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Video: Metta World Peace With a Vicious Elbow to James Harden’s Head

What kind of punishment do you think MWP should expect?

After throwing a wild and very forceful elbow at James Harden’s head, Mr. World Peace was kicked out of today’s game against the OKC Thunder, and you can safely assume that he’ll be hearing from NBA HQ about further (and much more severe) disciplinary action very soon.

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  • Jono


  • Jono

    this guy is sooo funyy, wot an idiot

  • jinolin

    The Guy is a jerk-off plain and simple.

  • reggie06

    Dammn i have to say lakers are just too old cant compete, kobe seems too old for defense and I M FREAKING PISSED ALWAYS WHEN I WATCH LIVE LAKERS GAMES THEY ALWAYS LOSE BY DOUBLE DIGITS AND KOBE 2-17 !!!!!!!

  • KBthaKilla

    Getting outplayed, AND outclassed. Can’t even say he didn’t mean to. He could feel Harden on him. Ibaka almost gave him the Congolese death punch after.

  • http://360special.blogspot.ca dev0

    Intentional. Metta definitely cocks the elbow back when he feels Harden graze past him. Even if he didn’t mean to hit him with the force that he followed through with, he did mean to make contact and clear Harden out as a part of his celebratory show of strength. Too bad after World Peace’s April resurgence and a great move/ dunk on the play leading up to the incident. Expect a suspension.

  • Mack

    This guys so ADD it’s ridiculous, Harden did nothing how can you explain that?

  • reggie06

    I think that should be 25k fine coz after dunk artest was celebrating and harden run into him!!!harden ran into artest which caused artest to throw his elbow

  • Hart

    The Peoples Elbow!

  • kobesBESTfriend

    Musta been watchn that Jon Bones Jones fight lastnite…dang it metta

  • dan

    world peace can be dangerous :D

  • Buujangles

    Reminiscent of Jon Jones from last night.

  • dan


  • JustinL

    Is it just me, or does Mike Breen come off as a judgmental prick?

  • bigA

    Wow… what an asshole.

  • bravo

    Wow I had to laugh wen I watched this live n tv. But damn what an elbow

  • AndifromAustria

    World peace my ass this guy is crazy!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    ^^ Its not just you. That’s why JVG is always shutting him up. Ron Artest is getting 3 games.

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    Reggie what are you talking about? James Harden didnt run into anybody. This is just a sh!t move.

  • titanic

    because of his history, I would suspend artest for the rest of the season and the entire playoffs. repeat defender. that sh** is dangerous.

  • Buujangles

    Reggie Harden was running towards the ball for the inbound.

  • reggie06

    Betcats metta didnt see where the hell he was going as he was running backwards harden shouldve clear out the way not walking into him, what can you expect walking into metta while he is celebrating?

  • reggie06

    i know it was crazy and unnecessary but i think it should be 25k fine and 1 game suspension

  • http://fjklsf.com Jukai

    Damn y’all for taking my Jon Jones joke.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    Anyone justifying this bullsh*t excuse for a celebration is an idiot plain and simple. Uncalled for and unprofessional and I’m one of the biggest LA fans on this site.

  • bravo

    He was jut trying to show James Harden the TRUE meaning of ” World Peace” lmao

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    And the fans cheering this sh*t are idiots too.

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    What’s the over-under on how many games he’ll be suspended?

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    Reggie what are you talking about? If you watch the closeup at 1:14 you see Metta World Peace’s forearm brush against Harden. He then pulls his arm up and elbows him in the head. It was 100% intentional.

  • KING

    Laker fans are the most ignorant fan in sports

  • reggie06

    Betcact yea it was intentional but you cant blame everything on metta and suspend him for playoffs all i say is 25 k fine
    btw if you look at first replay you can see metta did not see harden and harden walked into him and metta probably should not throw an elbow once his arm touched his head or neck

  • Matt Park

    ANYONE trying to justify this by saying that Harden walked into Artest is an idiot. A goddam idiot… Anyway, it was really a poor move by Metta and expect him to get a lengthy suspension.

  • E-Bron

    The Thug Life: With Ron Artest

  • reggie06

    look matt park i gotta be an absoloute douche if you think its all on artest
    all IM SAYING 25k suspension

  • Conor O.

    James Harden should be expelled from the League. Plain and simple.

  • shutup

    Wouldnt be surprised if he was banned from nba competition. Clearly intentional and he could have severely hurt Harden, a shot to the back of the head like that can cause paralyzation and even death

  • gubbins

    The sooner this clown retires the better off basketball will be. The Lakers should amnesty him just to make a point. Maybe he’s jealous because Harden pulls off similar plays night after night with little fuss. Either way, World Peace is for Dicks.

