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Jalen Rose Purposely Injured Kobe Bryant’s Ankle in 2000 NBA Finals (VIDEO)

In hilarious fashion, Jalen Rose comes clean about the true reason for Kobe Bryant’s left ankle sprain during the 2000 NBA Finals – which Bean gamely fought through, and helped lead the Los Angeles Lakers to the championship that year over the Indiana Pacers.

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  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Jalen Rose later confirmed his personal coach was Greg Williams.

  • Junior Taylor

    Good one. I know there had to be some kind of bounty systems back then especially in the 70s.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk


  • shockexchange

    Tellin’ “what had happened” and “what you done seen or heard?” That can only mean one thing … Jalen was raised by a woman.

  • hawg

    Steve Smith made rose look like a dumb b*#*h!

  • robb


  • Dre_a_veli

    I remember it was like game 4 when Shaq fouled out and Kobe led them in Overtime on that bad ankle……81 was the Karma because Jalen the Target of about 57 of them points

  • shutup

    stfu clown a$$ muthafu((a

  • Dre_a_veli

    You so damn Lame with the jokes

  • roscoe

    1 d-bag interviewing another d-bag. Go get drunk and drive your car Jalen and then beg espn to not can your @ss.

  • shockexchange

    (Snoop Voice) “Said she wouldn’t snitch but she told on me, owe well”

  • shockexchange

    I See ya trollin’ … ya hatin’ … trollin’ tryna catch me ridin’ …

  • OldChris

    Dude, real talk, sometimes you post a decent basketball opinion but for the most part you really do just cyber stalk cats and troll. One yourself :D

  • JR

    I have a feeling Kobe won’t even honor this with a response.

  • The Mauve Avenger

    Wow I really think I don’t like any of the Fab 5 anymore.

  • bloodshot

    What’s wrong with being raised by a woman

  • LobCity

    Haha…People getting all salty like this is an isolated incident. I’m sure stuff like this (i.e. cheap shots/dirty plays) happens on every team every year. Let’s not start taking shots at him because he has the balls to admit it. I love the Spurs and Bruce Bowen did it all the time.

  • sketch

    I friggin knew it! I saw that game and as soon as it happened, I knew that Jalen did it on purpose! If you youtube the video and watch what Jalen did… you’ll see him stick his leg way the hell out there for Kobe to step on!


    Go to the 1:32 mark of the game. You guys will all see how Jalen’s leg comes out unusually far and sure enough, Kobe lands right on top of it. All these years, I’ve been saying that it was on purpose and that #$%$%&*!! Jalen finally fessed up to it! Props to him to doing that, but #$%$%&**!! he almost cost us a championship!

    Karma didn’t only come back and bite him in the @$$ as far as Kobe droppin 81 on him and his team. Karma cold knocked him out… he never won a chip ever!

  • tee

    if he did that was just utter foolishness and its nothing to be proud I thought you wanted your opponent to be at their best so you can win it and feel you won against all odds that was cheating and poor spots an like conduct wow so that’s how he rolls

  • tee

    you know okay so he admitted that dosent mean he has balls it means he has balls for brains and Kobe still kicked his ass stupid ass

  • Lindas

    Kobe is a die-hard stickler for not letting anything keep him down. Jalen Rose could have kept this because he didn’t hinder the championship. He should have chosen another guy because Kobe played with a broken finger, bad knees that ended up in championships. Karma is for sure present and you get your due. Kobe is still kicking and Jalen is analyzing. That goes to show you that you can’t hinder fate. Good for you, Mr. Rose, for clearing your conscience … took a while ..

  • http://www.facebook.com/SGWhiteZ Gary White

    Isn’t this kind of a “mute” point today? I mean, (Kobe being deliberately hurt in the 2000 NBA Finals), that was sooooo long ago AND was like 5 Championships back! The Lakers still WON that championship anyway! Now if this was a case of “someone deliberately injuring Kobe” like in the Lakers 2011 series vs. Dallas or their 2012 series vs. OKC, THEN it would be much more “sensative” in nature and worth talking about (and even investigating into). But “so what” when it comes to stuff that happened in a previous “time-era”!

  • roscoe

    You can play hard & knock a guy down or foul him extra hard, but you don’t do what Jalen did, and moreover you don’t sit in interview talking about it like you were playing a joke on a good friend.
    Not acceptable or unacceptable how ever you like it.
    Cal State Fullerton’s pride, Bowen, was a dirtball too.

  • http://twitter.com/TheCamera Richard Moore

    I knew there was something about him I did not like. I will never listen to anything he has to say about the game. I have no respect for a guy like Jalen.

  • Wiskid

    It didn’t stop Kobe to comeback after the next next game and as I remember, he (Kobe) made the team (Lakers) win! This is all that matters. Jalen sounds funny though back then it was serious.

  • LobCity

    Reggie Evans grabbed Kaman’s balls and I thought he was trash. Then he suited up for the Clippers and I loved him. It’s only dirt if it’s against your team/player lol. Knocking a guy down or fouling extra hard can lead to worse than a rolled ankle so I don’t your point. Lastly, do you really think Jalen is dumb/naive enough to speak this freely about the subject if it wasn’t prevalent/obvious? I mean, he tells us Kobe got him back so he knew.

  • roscoe

    @LobCity: 1st, Grabbing balls should ban a player to the Chinese league forever & why you love a guy who did such an offense is a rabbit hole I don’t care to travel down.
    2nd, hard clean fouls set the tone and are acceptable in certain games & part of playoff games. Players & referees abide by this code & they all know the red line. Watching many games will reveal this to you.
    I don’t believe Jalen is naive, but I am convinced he is an idoit & am starting to think he may have been drinking before the interview we are concerned with.
    Btw, confessing your offense does not mean you are forgiven or a changed person or even regretful. Clearly, Jalen speaks for himself LobCIty.

  • LobCity

    @0108e7e2de2e38f4e946dc555b6799aa:disqus 1st, like Reggie for what he did for the Clippers. He’s an example of a player making dirty plays but not being remembered as a dirty player. My point was this isn’t an isolated incident. Tons of guys like that in the league, Jalen just went on record to say he did it to a high-profile player with a huge fan-base.

    2nd, My original comment said cheap shots/dirty plays (i.e., Bynum taking Barrea, Pittman elbowing stepheson, Fisher hitting Scola, etc). You response talks about playing hard and knocking a player down, thats just playing physical, no problem with that. This league is SOFT. Kobe cries if you breathe on him. “Fouling extra-hard” can lead to worse than a rolled ankle, especially if done while the player is in the air. Regardless, I specified dirty plays/cheap shots, not physical play. Players obviously don’t know the line if I gave you examples and the NBA keeps suspending/handing out fines.
    3rd, Several of these players are idiots, from personal experience, and I wouldn’t doubt that guy had a few drinks.
    Lastly, I never said his confession earned him forgiveness or showed regret. I was simply amused at people’s reaction towards him specifically knowing stuff like this happens all the time. I’ll see him as a player that made a dirty play, but will not judge him knowing I support a team with players that have done similar. And that can be said about the favorite team of every person judging Jalen in this comment section.

  • roscoe

    @LobCity: you make some points… and you have an opinion I think I understand now.