracket as Doc. All this talk about his ‘drive’. You can’t compare anyones drive to Jordan. How does VC’s drive compare to Doc? I’m not saying VC has been as driven as he maybe could have been, but after being treated the way he has in the media – its understandable. For the record, I think he is consistently one of the best, and better than TMac.

  • slant

    i for one am dissappointed in vince’s career. great great player- but for mine- probably the most talented player we have seen in hte league- when he and kobe where young- people forgot all about kobe for a year or two. its almost as though because he was soo talented – he didnt seem to work as hard as some of the other guys who are his peers. you can see it in his eyes. you can imagine how hard kobe works- him shooting jumpers all night- working. vince however- sometimes is happy to look good- or be one of the best – and that s enough. he could have been up there with the dr j’s and mj. he has that much talent.

  • slant

    the main reason im let down by vince though??? for me- more than kobe- more than d-wade- more than lebron – I WANTED HIM TO BE THE NEXT MJ!! he had the flair (lebron has no flair)- the athleticism and the unique game ( kobe is not unique) to be THE MAN. I wanted him to be the guy kids copied and to take our game to the next level. Even jordan himself said Vince was taking the dunk on from where dr j started and mj carried on.

  • slant

    by the way- to khalid – whos saying we all clones for agreeing? nah man- the fact that we all dissppointed shows how much we WANT to love this cat- how we WANTED him to be the man. nobody wanted kobe to be the man- he had to grudgingly earn it. Lebron was crowned it before he got it- and now DWade has become the popular guy in the league. In my opinion- from penny, to grant hill, kobe, vince, lebron, d-wade, – Vince was the most electrifying and entertaining – and that was why people loved mj before he became the GOAT- because before that- he was AIR Jordan- the man who got us all to love the game of basketball in the first place. the one who capture our imagination and showed us how athletic the individual can be in a team sport. Instead of becoming Mj – he became dominique. great- but his legacy will never be that of what it promised. thats the problem with the nike era i guess- it promises so much with its hype but few players can possibly live up to it. in fact- mj is the only man to exceed or even live up to his hype. even people are dissappointed at lebron already. why are people in love with dwade? because he exceeded expectations- which were lower. thats the game.

  • ziad bastami

    vince carter!
    u can say whatever you want about him! love him hate him! underachaever, over paid, only dunks……….he is 30 now, in 5 years tops he will retire! enjoy the time he is still with us, flying and smilling, and all the vin vin moves!
    enjoy it while you can!
    hall of fame, rings, playoffs, who cares, it is a game, dudes! he has more qualities than half of you who diss him, or hate him! prob. the most actif man in the comunity is him! period!he is modest, kind and well smilling all the time!
    this game grace the winners, but as we all learned from the grant hill story, hero falls, rise again, and go on with their lifes being remebered as good people, as gracfull people!
    i dont see any one hating on grant hill for not being what he could be, he strugled the same as vince did! two years, of injuries and pain! now we all wich we can see more of ghill!
    but look at vince, he had almost a career ending injury, bounced back, driving by the power of the love of the game, came back, knowing that he should enjoy it while he can! se should we! enjoy his number 15 flying over alonzo, or under the entire lakers, or beating the jazz on the last note!
    vince carter, you are a true baller, people love you, score 8 or 58, we love you dude!
    soft hard, this is not a porno movie, this a game, and a show!!!! enjoy it before the curten is closed on the flair on the nba!
    vince carter, is now in the last act of his master peice, we can always look back at his tapes, at his dunks and reminess, but time to enjoy him now!peace!

  • g

    sweet… miss the old vc. i’d pay a buck for a better quality video.

  • James

    The rumour on Vince’s leg in Toronto was that during a night out on the down with AD and Alvin, AD and Alvin got into a fight, which Vince tried to stop. They all fell in a heap, and AD got up and stomped on Vince’s knee thinking that it was Alvin. It was during the 02-03 Season. The original injury occured on a meaningless 3 point attempt in the first half against the bulls the year before (the jumpers knee thing) where he just faded away and fell in a heap. He did a lot of falling and flailing, so it didn’t seem that big a deal until he missed a bunch of games. He was out with jumpers knee again the next year, and missed several games, and then mysteriously after being back about five games, his other knee was injured and he missed like 19 or 21. The official story was tht it was a practice thing, but a little food for thought. Keep in mind the information is third hand and the origin of the leak was a petulant Tracy Murray.

    As for the other comments on here, DJ said it best. It’s not his stats that weren’t liked, it was the way it seemed he would be the best, and then just settled for great. I was a season’s ticket holder just to see that man play, and I saw both that rockets and spurs game at the ACC. The team had so much potential, and then it all fell apart. As soon as other teams learned that you could bump him, and he’d stay away from the hoop, that was the end.
    That missed jumper against philly was the franchise and the player jumping the shark.

    Incidentally, everyone who hated him getting his degree are asses. Vince’s completing his degree while playing is the most important thing he’s done as a role model for youth. Forget the entertainment aspect of his job. Chosing to finish after getting paid is what kids need to see. Even if it’s only a part of his life, it’s the part that should inspire anyone to learn more about the world, rather than just sitting on the money from their body and what people will pay you to do with it.

  • Terry

    the “dunkest”man in the world


    no more

  • Parvu Traian

    lang is a VC hater

  • Connor

    shittiest quality ever!

  • JAMS

    “Mike says:
    Clearly you dont know what your talking about JAMS, Vince averaged 30 ppg last year in the playoffs and 24.5 in the regular season”

    A man with no heart can score 30, I should have just mentioned his defense. Can we talk about his great defence? NO. that’s all Im saying.

  • Chris O’Leary

    Poll questionon ESPN.com: Is Vince Carter a future Hall of Famer?
    Where do you think they came up with that?

  • swift

    “it’s crazy to imagine what could have been though if tmac and vc both stayed in toronto.”
    Its funny to see sum1 write that because according to Kobe in one of the slam mag interviews, “if those 2 stayed together the Lakers would probably met them evry year in the finals” Imagine that…shaq & kobe vs Vince & tmac. Seein what every1s writing, ok lets forget the drive. Its hard to be driven like Mj or Kobe. Its the effort on a nightly basis that pissd me off. Thats the differnce between Kobe, wade, nash, kidd, redd, dunken & garnett and the rest of the so called superstars.

  • Danny W. UK

    Imagine those legs with JKidd.

    My world is a better place for VC. When no one in England get’s why I watch so much hoops, I show them VC on Freddy, then they get it.
    Is he the greatest ever Dunker? Yep.
    Is he HOF quality? Almost…..not quite. But for some reason I still feel a little dissappointed in his career so far. Not sure why. Just for the record, VC for Ron ron, as a Kings fan, I’d do it.