  • Ethan

    This brotha thinks its NBA Jam!

  • Bruno

    hey reggie06 what were yoou talkin about Kobe and the Lakers? … yeah right hahaha


    Artest given his history will likely miss at least one game in the 1st round. With that said, what a comeback win by the Lakers today.

  • http://slamonlin.com jumpman22

    ban world peace in the playoffs

  • Conor O.

    The League would be wrong to suspend Artest for anything beyond one Playoff game. The Thunder kept Harden out for the entirety of the game in an attempt to extend any potential suspension.

  • http://slamonline.com Slick Ric

    LOL, bunch of hypocrites here. I though this was what yall wanted? the game is too soft right? Blake and Rose are some p***y for saying they don’t like plays like this(cheap shots), they never said they had a problem with HARD FOULS. Now everybody feels likes Ron is a monster and he should be banned like Bynum should of been banned last season. even Magic(the great player that played in the tough and manly 80′s) even said he didn’t like CHEAP SHOTS NOT HARD FOULS.

  • http://slamonline.com Slick Ric

    A lot of Pssys on here. You can clearly see it was intentionally meant to elbow him but not on the head. The sweat from both players caused the to slide upside his head. I see harder blows at my local play ground. You mofos must be some sissies.

  • Mike from Spain

    If Harden got a concussion, MWP might be out of the courts less time than Harden, and that would be unfair. Just a thought.

  • doyouwantmore

    Ron Artest has not changed. The marketing consultants that his people hired and the PR execs for the NBA came a long way from the Malice at the Palace, but Ron Artest didn’t.

  • http://slamonline Jimbo

    ^ Thank you Ric….. all these guys a couple days ago were calling Rose and Blake soft and saying it was part of the game. No you are all contradict yourself and trying to pull some NHL crap and saying Artest should be suspended for the playoffs. Didn’t you say it was part of the game a couple of days ago?

  • doyouwantmore

    HAHA every Lakers ovation is an “ovation of ignorance.”

  • http://www.nba.com VanCityBBall

    you think THAT was a celebration and harden just so happend to be in the way?!?!? who the hell celebrates by winding up an elbow and throwing it to head level? i hope JH is alright and can still compete at a high level

  • http://slamonline.com Slick Ric

    That second dude was not me.

  • Michelle

    Artest=very low IQ, anger management issues and crazy

  • doyouwantmore

    If you try to compare what Ron Artest did to getting fouled hard while you’re going to the basket, then you’re obviously star-struck and not a fan of basketball. Every player will throw the occasional elbow around in the off chance it will bang into someone. That IS part of the game. Ron Artest is just too brainless and/or juiced with testosterone to control himself. He reacted with a normal move, the elbow, and then followed through with pure emotion. If you watch the tape and say that there’s any question about whether it was intentional, then I would say that there’s a question about your grasp on reality. Its like if someone’s wearing a shiny gold shirt the fair-weather fanboys can convince themselves of anything.

  • backboard

    what in the world are some of you talking about? that was freaking brutal. now, i am sure that MWP didnt mean to hurt Harden. Its just one of those things with Metta, he had a brain fart and his emotions got the best of him. If you watch the replay you can easily tell that it was intentional. But not “i want to hurt you”- intentional. He just flipped for a second. In those moments his brain just gives out – and that is what MWP is all about. He IS crazy. It will happen again. He is kind of like a dog that tears up your best suit and then is surprised that he gets beaten the crap out of him…..

  • Ash

    I don’t see Griffim nor Rose get fouled the way Harden was by Metta World Peace. I heard Harden was balling on MWP. MWP always does something intentionally to an opponent, to get inside his head and normally that player struggle. I expect him to get more tham one game.

  • Mike from Spain

    I think the sequence is : MWP bumps into Harden. Then he starts a shove with the forearm. Then he gets all Malice at the Palace and clearly rotates his torso to take impulse. The elbow might not have been directed to the back of the head, but it would most certainly hit at head level in any case. Hard to figure out what the hell was Artest thinking… Hopefully JH is well and can resume playing in the first round.

  • http://Juanm.garcia@comcast.net KingsWithRings

    What I saw was Harden comming back to play after having cleared all tests, as reported, only to see two men in suites come up to hi. Sending him back to the locker room. I smell a chicken OKC team wanting the league to suspend META multiple games in hopes this will derail the Lakers in the first round so that they won’t have to face them. P’s. Book that!

