Monday, November 28th, 2011 at 9:40 am  |  11 responses

Video: Old ATL vs New ATL Game, Feat. Allen Iverson

AI and others show out.

We caught a glimpse of this game last week, but now comes the full highlight package, courtesy of The Mars Reel.

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  • Nella

    Damn, didn’t know Lou Williams could get up. At least not enough to windmill.

  • Zabbah

    Did Dwight Howard just have some Popsicle or something? That’s a pretty red tongue there.

  • dfrance21

    I love Lou Williams game, he’s as smooth as butter.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    What does AI have to do with ATL? Any chance he will be in Hawks training camp? :)

  • Chukaz

    AI parties at the ATL. That’s about all he has to do with Atlanta. Watchin AI play ball like he used to is the kinda sh*t that will make a grown man cry. I’m 21 years old so i kinda grew up watching him. Good to see him make ppl look foolish trying to guard him

  • Jono

    AI needs to come back…I can’t accept that the old guys are slipping away one by one…CWebb, Spree, Shaq, AI and soon TD/KG/Kidd….and one day even Kobe? :(

  • Jay

    AI still has that crossover


    that’s why we have Lebron Wade Nowitski Rose Durant Wesbrook Melo and a few others Jono

  • NWA

    AI lives in the A now…@Chukaz

  • nico

    same here… i grew up collecting nba cards n watchd those guys. even nowitzki will be gone soon. its happening again wen olajuwon, ewing, jordan, barkley n oders wer one by one slipping away. sad to see them walk away… now i want to see a.i. play again n see some more guys frim the 90s.

  • Jay

    this is the same reason people became Cliff Robinson fans 5 years ago. “The last player from the 80s”. People like to see players from a different era still holding on. It would seem surreal to see Iverson play again. Especially against this new generation.