Thursday, April 8th, 2010 at 11:00 am  |  62 responses

Video: Carmelo Anthony Collapses, Play Continues

Well, this was more than a little weird. And not to mention, scary. Thankfully, ‘Melo returned to action and finished out the game:

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  • namik

    You want to call a timeout JR???

  • http://www.thewire.com jasondolemite


  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/category/blogs/farmer-jones/ Ryan Jones

    That’s the most f*cked-up officiating decision I’ve ever seen. T him up if you think he’s faking, but either way stop the game while a player is lying prone on the court.

  • LA Huey

    Reminds me of the pre-Cuban Mavs when J-Kidd jumped over Mashburn for a breakaway layup…but yeah, call a timeout or take a foul for your teammate.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Melo should have gotten a tech.
    And his behavior is why the Nuggets won’t get out of the West.
    Stop crying you big baby.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Royal

    well here in Baltimore we do this all the time a player gets shot we just play around his ass!

  • madis

    and JR just walked by after his travel, that’s just stone cold

  • http://kneejerknba.blogspot.com KneeJerkNBA

    Melo got a stinger. Shouldn’t lead with the head.

    Refs obviously assumed he was being a douche. That’s what he gets for being a career asshole.

  • The Philosopher

    Another player disrespecting the game. And Allenp at 11:42am is right. Anthony has always been a punk. Punch a player under the rim and then back pedal all the way past half court. J. R. Smith knows Anthony is soft, that’s why Smith kept it moving.

  • The Philosopher

    Anthony needs more attention than a woman.

  • riggs

    man i seriously hope yall are being sarcastic, you never tweaked your neck? that ish hurt. stop being stupid.

  • Captain Fantastic

    KD should use better deodorant.

  • Captain Fantastic

    KD could get a fragrant foul.

  • Captain Fantastic

    KD should have gotten a fragrant foul…phew

  • The Philosopher

    Riggs: What kind of injury did Marc Gasol play with all season?

  • youngmuggsy

    “.. Kevin Durant is surprisingly strong and well built.” and Yao Ming is a surprisingly durable player.

  • spit hot fiyah

    kevin durant is surprisingly strong and well-built!!!!???? say what!

  • riggs

    @the Philosopher: um im pretty sure melo still played after (and will continue to play) but when you first tweak it like i said before that ish hurts, so your point about marc gasol is moot. you know your name is incredibly ironic, for a guy called the philosopher you’re kind of slow.

  • ENDS

    This N**** was faking it. Dont get mad at the refs its his teams responsibility to foul or call the time out

  • The Philosopher

    @riggs: For a guy who posts comments on SLAM, you think you’re smart.

  • Papa Smurf

    I don’t like Melo, but the game should have been stopped at some earlier point.

    Gotta give it to JR Smith – he’s looking to get his no matter what the situation. There could be an earthquake that splits the court in 2, and JR’s still looking to jack an ill-advised 3. Gotta love him.

  • The Philosopher

    @riggs: And I was just asking a question. So many of you guys are insecure little babies. PAPALOUKAS is right about “little ones” like you. Trying to use the computer to let out your in lying aggression. Pathetic. What’s the matter? You’re not taken seriously at home?

  • sw

    You should not be able to return to a game after a display like that. Call it the Paul Pierce rule or something.

  • Mr. Robinson

    Damn, Philosopher! Get in dat ass!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    I think, (you know, ’cause I have intelligence) that if dude was faking, he would have at least rolled to the end line to try and get out of the play, especially when the action shifted back to the Nuggets end after the steal. I don’t think he was trying to sell a foul or a collision….dude just got caught the wrong way and went down. Simple answer for simple minds. The refs should have the ability to stop a play for a player injury as easily as they do when there is a shot-clock discrepancy.

  • Tim

    1:37 At least they called off the travel- I would not want to go to war with JR Smith

  • Stillballin

    I don’t think that was fake.. Melo was sleeping..that was scary..hope nothing serious..

  • FemiO

    He got knocked out, you imbeciles. What was he supposed to do, subconsciously roll out of the way?

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    So, when he’s unconscious he puts his hands up over his head like that?
    Methinks not.
    I think he was pissed at the no call, like he’s ALWAYS pissed when he doesn’t get the whistle. And he decided to lie down.
    Seeing as how I’ve watched a lot of Melo games, I know that one of his biggest flaws is his inability to just play through bad calls or just plain non-calls. For someone who initates as much contact as he does, Melo looks for way too many fouls, and he regularly pouts or doesn’t get back on defense when he doesn’t get the call.
    I don’t think eh was seriously hurt. Look at his arms.