  • VanCityVibe

    That was an idiotic move by him, should be renamed Metta World War. I hope James Harden gets better…

  • dannyb

    If World Peace gets suspended, can he just change his name back to Ron Artest and skip it?

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Saw it live, look like he was just doing his normal moves after a dunk, but James Harden did not move out of the way and he got it from Peace. Harden will move next time some one will come his way. BOOK ELBOW

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    KingsWithRings where does such information exist? I applaud your imagination.

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    The only thing fair to do is suspend Artest for the duration of Harden’s injury + possibly more. If Harden doesn’t have a concussion it should be 5-7 games.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mikebone Simmy Sosa

    Artest was feeling himself a little too much after that grown man move. He’s probably out for 5 games, which is bad, but even worse his reputation is done. Might as well change his name to Ronbo Slice Artest.

  • http://Facebook.com/tronjohnson Chief

    David Stern almost had a heart attack

  • robb

    This man needs to call his psychiatrist again ASAP. What a punk.

  • Geoff

    Thank YOU, backboard! Slick Ric is a moron for comparing this to what Rose and Blake were whining about. If he would put down the groupie goggles for a second he’d understand that plays during the game on those two guys aren’t remotely similar to this elbow by Artest. No one is a hypocrite for recognizing that this was plain dirty.

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    I think RonRon will be out for 2 games. What pisses me off is that when OKC NEEDED offense in the second half, our off-the-bench scorer wasn’t able to play…..could’ve been a whole different ballgame. Oh well, hopefully his crazy @ss gets suspended for more games. What a d!ckhead.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    2-4 Game suspension, $75,000 fine.

  • logues

    didnt look too bad in fast motion, but in slow mo that looked like it hurt! holy crap that was a wicked elbow to the face

  • ChipS

    Are yall serious? Of course some of us want physical basketball, but not blatant elbow shots to the head! What if Harden fell and hit his head after the blow? Would you still defend it? It’s one thing to foul someone hard going to the basket to send a message, but its another thing when you clock someone in the head with a blatant elbow! And to be honest my first thought when I seen it after the replays was if this will linger thru Harden’s career or if he would lose some of his hearing. It was that extreme!

  • http://www.nba.com VanCityBBall

    cosign @ChipS ^^^ your right on the money… and the NBA just tried its best to stop the likelyhood of concussions with all those pain staking body tests. and of all people a guy named “Meta World Peace” throws an elbow to a guys face? i feel sorry for the die hard laker fans because this sterotypes what others think of them around the L as sore losers. although im not a laker fan myself, i respect them as a team but this makes it hard

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    You guys are idiots. It wasn’t a “blatant elbow to the face”, his elbow slipped upwards. He was elbowing him but he wasn’t going for the face.

  • Jay

    MWP should be suspended for as long as JH is out! MWP is an idiot!

  • Akyes

    If you think the thunder didn’t play harden to try and get artest a longer punishment your an idiot. Harden when and got checked out by the laker medical staff. Why would they try and do that, he was obviously having concussion like symptoms

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    I say 5 games, $100k. Miss most of the first round basically. The league is VERY defensive of stuff like this and given Metta’s reputation, he’s gonna get hit pretty hard by this one. And if anyone compares this to any Rose/Blake discussion, you don’t deserve to be commenting on this site. Go cheer with the rest of the Lakers fans at Staples.

  • http://espn.go.com/nba/ Paul H

    Co-sign T-ray to the hills

  • http://slamonline.com Slick Ric

    The 7:05 comment is not me, but Like I was saying Geoff or jerkoff, whatever, It is the same thing, Rose felt like Charlie V intentionally went for his head and he started bleeding from his nose. Where’s the consistency, you guys are hypocrites and I stand by that. That WAS A CHEAP SHOT and that was what Rose and Blake was referring to Cheap shots, NOT HARD FOULS.

  • bike

    I stink of gorilla juice all day, errday.

  • robb

    @Red no dumb@ss, he was going for the head which is even worse. Shut up, for real.

  • http://espn.go.com/nba/ Paul H

    That was dirty as FU*K, anyone who watches that (at least as an impartial like myself) and thinks Artest should not have been thrown out…….I just don’t know what to say to you.

