Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 at 10:05 am  |  29 responses

LeBron James Practices the Hook Shot (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that LeBron James is working to add a hook shot to his offensive repertoire. The clip above shows some of what he has developed so far.

(H/T: Miami Herald)

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  • JR

    I’d love to see this become a consistent part of his game.

  • Max



    lbj always adds something different

  • bike

    You call that a sky hook??!!

  • The Big Balla

    Working hard…

  • pposse

    adding to his arsenal…lebrons game would translate in any era.


    Did yall slow this video down??

  • T-Money

    i’ll assume that you’re unfamiliar with how coaches break down moves to develop muscle memory.


    Actually I’m not unfamiliar with the notion of muscle memory, but I’d assume with the season being a few weeks away, players would at least be working somewhere close to full speed.

  • Rainman

    No he doesnt he didnt work in the offseason for liek the first 5-7 seasons of his career…its part of why everyone was so frustrated with him, and are happy that he’s finally been working (the past 2 off seasons) on his game

  • Dymez

    This, along with his post game, then his natural given speed and power, makes him a monster. Not that he wasn’t already, but damn! All he needs now is consistency in his jumpshot, he’s still streaky right now. That way when people lay off him and pack the paint to negate his post game, he can kill them from 17, 18feet like Mike used to.

  • RKJ92

    So he didnt work on his 3 point shot after his first season? 03-04 – 3P%0.290 — 04-05 – 0.351, he didnt become an elite defender after his third season? he didnt raise his FT% from about a combined 0.726% in his first 5 seasons, to 0.770% in his last 4 seasons? he didnt work on his vision from the 08-09 season averaging 7.2 assists to averaging 8.6 assists in the 09-10 season? (On the CAVS too), and he didnt progressivley raise his FG% every year working in the summer for his whole career starting from 03-04 FG% – 0.417 3P% – 0.290 to 11-12 FG% – 0.531 3P% – 0.362… ya your probably right he never worked hard for his first 5-7 seasons at all…

  • Mo

    this was after practise, when everyone else had left! so you can’t expect him to be at full speed.

  • Jerome

    Wow! A professional athlete working on their profession. I liked the one he was “working on” during the olympics.

  • sixksense

    thank you for squashing this incoherent response.


    If it was after practice then the speed he’s moving in the clip makes more sense.

  • RKJ92

    Ya, I can’t really sit there and let someone say something so biast and stupid about one of the hardest working atheletes in the nba, you dont get to a 260-270 pound frame from 220 pounds coming out of highschool without working your ass off either I mean cmon bro seriously? how many of us really put on 40-50 pounds of muscle for a sport that we play in roughly 2 summers of training like thats just ridiculous.. Like (personally) the most muscle I ever added since working out for ball 2 summers straight was 20 pounds lean muscle, from 200 to 220 and I was training hard.. this guy should be an example to all athletes, though admittedly he is a freak of nature haha

  • rd

    no they called it a hook shot (regular hook shot)

  • shutup

    Would love to see if he is working on that shot after contact, video was kind of short, the hook shot is one of the best post moves/shot you can have, will absolutely help with his versatility. If he stays in the post more I see nothing but future success and an even longer career for this amazing player.

  • bike

    The title of the video called it a sky hook. I have no doubt he will develop an insane, unblockable hook shot, but he’s not even leaving his feet in that clip.

  • Junior Taylor

    Working on this shot at an empty gym with zero defenders is one thing but trying it during the heat of a game is another. Is he comfortable enough with it to pull it out during the 1st game vs BOS? Only time will tell.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    well great now we are all effed

  • TBRK

    say whatever about Erik Spoelstra…no other head coach in the league is doing this……….well then again, he probably has to….lol

  • cccccDick

    HAHAAHHAAHA how stupid/pointless is this video?!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    off one foot! Is the sky hook back?

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    off one foot! Is the sky hook back?

  • Wisemantellsnotales

    “during the heat of the game” very punny

  • Max


  • http://www.facebook.com/ctwice100 Chris Carter

    You sound a little confused, how does one work on their vision? the rise in assists can only be attributed to a new year and new personnel. His freethow percentage regardless of numbers is still something late in games that has been a problem. and he lives in the paint so his FG % is expected to be like that of a PF or C. statistics are fun to look at, but you should always look at “# of attempts” it was well documented that d wade and lebron took “less 3′s” the last few years which resulted in a better field goal percentage. That doesn’t always mean you’ve improved. But let’s be real, the guy lives off of pure athleticism, he is whats wrong with the game and guys like kobe and tim duncan are the ones who got it right. Rainman spoke the truth he waited a good 8-9 years to actually expand his game and we all know why, he was forced to be a shooter in a dallas series they were supposed to win and fell hard, his brea and butter is getting to the rim and they took that away. Watch basketball my friends, leave the stats to the statiticians