  • http://twitter.com/dfrance21 dfrance21

    I’m wit Allenp. When he first fell he wasn’t knocked out. Its not like he attempted to get up and collapsed. He was there rubbing his head. Then he laid there with his hand clasped around his wrist. Trust me if you watch Melo play he routinely doesn’t run back on D after a turnover, or no foul call. He just took it too far this time.

  • vtrobot

    that isn’t really all ‘melo being a whining b*tch, is it? naw, that’s like 15 seconds past the time when you’d think, “OK, i made my point. now i’m just being a total *sshole.” he was remaining pretty still while the play was coming back down all around him. i would have been nervous that someone was going to kick me in the junk. it does pose a great question: who has less brains, and makes worse decisions, JR or your average referee?

  • vtrobot

    i’m not sayin’ i’m certain that it wasn’t all an act, but you can’t lay down with your hands above your head and then keep them there when you lose consciousness? most people would put their arms back down in the proper “pass out” position first?
    feel better ‘melo. or stop being such a pissing baby. do one of the two.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    He’s holding his wrist.
    How could he do that and be unconscious?

  • Sparty’s Law

    He was being a whiney little b*tch. Someone should have stepped on him.

  • http://Gmail Dirty Frank

    I wanted JR to dunk on him

  • http://Gmail Dirty Frank

    I wanted JR to dunk on him

  • wtf

    u guys are very stupid if u think he was faking. When he 1rst went down he wasnt out of it yet. U can easily see his eyes were closed and he wasnt moving at all. U can also see the trainer tapping him. Its no way in hell he stood so still on the ground with huge people running so close to him. U can see he was in pain when he went down. He was layed flat out on the ground after a few seconds. Melo does complain about calls a lot but I dont think he was faking at all right there. Of course his team got back on d because OKC was just going to score. The refs should have stoped play once they seen his team mates huddled around him.

  • kwame

    if that was lebron or kobe the game wouldve been stopped

  • The Philosopher

    Look, y’all, if “CarEmello” was genuinely injured, we all know they would have taken appropriate actions. But, he finished the game. HE FINISHED THE GAME ON A NECK/SPINAL INJURY???? Come on. He’s a fraud for that one. The way he came off, he’s supposed to be carried off on a stretcher. And, he’s still supposed to be in the hospital for evaluation. PERIOD.

  • The Philosopher

    Remember what the great Shaquille O’Neal said: The N.B.A. Stands for Nothing But Actors.

  • Sparty’s Law

    @kwame: LeBron or Kobe wouldn’t pull crap like that

  • Papa Smurf

    Philosopher –

    Shaq also said, “Don’t fake the funk on a nasty dunk.”

  • wtf

    @the Philosopher, wat the hell are u talking about. U dnt know how serious the injury was. iT was no need for a stretcher or for him to be carried out. He was knocked out on the floor. Just because he didnt sit out the rest of the game doesnt mean he was faking.

  • The Philosopher

    @wtf: Do you know how you sound? Think about how you sound. You just said he was knocked out on the floor. That means possible concussion, right? So, no need to be carried out of the building if you JUST got knocked out, laying on the floor, like you said. No possible concussion, neck/spinal trauma. Nothing. Just finish the game. Even though he was “unconcious”. I hope you’re not anyone’s doctor. If you are, stick to posting whack comments on SLAM.

  • The Philosopher

    @wtf: You know, since YOU seem to know how serious the “injury” was. Why don’t YOU school me how serious the injury was, “smart guy”.

  • Lloyd

    Damn yall need to calm down.
    @The Philosopher, they have trainers and medics at the games, so he could easily get assessed on the bench/locker room.

    It doesn’t matter whether Melo was faking or not. The refs need to take a situation like that just in case. They can’t decide that he’s acting and then leave him on the floor like that with play going on. That’s irresponsible, those 30 something seconds they left him there could have been vital if it was a real serious injury.