  • shutup

    So where was a blow like that supposed to land? for all those that try to defend it; you need help, if you can’t tell he cocked his arm back outside of his King Kong impression, your mental. I like a hard foul, this wasn’t even in the context of the game, wasnt a play on the ball wasnt trying to play d, just straight up swung and connected with an elbow to the upper neck area ie: the head. If this was a first offense maybe he gets a fair sentence, Stern is gonna drop the hammer on this guys oversized dome. Oh and with all the concussion news lately the league had no choice but to stop Harden from playing.

  • Geoff

    @Slick Ric: See Caboose’s comment. Your comment was moronic. Like I said, if you can’t see the difference between the situations then you need to focus more on the game and less on being a fan boy.

  • shutup

    So where was a bl()w like that supposed to land? for all those that try to defend it; you need help, if you can’t tell he c()cked his arm back outside of his King Kong impression, your mental. I like a hard foul, this wasn’t even in the context of the game, wasnt a play on the ball wasnt trying to play d, just straight up swung and connected with an elbow to the upper neck area ie: the head. If this was a first offense maybe he gets a fair sentence, Stern is gonna drop the hammer on this guys oversized dome. Oh and with all the concussion news lately the league had no choice but to stop Harden from playing.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    My question is why?!? Harden wasn’t even getting in his face, he was moving toward the inbounder to get the ball. That sh!t looked like an angry tic or something… not normal at all. Artest is a punk for that move–a blow to the back of the head is serious. I just hope Harden is okay.

  • http://espn.go.com/nba/ Paul H

    Exactly Teddy, another classic case of the faux hard man. It takes a REAL hard man to elbow a smaller person who Is not looking at you….

  • Matt Park

    Fucking calling him World Peace. Watching it again, you can absolutely see him cocking his elbow back. He didn’t aim for the shoulders; he aimed for the neck/lower head area. If you elbow someone DOWNWARDS towards the neck, what do you think is going to happen?

    YT link below for those who didn’t get to see yet.


  • http://slamonline.com Slick Ric

    Again, like I said jerkoff, there is no difference. Its just like different levels of flagrant, does not matter how viscous a flagrant looked at the end of the day, its still a flagrant. And what MWP did was a cheap shot(which are unnecessary and uncalled for) and most players don’t like em’, it does not mean they are soft. MWP is a monster now though, he’s just getting physical like everybody wants the game to be since it has got so soft.

  • http://Juanm.garcia@comcast.net NYPlaya

    Too many lil girls on here for my taste. Come play at any NY playground and this common shit. I”d just get up and throw a round house right next time that mofo came down the lane. On here it’s “oh heavens to Betsy! The horror! What a thug!…”
    Grow a pair.

  • brandon

    thats why basketball and the lakers are the best haha

  • Brahsef

    Should have been thrown out and will get suspended, but it didn’t look overtly malicious. I def don’t think Ron was aiming for the head, I mean he didn’t even make eye contact with Harden before the strike. He acted reckless though and it had a nasty outcome.

  • bravo

    I would like to see him and ibaka fight

  • yann

    I think you can tell the elbow was intintional but.got redirected by hardens arm up to his head


    Metta is better than Harden so whatever. Harden has a foot fetish and likes to rub his dic between Kevin durant’s toes and fingers and teeth

  • jpm34

    Red is a complete and total moron for defending this psychtestotic move by Artest.

  • Lloyd

    Slick Ric I saw it live and it looked mad vicious. Difference between Blake/DRose’s situations and this one is that the other cheap shots/hard fouls (depending on your perspective) are in the flow of the game and can be defended. It can be argued that the defender was just trying to stop an easy basket. I honestly didn’t think the Charlie V foul on Rose looked that bad and I’m a Rose fan (the bleeding made it look worse than it was). However, there is no defending this intentional elbow. It was after the play was finished, the ball was still out of bounds, and it’s only purpose was to hurt Harden for whatever reason. Not saying that Blake and DRose aren’t the subjects of cheap fouls at times (Robin Lopez on Blake was wack too), but this is clearly on a whole different level of malice.

  • Riggs

    for anyone saying that he didnt see him there, look at the replay. not only did he feel harden there, he got a look right before he threw his elbow. Also, if he was only celebrating why wasnt he throwing elbows with his other arm? this is just ron artest being an idiot as usual. World peace? ha yeah right.

  • Jerome

    The INTENTIONAL ELBOW TO THE HEAD was bad enough. During the replay MWP clearly sees Harden and where his elbow was headed. Then, MWP goes man-against-the-world when OKC players go to defend their teammate. MWP should never play another NBA game. He isn’t right in the head, he should learn from his elbows.

