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Chris Paul Seals Clippers’ Win Over the Spurs (VIDEO)

CP3 comes through when it matters most.

The LA Clippers wisely handed Chris Paul the rock when the game was on the line in San Antonio last night—during “winning time”, which Paul absolutely relishes—and CP3 got the best of a flopping Tony Parker for the game-sealing jumper.

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  • PlanetAsia14

    Wonder how he’s gonna do if they meet in the Playoffs like last year. He struggled badly against ‘em..

  • pposse

    without jamal crawford on the flr CP3 is +1.1 on that court..with jamal crawford they are both like +14.1 and jamal crawford without CP3 is +9.1 (all per 36 mins). Jamal Crawford’s stats dictated that he is the MVP of this team so far

  • pposse

    Tony Parker didnt flop lol. He got pushed when CP went between the legs and then when CP spun he spun right into the gut of Parker. That was not a flop he just got out muscled.

  • Hursty

    It’s November. Take a deep breath and realise this isn’t the same Spurs OR Clippers team you’ll see come Playoff time. It was a nice shot, and there’s another 70+ games to go. Please don’t read too much into the result of 1 game.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Chris was playing hurt in the playoffs last season. Hopefully he and the rest of the team will be healthy going into this season’s playoffs. Not too much means anything in November but we all know (or should know) that Chris is one of the best pressure players in the league. Not surprised with that shot or the moves he did to free himself from Tony so that he could get the shot off. One of the best ball handlers in the game.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i’m too lazy to look it up but the clippers must have avery good record so far against the teams that were supposed to be the best in the west

  • Feez_22

    It’s a flop. Being out muscled by a guard is usually just a stumble. Freeze the vid at 0:14. He takes the hit to the mid section, looks at the floor and his knees buckle? Unless you are getting punched in your stomach, you should not have your knees buckle like that. Dude buckled and not only fell but embellished the fall by pushing backwards even more sort of launching himself backwards. That’s a textbook flop that I have seen this dude execute before so yes… flop.

  • fruizm


  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    The first push off was a little offensive and he did take that second hit square in the chest, but looking down and bracing for the fall makes it look like a flop. Letting yourself fall when a guy hits you with some force is not a flop if you’re in position. It’s when you exaggerate the contact and fall that makes it a flop. IMO.

  • roscoe

    bg32 & deAndre combined for 3/10 @ the FT line…. that will lose games in the playoffs.

  • elmaar

    Crawford comes off the bench and goes against 2nd units for the most part and has quite a supporting cast on that 2nd unit. As I see it, the mindset of Paul during the first quarter is to get everybody involved which is why he gets relatively low +/- on the whole.

  • Lloyd

    Matt Barnes with the reach around on Timmy D though? Get your hand out the cookie jar my man!

  • Slick Ric

    He fouled TP twice but nice shot nonetheless.

  • Morehead

    TP looked down to make sure he was clear for the flop. That’s a major flaw in a flop. A good flopper never looks down and during the flop he makes every effort to recover. Another flaw in Parker’s flop is the classic remain seated on the floor with spread arms eyeing the ref with a pleading look. Good floppers don’t do that. As a general rule, white players are better floppers than black players. White players are naturally more awkward and clumsy than black players so they are more believable as floppers.

  • tha_monster23


  • The Fury

    Fact: Tony owns Paul come playoff time. (yeah it’s true)

  • http://www.facebook.com/qcollingwood Interdico Scriptor

    Clipps are the best team in the L


    bull ish! No way its a flop. A well timed check to the chest off the spin would put anyone on theyre ass.

  • Guest


  • ByAnyMeansNecessary