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Video: More Ricky and Brandon

Lang gave you his video of our very cool cover shoot in Barcelona last December…now take a look at the video our friends at Under Armour made of the same evening:

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  • http://sfdjilf.com Jukai

    Man, that was sweet. I hope these two are super-star level talent right off the bat.

  • http://where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com B. Long

    I really hope Rubio can enter the draft this year. What’s the cap on the rookie contracts right now?

  • http://sfdjilf.com Jukai

    B Long: Right under four million, I believe.

  • riggs

    battle of the guards parte dos?

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne


  • http://www.twitter.com/TheDiesel Anton

    CP3…Deron Williams…Rubio…Jennings…

  • Diogo

    That Rubio crossover was SWEEEET.

  • http://where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com B. Long

    Has there been any concrete number put out yet as to what Rubio’s buyout will be? You’d think that Nike would realize that the kid is gonna sell a ridiculous amount of gear stateside and they’d make it happen.

  • http://sfdjilf.com Jukai

    B Long: Six million euros, B Long. I don’t know why you keep saying Nike is going to help this kid out. If Ricky flops in America, Nike gets nothing, while Ricky will always be popular in Spain and sell shoes there. I don’t see Nike contributing anything.

  • glipglop

    Can’t wait for that issue to be in my mailbox here in Europe.

  • http://where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com B. Long

    Jukai:I ran a branch for a marketing firm for 4 yrs. so I’ve got a pretty solid idea of what sells and what doesn’t. When your game is compared to a young Pistol, you look like a Menudo member/4th Jonas Brother, and your a 1st round pick, your gonna move units. Why the hell do you think SLAM is putting him on the cover? And no matter how popular he is in Spain, that market is nothing compared to the world wide audience that he’d be in front of in the NBA night in and night out. I’m not saying that Nike should give the kid a handout I’m saying that I think that if they increased his endorsement deal enough to get the kid out of Spain and into the league that they would definitely pull a profit off that investment. Unless he’s just not near as good as everyone thinks he will be, which is a possibility.

  • niQ

    rubio made that dude look like a fool.

  • Tuomas

    I just like the Curtis Mayfield shoutout.

  • nate the great

    Jennings is my boy. Rubio is pure talent hands down. im thinking a jason kidd type player.
    He is going to make SC top 10 plays with sick passes. Gurenteed.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    That was great. Whats the song called??
    Ben stole my word lol.

  • http://sfdjilf.com Jukai

    B Long: Sorry bro, I’m sure you were very good at what you do, but c’mon man… he looks like a Jonas Brother, what the HELL is that going to do in a male-oriented audience who prefer toughness over prettiness? No one is going to buy his shoes because he’s sexy. How many shoes have Wally sold?
    Dude, use yer head… Nike’s not going to take a chance on a dude that is 18, hasn’t played in America, is a below average athlete for a super-star, and is ‘too pretty’ That don’t sell shoes in America bro. He’s a 100% star in Spain, maybe the best player there, and has a shoe line there that does relatively well. He may be a nobody flop in America and wont sell one shoe. Why would Nike take this chance?

  • Stoney

    The Song is called “Overtime” by a new Def Jam artist…

  • nbk

    Jukai what your saying makes sense generally but I hate to break it to you, most of the shoes ricky rubio will sell in The United States of America will be to teenage to youth market, and all though it is a tiny bit smaller of a market it will still benefit Nike whether they invest 8 million $ or 35$. Because A) With the youth market especially, pretty doesn’t matter, infact it kind of works because he is young, relatable, and plays and looks like a lot of kids, the first thing you learn in psychology,sociology, and personal marketing is people relate best to those that resemble them or a family member, and ricky rubio is right on time for the shaggy hair, tight pants little kid phenomenon that makes me sad in our country. IMO Ricky Rubio couldn’t be a better player to get the Urban Youth back into basketball.

  • nbk

    B) Rubio already has a reputation and is sort of gaining a unseen legend aura thing with everything that is being said about him since he was 14, most kids aren’t watching European games, they have seen Highlights of him go for a quadruple double, with like 52 points and a 3/4 buzzer beater to force overtime, oh and he was 15? (not sure if thats all right but its close) think about that? His face will sell until he plays, then if he chokes Nike makes the profit they did early and their probably a little short, but he will still sell something no matter his success. It depends on the way Nike Markets him NO MATTER WHAT. this conversation wont matter if NIke chokes on it and makes a few bad decisions

  • Jukai

    You guys are throwing marketting 101 terms you learned in class yesterday at me, which is all nice, but uh, you guys are still THINKING that Rubio is a sure thing to be a star. You’re not using common sense. Nike is not going to throw six million to a kid who may very well be a bust. I think Rubio will be an every year all-star, but I’m not about to put twenty dollars on it, much less six million. Neither will Nike.
    Although, very interesting take on the age group they should market Rubio to, NBK. Yet, if the kid ain’t a super-star, he wont be marketed. Simple as that.

  • http://where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com B. Long

    @Jukai:They signed Lebron to a 90 Million dollar deal before he ever stepped on an NBA court. Wasn’t that a little bit of a gamble? Considering he could’ve blown his knee out in training camp an never be heard from again?

  • nbk

    So what your saying is the only way for a person in the United States to be marketed successfully is for them to be successful in the United States? I give you David Beckham, the most highly marketed successful flop ever. He didn’t do squat in the US but he still raised money and awareness for American Soccer both globally and nationally. Plus Basketball is already leaps and bounds more popular in America then in Europe. and much like Beckham Rubio should build reputation for Europe that will result positively ($ wise). He does not have to be a success, especially considering his reputation and standing fanbase.

  • http://mmancuso@cmaaccess.com Logan “Dirt” Mancuso

    Tht wez so kool, and luv da kics on B.J. I wish I had some lik his

  • http://fdklsf.com Jukai

    B Long: Rubio is no Lebron. And yes, that was a gigantic gamble that Nike would never take RIGHT NOW in this terrifyingly bad economic crap hole we live in.
    nbk: I would BET YOU that, outside of his sex appeal on billboards, Beckham lost as much money as he gained. Dude did nothing for American soccer, really. All he did was show that if you whined enough and were famous enough, you could get out of all the contracts you wanted.
    Once again though, Rubio is no David Beckham.
    I am the biggest Rubio hype-man, really, I think the dude is a right-in allstar every year. But for Nike to treat him like a legendary all-time point guard and spend close to eight figures to buy out his contract, well, I don’t know. Rubio wont be the guy who would win ROY, probably wont break out till past his Sophmore season. Think Nike wants to chance that?

  • nbk

    Nike would not be paying DKV to buy out his contract. They would give Ricky a contract worth say 1 million more then his buyout for 3-4 years and would put a stipulation in his contract that he must come out this year. That would be a what 5 million dollar investment for 3 years? THats 1.34 million a year that they would be banking on making from Ricky Rubio, still a lot of money but that is in no way a LeBron or David Beckham type investment. For an already established face with a bright future, who will undoubtedly sell abroad regardless of his success.

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  • tha best

    both are under ratted as good as they are nba players be ware