  • LebronFan

    MWP is totally wrong for his actions and appears to have known what he was doing. The replay clearly shows it was intentional because if it was an accident he would have at least tried to see if the boy was okay and apologized. That dude is sad and a disgrace to the sport, they should kick his ass out of the NBA. As we all can see this is not his first incident and if they let me keep getting away with it, he’ll surely do it again.

  • http://slamonline house

    Way to be an ambassador for world peace you f*ckin hypocrite, I hope he has to sit down for the rest of this season and most of the next as well. Basketball isn’t full contact MMA you idiot. His name change was an attempt at gaining greater publicity, nothing more, nothing less and conduct like this proves it…

  • LebronFan

    Excuse me, if they let him keep getting away with it

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/media/slam-tv/2012/04/video-metta-world-peace-with-a-vicious-elbow-to-james-hardens-head/ Donte Jones

    I just re-watched the malice at the palace.. Reminder of who this player really is. Today’s incident is disgraceful. Ron Artest / Metta whatever, is a disgrace to the game.

  • Jlp

    And this lunatic changed his name to World Peace. IDIOT

  • Ant

    For those of you comparing this situation to Blake/Rose, there is a major difference between being physical/chippy during the game and elbowing someone in the head when the ball is not in play.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dagger

    To all the idiots defending this: there is a gigantic difference between a vicious cheap shot and a good hard foul. Give me a break. I bet you’re the same guys defending thugs going for headshots in the NHL. Artest should be suspended for the playoffs, period.

  • http://slamonline.com Jones

    World Peace not being very peaceful!

    Harden bumped him. It’s nothing special, it happens all the time after an opponent scores, but Metta decided to take exception to that, probably because he was mad that the Thunder/Harden was lighting him up and beating his team. Then he makes a nice dunk, gets fired up, and rather violently makes Harden back off. I personally think ten games sounds fair, considering his track record. I mean, you don’t want to encourage people to just start taking out guys, right? Imagine in the playoffs, some scrub takes out Paul or Rondo or Rose (small guards with injury history) that changes the whole series and the NBA shouldn’t let dirty play like that happen.


    It was clearly unintentional. Honestly I think harden dove. He was just celebrating a dunk

  • SDC

    Same old Artest… MWP stands for; Man With Problems.

  • MATT

    So much for world peace!

  • SDC

    or Maniac Waving Punches. or Mad With People. or Modern Warefare Player. or Maddest World Player. or Most Wrong Psychology. or Mashing Whoever Passes. or Major Wack Person… anything but “Metta World Peace”.

  • EJ

    I’m a Lakers fan, and that’s clearly intentional. Not all of us are stupid.



  • Dungeon Family

    Harden beard was leanin after that

    But Only MWP knows wither it was intentional or not

    I’m not about to shit up here and argue about it

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Thank you EJ. Hope for the human race.


    ^^ So Metta can viciously elbow him in the face & be suspended for multiple games, hopefully the playoffs too. With MTW its easier done than said.

  • SDC

    Whats the point of punishing him? That’s just Artest being Artest, he has some off moments every once in a while, and a punishment is not gonna change that. He should be stopped before somebody gets seriously hurt, and that’s up to either him or the Lakers to adress, not the league, cause they have punished him before and it didn’t work, the only way is to get rid of him or accept the risk, cause everybody knows he can get out of control some times and he showed today that, unlike his name, he haven’t change a bit, beware of MWP: Madman Waiting Psychiatrist. I mean, he does have a major in math, maybe he should think about starting a new career away from the basketball, and hopefully, any kind of court.

  • gubbins

    ^ You’re so right. Why punish people for their infractions, especially when they are against the rules of the game he plays & potentially dangerous. We should applaud Moron World Pants for his honesty and let him express his nature. Idiot.

  • Drig

    Metta deserved to be ejected. Plain and simple. However, anything more than a 5 game suspension and 80k fine is simply going off of Ron’s reputation and that’s BS IMO. And no, he does not deserve to be out for all of the POs. More like 2-3 games of first round.

  • doyouwantmore

    Artest is just crazy and not in a cool way

  • russian guy

    I think 15 games sounds right so he would miss the last reg season game and at least two rounds in the playoffs.But please stop with this ‘it’s ron artest,what u expect’ stuff.After the Malice he changed,he didn’t have a real incident in 6 years.

  • http://slamonline house

    lol Moron World Pants

  • duckas

    The guy should be suspended for at least 8 games to make sure he misses the lakers first round and I tell ya that gonna be it for the La La land. First round exit book it!

