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Video: Dwyane Wade is Agent D3

More intelligence building on Informant Osborne and Cassilo’s top secret report from yesterday

We’ve uncovered full video of Dwyane Wade in ‘Dominate Another Day.’ Watch the Heat captain take-on arch enemies — Kobe (The Snake Charmer), the Magic (The Illusionist) and Celtics (The Green Gang) — and bring a ring back to Miami.

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  • namik

    Agent D3? Like Agent Zero? SMH.. Jordan should do better.

  • Loaf

    sorry but that was toooooooooooooooooo CHEESY

  • LeBron de Con

    I believe this is stupid and ugly.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I liked it. But, the new nickname isn’t an improvement.

  • underdog


  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    The Lebron ad was real and compelling. This one was just corny.

  • kev

    wow guy’s don’t take a commercial so seriously, I thought it was good!

  • http://bulls.com airs

    okay who’s supposed to be the illusionist…
    im guessing snake charmer is kobe? mamba?
    and green gang is obviously celtics.

    but illusionist….

  • Mr. TKO

    Illusionist = Magic

    I like the commercial, it’s a cheesy fun type of thing.

  • 80y4n

    Same thing like brons commercial, parody, parody, parody. They should really consider some other writers that bring new stuff not chew on something thats been seen a thousand times. Their brainstorming process was like, maybe we make wade be rambo, no maybe terminator, nah lets make him be that guy from Mission impossible, really lacks creativity, and shames other great commercials

  • Hammer

    Lbj commercial was a gr8 1. I luved it. Dwades was gay. Just gay. 2 over the top. A fine example of trying 2 hard

  • Hammer

    Or not trying @ all. Besides,I thought he was suppose 2 b flash,not pierce brosnan

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Another dumb commercial, now Dwade is acting different like Lebron, Dwade attacking Kobe, Celtics and Magic. WOOOOOW, The Heat team some tough dudes now. These dumb commericals and videos from them all, make you HATE/HEAT more. BOOK IT!!

  • Yesse

    Well the green gang took it last night.

  • Dre

    The Seed, are you for real my friend? It is hilarious how people don’t comprehend enough to accept a commercial for what it was meant to be. It was meant to be a little cheesy and goofy people. He wasn’t trying to act out any real life scenarios. I don’t go to see a comedy movie and then get mad cause it doesn’t have enough action and shooting. I don’t go to an action film and bark and complain because there isn’t enough thought provoking drama. I know how to accept a film, commercial or project for what it was constructed to be. Now if it was billed to be a serious deep commercial and I got that… yeah I would be complaining but it wasn’t. Some of us need to grow up and stop trying to look for reasons to hate on the Heat.

  • http://twitter.com/nbatalkandkicks Eduardo

    I like the concept of continuing the commercials to see him vs the comic like nickanmes of kobe, the magic, and the celtics. Don’t know why they called kobe the snake charmer? should have just called him mamba. the corny ‘iron man’ like spin off is pretty funny.

    Jordan can bring out more serious commercials for CP3 or Melo… ifthey ever do get commercials made for those guys. Two other good players that don’t really get as much marketing exposure they deserve.

  • http://twitter.com/HarryByrdMan44 LA Huey

    co-sign Dre. Some of you are silly. I like the commercials and the nicknames for their biggest competition.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    From a pure marketing perspective, this was a failure of a commercial. At first I didn’t even know what the product it was for. It was however ‘entertaining’ in a corny kind of way. The LBJ commercial at least seemed to have more of a purpose of helping restore LBJ’s image which in turn will help Nike sell shoes. But this James Bond/Ironman type commercial for ‘D3′ really just missed the mark IMO.

  • tRay

    Ehh cheesy but the nickname is the worst part. I guess his female companion that James Bond usually has is Bosh?? LeBron??

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  • britt

    on his website the “kid spider” is durant “zen master” is bill russel(i think) and “german cowboy” is nowitski . i think he is really funny and people need to lighten up and stop making boring commercials. his commercials are just as good as the super bowl commercials and i love d3! an amazing nickname! dont be so serious over something you dont have!