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Dwight Howard Works Out for the Lakers (VIDEO)

Though no timetable has been set for Dwight Howard’s complete return, there’s been nothing but good news out of Laker-land regarding the big fella’s rehab. The team released footage today of Howard doing some work on the court: “On Wednesday afternoon, Howard continued to make progress, focusing on upper and lower body strengthening, core stabilization, light running plus some basketball activities. Assistant coaches Darvin Ham and Chuck Person went through low post moves with the six time All-Star center, with Howard adding some shooting from the paint and the free throw line. Howard dropped in a high percentage of his patented baby hooks with either hand, spinning either to the baseline or the middle depending on Ham’s defense, and showed his quick first step getting to the hoop when Ham closed out.”

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  • Pedestrian Nightmare

    ‘patented’ baby hook :)

  • Pedestrian Nightmare

    besides, I wouldnt emphasize how efficiently he was able to score against someone thats a head shorter and doesnt jump

  • thurman

    talking about sports jargon =)

  • shutup

    the dream shake just seems superfluous, he didn’t need to do it every time.

  • Flynn

    Is that DFish in the background?

  • roscoe

    Yep.. he has permission to use the facilities.

  • Think Please

    He’s obviously practicing THAT move

  • brandan evans

    looks good to me, keep at it dwight!

  • LakeShow

    What roscoe said. I don’t know why LA doesn’t cut Blake and sign Fish.

  • brian scalabrine

    haha. who smoked the layup in the background?

  • Conor

    Forgot you were a professional basketball player.

  • shutup

    He’s been doing that move every pre-game his entire career. I don’t think he has ever used it in game once, at least not that I can remember. How he is using it isn’t how Dream used it anyway, Dream did pre-move, not after he already made his move, big difference. Dream used it to keep the defender off balance and not let the defense dictate which way he was going, he also used it to create space for his turn-around jumper, Dwight is just doing it to do it, it serves no real purpose; hence superfluous.

  • Conor

    I still don’t feel comfortable not having Bynum, since he’s going to absolutely devastate the League in Philly, but I expect that Howard will ease my worries as soon as Opening Night.

  • shutup

    Not a professional, but someone who practiced post-moves for as long as I have been playing basketball, a student of the game, if you will. Also since when do I have to play professionally to comment on slam? Now run along troll…..

  • shutup

    Doubt Howard will be suiting up opening night. Laker’s fans better hope Steve Nash can keep everybody happy. 2 petulant big men and an aging superstar chucker (yes I know Kobe is the second coming of Jesus). Its not going to be pretty if this experiment goes awry.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    YAWN, bring on the 2012-13 season!

  • http://twitter.com/D12FSU Daniel Harris

    I bet you he missed those free throws! (says the disgruntled magic fan)

  • DoubleClutch95

    Darvin Ham is in the building! LOL

  • Schooled by Shutup

    Thank you for your wisdumb

  • Wiskid

    He looks great! Keep it up. :)

  • Ugh

    His form is horrendous. Still.

  • Mr.Zone 4

    @shutup Sit yo lame ass down somewhere

  • Brenden

    They can’t sign Fish until March. Plus they owe Blake 8 million still. Worst signing of Kupchak’s career

  • Brenden

    People need to stop thinking about Bynum. The guy was a future cancer who refused to maximize his potential in LA and was a slow cancer in the locker room. Kobe complained about Fish being traded. Odom being traded, and Gasol possibly getting traded. He seemed pretty happy when they got Howard. That’s the ultimate sign right there.

  • Flashy

    LMAO!!!!!!!! Lazy “D” and couldn’t put up in the 4th!

  • Conor

    If a pro deems it a necessity to use the move, your opinion of his practice has barely a modicum of worth.

    Howard is limiting himself to shimmies because up-and-unders & reverse pivots are manoeuvres too strenuous for his back to handle at this point of his rehab, for precautionary measures.

    As a student, maybe you could learn a master’s methods.

  • Flashy

    Kobe’s smart enough to let Stevie do his thing and wait for all of those future 1 on 1′s that he deserves. Can’t Double Mamba no mo!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NVGJJPAZDF7PYA7QPJLJRQWDBE Jordan Carter

    Lets go Heat

  • shutup

    Just like Kobe was smart enough to let the best front court in the league do the heavy lifting and have himself pick his spots….oh wait.

