Thursday, December 1st, 2011 at 12:34 pm  |  6 responses

Video: The Brandon Jennings Lockout Mixtape

Young Money’s top plays from the extended offseason.

Brandon Jennings had a busy summer. While the lockout was  in full effect, Jennings took the time off to work on his game and seemingly play anytime, anywhere; making stops across the map and partaking in a tour with his Under Armour brethren. With the NBA season back on, Jennings looks like he’s ready to put it all together and lead the Bucks back to the Playoffs.

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  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    starting to reconsider whether or not I think he can be a great true PG in this league. Out of high school I was big on him, really thought he’d be a great, exciting true PG. But we haven’t seen much of this in his young career, and we definitely haven’t seen any of that this summer. I know, I know, its stupid to look at a players summer pick-up resume to evaluate their growth…but the play grounds is where a PG is supposed to be a PG. Like I remember back in that Elite 24 from his Junior year when he dropped something like 25 dimes at Rucker….just spectacular, not the accomplishment in and of itself but just watching the way he did it- really a spectacle. I’d been huge on him ever since. Seems like he’s lost some of that. Rather pull up for 30 footers instead…the problem with that is Scott Skiles is putting dude on pine if he’s doing that in a regulation- that is if he isn’t going off for a double nickel…which almost seems like a fading anomaly at this point. This year, however curtailed, is the defining year for BJ. Lead guard, face of franchise, should start to see his minutes inch closer to 40 per game- what we get from him this season should tell us who he really is as a ball player.

  • Prick James

    Yeah, I’m sure BJ doesn’t want to disappoint The Black douchebag & his great expectations. Why can’t fans just be fans and enjoy the show however it goes. I respect this kid [esp. as a little guy] cause despite him coming off as a prick every once & a while, he did what almost none of these NBA cats do(shout to KD though): he took his game to the street – & showed and proved to anyone who wanted a taste. This kid could be a senior in college right now but he’s played professionally overseas, scored a double-nick a handful of games into his NBA career, had a season’s progress curtailed by injury and played in every pro-am/summer league worth mentioning. After this summer, his year was the definition.

  • DieselMechanic

    has there been a Tyreke mix yet? Slam needs to get that up.

  • J.C.

    Pretty dope. Dunno why he has to dance like a clown whenever he makes a nice play though.

  • matt

    that behind the back in the air dunk was one of the nastiest ive ever seen..i really didnt know john wall had it like that damnnnn!!! newfound respect for him.

  • matt

    the brandon jennings tape is sick but go to ballislife youtubes channel and check out john walls!!!