  • The Philosopher

    @Lloyd: You’re right, man. The refs did choke on that one. And you’re right about guys having to calm down, too. I usually try to stay diplomatic, but…

  • http://missjia.com meloMan2.0

    Whats wrong with u ppl, the man was clearly hurt/injured… The Melo hate is getting ridiculous

  • http://missjia.com meloMan2.0

    and what the hell is wrong with jr?? hes a moron

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    Man, y’all sound like a bunch of little 14 year old girls on here, bi*ching and sh*t. Grow up!
    @AllenP – you can slip in and out of consciousness. Ever heard of a death grip? Consciously, a guy grabs onto something because he feels weak, unstable, then he passes out and retains his grip on the object. If you’ve ever tried to take a bottle of beer off a mate who’s passed out, it can be quite difficult. Potentially, that’s what happened with ‘Melo holding his wrist.
    @Philosopher – Gasol had a partially torn neck muscle. Not a ‘tweaked’ neck or whatever. If he jarred it, his head has been forced (un-naturally) back onto his spinal column and vertebrae. THAT, or he’s knocked his temple against Durant.

    May have faked it, he does whinge a lot. May not have. I’m guessing he was conscious, but dazed. And lay down to make a point.
    Either way, the ref f*cked up.

  • The Philosopher

    So, now Anthony had a death grip, y’all. He died for 3 seconds. Hah! AND DIDN’T EVEN LEAVE THE BUILDING!!! All these possible scenarios should be observed at a hospital.

  • The Philosopher

    Everyone in the building knew he was full of it. Then played last night, AND looked good. So much for being seriously injured with a death grip.

  • vtrobot

    I pray for ‘Melo and for his entire family. And for Earl/JR. And for there to be more peace on these message boards. Get well everybody. C’s are taking it AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I’ve never heard of that, thanks for the information because the holding his wrist thing was the most suspect part of the situation for me. Initially, he just looked pissed, in my opinion, but given all the comments about it from the team staff and from him, I’m willing to retract my earlier heated comments and say that he may have passed out.

  • wtf

    i never said i knew how serious the injury was. I dont kno and neither do you. Bottom line, theres no way a person can lay perfectly still with guys running around their heads u idiot. If he wakes up and feels like he can shake it off and go back and help his team get a much needed win then that doesnt mean he was faking. He was clearly out of it. Getting knocked out doesnt mean you cant come back into the game. I could see if he went into a coma or something. Maybe you should just watch the video again.

  • nastierthanu2

    i’m willing to assume that there are no EMT’S on this site. faking it or not faking it stop play. What happens if u stop play and heis faking it? The game goes on.
    What happens if you don’t stop play and he’s not faking it? Are you willing to play with someone life like that? What if it wasnt his head it was a stroke or minor seizure

  • ti-sizzle

    guys guys.. can’t he just have tweaked his neck as in suddenly strained the nerve a bit? no one here’s ever had that or heard of that? the initial pain and numbness is paralyzing and can last quite a bit of time. but once you rub it out and rest a bit, it goes away.

  • The Philosopher

    @wtf: “He was totally out of it”. When Horace Grant Kicked Magic Johnson in the head, he went to the hospital for observation. And, he was still conscious. Played the next game. This guy (“Caremel”) acts like he’s dead, and he comes back and finishes the game. Does that make sense to you? If it does, I’m not the idiot.

  • chintao

    I was watching this game, and context may provide a clue. OKC had put on a huge run, thanks in large part to highly suspect officiating. Now I am one of the biggest ‘Melo endorsers around, but the timing and nature of the injury seemed pretty suspect. Was he hurt? Probably. Could he have gotten to his feet? Maybe. Was he pissed about a littany of non-calls going against him and his team? Almost certainly. For me, this incident smacked of regression. ‘Melo seemed to be making such big strides over the past year, but he did look like that spoiled brat again against the Thunder (then again a few nights later against “damn I can’t remember”). If he doesn’t get over this sh!t he won’t be in the playoffs very long. Somebody please tell him that nobody is going to help him win a Ch’ip (unlike LeBron or Kobe). If he wins, it will be in spite of the league and its officials. Fvck the dumb sh!t, go hard, Dun.

  • davidR

    seriously, can nba refs get any worse? T him up, but stop the f’n game!

  • http://blomsteve@yahoo.com Steve Blom

    I just watched the video. The play should have definitely been stopped! He was hurt. Neck injuries are nothing to mess with. I hope he’s OK. He’s a great player!

  • DJ

    Why wasn’t a three second violation called?