  • shutup

    I’m sitting as I write this….any other suggestions???

  • shutup

    Dwight is far from a master. I have study what masters do, such as McHale, Duncan, Olajuwan, Shaq, Moses Malone, Bernard King, Charles Barkely and Adrian Dantely. Guess you never heard of a saying that “practice doesn’t make perfect….perfect practice begets perfection”. Why practice something you will never use in-game? Have you ever seen Dwight use that move in a game? if so provide the youtube link please….

  • http://twitter.com/GrooveSDC GrooveSDC

    You mean the front court which didn’t show up in the playoffs because of girlfriend problems (Pau) and got benched for shooting wild 3s (bynum) and suspended for cheap shots to point guards (bynum)? Plus a SF who got suspended for another cheap shot (Metta)? That incredibly reliable front court? He’s supposed to let THAT group do the heavy lifting? Good luck with that

  • Drig

    1. Spacing. 2. Bynum was being double teamed at times and Pau had no space to operate in the post with 2 guys + bynum down there. 3. Kobe does ignore Bynum at times.

  • pposse

    those lefty hooks look soooo lame! They might be effective, but a true eye sore!!

  • pposse

    howard is limited on offense, and its not cause of his back, he just is and has been since he came into the league.

  • shutup

    No I meant the front court that had the two best (arguably)offensive skilled players at their positions. I’m talking about the front court that shot .501 and .558 from the field for the season, the same front court that scored 17.4 on 14 shots and 18.7 on 13.3 shots per game compared to 26.1 on 21 shots per game at .430.

  • shutup

    The coach is still the same, so spacing is still going to be a problem. The original post said Kobe was double teamed so you have to pick who was actually double teamed ( i agree with flashy) and lastly Kobe ignores everybody sometimes. That being said Dwight doesn’t have the range that Bynum had and we have never seen him share his space with another post threat so we don’t know how well he will thrive in this situation. How many times does he have to be passed up on before he starts jacking ill advised tantrum threes?

  • shutup
  • shutup
  • shutup
  • Drig

    The head coach is the same. I’m pretty sure Eddie will be handling designing most of the plays with inputs from Kobe and Nash. That’ll allow Brown to focus on the team’s D and rotations. Having an another guy who can create his own shot and do it for others itself is gonna help with the spacing. Last year, Kobe was asked to penetrate, create off the dribble and with Pau helping at times, try to set players up. Now Nash can take half the load off of him. Bynum was doubled by OKC and Nuggets numerous times in the paint. That doesn’t mean Kobe didn’t see doubles too. Infact, that was what exposed his passing game to be below par which was previously ( atleast for me ) not measured to a significant extent. Kobe’s never played with a PG who has talent on a similar level to him. Having that perimeter 2nd option makes it a lot more easier on him.

  • chast

    Howard will work with Kareen and he will be better with his sky hooks and footwork just like Bynum was. He will be a better offensive play because Kareen will make him one just like Bynum.

  • http://www.facebook.com/delfin.feliciano Delfin Feliciano

    LAKERS are knocking at your door!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shutup

    Kobe played with Gary Payton and Karl Malone along with Shaq inside and he still found a way to lead the team in FGA by a large margin. Kobe is going to be Kobe, whether you think Eddie Jordan is now going to be the head coach or not. Kobe is a ball dominant scorer, he doesn’t catch and shoot like a Ray Allen or a Rip Hamilton. If you think Kobe isn’t going to be jacking up 20+ shots a game your lying to your self. He’s only shot less than 20 one time since the 2000 season and he still led the team it FGA by 4+ a game (03-04 @18.1). We both agree Kobe’s passing is sub par, I don’t see how having another shooter is going to help him, when having the former most dominant center in the league didn’t (Shaq) and having the best front court in the NBA didn’t (Pau and Bynum). The thing is Kobe doesn’t have faith in anyone else and Howard’s lack of FT, along with Nash’s lapses on defense will put Kobe in super chucker mode, if he doesn’t find himself in that mind state already.

