Monday, January 3rd, 2011 at 1:00 pm  |  8 responses

Video: Justin Anderson Early Season Highlights

Ranked No. 8 in the class of 2012, Justin Anderson is a kid you should be keeping your eye on; and we’re here to help you do that. No crazy highlights here, but vid tells the tale of a good player in the makings.


(H/T the mars reel)

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  • PlanetAsia14

    That last dunk was nasty.

  • Ryan

    nasty indeed

  • Mitch

    reminds me a little of a james harden…

  • zc

    I find it strange how you will see a lot of top recruits that go to a private high school such as John Wall, Dwight Howard
    there were a couple more kids that went to the same school as John Wall
    Is it under the table recruiting?

  • the truth

    nearly all top recruits go to private schools. ala st. benedicts, oak hill, findlay prep, st. patricks to name a few

  • A

    A lot of the best players and top recruits go to Private and Prep High Schools, as “the truth” said. Montrose, Findlay, Lincoln, Oak Hill, Middleburg, St. Benedicts, St. Mary St. Vincent, DeMatha, Bishop O’ Connell. The reason is that they have the power to recruit, when the public schools are limited to that area of kids who attend that high school. Its not under the table recruiting, because there are tons of public school playerswho get a Divison 1 NCAA scholarship, andd few go to the NBA, NBDL, or Europe. You do see the majority of people in the NBA though from private high schools, but Allen Iverson, Kobe, JJ Reddick, Gilbert Arenas, all were not. But the greats like Dwight Howard, John Wall, etc., they all were. Its just the private hs kids focus SO MUCH MORE on the basketball, practicing three-five hours a day and going to tourneys in puerto rico and cali, they get better, and they have much better coaches. The public school kids have limited practice time, coaches who are also teachers (depending on county), and tourneys only during the holiday time. They also dont get many players with height, or do they get players with ball handling schools.

    Overall, this kid is very good. He is only a HS junior, but next year I could see him seing a High School McDonalds All American, scholarship to Duke or UNC, and first round NBA draft pick. He can dribble, pass, shoot, and as Mitch said, he is like James Harden. He will probably go play in college, then my predicition, a lottery pick in the NBA. I think all colleges should start jumping for this kid. But back to the fact about recruiting, no it is not under the table, it is just private and prep schools get better players. Thats all.

  • mbrh

    sure there is underhand recruiting, you would be a fool to think otherwise. not saying it happens everywhere but it does exist at the highschool level.

  • thefactor

    There is also the factor of getting them the grades to get to college. These players are often much better off at a private school in this regard.