Monday, December 21st, 2009 at 11:00 am  |  32 responses

Slamadaday: Tony Allen on Corey Brewer

Corey Brewer may performed the facial dunk of the year thus far, but he was on the receiving end last night of something nasty:

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  • spit hot fiyah

    Eat your breakfast!!! Can we get som L.O.N.

  • vtrobot

    This was nice. This was even nicer because TA didn’t do his standard, spastic post-dunk celebration. Amazing PASS by Eddie.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    That’s amazing for the simple fact that Eddie House passed and played defense.

  • underdog
  • riggs

    eddie house with the steve nash-like play? now ive seen everything

  • Captain Jean Luc-Picard

    Pleased to see TA in good health. Poor Corey, went from slammer to slammed in one week.

  • Trout

    I agree where is L.O.N

  • trevor

    better pass than dunk

  • hillbilly

    That pass was so Bird-like, it gave me chills. The fact that it was made by Eddie House (!) just adds to the sickness.

  • Yesse

    Assist of the year, Dunk of the year, Play of the year?

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    lol@ riggs…brewer SHOULD HAVE GOT SLAMADADY ON FISHER…great play by house and Talle´n

  • L

    Assist of the year, facial of the year would go to Melo over Milsap. L

  • wiznut

    is it me or does tony allen’s face in that “SlamTV” snapshot look like MJ?

  • Dfrance

    L I’d have to give Wade over Sideshow Mel facial of the year. Melo is a close second.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    I was there last night. People were already out of their seats after Eddie’s save-and-pass. Nice finish too though.

  • MG3

    it does look like MJ!

  • http://www.yahoo.com Logues

    prolly the best part about this play is that someone in the nba actually played hard defense and hustled his ass off to save the ball and look what happened, if only they did it more often

  • http://thankgodimfamous.com Sickamore

    Wade over Varejo is the DOTY

  • RickyRude

    This is why I love the Celtics. Classy team with plenty of talent and quality, athletic players.

  • http://www.another48minutes.com Gerard Himself

    Wait wait wait, the dunk of the year was either Wade over Varejao like Sickamore said, or Brown over Moore (even though it was preseason). Yeah.

  • http://www.another48minutes.com Gerard Himself

    RickyRude: not that I’m hating on the Celtics, but classy? I’m not sure man.

  • J

    are we talking about the dunk? oops sorry i forgot, because i was more amazed by the pass by Eddie..

  • Shifty

    Oh hell yes

  • http://www.broy7.com nate the great

    Iv always loved eddie. glad to see he isnt glued on the bench till the playoffs.

  • http://slamonline.com Dave


  • rikson

    cosign sickamore

  • http://www.mynameinblue.blogspot.com Hisham

    TA really looks like MJ in that picture on the homepage.

  • Jose

    Wade over Varejo still gets my pick.This aint nuthin compared to that

  • http://4Aitkenroad,Hamilton,ScotlandML37YA Hambone

    travis outlaw over rudy gay
    wade over coco the clown and corey over dfish are all better than this

  • Sporting-Lisbon-Blazers

    co sign Hambone AND Blake Grifin gave Mbenga a mouth full of leather in the preseason also…Celtics: Classy and athletic?!?!!? outside of the great Ray Ray(class act) thats the most ridiculous statment of the decade!!!

  • ClydeSays

    That was a sick (and lucky) pass by House. TA is definitely dunk-capable but it’s good to see him getting back up there after surgery.

  • Telln the truth

    Hahahahahahahahahaha tony allen and mj!!!!!!