  • Bimbo Coles

    vince’s lebron-esque through traffic throwdown in game 3 against the knicks in the 1st round of the ’01 playoffs was crazy too…its tough to find footage of those games now though…

  • Valon

    Vince Carter is the greatest dunker in the history of man this side of Kadour Ziani and Michael Jordan.


    Yo T-man… I am fully aware that he made it out of the first round and he missed (rushed) a three against Philly because he decided that getting his diploma was more important then a TEAM game. I was just trying to say that it takes effort to remember that and clearly his playoff career is not exactly stellar and ppl here believe he belongs in the HOF cuz he dunked on a 7 footer (who was half bent over almost btw) INSANE!!
    And James you can sit here and tell me how admirable it was and how he set an example for kids all day (when he got his diploma) but what you are failing to see is that he told those same kids, at the same time, was that I is more important then team. I mean who cares you got 11 other guys counting on you to be as focused and ready as possible for such and important event, right? Screw them I need my diploma.(that btw he could have got on a million other occasions but chose to do so on the most important day of his life) And then he further enforced such noble acts of acting as a role model when he decided to tank his team and give away plays before he left. YEAH JAMES GREAT FREAKING ROLE MODEL. Again I over team.

    The hate I have for this man is immeasurable. The internet does not have enough space for me to express my hate for this poor excuse for a bball player. He is a sideshow clown who dunks and sells tickets. THAT’S IT!! HOF? MY ASS!!!

  • lol

    You guys are either idiots or dumbasses if you think Vince was wrong in getting his dipolma. First of all, he got it in the MORNING. I don’t get what the big deal is…he showed up at that game, and had he made that shot, there would be no “diploma” talk. For the record, the Raptors had the best record into the East (or one of the best) until VC got injured in the 01-02 season.

    Yes, Vince was even more better in the 01-02 season until he got injured again. Yes, you have just been owned.

    I find it ironic that the same writers and media personel who always call the NBA a bunch of thugs who are lacking education to make sound judgement claimed Vince to be doing wrong when he did what EVERY person should do: he put his education first.

    Lang, ESPN writers, everyone…everyone is a hypocrite. I’m proud that he actually got his diploma before a game 7. Instead of applauding the fact that he put his education first…everyone showered him with hate?
    What’s up with that?

    This is why most media people are assholes…if they like you, they’ll applaud you (Marbury on SLAM (cough), if they don’t, they’ll constantly think of reasons to hate you.

  • TRN

    fluxland u’re an idiot

  • Dan


  • Frodo

    KG is the only one to really react to the dunk on the court.

  • matty p

    KG almost killed Vince with a punch when VC dunked on weis….

  • Danny W. UK

    I thought that.
    Maybe Vin Baker sees that kinda dunk every day.

  • B-DOG

    those are some sick nasty jams right there

  • hollywud

    vc is liiiveeee. still air canada

  • Deuson

    I still love Vince…
    he is like shorty from back when, that could, would, and always did put it down, with so much skill, so much finesse, and was never short on the hood, never. I guess we all get older and move on,; but still, I wish Vince would move 84″ over somebody just one more time so I can make a tape that ain’t so damn grainy. grateful though
    When I reminisce over you, my god. – cl smooth

  • Deuson

    I just watched it again…
    I love ya’ll

  • http://slamonline.com Oliver Miller – Best Raptor Ever

    fluxland – that’s just a bit too much hate to be healthy…and you weaken your argument (rant) with stupidity like saying that french guy “was half bent over almost btw”. he wasn’t. give VC the credit he deserves – that was an amazing dunk. i was as angry and disappointed as every other toronto raptors fan when vince threw in the towel on our city (but let’s not forget the idiotic management that shouldn’t be without blame in that whole affair) but life goes on…the future’s looking great for the raps these days…let the VC hate go…calling him a sideshow clown who dunks and sells tickets with total disregard of those amazing playoff series against the knicks and the sixers, not to mention his continuing top 20 (at least)-level production only makes you look like a moron who really knows nothing about basketball. sure i think he’s an underachiever, a spotty defender, who can be a whiney suck more often than not. but like him or not – don’t deny that he’s a great basketball player.

  • http://www.myspace.com/linkstigatorkevin Kevin Wilson

    I think the reputation Carter has gotten over the years is a result of some of the choices he has made, like how he basically quit on the Raptors after he signed a max deal to be the team’s leader (16 points and 3 rebounds a game that season before the trade, and 27 and 6 after), and how he started settling for jumpers a few years in — 66 trey attempts his rookie year, at least 240 every full season since, and he’s on pace to attempt 440 this year.

    The level Vince played on his rookie season, the expectation is he becomes a first-ballot HOFer. But I kind of get the feeling that he got his max deal and figured he had nothing left to prove … that’s why he won’t enter a dunk contest anymore, but he’ll start an All-Star game because he doesn’t want to disrespect the fans who voted him in. Never mind those same fans have called for him to enter the dunk contest again, but he doesn’t seem to pay attention in that case.

  • kdubb

    I haven’t read all of the posts cause there are too many – but I have to say, Khalid, if Grant Hill makes the HOF, I will never take the league seriously again. What has he ever done?? Be in a Sprite commercial? It’s unfortunate because he had an abundance of potential…but that’s where it ends. “Potential” should definitely not get someone in the HOF!!

  • Maqda7

    Im surprised not to see the sickest dunk by VC in a game, a player gave it to him off the back board, VC catches windmill under his knees and slams it home. VC has taken alot more shots recently and it would be great if he returned to his “worldwide” known self. (Yes, worldwide. You’d be surprised) It is apprent he is in it for the money, after he signed the max deal, his production has decreased. No love for the game, no respect for the man.

  • lol

    What the hell are you guys talking about? After he signed the max deal, Hakeem came to Toronto and…read this part: TORONTO HAD THE BEST RECORD IN THE EAST BEFORE VINCE GOT INJURED in the 2001-2002 season. Shut the fuck up with your lame ass arguements, like I said, most of you haven’t even seen him play, just saw his highlights.

    And the reason his treys have increased every year is because he only had a mid-range game in his rookie year…in his 2nd year, he added a 3 point shot AND worked on improving his left hand.

    As a VC fan, who watched him closely for his entire time in Toronto, I hate how people forget so quickly. Vince was touted as the “next Jordan” more then Kobe was in 2000-2002.

    Check the hate.

    If ‘Nique can make it in, so can Vince.

  • OmegaShogun

    Thank you SLAM for posting this tape. I’ve always wanted to see the 2000 Olympic dunk with no soundtrack and just the annoucers talking.