  • duckas

    And by the way how in the world (peace) have the thunder lost grip on this game they were up by 18- they are no title contenders i hope memphis or some other team gonna teach them a lesson. grow up westbrook trying to shoot every time he touches it 3-22 atrocious

  • Yesse

    WTF is wrong with him?

    This really reminds me of the old glimpses of Ron Artest. His name should be more like Metta World War.

  • Tempest

    He will forever be Ron Artest the phychotic drongo. I hope Harden’s alright hes a mad baller

  • reggie06


  • http://slamonline Jimbo

    ^ did you watch the video?

  • Sioux

    All of the comments here are about World Peace. Very few about Harden. I hope he’ll be OK. He’s a freaking ball player. I’d hate to see him diminished in the Playoffs. Not ’cause I’m a OKC fan, but oly for the fact that I love basketball.

  • Ali

    Pump ya breaks Thunder! Hahaha….The Mamba strikes back. Stop standing around, shi* everybody knows to steer clean of Ron Artest
    when he’s on one, Hahah…He’s had his meanest under raps for awhile but it’s still in him fellaz, you can’t change people. Harden had no business standing around looking in the wrong direction. Bet that’s the last time he does that shi*, Hahaha…

  • http://leipzig-eagles.de/ Speedy

    Everybody that is saying it’s Hardens fault standing around Artest should think about Kobe or another Laker player standing in place of Harden when Ron switches his brain off.

  • http://leipzig-eagles.de/ Speedy

    In this situation he could have elbowed everybody, no matter if friend or foe.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    Nobody should be defending this in any way – anyone that does is just stupid, plain and simple. Look at the replay. It was calculated, and damn near dislodged Harden’s head off. Ron Artest is something like 6-8 265 with a lot of strength in his arms. That kind of hit will leave any one disoriented. Harden is likely okay but the potential of hurt behind that hit was very high. It was a brutal hit.

  • http://slamonline.com raylan

    When the NBA bans artest, the Saint will pick him up and make him more money

  • Kadavour

    the contact was intentional and uncontrolled and those reactions need to be discouraged. intent plays a part here too, and no one knows his intent, but it doesn’t look like he meant to do more than deliver a GTFO my way shot at whoever it was impeding his progress after the dunk. Consider this in your OVER/UNDERS: Kevin Love got 2 games for STOMPING on a dude’s head.

  • Kobester

    He walked away from Ben Wallace after he got pushed the F out and when he saw a smaller dude like Harden he threw an elbow. What a little B*tch!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dagger

    It should also be said that Artest’s initial reaction to the dunk was ridiculous and immature. He was out of control before that elbow was thrown.

  • Pais

    When assessing the punishment you have to take into account the players history. Main purpose of a punishment is to deter the action or a similar action from happening again. If a person is a repeat offender then you can safely assume that the punishment the first time round wasn’t strong enough and therefore ought to be more severe this time round. The goal is to prevent this from happening again. But you gotta think at this point that it’s quite possible that there’s no punishment that can completely eliminate the possibility of MWP doing something like this again, and considering that this incident was potentially fatal it’s worth discussing as to whether MWP ought to be allowed to play again ever.

  • james

    im a lakers fan. artest did this on purpose because of the sh*t harden has been talkin during the last games between the lakers and thunder. i admit artest should let his game do the talking but i like the message he just sent. i doubt we will ever see harden getting into kobe’s face talkin noise again like he did earlier in the season. i don’t condone the action by artest but i do approve of the message it sends, the lakers aren’t bout to sit down and let dudes like james harden run their yaps.

  • Pais

    Harden moved in his path and puts up his arms to to initiate contact and perhaps take out a little bit of steam out of MWP’s celebration, and receives a disgusting, completely unjustified & unwarranted blow to the head. As someone else pointed out, I doubt MWP new what he was doing, while completely juiced on adrenalin and a good dose of irrational crazy, he was just reacting with violence in a sort of primitive unspecific way that ended up being what we all saw. Hope Harden will be ok, cause it could’ve been much worse and still has the potential to affect him long term.

  • http://espn.go.com/nba/ Paul H

    I think MWP DEFINITELY knew what he was doing…..He didn’t even look round! If you hit someone accidentally like that any decent person would be mortified and immediately turn to the persons aid. It was so blatant I feel sick that I ever defended him. The fact that he did It to James Harden makes It that much worse. I actually had more respect for him In the aftermath of the Mailice than after this.

  • 130623

    I’d ban him until next year at least! What a uneducated c*!t

  • Omar

    Damn, if Artest had a gun and shot him, some of y’all would blame Harden for walking into the bullet.

