Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 at 10:25 am  |  13 responses

Video: Joe Johnson’s Clutch Shots Win the Game for Atlanta

Joe Johnson’s facial expression remained the exact same, even after hitting two enormous shots last night against the Cleveland Cavaliers — non-existent.

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  • onions baby onions

    So smooth

  • LA Huey

    Joe Johnson is so terribly miscast. He’d be one of the greatest 2nd fiddles in history if he’d played alongside a legit superstar (LeBron, Dwight, Rose, Durant, etc).

  • Bt

    Before the overrated comments come in, Joe Johnson is not overrated he’s simply overpaid as a result of being a free agent in an inflated market (too many teams with goo much cap space and not enough superstar free agents). He’s the third best shooting guard in the league (behind wade and Kobe with harden rapidly closing in). The hawks are balling without horford and jj is a big reason why

  • yes.we.did.


  • Truthtell4r

    so underrated!

  • bbubb

    i’m too young to have seen him much, but does Joe remind anyone of Bernard King? Cold as ice (Sorry, Ice)

  • Rainman

    And peopel say he lacks a killer instinct at times

  • Myung

    Joe’s never smiled a day in his life, other than when the Hawks decided to over pay him by $40 million last June. Even HE had to smile when that happened. BTW, I’m still a fan of his, and like someone above commented, he is not overrated; he is overpaid. There’s a difference. Lastly, the biggest weakness in Joe’s game is not his inability to crack a smile (after all, Tim Duncan and Derrick Rose both suffer from the same “We never show emotion” diseas); it’s his refusal to take the ball to the rim. If you look at Joe’s career numbers, compare his FT attempts to other elite shooting guards. Joe can shoot, he is one of the most underrated defenders in the NBA, but the dude settles for J after J after J instead of taking it to the rim. I think elite shooting guards should be willing to do both (shoot the J AND drive it to the rack). Joe settles way too often.

  • bike

    And that’s why they pay him $20 million a year. Worth every dam penny, ya think?

  • clownfish31

    @Myung: by your logic, Ray Allen doesn’t drive to the basket enough so he’s not elite?

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/officerbarbrady what

    Myung, he’s got a smile on his face in the VIP room at Magic City.

  • http://theinboundspass.tumblr.com David

    Nice. One of the few guys in the league that actually shoot well when isolated at the end of a close game. Top 10 this season, actually.

  • Myung

    clownfish31, I would say Ray Allen was once an elite shooting guard but hasn’t been one for a while. If you believe Ray Allen is still an elite 2 guard in the current NBA, I’m not sure we have the same definition of “elite.” Joe Johnson is still one of the top 5 shooting guards in the game. He is even arguably the third best. But the clear drop off between Joe and the two above him (Kobe, Wade) is his lack of a killer instinct, and much of that has to do with his unwillingness to drive. I’ve seen virtually every game of Joe’s Hawks career (which started in 2005). That’s a lot of games. And I can tell you, more times than not, he settles for jumpers way more than driving it. Joe is built like a mack truck (rock solid body for a 2 guard) so he can take contact, plus he’s an excellent FT shooter. There’s no reason why he has to take so many jumpers, especially because we don’t have a legit post presence like Bynum, Dwight, Yao, etc who clogs up the lane. It’s the biggest hole in his game.