  • Parvu Traian

    did anybody noticed how manny comments a VC-related post generates?btw…lol, u rulez

  • Young Bo

    This aint about if Vince is the next MJ, or if he dont play hard every play (neither does lebron, only a few cats really do) or if hes soft or that he truly is nice if you look at his numbers and the fact that it seems hes giving everyoyn 37 a night right ow that rj is hurt. What its about is this tape, dont clean it up, PLEASE dont do it, KEEP IT RAW , cuz thats what all these dunks are RAW, on guys GRILLS, Over guys HEADS, the stare downs the celebrations, the announcers completely losing their minds! Tons of respect for putting this stuff up, i saw a lot of this stuff live since i live in toronto, i remember the first ever dunk on bryant reeves(a TRUE bust). Great tape and vince still does bring it on dudes heads, just ask Zo.

  • jr

    vince can jump double pump his effort makes him land in a dump! next

  • Lutha

    One question.. A little off the subject..But why in the world did I see Vin Baker in a USA jersey at the end of the video. Vin Baker??

  • DJ54

    RON Mexico..YOU DONT KNOW $hit man VC is not a pussy and he is great man your a complete retard this year he is putting up the best numbers of his carrer …F^ck you you punk A$$ B*tch

  • Mike

    You guys are just dumb if you dont think he’ll make it to the hall of fame. Every year people doubt him and say he’s done, yet every year he goes about his business and gets his 25,5,5 and yet nobody realizes it. There is a reason why he is consistently an all-star.

  • J R

    vince carter is a great player. but the fact is he will always gonna get hated on because he has the ability to be even better. was he really gonna be the next jordan? no probably not. but with just the raw talent he has he could have been up there.

  • TC

    Every time I watched those highlights of Vince in his first couple of seasons, I can’t help but get mad at VC for not becoming better. I know he’s still “pretty good” but we thought he could be the NO.1 player in the L before he signed his first max contract with TO.

    I remembered when people started to get on VC’s case for not being tougher and for not showing up in the playoff. Vince told the press “I don’t care what everyone said as long as my mama still loves me.” That quote pretty much explains why he didn’t become a great player.

  • http://www.pulpcommunity.com mike l

    The most talented player since MJ…..

  • Boyd

    Vince Carter, hmmm. It’s the kind of thing where Tim Duncan, Steve Nash, Shaq, (if your gonna dig on Nash, stop reading now, ‘cos you probly grew up watching an NBA that had no point guards other than J-Kidd, and therefore don’t know jack about the position and Nash’s importance) Those guys will end up being mentioned with the MJ’s, Magic’s, Wilt’s, Bird’s, Stockton’s, etc etc. Vince Carter seems to be slipping into the Dominique’s, Alex English’s, Adrian Dantley’s bracket. He scores a lot of points, hey he’s the best in-game dunker ever, but so was one of those guys once, and they all scored a shed-load. They just don’t quite have the separation, next-level sh*t. Someone who writes for SLAM must understand where i’m comin from.

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Boyd speaks truth.

  • matt

    wow!!! Vince Carter is relly getting good whiht is dunk man gives me the chill!

  • http://www.hoopmixtape.com Durden

    I have a DVD that won’t come off the Slam TV’s

    Hoopmixtape.com Vol. 1 DVD


  • http://www.hoopmixtape.com Durden

    We have VC high school from his whole SR. yr

  • http://www.slamonline.com mike

    all yall haters dont know what yall talkin about. Vince is still the best dunker in the nba……. Next to james white

  • Mike

    You guys got 5 minutes of footage while I got a DVD off E-Bay of 8 full hours of VC from high school, college, Olympics, and the NBA. Its absolutley sick.

  • http://www.halftimeonline.com Johnny Mann

    Vince is the only man who has actually ended someone’s career with a dunk. I mean Fred Weis, drafted by the Knicks in the first round. They didn’t even let that dude get on the plane to come over to the NBA after that.

  • sean

    the video aint workin.can sum1 pleeeeeeeez upload it onto youtube or sumthin?thanks

  • BigL

    Definitely worth the wait. Thanks for finally putting it up here. There’s some on youtube but this one is better.

  • DJ


  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    yo mike, where did you get that 8-hour marathon from? i think i need to watch that.
    and for the few who complained about the quality of the video, all i gotta say is don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  • LLJ

    As a resident of Toronto, I can say without a doubt that VC is the most talented player the Raps have ever seen. I mean, Bosh is great too, but VC’s just gifted on another level.

    The only problem is that he’s never really improved from his second year, and if he had 1/2 of Bosh’s work ethic he might have ended up having a better career. Bosh may never be able to touch what VC could have if he played to his potential but I wouldn’t be surprised if Bosh is rewarded with a more successful career.

  • naif

    VC the best player i have ever seen.

  • Stooge

    He’s too arrogant. Even though he’s a good dunker and player, he shows off too much and overreacts.

  • vincefan

    Vince reached his potential. He just never lived up to the MJ comparison why cause there is only one MJ. Vince did not get any worse. When he was with the Raps averaging 25 ppg the teams was his. He could get as many touchers as hwe wanted. Its not like that with the Nets. Um VC just kicked the Pacers ass last year going to the second round. Vince is just an amazing player but where are the dunks he did with the Nets.

  • vincefan

    Also Vince totally improved. There was just somuch hype when they wanted another MJ but there will never be another MJ. Vince has improved every aspect of his game especially passing.

  • sakay

    can somebody send those video to vince….? we maybe dissapointed right now but its not too late…he can still be great if only he’s on an attack mode and mixing it with he’s jump shots…

  • jake2.0

    wow i can almost make out whats going on!

