Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 at 8:42 pm  |  38 responses

Kevin Garnett Ignores Ray Allen’s Handshake Attempt (VIDEO)


We figured Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett weren’t exactly cool these days, but here’s some confirmation: when the Heat sharpshooter went to check into the game, he made a pass by the Celtics’ bench to say hello to some old friends, and KG…well, KG wasn’t having any of that.

(H/T: SI)

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  • Caboose

    Good on KG. Allen doesn’t get to talk that much ish about Boston and expect respect in return.

  • MohamedVVarsame

    KG Gave Him That Look Looooooool

  • True friendship goes beyond any bullshit. Kevin is pretty fake

  • zogs19994


  • Brant

    this is the stupidest video ever. He slapped him on the back, KG wasn’t paying attention

  • Conor

    He clearly ignored Allen’s gesture.

  • Vince

    … then Allen lights them up.

  • Conor

    I will answer you, ellipses, with an ellipses: …

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Everyone should know how KG is by now. Nothing to see here. The Celtics see no need in acting like they’re cool with how Ray has handled his departure.

  • The Seed

    Ray messed up his career, by being a ring chaser. Now he can’t go into the NBA Hall of Fame as a Celtic. He will have to go in as a Sonic or Buck. Ray is fake, now he trying to be cool with everyone, nobody wants to see you Ray Ray. He messed up his legacy and career. I see Ray with the Heat gets less than 10 points a game and he will have big games, but overall he will suck.

  • Deafshooter

    Guys get critisized for going after money and other guys for going after rings. They just can never win can they?

  • LA Huey

    This aint baseball. Players don’t go into the Hall in a particular jersey. They go in as themselves.

  • LA Huey

    I love KG. Wrong or not, he’s got his principles and sticks to them

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    He signed with a better team as a free agent. Sonic, Buck, Celtic…whatever team it is, he’s going into the Hall of Fame. Didn’t mess up his legacy or his career. Just moved to a rival team and said too much after the move. And if you saw him tonight, you saw that he didn’t suck and will be dangerous with the Heat.

  • Max

    Boston looked good offensively, Miami looked great..

  • Dagger

    Lebron killed it in 28 minutes. The rest of the team looked like a well-oiled machine. Miami is going to be really scary this year.

  • RKJ92

    LOL saying Ray will suck and get 10 points a game, then he drops a cool efficient 17 points on the Celtics, but that’s your credibility for you and why everyone thinks your a joke! :D

  • RKJ92

    Sorry 19* Points :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/evan.boland Evan Boland

    KG has real heart. Not a traitor.

  • ryan

    Kevin Garnett is a giant child.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Verified Account

    Ehhh that’s KG for ya. Ain’t mad at either party

  • Kortney

    People seem to forget they were trying to trade Ray Allen at the all star break, they tried to get rid of him first.

  • Lloyd

    Love KG. Ray handled the post-game interview properly though. “That’s KG. He probably didn’t see me he had his head down.” I was afraid that Ray was starting to become petty, but he stayed classy there still. And don’t get it twisted- the greatest 3 point shooter of all time will not be limited to 10 pts with open looks all the time. gtfo.

  • Itoldyouso

    Forget all this traitor talk. This is is a business.

    Secondly Allen clearly didnt try to shake hands with him because he knew he would get ignored but he did the right thing but acknowledging someone who doesnt want to acknowledge him. If he keeps going like this, eventually Garnet will feel childish.

    I had the same thing happen and if you keep at it the other person just realises they are being a little b***** especially if you genuinely want things to be better.

  • Nixon

    This is how I expected both these players to react haha, Ray being class personified, will go over and graciously extend his regards. While KG being the emotional leader will ‘grunt’ and push him away!

  • Mr. Wet

    I just can’t stand KG. Such a dirty player. Rondo is starting to get that dirtiness too, but he’s not on hate level yet.

  • Redd

    Players are always being put through potential trades even Rajon. Wtf is your point?lol

  • bike

    So Ray goes out right off the bat and nails a wide open jumper from the corner. You would think, of all teams, the C’s would know better than that.

  • Kortney Davis

    The point is how can you be mad at him for leaving when you tried to trade him and get another player in jason terry (before he left for the heat) that does exactly what he does in shooting spot up 3s. How can you be expected to show loyalty to a team that doesn’t show loyalty to you?

  • Redd

    Because the Heat are a lot more loyal huh? The Celtics also offered a no trade clause. He’s doing the same thing in Miami as he was in Boston minus playing with the team you won a championship with.

  • Lorne

    They offered a no trade clause after they were no longer in a position to get something back for him due to free agency. Players aren’t obligated to show loyalty to owners and vice versa. What kind of slave mentality do you have that you can’t understand that? If they can uproot him and his family when they want to, he can leave on whatever terms he wants to in free agency. It’s not rocket science.

  • Redd

    NO REALLY?! Slave mentality? You mean where he was offered more money than he makes now? I didn’t realize having a job in basketball paid millions equaled slave mechanics.

  • Lorne

    The fact that the entire point of my comment went over your head should be clear enough indication that you can’t have these conversations. You can’t even understand that the slave mentality part was directed at YOU, genius. You’re the one who expects a one sided loyalty from the players. You think the owners should be able to trade them like commodities without the players having the freedom to make their own decisions during free agency. You’re not a smart kid. That is indeed a slave mentality. Be loyal to massa, even when you have the contractual rights to do as you please? STFU and sit down little boy.

  • Redd

    Again I’m not even reading that. I have my opinion & I don’t care what you think, lol.

  • Lorne

    You always do, you just have nothing intelligent to say back. Stay getting clowned lol

  • nomnom

    Trust me Lorne, anyone who reads this can clearly see Redd isn’t a real basketball fan, just a blind hater of the heat.

  • nomnom

    except Garnett later admitted to ignoring him.

  • nomnom

    Principles like making fun of cancer patients? Yep, that happened. Google it. This isn’t principles this is pettiness