  • dfd

    @Omar and @Paul H
    Exactly, why everybody still defend artest (he doesn’t deserve MWP)
    If you hit a guy accidentally you will aware.
    And for people who said harden is blocking artest path, I wish he/she was who get elbowed.

  • Ali

    A few games, and lets keep it moving… It was an elbow, not a punch, kick, mid-air undercut, mid-air push, mid-air closeline, etc. Neither guy was looking at one another, Yes Ron has a history, we all know that, he let his emotions get the best of him after a nice play, Harden was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ve seen worse on a NBA court, did any of ya’ll watch the NBA in the 80′s and 90′s! C’mon Son! Somebody call Vernon Maxwell or where’s Anthony Mason, Hahaha….

  • Heals

    Stay classy Los Angeles (Burgandy voice)…

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Harden ran up to him and bumped him. Artest responded by swinging an elbow as if to say “Get off me.” It hit Harden in an incredibly dangerous place, a suspension is warranted, not sure of the duration but nothing excessive, and Mike Breen is more than just judgemental.

  • Geoff

    @Slick Ric: if you can’t tell the difference between Rose thrashing himself into the lane on a basketball play & Blake going in for an embarassing dunk, and Harden getting hit with an intentionally hurtful elbow for talking trash on a non-baasketball play then you’re simply an idiot. There is a reason you’re the only person comparing the situations.

  • G Money

    Its obvious that this was a malicious attack with the intent to hurt Harden. His celebration was pounding his chest, the elbow was purposeful. He could of cause major damage to Harden, the temporal bone can cause major trauma when hit. This isnt this idiot fraud of name “World Peace’s” first offense and it wont be his last. Hes bad for the game, hes a bad influence, hes “World Disgrace.” Get him out of here for good.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    In no way did Harden deserve to be elbowed. HOWEVER. However… There’s an old homeless woman who takes dumps on the sidewalk in front of one of my job sites. I see her; she sees me. I stay out of her way. I know Ron’s history. You know Ron’s history. Harden didn’t know Ron’s history? There was no other way to get to the ball other than through Ron? Ron’s apology was BS, clearly. But to quote Chris Rock- ‘He shouldn’t have did it…. But I understand.’

  • Kadavour

    Spaceship Jay – ftw! Attributing intent to this elbow is just as emotional a response as MWPs celebration after the dunk.

  • http://slamonline.com Slick Ric

    @jerkoff, so what, that don’t mean I’m wrong, that just mean you guys are hypocrites, that’s all. Dont say the nba is soft because its not physical and try to berate a guy for throwing cheap shots that everybody seems to love, Harden should be tougher right?

  • balher

    “Metta World Peace” No More

  • AiRsMiTh

    @Allenp All I can think of when I see the replay of MWP dunking, is, “get off me”. It’s amazing that he can still get up on people (KD, Ibaka), but yeah, I think the elbow wasn’t intentional; I don’t think he was trying to throw a bow into his temple. He was just hyped, and got a little out of control, not to mention he wanted people to get off of him naturally. It’s unfortunate. I hope James’ concussion isn’t too serious, I respect him, and Westbrook, so I’d feel disappointed if the (lame) Thunder were to suffer in the playoffs for this.

  • Geoff

    @TheMaleGroupie: If you call seeing the differences between two distinct situations hypocritical, then not only are you dumber than you regularly sound but you have no idea how to properly use the term hypocrite. Your man obsession with Rose and Blake is creepy. You think only think the way you do because you’re in love with those two. What reason besides the reality of the situation would everyone rally around Harden, and call the other two crybabies? You’re trying to relate situations that have nothing to do with each other simply because you’re a fanboy.

  • AiRsMiTh

    @Kadavour Good point, I think K Love’s stomp was worse actually. I know it’s possible (lots of you obviously think so) that what Artest did was intentional (Harden/Bryant chattering we’ve seen in games past this season), but I don’t think it was; it doesn’t look like he ever looked at him unless only for like a split second, and I believe the temple hit was just coincidental. Kevin Love, however, completely and knowingly tried to stomp on Scola’s face. He looked right at him before delivering the blow.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    @Jerkoff, I’m just speaking with logic, what do you mean they have no relation? artest threw a cheap shot( it does not matter how viscous it was compared to others, its still a cheap shot) and that’s what Rose and Blake detested but everyone called them soft and now people are acting like Ron is a monster,imbecile. If you don’t see the hypocrisy and correlation between the two then you are dumber than I initially thought.