  • Rich

    WOW!!! Never saw a discussion chalk up so much feedback! Okay, quick shoutouts to: Khalid Salaam (one of the best SLAM has to offer), Dblizzy, Mike, hansoword, William, Vince Carter (now how’d you squeeze yourself in here VC, Ha!), Hilarious, JAMS, Dan, Miguel024, Ziad, STAT, Harlem_World, Will, T-Man, Jonathan, lol, Oliver Miller-Best Raptor Ever, Young Bo, DJ54, J R, Johnny Mann, DJ and last but not least my man James! You guys get it in my opinion and for the most part tried to keep bias out of a situation in regards to a man that we all do appreciate despite the amount of those out there who for some reason or another got a sort of disdain or dislike for Vincent Lamar Carter (Lang, you disappointed me I must say, but I still got love though but FLUXLAND, as you would say in your famous capital letter-named format, “YOU GOT SOME ISSUES DUDE!”). Lang, I don’t think you hate Vince as much as it might lead on; it’s just that the sarcastic nature of one LK’s tone kinda looks to take a personal shot at VC while belittling his career in the process. I know we all can’t jump up and grab ish off the top of a backboard (damn, I’m still trying to grab the rim on a consistent basis!), but that doesn’t mean that we gotta point out Vince for not ALWAYS taking advantage of this God-given athletic ability that he owns on every single play! Jealous Ones Still Envy? I dunno, could be.
    “Take it HARD to the basket” is what I hear when it comes to VC in addition to things like, “He’s soft, he don’t got that drive like MJ”. These are all comments that have some merit but can we do ourselves a favor and we finally end it here with this fact: Vince is no Michael just as MJ isn’t VC! Can we finally stop with these comparisons for once? It’s like we get so excited (understandably so at times) when we see somebody who mirrors previous greatness that we forget that every man really ain’t alike and neither do they necessarily stay the same. We all evolve during our lives. Do you still hear Jay-Z rhyming about how he “…move(s) snowflakes by the O-Z”? Nah, cause he ain’t that dude anymore and neither is VC the same I guess at this point.
    He might not ALWAYS seem to give his absolute effort but then again it might be safe to say that Vince isn’t the only one who fits this description. I ain’t condoning this behavior either but I know that I would be a hypocrite if I said I ALWAYS give my all cause I really don’t. Rather than to take shots at this dude randomly, how about we just accept him for what he is and notice that this man really isn’t so bad of a person after all. I ain’t shy to say that I met the dude twice back @ VC Camp and took away some real positive lessons in the process (dude isn’t a villain, trust me). *Take it easy, damn* Yeah, I can say that VC represents role model quality (but generally speaking if we are so blind to expect athletes to uphold this title, then we are fooling ourselves). Think about it, which of these cats would you rather your kid looking up to if you had to choose: Vince Carter or Stephen “Whoo!” Jackson?! And I like Jack too, but I’d be a tad bit nervous if my kid felt he had to bring a piece to the club every time he went out! Listen, if anybody in today’s league can fit this bill of role model, then VC’s definitely a candidate. Check This Mini-Resume (amongst others things):
    - Donated 2.5 million to his high school alma mater to reconstruct their gymnasium building. *Oh what a jerk, only 2.5 mil???*
    - Got his degree in African-American Studies during a morning graduation @ UNC and immediately flew back in plenty of time to prepare and get ready for Game 7 of the East Semi’s against the Sixers *What, you attended your college graduation?! So inconsiderate!*
    And you’re telling me FLUXLAND that he abandoned his teammates and was being “selfish”? Wow, you really got your priorities mixed up. I’m gonna get my degree in about a year or so and if anything a guy like Vince whom I respect even more for his off-court accomplishments only helped me to realize how important my education really is. How about we just sit back and enjoy dude’s career while it’s still going and realize that at the end of the day, your boy VC is still just a basketball player who happens to be able to do stuff that we can only dream of. Sorry for the lengthy post, but had to get that off my chest. VC154LIFE!!!

  • Rich

    vincefan, good looking out homie…

  • Levelle

    I have never seen a more beautiful human inside out than Vince Carter. He is hated by some broadcasters aka Mark Jackson for sure. He is hated by some fans, media etc. but no one has thrilled me watching any sport other than Vince Carter. He embodies everything an athlete should be. He is always thinking of others off the court. He gives back to the community. He do not have his body covered with tatoos nor does he has his ears pierced. I only pray that Vince will land where he is appreicated. He is a hall of fme player and most players seem to really like the guy. We should be thankful of such a loving human being. Vince Carter and George Gervin will always be my sport heros. George made the hall of fame and so will Vincent Lamar Carter. Keep your head up Vince, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  • mildred

    Vince Carter is the baddest dunker this universe has ever known. I love me some VC.

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  • KLT

    Vince you are the man & don’t you ever forget it. I am sickened to read how manyate on you. When it all said and done you will be a hall of famer.

  • Jay

    Vince Carter will continue to be abused by the media and the people they influence. The fact is Vince is a great athlete and a competitor who has missed 3 games in his entire 2 + years with the Nets. Keep making all-star games (8 and counting now) and doing your thing, VC!

  • http://yahoo i70just

    VinceCarter`s best slamdunks

  • i70just

    best dunks

  • pet

    Could anyone see anything? Pretty lame quality

  • netsfan

    Biggest difference between then and now: Vince Carter is a lot slower than he used to be. Can still jump, but that electric Iverson-esque quickness is just gone.

  • Mark T

    Vince is a hands down HoF entry and a really great show pretty much every game he plays, even the ones he snoozes through. The best dunks I ever saw were last year, posterizing Mourning after a hop step from the arc, and then against the Magic catching an alley oop in front of the basket while facing away from the basket, double clutching and 2-hand reverse slamming. That last play made my wife a basketball fan for life. And he seems like a likable guy and I applaud his getting his degree years ago. The trouble is he only plays hard for 40 minutes about 15 games a year. Most games he takes off at least one quarter, sometimes more, that he is on the court. Even when he is at his best, he has about 5 crazy shots, 2 or 3 unforced turnovers, some missed foul shots, 3 or 4 defenisve lapses and 2 or 3 stupid fouls, all of which add up to drive fans of his team crazy. But if you’re watching ESPN the next morning, all you see are his dunks making plays of the day. Still, he’s no less successful than Ray Allen, Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett and a lot more exciting. He’s just not a 100%-dedicated-to-winning kind of guy like Kobe, Bird, Isiah or MJ.

  • battlecat

    Vince/dominque, Both outsatnding amazingly skilled players who’s careers will eventually mirror. Nothing against either but in his prime ‘que was the guy I loved to watch because he would always manage to do something never seen. However I didn’t cheer for the Hawks because they were never really a great team they “toyed” with greatness but never actually achieved it. Same I feel is true for Vince… he will be forever labled (Good or Bad) as a “commerical oddity” capable of amazing creating both stunning highlights and ticket sells (and in Vince’s case) sneaker sells but alass NO CHAMPIONSHIPS. Both will end up in the HALL there is no denying that fact. Yet true bsketball fans and the HISTORY of the GAME will tell you talent alone equals= Money,Interest and maybe FAME…”NOT GREATNESS”. Vince needs to decide @ this stage of his career which matters more, before he has to resort to doing a “Clyde Drexler” and getting a CHAMPIONSHIP off of D. Howards coat tail. Think of it this way if “talent” meant “greatness” why is this article not about J.R. Rider, Harold Minor, or even Jason Richardson?

  • http://slam.com jw

    f*** ron mexico (i mean, really, sheed? wtf?) and all u other vc haters out there arent even worthy enough to kiss his shoes, but even if u were, u couldnt get that high so recognize the greatest dunker in the game right now

  • Rich

    Update: Levelle, KLT & Jay – Y’all have been on point since day one! Where is the love & respect you might ask? Well, it’s right here! As President Carter would point out: “What more can I saaayyy”?
    Despite missing that jumper last night @ Philly, your boy has been known to be damn clutch in his own right too!!!

  • Rich

    jw…!!! ahhh, crazy!!!

