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Allen Iverson Scores 37 Points, Drops 8 Assists in China (VIDEO)

The Answer is still hooping.

The Answer lives! Here’s a clip of Allen Iverson putting up 37 and 8 against Rafer Alston’s team in a recent exhibition run that took place in China.

(H/T: Complex)

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  • Comment_System

    Before anyone says it…..NO.

  • roscoe

    does AI age?

  • fruizm

    AI is my all time favorite and always will be, but I cant take the Chinese league seriously…looks like an And 1 scrimmage!


    so this would be about 13 pts, 3 assists, 2 turnovers in a real game… AI could probably still play in the league. His sense of entitlement cant though… damn shame to be watching this dude play in Ball Up games…

  • cramzy

    whatever, I’m saying it. Derek Fisher is starting in this league.. Jerry Stackhouse still getting a check…AI cant get a look? Just a look!!

  • Max

    I even think I can make some good money in the Chinese league with the D thats being played in this game…

  • elchinas

    It was an exhibition game buddy. No D was intended.


    Thats pretty much what it was… This was a Ball Up exhibition, which is basically And 1, 2012 edition!

  • patrick

    Is this the same league that Tmac plays in?? Pretty cool if Rafer AI and him are allin it

  • patrick

    uh Fisher is not a starter in the league,,unless i missed something,,Fisher is a free agent

  • Gman

    didnt he just get signed by the Mavs?

  • arjae828

    …True story: Friend of mine ran into him while she was in VA beach for a family reunion. Apparently she was hitting on the female cousins or something. Admitted to being broke and having a drinking problem. Y’all really wanna help A.I.? Buy his sneaks…He’s broke and depending on that money from the retro market but his stuff isn’t moving at all…As far as hooping? His bball career is over.

  • Max

    Oh ok, I didnt know that because otherwise it’d be pretty terrible.

  • Junkie

    fisher starts for the mavs took collison’s spot

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    AI’s my all-time favorite player. Just doesn’t seem like he’s ever “gotten it”. Rasheed Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse are still in the league. All AI had to do was accept it when his speed started to leave him and work on the fundamentals more. Also accept a bench role in Detroit (even though Michael Curry had no idea what he was doing with that team). His natural gifts were off the charts which worked for him and against him. He could score 50 whenever he wanted to without working on his game. He ran past people and got to the basket with ease. He played the passing lanes extremely well thanks to his instincts, his long arms and his huge hands. I wish he would have put in more time in the offseason. It seems like he’s still holding on to what he used to be going back and forth with keeping the cornrows and letting them go. He’s 37. Visibly out of shape. I wish he would call it quits, announce his retirement and walk into the Hall of Fame in a few years. That will be a great speech to listen to whenever it happens and I look forward to it. It’s sad watching him in these kind of games for real Iverson fans. The guys he’s playing with in these games are guys who have retired, are playing overseas, or are playing elsewhere like these streetball players in this game. Iverson’s the only one who’s still trying to hold on to something that never will come. Regardless of what the future holds for him, that dude from Georgetown all the way up until his 1 full season with the Nuggets when he averaged 27 a night is the one I’ll remember.

  • Caboose


  • spit hot fiyah

    he got his looks llready, see memphis and his last run in philly, he left both teams (for whatever reasons). no gm will give him anotehr chance. let’s accept it

  • LakeShow

    You missed something.

  • Ducksource

    AI is not broke. There was an article a while back (I think Slam posted this as well) that stated that he has about $30 million to his name. However, his account is set up where he is only allowed access to $1 million per year until he is in his fifties; then he will have access to everything in his account.

  • snasty10

    does anyone know if you can get the jersey AI is wearing in this? i know its longshot but i wouldnt mind owning one

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    Keep up with the times

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    He’s baaaaack

  • brandan evans

    its good some of the And-1 guys over there hoopin too.
    like professor, bone collecta, mr. 720 and baby shaq!
    baby shaq could play in the league for real!

  • manhandled

    you missed last week`s report about the Mavs signing Derek Fisher and Fisher`s 2 pt, 1-8 shooting performance on Saturday, Dec. 1 when he made his 1st start for Dallas.

  • sid

    Those “broke stories” have long since been refuted. So nice try but don`t make up stories. That won`t get you noticed on here.

  • manhandled

    Since some of the comments here indicate that people think this is a CBA game, I`ll clear up some of the confusion. This is a contest between (former) nba players like A.I. and Rafer Alston and And1/Ballup players like Pat the Roc and The Professor. This game is part of a small tour they are taking part in: playing in various cities in China. Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis, Tracy McGrady, and Gilbert Arenas play in the CBA. Allen Iverson does not, however he does participate in tours every now and then.


    For a guy who has been out of the nba since 2010 and away from professional ball since early 2011, [37 points, 8 assists (some Chinese sites have this stat at 11), and 4 steals (not mentioned on this post)] is quite impressive even with the obvious lack of defense. The stats indicate some level of fitness and training in playing almost the entire game. A game that partially mirrored the style of play of the Dantoni/Nash-led Phoenix Suns – running up and down the court non-stop with little to no defensive effort. In any fashion, I`d call 37, 8, and 4 a good (and probably a great game) under these circumstances.

