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Video: Amar’e Stoudemire says Pau Gasol is ‘Still Soft’

Peter Rosenberg caught up with STAT at the Foot Locker House of Hoops yesterday, and asked him about the general perception of the Lakers’ big man. For what it’s worth, Stoudemire did go on to clarify that Gasol has the frontcourt help of Andre Bynum and Lamar Odom, so it isn’t much of a problem. Check it out:

UPDATE: Andrew Bynum responds?

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  • rich

    ya he wishes he had andrew bynum and lamar odom though.

  • kuya

    okay! laugh all you can stat, pau is a winner not a whiner like you!

  • Fat Lever

    Amar’e has no business calling anyone soft. Dude rebounds with the tenacity of that new Bruno Mars song, I’m Lazy or whatever. I’m not a Knick or Laker fan, but Gasol held his own last year in the Finals, and was the real Finals MVP.

  • idrees

    although andrew bynum may be stronger in the post, at least pau gasol can shoot a 3.

  • Thor

    @kuya I’m not saying Amaré isn’t a whiner or what ever, but maaaaan Pau is the biggest crybaby of them all with that scream he has going on everytime someone touches him. Can’t stand it!!

  • rich

    who cares if a seven footer can shoot a 3? and how many has gasol even made. amare averages 26 a game. last year he rebounded well for the suns when gentry demanded it of him, but now dumbtoni is coaching him again and he is back to playing one end of the court. he is also playing a lot of center, making things a lot tougher on him even to get rebounds

  • cobra

    he has the back up of andrew? he won a ring playing the 5 most of the time vs the best center in the game..Amare thinks hes hard cuz he screams after a dunk?? come on dude..he needs to worry about losing those 5 games straight rather than worrying about whats going on in lakers land. ol busta

  • JTaylor21

    Both players aren’t the toughest chaps but if I had to choose one, it’s without a doubt Gasol.

  • T-Money

    yeat, stat need to fall back. with the way he’s rebounding the ball and defending, he’s not allowed to call anyone soft.

  • Reflex

    Yo Stat, you had a 1 rb game w couple nights ago, 1REBOUND! C’mon son! You’re straight telly cloth, smdh at this hypocrite

  • 2KInsider

    Thanks to Gasol’s soft touch on that falling double pump baseline fadeway in game 7, the Lakers were able to win the championship.

  • Yesse

    I don’t think Amare can really speak too much on Gasol, because he is not the toughest guy in the league either. Pau Gasol’s softness was a part of the both Lakers championship team, so i guess it’s a good thing then.

  • neaorin

    Reflex beat me to it. Big men who get one rebound in 30 minutes of action against the Nets have no business calling other people soft.

  • Heals

    And the sky is blue; gotta love the Bynum tweet though…

  • http://www.pablasso.com pablasso

    @rich: rebounded well == 8.x rebounds? LMAO


    woow where does STAT get the nerve to call out Gasol a 2 time champs. Earlier in the season he was calling out Bosh. They both have a sweeter J than you and can rebound the ball. And they at least both try on D unlike you.

  • Visitor

    Also, for all the talk about “athleticism” and aggressiveness, Pau has a better career blocks-per-game than STAT.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    …..this coming from a guy that can’t rebound nor play defense


    Bynum is funny talkin bout championships when he himself is a coattail rider. He means as much to the Lakers past two championships as John Salley (no disrespect) meant to the Lakers 3-Peat with Kobe and Shaq. Right now this Lakers Championship Era is known as the Kobe and Gasol years. With that said, is Pau Gasol soft? It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard Paul called Gasoft, and by so called Lakers fans too.

  • Riggs

    so can kevin love call pau gasol soft then?

  • Riggs

    also to everyone defending gasol now you all called him soft during that laker skid.

  • bnets

    hahah but amare u cant defend very well hahah

  • “torn”

    2 rings vs “no show”

  • MookieBlaylock

    you’re still amare stoudemire, and he will always have AT LEAST 2 rings.

  • bashmo

    Such a stupid thing for STAT to say. Amare has NOTHING on Pau. STAT has NO lowpost game, cannot rebound or defend, and he calls Gasol soft…come on! Bynum tweet is the truth!

  • Kid Dynamite

    Mr I-was-never-taught-defense needs to stop talking now…..

  • blakos

    Co-sign Andrew Bynum

  • Oh Nose

    Gasol > Stoudemire

  • Dagger

    Wow, a guy who doesn’t defend or rebound calling a proven champion soft? Pathetic.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    yeah who told amare he was hard again? oh….