  • bigwalt.

    I haqte VInce Carter! Hes a bitch and he isnt even the best dunker on his team Richard Jeffrson is!

  • MarcoM

    I agree with Greg Anthony who by the way is the best commentator on TV. He says that Vince Carter is the best dunker the league has ever seen. He said this on ESPN Feb. 06, 2007.

  • Matt

    I’m a jersey boy myself and I am amazed at the lack of heart, passion, defense anything in this guys game. He’s always smiling when the game’s on the line and just doesn’t take it seriously. Now all he can do is shoot and when his shots off he’s good for nothing. JKidd doesn’t get enough cred, the man carries us every night. Hell I’d take RJ over Vince now. But you gotta respect what he used to do.

  • http://wow Mikey V

    Vince Carter is the greatest dunker there ever was hes so smooth and he flies high wen he throws it down. i watch him each and every night he still has the liftoff to win another dunk contest like 2000.juss needs to attack the basket more

  • Cory Best

    I live in Toronto and I seen all the games when VC was here,who ever said it up top was right …..these dumb muhfuckas in this city just spit back all the hate that all the reporters talk about. VC is a pussy ,he has no heart ..blah blah blah …..dude average is 25pts. a game….he
    made basketball what it is in Toronto, bottom line stop hatin , and if ure going to respect anthing ..respect VC game …..because hommey handles his and STILL and always will be the badest motherfucka to dunk on everybody…and put on a Raptors uniform …….no dat!!!!

  • Ulysses

    Vince is the best athlete ever!! Great great player! wish he didnt get hurt!
    he’s still ballin’ though

  • danny helwig

    hey im not gonna complain about nothin…there was nothing weak about that video or the article for that matter read it a lot

  • seus23

    Jordan is still best dunker in game situations I’ve ever seen. For you younger guys….take a look at Come FLy With Me!!!

  • B.Gizzle

    This has been long awaitin. THis should actually but out in stores. Fa real, on DVD and VHS. There should be as many VinSanity highlight tapes as there is And 1 Mixtapes. Yes, we dont see the same ol first 2 years in teh league Vince. But for those of you have complained and said all he does is “DUNK” is I bet the same people who are now sayin “all he does is settle for 3′s”. Cant make no one happy these days. So Vince keepin puttin up those 23 plus points a nite. And give us those ol glimpse of VinSanity every now and then. Plus he is still an All-Star. Keep complainin ya’ll. NIKE SHOZ 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    Damn he just turned thirty he’s just getting into his prime, he’s an hof and all the haters hate because he’s done everything right and they hate that.

  • http://www.myspace.com/hoopmixtape Durden

    Hoopmixtape.com Vol. 1

    We have Vince whole Sr. year and many others

    Slam We wanna get at you to send you one

  • Mike

    VC with another game winning layup tonight. How come nobody ever mentions him as one of the most clutch players in the league?

  • Tha Carter

    why are the toronto fans always tryna shit on Carter?and i hear some of u guys talking bout hes a disappointment..really are u guys dumb?since when was 25/5/5 a disappointment?some of u ppl need ur head checked and oh VC is the best dunker of all time

  • Blinguo

    I found this higher quality vid service than youtube a while ago but forgot to post this for anyone who needs to see better quality of Vince over Duncan, David Robinson, and Deke (The one Khalid up there likes):


    That is, if anyone is still even looking at this page anymore.

  • M&M’s

    Vince is clutch. I am an avid Jersey fan. Lawerence Frank always call a time out just to give him the ball. Soooo many times he has either scored the basket to tie the game or win the game.

  • Dr.Drummer

    i will never,ever forget about sydney 2000 and all-star game at oaktown…….Props Vince!!! Im a Laker Fan,but respect to Carter…i guess he is the best dunker….jordan never thought of doing something like a 360-windmill….off the HOOK!!!

  • Cory Best

    seen come fly wth me over 100 times dude!! Im old enuff to know better. I dont make comments like that without being educated.VC is the best dunker ever..it aint even close……someone correct me if i wrong

  • Mike

    Oh hands down. VC does things in games that people cant even think of in their backyards.

  • Chris

    Am I the only one that sees flashes of MJ in Vince? Kinda like if MJ had no work ethic

  • http://www.pulpcommunity.com mike l

    Jordan is a better dunker than Vince. MJ attacked the rim in his prime, Vince has that gay appraoch when he sees a defender

  • Mike

    K, the only reason people are saying Jordan was a better dunker is because they have a personal thing against Vince. If you had never seen either play in your life and were shown each of their top ten dunks, I dont think there is any question that 100% of the people would say that Vince is better. I mean go onto nba.com and check out his top-10, its unreal.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Double J

    uhhhhh… Vince Carter the man who left toronto… the man who jumper over his head… the man who dunked… the man who was and is great…

  • Cavs

    LeBron James is AVERAGE, actually, below average shooter. OWNED.

  • Brad

    This one is much better. 100 of his best jams:

  • skip

    @MIKE wtfr u talking bout look at MJ’S top ten(on nba.com) he’s dunking all over the bigs in the league then heads r u fing serious or do u have a man-crush on vince and the shit MJ did on EWING man u outta ya mine. peep how he ball faked kiki and starks then faked the shit out of starks and oakley b4 smashing on EWING

  • skip

    shit vince top ten isn’t even close 2 nique’s shit he(nique)damn near killed Bird(Yes Larry Legend). check nba.com if ya wanna know what I’m talking bout I got chills watching MJ and NIQUE slamming on dudes not breakaway dunks and dunks from the all-star games/contest.

  • http://www.ellas07.piczo.com jordan 32

    it waz awwwwsome i’m 10 and i’m from australia i go for miami heat exept i’m a fan of vince cater.

  • Andrew

    way to many haters

  • tommy g

    Simple fact is, no matter what else you think about VC, look at the kind of response his crazy talent gets. All this talk means one thing- Vince is great for the game, if only ‘casue he makes you giggle like a schoolkid every single time you see him takeoff. When you have the chance to just sit back in awe and watch dunk after rim shaking, backboard bouncing, dunk you will take it everytime. Forget the legacy, you can’t compare dunks, its an expression of the individual, all are unique to the man. Let the final word on VC go to the reaction of his peer after the Weis bang- KG was suddenly a 10yo boy jumping up and down with his mouth on the floor. If it impresses KG that much, who are we to argue?

  • Boyd

    I like the MJ with no work ethic comment. There are flashes of Jordan in Carter, but they are physical, not mental, which is the difference.

  • jason t.

    man vince is holding it down in jersey he’ll f’ u up if u sleep on em ask ZO. but for yall that’s knockin dude cuz he might not jam the ball every play down can chill. what’s wrong with a dude bettering his game with a jumpshot & being smarter. big ups to Zizzle & johnathan & who eva else that feels vince other than the dunks.