  • Drig

    Who else on the Lakers did you want to take shots from the perimeter when Shaq kept sure Kobe wasn’t doubled?? That 03-04 season was a bad one for many reasons. And I don’t see anyone harping on Payton around 12 FGA, Shaq around 14 and Malone around 9. I find it funny people harp about Kobe during the 3-peat years yet don’t give a single good plausible scenario when Kobe can take less shots. Shaq took almost 19-20FGA per game just like he did in Orlando. But Orlando had Andersen, Hardaway and Grant who shared and got around 14 fga each. LAL had Rick Fox, Kobe and Fish. Explain how having Rick Fox or Fisher take shots instead of Kobe on iso plays ( when he was really good at them ) is gonna help the team. Kobe’s still gonna take around 18 shots per game no doubt. But give him the benefit of the doubt when you say he’ll again go for 21FGA etc. He hasn’t once in his career played alongside another perimeter player who could create plays and his own shot if necessary. Having the ball outta Kobe’s hands on all plays will help him. Not forcing him to create shots on most possessions is gonna help him. Kobe is not a good spot up shooter yes but having plays run for him when he can take a dribble and shoot the ball or give it to an open Nash for 3 if doubled a much better thing to digest for this Laker fan than him dishing to Fish/Blake only to see it clank off the rim. Kobe’s played with Shaq and enjoyed much success. He shot FTs at a slightly better clip than Howard did. Kobe has had Fisher with him for the last 3 years. Nash isn’t gonna be too much of a downgrade ( but he will be one compared to Fisher ) but at the same time, we have Howard back there who’s much better than Bynum. The ONLY thing that’ll make Kobe revert to gunner mode is if two or more things happen simultaneously : bad coaching, spacing, lack of morale or when he’s on an extended cold streak and tries to break it ( which WILL HAPPEN ).

  • shutup

    You just spent about 300 words making excuses for why Kobe plays the way he does and just predicted that Kobe who is deep into his career is all of a sudden going to start playing team ball. You contradicted yourself in the first 50 words. “Shaq around 14″(shots per game) “Shaq took almost 19-20FGA per game just like he did in Orlando” which is it? Oh and Kobe doesn’t like the ball to be outta his hands that much, so unless Nash is going to come off the bench for Kobe I really don’t see Nash being able to run the offense like he did in phoenix. Lastly Kobe didn’t defer to Pau and Bynum; what makes the combo of Pau and Howard any different?

  • Drig

    I wasn’t making excuses. I was just asking for just as efficient alternate option. Explain how Kobe taking less shots and letting Rick Fox, Derek Fisher and at times Devan George taking more shots would’ve made LAL a better team. Shaq took 19-20 FGA during the 3peat years when they were most successful just like he used to as the MAIN option in Orlando so it’d be crazy to say Kobe was limiting Shaq’s chances. In the 03-04 season, he took 14, Kobe 18, Payton 12, Malone 9 and the rest was shared. By your logic, you better start calling Payton a chucker too since he wasn’t as effective as Kobe and not even close to Shaq and Malone. Kobe doesn’t like having the ball off his hands and becoming a catch and shoot player. He DOES like doing backdoor cuts, getting the ball in a triple threat position with good spacing so he can do the pull-up and he also probably likes not having to handle initiating the O on most possessions because it’s easier for his hands as well. Kobe didn’t defer to Pau and Bynum???? Are we gonna look past how horrendous the spacing is? How MikeB didn’t have a good offensive plan to utilize both Pau and Bynum at the same time?Have you watched Laker games? Haven’t you seen Kobe put up atleast 2 bailout shots every game because our spacing was wack and we swung the ball left and right till 5 seconds were left and dumped it to Kobe at the 3point line to bail us out??? No? Kobe did break the flow of the game many times during last season when he shouldn’t have. He should’ve at times passed to Bynum when he was free. But the rest of the team ( including Pau at times ) was just as much at fault for ignoring Bynum as well. But hey, Kobe didn’t utilize them well even though it was ’09 of January. Yup. I believe this team will be different because Nash is gonna ensure we make the right play as long as he is on the court. I also think Kobe realizes that through the season, he can’t carry the team on his back anymore. The only thing that’ll look glaring is him trying to shoot shots like he used to last season at the end of close games. If ( and it is a sizeable if ) Kobe can look past the iso-ending plays in Q4 and let’s the team get open looks for him, I’d say that LAL is gonna be right up there with Mia. He’ll still be selfish but it’ll be more like ’08-’10 rather than ’05-’07.