Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 at 11:48 am  |  10 responses

Video: The Can He Dunk? Project

Do you think seven HS basketball players can dunk after 10 weeks?

Alan Stein and the Stronger Team selected seven high school basketball players who could not dunk to participate in a rigorous 10-week training program. The purpose is to show the world the realistic results you can attain from proper training. Stein is showing real players with real results.

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  • http://soundcloud.com/boy-sanchez Boy Sanchez

    I want to participate too!!

  • onlyclipsfanonslam

    I love how they claim everyone else is a sham. The exercises to improve your explosiveness is no secret. Every single program contains the same exercises, how is this one not a sham and the others are? Oh because they say so. Sign me up

  • asmaticasiatic2

    They need to bring something for dudes over 30 under 6ft returning from ACL knee injuries…How much can they get back; then I’ll definitely sign up…

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com Seth

    Guest starring Brian Scalabrine.

  • http://www.springbored.net letsmotor

    nothing wrong with doing some plyos, but devoting ten weeks to a program like this? there are better ways high school ball players can spend their time. wonder how many of those guys in the video can’t crack 70% at the free throw line.

  • The Philosopher

    Co-sign letsmotor.

  • coconut

    Real players? Yes. Real results? … I haven’t seen a single dunk :p

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/category/blogs/farmer-jones/ Ryan Jones

    Is this about me? Because if it is, the correct answer is, “No. Ten years ago, maybe, but not anymore.”

  • T-Money

    ryan: we don’t believe you, you need more peo-ple. (or film)

  • http://www.CanHeDunk.com Alan Stein

    Wow, great to see some feedback. Let me try to clarify a few things from the comments.

    1) I never said that other vertical jump programs don’t work… I merely said they don’t live up to their outrageous claims (50″ vert, gain 12 inches in 6 weeks, etc.). That is what makes them a sham!

    2) As far as there being “better ways for players to spend their time”… I agree completely. That is why this program only took 2 hours per week (2, 1-hour workouts). The rest of the time we encouraged the players to work on their game (shooting, passing, ball handling). And despite the goal of trying to help them dunk, this program was a well rounded, basketball specific strength program… something every player should participate in to reduce the likelihood of injury and improve performance on the court.

    3) As for the results? You need to check out the first Can He Dunk episode next week!