  • http://www.bothteamsplayedhard.net Frederick Weiss

    I can still taste balls

  • josh reeves

    oh my lord that is insane.
    everytime i see that dunk on the french guy its like seeing it for the first time.

  • http://www.pulpcommunity.com mikel

    does vince still endorse nike? why isnt he up there

  • http://www.nba.com kobe8

    can u put this video on a dvd kinda like when u had a leBRONZE dvd?

  • http://www.nba.com kobe8

    can u put this video on a dvd kinda like when u had a leBRONZE dvd? ?

  • dwade4mvp

    Vince is great at dunking and everything but he doesn’t respect his old team and I don’t understand that, the Raptors killed the nets last night and the crowd was chanting mvp for Bosh and Vince was just laughing and saying no way, I’am suprised someone didn’t punch his lights out.

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com CCB

    Kind of off the subjectt but people hype the Nike as the best court shoe, so I guess And 1 is the best dunking shoe? Everything he did, he did in the Tai Chi didn’t he? That means the greatest dunks ever, the 720 and the VC dunk contest occured in And 1′s. Crazy.

  • ziad bastami

    guys, guys, guys, you are missing all the issue!
    to vince basketball is just a game!and it is!
    it is not war or anything! the guy is puting all of his effort to win, and he is accepting losses! lose it up a bit on him!

  • ziad bastami

    …on the next MJ thing, he is not! no one is! ok! all of you media guys like that, u have burned a bunch of players by this comparaison, rember harold miner? felipe lopez? stackhouse? even vince got his part of it! in 2001 VC was what lebron is now for the nba! if lebron will get injured, that is it for him? look at grant hill, oh my goshhh!u killed him when he was injured! yet slam called him better than mj! look at him now!
    u are missing all the important issue of the game! it is a game! not jordan! basketball is bigger than mj!
    by the way, michael happy birthday! 44 now! right? wow! i hurd his kidds are ok too in the game! great to see some of those tongs arround in the air!
    …..vince is what every kidd should take as a role model, fighter, never gave up, and had fun!
    magic once said:
    if you can have fun, win and make people happy, this is showtime! great! vince is like that!showtime!
    when he was a dunker, u labbeled him as only dunker, now he is shooting more, u are saying he lost his gravity diffing! comon! soft on defence? well 1.2 steals and almost 1 block aint that bad! 5 rebounds and 6 assist while having 25 every night! what more can u expect from the man?
    as i said vince, go ahead have fun and enjoy us!

  • ddiirrkk

    can i download it ? how ?

  • AVT

    Vince is a good player…Not a top 5 player like he should be…his highlights are great and all but it seems as though he plays for a highlight or two a night then seems inconsistently visible…I believe that if that “dumbass” Babcock was never there or could have been a bit smarter, VC might still be a raptor…Oh well, that’s in the past but I just wish VC would play the game for the same love that we had watching him in his early years. It’s that general excitement we had back then for his game that makes it seem like heroin…We miss that feeling and excitement…

  • dave s

    Thanks for showing the greatest dunks of this cowardly heartless bastard. Has ever been about one thing only;the money. Someday soon,he’ll be forgotten,but never in toronto where “wince’ once admitted his lack of effort.Where once he screwed a franchise and its fans.Several years ago,a couple of supersonics once accused this creep of calling out Toronto’s last play of the game to their bench in an effort to F his own team.Pretty much sums up what he’s been all about from the start.

  • DownZ

    Vince’s dunks are the best dunks that the world has seen. Even Juluis Erving said that the 2000 allstar dunks (by Vince) are the best that he has ever seen. Dr J said that…wow!

  • Iversonbrotha

    Nobody wants to admit it, but Vince’s dunks are the baddest of all time . . . . nobody can say they did a reverse 360 windmill . . . . nobody can say that they cleared someone’s head and dunked in an actual game . . . it’s just so nasty

  • Ro

    those days are done…
    back to the jump shot!

  • William J

    Wow, just read every entry above. I am a huge VC fan, and the biggest Jordan fan before Vince. There is way too much to comment on, and a lot that shouldn’t be even considered. Some people have no Bball IQ, and for that I can’t fault them. However one thing Jordan never had to deal with is ZONE D. Jordan would have had a hell of a time trying to Dunk with Ewing standing there waiting for him. He wouldn’t catch anyone by surprise then. Not saying that Jordan had it easy because he definitely didn’t. But VC has always had a guy or two waiting for him, thank the lord, he was able to jump over them. There is no shot blocker that VC hasn’t dunked on, and its sad to say most were waiting for him and still were crowned. VC is greatest dunked, ask Shaq, he saw the 720 in 2000 when VC was warming up the day before at his house!

    - Props to the mention of James White, hope his game improves and can make it in the L. He would enter the dunk contest and Win, tho he lost to David Lee back in the day (brutal judging).

    - Also one of the best dunks of all time (well craziest) was in a college contest back in 2001 – Jeff Trepanier (sp?) not sure about his last name, but dude threw down a windmill elbow dunk! I thought he was going to kill himself…


  • will

    meh it was ok u guys talked up too much

  • max

    could have been a great player
    but….yeah career avg 24.0 could have been a great player but?

  • jimmy

    i will thank you very much!!!!!

  • http://slamonline.com Mr.23

    Da dude (VC) alwayz doin it big

  • Vince’sGirl

    Gotta love the man. Best dunker of all time!

  • Vince’sGirl

    greatest dunker of all time!

  • http://slamonline.com/online/2007/02/vince-carter-and-the-tape/#comment mike

    V.C ALLL DAyy BaByyy!!!! ##1

  • Carlos B

    The was the very best tape ever, must play on t.v.

  • Carlos B

    The best tape ever. Took long enough.

  • battlecat

    ok guys…again..let’s try to get this straight. Dunker or Basketball player? Which are we talking? If we’re talking DUNKER.. he may be in the top three. MAYBE. Dominque,Micheal,Shawn Kemp(before the kids and weight),Dr.J.. BASKETBALL player? C’mon man he would not crack the top 75. His stats prove he is little more than a “shoe commercial”. Now before you guys start the HATE Campain..here me out. LOOK @ HIS NUMBERS without looking @ his highlights. I am not doubting his abilities, I AM doubting his “greatest” if we can keep this in mind we can all agree on this. BTW this will show my age.. “Terence Stansbury” was the guy who made love the game. He was the one who brought the DUNK into my life and he too was another “amazing” agile player who will not be remembered for his game. .05 seconds of air mean very little in a 48 minute game

  • frederick J

    He is one of the best players in the league. Nobody can’t stop vince carter. He is a beast. If he wanted to he could average more points than anybody in the league. Some ya’ll need to stop hatin on him. He is the truth

  • dave s

    No. He’s a bum. Like you just said”if he wanted to”.Well,he’s too gdamn lazy to do it. Has always and will always need a heart transplant. Some idiot above questioned the b-ball knowledge of those complaining about this quitter. Wow that’s the biggest laugh i’ve had in a long time. Obviously has no knowledge of the game himself.

