Thursday, October 25th, 2012 at 10:15 am  |  28 responses

Blake Griffin Dunks on Robert Sacre (VIDEO)

Yet another poster for the Clippers high-flyer.

Blake Griffin soared over a helpless Robert Sacre for a big left-handed dunk. It was followed by the requisite staredown from the Clippers’ star.

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  • Max

    Welcome to the NBA.
    Thank you come again.

  • niio

    I know a lot of people say he pulls the defenders arms down as he dunks and I kinda of see it here but not really a big deal IMO

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULAvG4WxQp0 CubicleDunker

    Shoving your forearm into the defenders face, is that legal?

  • MrSuper

    Gasol shouldn’t have switched

  • Comment_System


  • KipSmithers

    Nasty! And Bledsoe is legit.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Pau must have nightmares every time he puts on a purple uniform and sees Blake wearing white coming down the lane. Say what you will about offensive fouls. Even if they called offensive fouls on those poster dunks, they’re still poster dunks. Whether they count or not. Same as when the league called Iverson for carrying with his crossover before they banned it altogether. Carry or not, the move still worked and embarrassed defenders.

  • LakeShow

    lol. Pau Gasol, the two time champ, with one of the best low post games in the L is scared of a young kid with athleticism? You really need to re-evaluate your opinion of this guy. Phenomenal player.


    When you said two time champ, I thought you were heading into a joke about Blake dunking on Pau something awful twice in the same game last year… Guess I was expecting you to make a left, but you turned right. My bad lol

  • Caboose

    I swear Lake, you are so knowledgeable about ball when it comes to EVERYTHING other than the Lakers. It’s like you revert to a 12 year old when you hear your team. He wasn’t talking about skill level, he just meant that Blake gets A LOT of good looking dunks against the Lakers. You know that.

  • wow

    its incredible he can gather himself from outside the lane with only one step and make it to the rim so easily

  • Caboose

    Not to be the troll here, but this is from the NBA rule book: “A player shall not hold, push, charge into, impede the progress of an opponent by extending a hand, forearm, leg or knee or by bending the body into a position that is not normal.” So why isn’t Blake called for more offensive fouls?

  • jeff nwagbo

    Sacre fouled blake then blake used the forearm. Sacre lost the offensive foul because he defensive fouled first capish

  • spit hot fiyah

    one of the best off-hand dunkers in the league today

  • shutup

    So it begins, new season new victims.

  • LakeShow

    Sorry, meant to say, Dunks rule, girls drool.

  • shutup

    Answer: because; the rule refers to on the ground, the jumping athleticism came long after the rules were written, so contact in the air is a grey area and its tough to judge what is “normal” in the air. Look at Blake’s arm in the video, it is still extended.

  • Junior Taylor

    Why aren’t teams in need of a PG pursuing the heck out of EBled? The man has to be the best backup PG in the L and could start for a dozen teams right now.

  • LakeShow

    I tried saying that the other day and nbk ripped me for it lol. Just a heads up for the coming storm…

  • nuts

    Why does Blake always look so annoyed after getting any type of contact…I mean you have to expect contact if you’re going to be trying to put your nuts on everyone’s heads

  • Chukaz

    Because Poster Dunks are like extremely hot girls. When they’re in the picture you put up with stuff that would otherwise be unacceptable. No one in their right mind is gonna let something like a little forearm push (or a forearm push that’s barbaric and borderline criminal) get in the way of an awesome dunk. If refs start calling offensive foul on those, the league will start getting sued by the refs for wrongful termination and they’ll lose, as their enforcement of rules would be considered conduct detrimental to the league.

  • LobCity

    Because what teams has something to offer that is comparable to Bledsoe’s skill level and pay?

  • brad09′

    damn right its legal, this isnt soccer

  • brad09′

    agree, agree, agree

  • Ugh

    It never ceases to amaze me how many of you idiots think people couldn’t jump before 1986.
    The NBA routinely ignores rules on spectacular plays. See: travel; LeBron James; et al.

  • Junior Taylor

    Don’t trip, I got mind control over NBK…. he be like “shut the f*ck up” I be quiet but once he leaves, I be talking again.

  • shutup

    Actually the rules weren’t written in 1986 and “high flyers ” have been getting away with excessive contact since Dr.J. As for the idiot, well, you do realize that there was a time a dunk attempt meant that you were probably going to get hurt, undercut and dumped on your head. Like when the shorts were short and film was in black and white if at all. Oh and idiot Lebron didn’t travel, the “crab” dribble was a carry, if it was going to be called correctly, but nice try with the blanket insult and self superiority display. Try reading then understanding a comment before you go insulting people.

  • spit hot fiyah