  • http://Philosophervision@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    I think he meant that Gasol still… has a “soft” touch. lol

  • RunNGun

    For a guy who complains about too much playing time, STAT needs to STFU and play.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/officerbarbrady what

    Andrew Bynum Sons Amare Stoudemire

  • RedRum

    The most unbelievable thing in this story is ABs pwnage with his tweet! Gasol is perfect for the triangle and Jax loves him. I guarantee you that if Jax was offered a straight up trade between Gasol and STAT, he would keep Gasol

  • Raseven

    Lol Amare was high right?

  • robb

    Another fake tough guy taking.

  • robb


  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Just because it’s true doesn’t mean you should be the one saying it.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    And Bynum’s tweet was awesome.

  • ogog

    what about 0 DEFENCE ?

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    What is this “#” and “@” sh!t on Twitter?

  • Tyrant56

    Co-sign that bynum guy

  • JTJ

    can’t stand the lakers but man show some respect. getting sick of melo and stat already.

  • matt

    LOL, why do ppl call him soft? idiots. Soft is being able to play the 4 and 5 quite well. Having to play loads of mins w/out good backups with Bynum out. A great 2 way player, great passer, works in the triangle, WORLD CHAMPION OF BASKETBALL IN 06 FOR SPAIN, When did AMARE play for USA, oh wait, he wasn’t on the redeem team, he played for the 04 team getting the bronze and the 07 fiba americas team. pretty impressive. Also, soft is a 7 foot big man who is sound defensively, is active on the glass, etc. Do u know how many games this man has played in the past couple of years? 354 games since 07-08, not including preseason and olympics and eurocup and world championships. Also, Perkins-do u know how much depth your team had in 08? Lakers had Kobe,Pau and Lamar. Fish just shoots 3, radmanovic just shot 3s. Ariza wasn’t yet ariza, walton was actually playing, vujacic was shooting for a contract, turiaf was ok. Garnett has had so much more better backups to help him rest. Also, Bynum gets injured, lal goes to finals. KG gets injured, boston loses in conference finals. JUST SAYIN… Stat u wish you could actually play D. CBA is gonna mess NYK up, u and Melo will be only good players on that team. So many Eurohaters. Boston – 08 team, no international players or white guys. Scalabrine (a mascot for celtics)

  • http://firespo.com KING

    There’s too much “he got 2 rings ” comments. Pau is soft point blank. If your argument is that pau got 2 rings so he ain’t soft that means dj mbenga was the best center in the league cause he too has 2 rings

  • mugiwara

    he earned the rings.

  • Towelie

    The title is misleading…Even though Gasol has played ~130 games more that Stoudemire, Stoudemire has the advantage in the stats. Stoudemire averages about a minute and a half less and averages more points, steals and also has the advantage in FT% and FG% (surprisingly). Gasol has the slight advantage in assists and blocks (not by much). As far as championships are defined, it’s more if a team theme. But then again, Gasol has played about 1 and a half seasons worth more games that Stoudemire. Don’t get me wrong because both are great players.

  • Towelie

    I also forgot to add Gasol also averages .2 rebounds per game more than Stoudemire.

    Anyway stats don’t lie:

  • KSupreme

    2× NBA Champion (2009, 2010)
    NBA Rookie of the Year (2002)
    4× NBA All-Star (2005, 2009–2011)
    2× All-NBA Third Team (2009–2010)
    NBA All-Rookie First Team (2002)
    FIBA World Championship MVP (2006)
    EuroBasket MVP (2009)
    Spanish King’s Cup MVP (2001)
    Spanish League Finals MVP (2001)
    All-Euroleague Second Team (2001)
    2× FIBA Europe Player of the Year (2008–2009)
    2× Mister Europa Player of the Year (2004, 2009)
    3× Euroscar Player of the Year (2008–2010)

    This is a STRONG players resume. A leader for Spain and a key player for the 09′ and 10′ chips. What i listed doesnt imply the man is soft. It says he’s a HOF and good at what he does. Any hater who supports this article and responds…is useless and comments are invalid.

  • KSupreme

    Dont forget Olympic silver medalist. It’s still a loss, but it’s 1 more over STAT. I respected STAT until this. STAT obviously can’t see that he’s below pau for all the things that make u a winner. Congratulations on looking like a dumb@ss

  • KSupreme

    And to the hater who said Bynum is riding coattails…STAT was riding Nash’s….and now he’s riding melo’s…stat is nothing but a…above average accent to the “franchise player” of any team

  • spit hot fiyah

    @iamorange really? bynum = salley?!?