  • http://slamonline.com bc

    dude. sweet video, terrible quality. i cant tell whats going on most of the time

  • Roy

    Thanks for this, but yeah, vid quality is terrible with the time stamp blocking the rim half the time.

    All those who say Vince is a disappointment are taking the easy way out. If Vince had been on some more winning teams over the years, or gone farther in the playoffs, or even had played in the US, he’d be looked at differently.

    He’s got speed, strength and an outside game… all in all a pretty spectacular player.

    Some that are missing:

    - Vince over Alonzo Mourning in Miami
    - Vince over Ben Wallace in Detroit
    - Vince in Dallas does a 360 down the lane off a fast break
    - Vince against the Knicks at MSG, on the run, a one-handed “rear back” catch off an alley oop on a fast break that he absolutely crushed

  • RB

    Ya’ll are tripping! Is it really that easy?! Is it?! Everyone can go out and be the next Jordan, Magic, or Bird.. How many of todays star players can even be mentioned in the same breath as any of those legends, no matter how many ASG or MVPs or whatever they earn? Can anyone name some for me? No matter who ya’ll mention there will be some form of negativity against them.. No one is fully appreciated in the NBA these days, not soul.. stop the hate, stop analyzing, stop being psychics, stop the comparisons and appreciate what you have

  • http://www.teamflightbrothers.com teamflightbrothers

    Check out our videos


    Vince is the man….but we got a few tricks up our sleeves too

  • Ryan

    I love the video, thanks alot SLAM. I gotta say, i miss those days in the NBA. Thats when Basketball was good, not that it isn’t now, but basketball was much better in the 90s and early 2000s, you know? The crowds and the announcers and everyone else in the arena enjoyed themselves more and showed it…

  • http://slamonline.com JON-E-BOI #23

    yea that be VINCANITY out there 4 all u haters! undeniably the GREATEST DUNKER TO EVER WALK THE EARTH!!!!

  • http://slamonline.com JON-E-BOI #23


  • Shane

    it was tight too bad the quality wasnt good though. and i wanted to see the basline one where he lays out in the air.

  • jason

    there is no doubt Vince is the league of Dom, Jordan, Dr. J, and some others

  • corey

    Not only did he jump over his head he damn near knocked out KG.

  • Jarrod

    My god…I’m at half mass right now…jesus, mother mary, and doggie style joseph…

  • VLC

    Whatever is said, Vincent Lamar Carter is still a great ball player. He is by far the best dunker every..in my opinion. Also, after his career he will finish with the most all-star appearances.. He aint going nowhere people, he is only going to get better.

  • R.C.


  • a VC fan

    How can yall say vince could have been better. were yall loookin at the same thing i was. vince was great then and he is still doin great things now. yea the teams not doin well this season but the man still puts up great numbers every night. yall need to stop hatin and give him props where they are due. the man does great things and for those of u who say he fell off u probably cant even do any of what he does. leave my man alone. he is greatness. thanks 4 the people who still believe he can do great things.STAY UP VINCE.

  • Sepand A.

    It’s ova! It’s over! The king is here. Mr. Vinsanity

  • toubie jean charles

    i wish i could dunk but i’m 5’9.but tape was hot vc

  • Ontheareal

    Love him or hate him, hes the most talented player ever in the NBA, (yes more talented than Lebron), he is one of the best scorers in the NBA, Career averages of 24/4/5, the man can drop 30 points while hes SLEEPING…..he is the most entertaining basketball player to watch, and the no.1 reason why i started watching basketball….he will be in the HOF soon…and i hope he wins a ring.

  • ryzzle dizzle

    why the vince hating?? he is the most exciting player i have ever watched in my life. granted i wasnt alive for the doctor or the human highlight, but vincanity is out of this world. the greatest dunker ever ahead of jordan and erving, and a solid basketball player, no matter how “tough” or not he is.

  • woody

    great vid, can see where that ish of slamwas goin now! still think its missi a couple of sick windmills, like the off the glass alley oop windmill! still the best dunker in the league just for pure power and attacking the rim every play. holla

  • http://www.yahoo.co.uk BHustle19

    he jumped over his head…………….

  • Mike


  • Rokie

    Vince carter is simpily the best playa of his generation wihout a doubt!

  • crack kils

    VC before the injuries was the reason I became such a big basketball fan, after the injuries though he was never the same, that being said you could make an equally impressive tape of VC hitting fade away threes from about everywhere on the court. When the guy is focused, no one can stop him.

  • Pierre Kaniki

    I don’t know why people cannot be gratfull to Vince. I’m watching basketball to day because of VC. This man, despite his greatness, he is educated, no tatoo, no ears pierced, but people and idiot broadcaster like Mark Jackson don’t like him.
    NJNets are losing not because of Vince. He scored last time 46 pts, but they lost to New Oreleans. This guy fights every night for his team.
    What he does on the court, no body in this league can do it.
    stopping hatting on him!

  • GC

    I haven’t read all the comments, but it seems like the same things are being repeated from both sides. Vince is amazing, Vince is a sellout, HOF plz, HOF WTF?, What could have been; woe to basketball fans across the globe, etc, etc… Most of what’s been said, with the exception of a few morons who probably knocked back a few too many, is pretty much valid on some level. But I think what’s important to realize is the profound impact Vince Carter has had on the NBA throughout his career. Look at the fan reception, both good and bad, there has always been buzz surrounding this guy. From back when he was dunking all over people at will, raising the bar for the highlight reel, to the drama involving those stubbornly bitter TO fans… VC is always making headlines. And he’s still doing his thing now in Jersey. Seriously, watch him play. He’s still got it, still wowing the crowd. Yeah he’s not dunking at the staggering rate he used to, but what do you expect? Basketball takes its toil on the body, let alone jumping over people every game.

    So let’s not lose perspective. Be thankful you all get to watch him play in your lifetime

  • Norway

    0.01 man, 0.99 amazing. Greatest dunker ever.

  • http://jumpman23rules.piczo.com skillz

    yo man vc can dunk i dont care what any one say he is da stuff

  • David

    I want to download it.Who can offer me a help?
    It’s too slow for me too wait.I just lack a website.I’m a CHINESE,so…

  • wade

    oh.IT’s great..

  • vanessa

    CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!luv it!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    Any chance to get this as a bigger and better version? Come on, I know you guys can do it… VC was of the hook, too bad we don’t get to see that shit anymore.

  • grubby

    Cater is the best!

