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Reggie Miller – ‘Standing In The Hall’ (VIDEO)

Commemorating one of the greatest shooters of all time.

All opinions on the recently inducted Hall of Famer aside, one thing is for sure: He knew how to put on a show. When it was “Miller Time,” everyone transfixed on the Pacers’ star was left entertained. Meir delivers a stunning mix of Reggie’s career-defining moments that’s sure to send shivers down your spine.

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  • 11Tommy11

    Reggie Reggie Reggie Reggie Reggie!!!!!

  • The Philosopher

    See all those important, CLUTCH shots?
    He is… THAT dude.
    #3 all time amongst shooting guards.
    And I mean pure shooting guards. Not players who are combo guards. (West, even though Miller is as good, or even better than West)
    Not players who can make a living in the paint, as well as on the perimeter.
    Pure shooting guards.
    Very few in NBA History who are better,

  • http://www.facebook.com/qcollingwood Interdico Scriptor

    @Philo. Preaching to the converted man. Reggie is HOF worthy, absolutely. He is ‘the epitome of clutch’ (There you go SLAM, use that in an article) and he broke my heart a number of times being a Knick fan. I remember game 1 in 95 and we (the Knicks) were up by 6 with like 20 seconds to go. It was a kinda lackluster game and I got up to make a coffee.
    We were up 6 with 20 sec to go.
    Next my mate goes “we win.. we win… we win” from the TV room. I’m like “yeah.. bullshit…” but then I heard the commentary.
    Reggie Miller has done it again.
    Reggie Miller has done it again.
    No way.
    And that step back 3… why hadn’t I thought of that.
    Dude was killer. Funny thing is.. I don’t know how to say it but… Reggie wasn’t exactly popular… or well liked. Purists didn’t approve of his shot. My coach told me to watch, of all people Joe Dumars…. not RM if I wanted better form. I’m a stocky 6’2 shooting guard myself and Michael had to much air, Clyde had a kinda sling. Reggie.. no way. That shot is wack. The elbow out. Yr kidding right? It really goes to show it’s muscle memory not technique that defines a shooter. That is repetition. Reggie must have shot that shot millions of times.
    That video was cool SLAM… keep em coming. You realise you are my basketball wikipedia all year round. Looking forward to hearing from the crew when the season starts.
    Go Clips.

  • The Philosopher