  • http://slamonline.com biged

    Can someone please clarify to me what the fock does it mean to be soft on the basketball court? Because I was under the impression that it meant not “maning up”. Im pretty sure gasol fixed this problem. gasol was pushed around during the Lakers first try at the ‘ship, but he was going against a tough Celtics team while playing out of position. Amare cant even beat the Cavs… Anyway since that year Gasol has been shi.tting on the NBA. Im not saying he is Perkins or anything but I’ll tell you this, most (if not all) NBA GMs would rather have Paul Gasol on their team competing for a championship than have Amare. Thing with Amare, he will give up as many points as he gives you. If he goes for 30 than he will give up 30 to the other teams opposing player or players. Whining about a call i can live with, not being able to stop anyone I cant live with. Amare needs to get his priorities straight on the basketball court. He’s a bitc.h on the defensive end cause everybody shi.ts on him

  • Charles

    Man this guy ever shut his mouth? Amare can’t play a lick of defense.


    I wish I had a dollar for every time a Lakers fan called their own Pau Gasol, Gasoft.

  • marc

    I don’t know y everyone is getting so mad he was asked a question about it. And its not that Amare can’t play defense because he is athletic enough. Its that he WON’T play defense. (Which is kind of worse)

  • irondan21

    Because he is soft. Championships don’t define personal toughness. Look @ Karl Malone. Pau plays in a productive system the utilizes his abilities. Oh, and his teammates aren’t bad either.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    If Pau is soft Amar’e is silk.

  • Kazaam

    Amare is way more fly than that big bird sesame street maf

  • KSupreme

    If Pau is soft…Amare is the Charmonator (Read the Jason Terry and Matt Barnes Article)

  • http://slam freeze22

    amar’e soft too, he dunks but he don’t rebound what makes him tough

  • http://juan.garcia@computershare.com Tina Turner

    Gasol is soft which is why Kobe’s the GOAT. He’s the reason for the first three-peat and the reason for the current three-peat.

  • http://juan.garcia@computershare.com Tina Turner

    Please don’t bring up Snak-ill Oneil. that fatso couldn’yt bring it home in the 4th qtr cause coaches would foul his freethrow missing ass non stop

  • Mhok

    gasol is more skilled than amare…

  • adam harris

    Amare has no business calling pau soft, he is a 7 foot athle
    tic power foward who doesn’t average a double and has many gakes with less than 7 rebounds, and least pau bows how to pound the boards and win.

  • nauylene

    No he didn’t!!! as long as his SOFT ASS stayed on the SUNS bench always hurt with something!!! Bi ASS MF!!! Shit he ain’t in NO position to even call CHARMIN SOFT!!!

  • Debbie

    how can he amare talk with a nose like that!!!!!

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  • Jr

    Stupid comment from an over paid player, Lakers whipped his ass when he was in Phoenix and not much as changed!

  • air

    hes an idiot nuff said i mean he has melo and still cant win a game we have gasol and have nearly thebest record in the NBA

  • Pugz


  • Jorge

    Cobra- I totally agree with u!!! He shouldn’t even step foot in the lakers side what so ever!!! Should keep his gem in mind and thts tht!!! He should be thinking bout how r they gonna beat the bulls if they make it tht far!! Serious shit!!

  • Anuj Mokal

    who the hell is he to call gasol soft !!
    amare 1st learn the spelling of rebounds then talk abt other ppl….

  • Rizhan

    stupid command for a star player he cant talk like that gasol is a champion

  • juiced ballz

    amare is good but no so good like pau, gasol is a strong dude, he just screams like somebody kills him but he can rebound. amare? no so much. ok just to be clear: pau have 2 championships, amare: dude shut up and play…


    Bynum is the Coattail Rider and Gasol is the Wannabe Black Swan . . . Who means more to the Lakers winning championships? I’ll cast a vote for Gasol. The high paid Coattail Rider just can’t stay healthy, and doesn’t have a clutch bone in his body during winning time.

  • mike

    amare posed on a magazine cover butt naked…

  • Jose

    Yea he wishes he was Gasol with a couple of rings. Not even the lame Suns wanted him. He is no where in the top 10 forwards in the league.

  • vtrobot

    um, STAT was leading the MVP race for a while, no? that’s riding coattails? each player is better than the other at aspects of the game, but pau is definitely softer than amare. not saying that the dude doesn’t deserve everything that he’s accomplished and wasn’t an integral part of the L’s championships, but c’mon. he’s softer than dirk and that dude has gotten the soft label more than most superstars over the last several years. yeah, pau was a beast against the C’s (when perk when down). peace.

  • mike outta jersey (GO NETS)

    amare is right paul does have help, if pau was in memphis do you think he would be a two time champion??? but amare shouldnt open his mouth cause he doesnt play defense and he can be considered soft too…
    im just sayn, just cause you dunk the ball hard and talk trash doesnt make you hard … it just means your a little more expressive

  • mcat

    amare who?

  • http://slam.com spyder

    My guess is if it was 1 on 1 in street amare would destroy him in basketball.