  • Robbe

    Did he already came down?
    That tape is heaven.
    Oh SLAM, Tayshaun Prince needs a cover.

  • http://www.vincecarteronline.net RasH

    He has the talent to be the best player in the NBA….. but the sad thing right now is…hes just letting the game come to him, as suppose to him taking over the game and dominating on the offensive side.

  • http://slamonline.com myron jackson

    Vince is officially the baddest dunker on the planet. Like I knew that he was a great player but he really is one of the best, those highlights could inspire any young basketball player.

  • jimmy

    can you imagine if t-mac and 1/2 man 1/2 amazing stuck together? not to beat a dead horse BUT…t-mac didn’t do it for the magic really and he’s two teams removed from the raptors. and his rocket days aren’t exactly adding to his legacy (they have a great TEAM though). they could have had some jordan/pippen type shit up in toronto! hell, just look at jordan/pippen after they left the bulls! sad stuff.

  • jimmy

    this tape makes me feel old…but it brings me back. vince’s rookie year made sportscenter a MUST MUST watch (along with jason williams). which reminds me: do you guys have a jason williams tape? i remember his first dunking (that my guys saw) highlight on SC…my friends ansel and pete and i all looked at each other and at the same time said, “ooh, he CAN dunk!”

  • RpRev

    Welcome Vince to the 45+ 15+ 10+ Club, into which MJ, Kobe, Lebron or anyone in the League under 6’11 except Baylor has not yet had the honor to enter, and it is exactly 30 years ago when it inrolled in its latest member.

    BTW, I have a far better version (97M) of this back in my computer, but I would all the more recommend Maxamillion’s “Top100 VC Dunks”
    Check here

  • femi

    how do i view this tape?

  • chris

    all u guys dissing vinsanity. cmon wake up players dont stay GREAT forever, he’s had his day even i can admit that n hes always been my favourite player. definetely the greatest dunker ever but hes getting on now. settling down you could say, still an awesome player though. does his triple double along with jkidd say nothing to you all??? stop hating, you try jumping that high for that long, it just dont work like that.
    thats all. peace xx

  • tsolere


  • Mike FB

    is he Human?? , i think VC got some invisble wings , he is amazing

  • Jeremy

    Well first off I gotta give Vince some props. That man is SICK!!! I mean jumpin ova a dude. He does it all. But as any true Raptor fan should I hate Vince SOO Much. Oh and a nother thing: after watchin all those sick dunks It reminded me of when Vince said and I quote “Dunking is overrated”

  • Airmack360

    Are You kidding me that some crazy Sh!t

  • Mell Murda

    Damn SOn!
    He still booms it on suckas like that now
    he walks on air

  • VC4life

    OMG!!!! VC is the best baller ive ever seen if vc is not your favorite player or dunker go home he is a phenom and knowone will ever top him 360s and between the legs? Can’t top that!

  • jazzman

    great dunker. maybe the best ever. above average swingman. more than likely hall of famer.

  • jason

    The Olympic dunk is probalby the greatest ever, but I will never forget seeing that first dunk in the slam dunk contest that year. You just knew that the art form was taken up to a new level in that moment. Great to hear Chick Hearn (RIP) in that clip where he dunks on the Lakers, too. Great video.

  • daryl

    the guy is the best in the world

  • Kadavour

    Greatest in game dunk by the greatest dunker EVER

  • titimotalong

    putang ina nyo! vince carter sucks! brevin knight is the best! mga tarantado kayo!!! pompz!!!

  • Sean Young

    VC is great.I still believe he will be better. You will see

  • Jeanette

    I love Vincent Lamar Carter. He is a dynamite player/dunker. Go Nets!!!!

  • Ryan

    Those are some nice dunks but the “French Toast” is the second best dunk, behind the “Air Up There’s” 720 dunk

  • YoYo

    He is invinsibe…….a player with a gifted scoring ability from anywhere on the court.

  • Chris


  • asha D


    the guy was and still is sick…
    those dunks on that video are SO sick! everytime i was them i’m like oHHHHHHHHH!

    everyone needs to stop hatin on him, the guy is sick! i agree, sometimes he settles for jumpers abit too much, but still, the man is clearly HALF MAN HALF AMAZING!!!

    oh.. and yea.. toronto fans SERIOUSLY need to GET OVER IT!!! and MOVE ON!!!

  • Lucas

    nice dunks vincanity
    luvin yaz man


    That’s my guy, VC: u r awesome!!!!


    whatever poeple say against VC, u still the 8 wonderer of the world……
    For everyone just take a look for the past vinsinaty’s outstanding flying dunks and:
    SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!

  • Eduardo

    if only he played like tht in the playoffs.

  • Madis

    seriously right now vince is a pointless shadow of THAT vince

  • Danny


  • J Brus


  • Ryan

    I was looking around and I saw some vids of this french guy named Kadour Ziani, he has some nice dunks. He is like 5-10 and has a 50 inch vertical.

  • levaughn

    that dude was raw back then. i bet u he would have made it to the finals if he did that in the playoffs.

  • baller2k7

    man i miss the old vince this is why the 3 second violation i want the rule taken off

  • http://na Reno

    Vince Carter to Fred Weiss :Now you see me, now you see my balls

  • hip hop

    i miss that guy!!! amazing.

  • http://slamonline Laker24fan

    Fred Weis…..was his name, you can now call him DEEEEEZ……NUUUTz……………….in the face!!!! VINCANITY IS FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!!!

  • kenny

    that was the sickes stuff i have seen

  • Nisanth


  • darren

    just reading some of these commets on vince. jesus what did he do that was so wrong he is and always will be the greatest highlight this league has seen he just went and developed an all round game ok his play choices can be erratic but hell theirs been worse players with the same hype (stack)(mercer)and he never really moaned about it. toronto didnt like him no more so he went and left the team to bosh funny i havnt seen tdot challanging and nearly over coming the future conference champs like vince did with al and the 76s? soft!! ha he just wanted that degree so he could take it when he stops playing.

  • http://neeko51.skyblog.com Neeko

    Vince carter is the best

  • kobe4life

    vince carter is the best dunker in the nba

  • http://na ni name

    It is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IllyPhilly6

    Oh please Vince save your career!!!

  • I love VC


  • http://slamonline.com i got skillz

    the power, the athleticism, the creativity … just unbelievable. the man has prolly not lived up to everybodys expectations but you gotta give him credit for in my opinion, still being one of the most exciting players in the league! Thank you SLAM and thank you VC15!!!

  • rashaan

    WOAH! doug collins announcing is amazing. great video.

  • http://slamonline.com DJ THE KID

    even after all this he still going strong

  • MJT

    VC is incredible. I am his biggest fan.

  • The Sharpshoot

    This is amazing. Thanks for showing this greatness to the world.