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    Lol, you guys are got damned idiots. Again, you’ll see his elbow slip upwards. He did mean to elbow him, but not in the head & not that hard it’s just when his elbow slips upwards in account of the sweat the speed of his elbow increases.

  • AiRsMiTh

    @Red, I feel the same way about the elbow. I meant that I don’t think that he intentionally AIMED for his head. The elbow is clearly intentional, but he doesn’t really ever look at him, and his elbow just happens to clock Harden where it did.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Got to say my piece on this.
    MWP clearly knew he was throwing an elbow, he is not a 4 year old who sporadically loses control of his limbs.
    MWP knew he hit a Thunder player in the least, after the elbow hits he doesn’t look back, he knows he didn’t hit a teammate or official, if he had any doubts he would have looked back.
    If the elbow he threw was somehow accidental, that makes MWP even more dangerous. Because he doesn’t have control of his body and the violent outburts it is capable of.
    Either way, this was vicious, and his punishment should not be handed out lightly AT ALL.

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    Yea, I’m not defending it he screwed up. But don’t sit there like an idiot saying he aimed for the head. As far as his punishment I’d say 3 games no pay + fine.

  • Mike

    $25K fine and one game suspension? I don’t think so. The NBA office will look at this very carefully, consult medical staff, and review its file on what was discussed with MWP (RA)after the Detroit incident. I am old enough to remember the Kermit Washington punch and there is no place for this in the NBA. I believe KW was banned from the NBA for life and MWP may face the same punishment.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qNzF0mZUPI MeloMan15

    Theres a big difference between playing physical and elbowing someone to the head when theyre not looking. Artest should be in prison

  • bike

    Allen took the words off my fingers as I were to type them, yo

  • LP

    RON ARTEST will gain the respect he desires. I think you guys are missing the point. Nobody will again f*** with him after this episode. betcha harden won’t get in the way again… nobody will..

  • http://Yahoosports OLOU

    World Peace should be suspended for the entire season and the playoffs, or maybe even removed from the NBA. He does not symbolize World Peace.

  • http://slamonline Brion

    It sux that this incident is taking away from the great comeback the Lakers had. Also I thought Bynum would be complaining about his lack of P.T. today.

  • Kevin

    I personally don’t think it was intentional . He didn’t even look for harden after dunk . He just ran and felt contact . He was just jawing to himself seems like after a play.. Just b/c it’s Artest we assume the worse … I’ve seen players do the same exsact play … Harden flopped replay shows it …

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Harden has a concussion idiot.

  • @boweezy24

    Yeah I Think He Was Trying To Shove Him Away With His Elbow/Arm, but Caught Harden In The Head. :) MWP A Hood Nigguh Tho.

  • Geoff

    @TheMaleGroupie: As I said, hard fouls happening during a play have NOTHING to do with Artest’s elbow. They have no relation. Just because they’re all basketball players doesn’t mean they’re comparable. You’re just slow. Not that this is a comment section of rocket scientists, but the fact that you’re the only one trying to make that correlation says a lot about how dumb you are.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    @Jerkoff, Your intellectual prowess is minute compared to mine. Your comprehension skills are evident of that.

  • http://www.thedynastyboys.com lix

    I’m with Geoff and everyone else. Slick Ric is totally wrong. There is a reason you’re on that island alone buddy. You are definitely reaching tryna compare the elbow to Harden’s head with those other guys getting fouled. Just because a player gets hit doesn’t mean the circumstances are the same.

  • jinolin

    Whoe’s tha Jerkoff?

  • jinolin

    That one replay where Ron is trying to show the ref how he celebrates is quite amusing, I can just imagine the conversation that went on followed by that “ape” gesture.


    No suspension no fine. Accidents happen

  • Marc

    Its easy to be keyboard warriors and judge him. But he made a mistake and i dont think he was going for the head. I bet none of yall would call him these names to his face. It was a stupid act it doesn’t mean he is a malicious person. Chill out I seen worse fouls and harder hits in the game.
    PS. I’m not justifying what he did but YOU can’t be so judgemental callin him stupid and a douche.

  • Cizzo

    No justice no WorldPeace…… I would of pop the trunk on his punkass and ended WorldPeace… He would be in a Box and i would be in Prison….

  • http://slamonline.com KRon

    MWP does Muay thai…That was a muay thai elbow!!!

  • Jim Hunt

    I think he should be expelled for the duration of the season and given a stiff fine. If this is overlooked it will only get worse. We can watch hockey if we want to see the fights..

  • REC

    Should never have happened. How sad. A blow like that could kill, then what?