  • JustDoIt

    Here is a great article I read about Allen Iverson and his final few nba seasons : http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1396727-allen-iverson-and-rodney-stuckey-a-tale-of-two-players

  • RKJ92

    Clown.. watch basketball before you make a comment like that.

  • macaroni


  • macaroni


  • T-man

    Well said.

  • theDankerNuggets

    Got really excited when I saw this headline but really….. meh

  • theDankerNuggets

    I know everyone seems excited to point out that Derek Fisher started a game for the Mavs, but really if you watch him play you know Derek Fisher Ain’t Sh!t!

  • Redd

    Because he didn’t hear the news? He did say “unless I missed something”..clown.

  • manhandled

    When trying to decide whether or not Iverson should be playing in the nba, there is only one question you has to ask yourself. The question being:


    If Iverson is given the same opportunity as other nba players to partake in a 3-week training camp followed by a preseason (or at this point a conditioning program equivalent in time and regiment like a d-league stint) prior to the start of the season in order to prepare himself for the rigorous 82-game schedule, would Iverson outperform any of the current nba players given the same playing time (as that starter or reserve)?



  • Redd

    Just wish the guy would accept that back up role. I really hope he wakes up, he still hasn’t humbled himself imo.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    I think it’s too late. No offers this season. I don’t see any next season.

  • Redd

    Yeah but the hope is he can show a team he can teach & help some of the PGs who play the style he played. But I doubt he’ll do that.

  • manhandled

    You made some nice points and some subjective points. Subjective points include: (1) stating “he could score 50 whenever he wanted to ‘without working on his game’”, (2) wishing “he would have put in more time in the offseason”, (3) insinuating “he’s still holding on to what he used to be going back and forth with keeping the cornrows and letting them go”, and (4) stating he is “Visibly out of shape”.


    (1) Common sense should tell you that one is not capable of scoring 50 points at the nba level without working on his game. (2) From his Georgetown days to his rookie season to his nba prime there has been noticeable differences/changes in his jump shot form, free throw form, and shot selection that resulted in improvements in these categories especially free throw percentage. Changes such as these do not happen over night, they happen over long periods time when a player is putting additional work during season practices and offseason workouts. (3) This is just your opinion, but I don`t understand what Iverson`s “ever-changing hair style or length” due to natural growth has to do with his desire to continue to play basketball. (4) This is another opinion. I assume that you are saying that Iverson is “visibly out of shape” compared to current nba players who have the advantage of a training camp, a preseason, and at least 15, 48-minute games. But you are right compared to them Iverson is out of shape. That`s stating the obvious though. But I enjoyed reading your post.


    btw, I think you should take a look at this article that someone posted on here earlier: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1396727-allen-iverson-and-rodney-stuckey-a-tale-of-two-players

  • Guess WHO


  • king hill

    It is so funny to me when I read these type of articles and I hear people say that these guys are losers or need to hang it up but for what they whats to go into their neighborhood YMCA who won their spare time so why not go overseas and get paid to do it the reason or 1 of the reasons for Michael Jordan came back in his early forties who because he was still playing basketball in his spare time so instead of just doing it for the hell of it he just said it I’ll get paid to do it the same thing goes for a lot of professional basketball players for former professional best person to play in charity games for any other kind of game after they retire after they lose its supposably 20 is hey I get yo phone if somebody in NBA call you great if not so what go overseas do you think

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    AI’s scoring ability was innate. Look at his jumpshot in his rookie season and how much work it needed. He broke a record and scored 40 or more in 4 consecutive games. Before the 96 Draft, the Sixers were told about him having a ridiculous ability to score over big guys. He never was an efficient scorer, always a volume shooter. Most of his points were going to come at the basket because of his speed and athleticism. He was a freakish athlete with the ability to run and never get tired before he was drafted. His major improvement in his game were his shooting form. With that improvement, his free throw shooting did improve. But his shot selection never was great because of the guys he played with. He needed to score. He knew it and everyone who saw the guys he played with in Philly knew it. Larry Brown traded Stackhouse and every other player except Iverson after his first season there as coach. He brought in a bunch of tough guys, defenders and rebounders leaving all the scoring on AI’s shoulders. The only other improvement that stood out in AI’s game was his understanding of the fact that he had to do more than just score to be the leader of a team. Defensive effort, more confidence in his teammates when it was needed, taking more time to work on his game during the offseason. That didn’t come from me. That came from quite a lot of people who were around the team during those days. He only shot 42% in his MVP season. No one paid much attention to it because like I said, he had to shoot on those teams. Only 3 seasons at or above 45% from the field. His shooting form didn’t help him much besides the free throws. He could have kept that same form that he had at Georgetown and in high school and still been the same kind of scorer. Even with the improved form, teams didn’t fear him because of he was a sniper from the 3 point line. They feared him because they knew that he could get to the basket whenever he wanted. And if not, they were concerned in case he managed to catch fire with his shot. He was streaky. I made no correlation between his hairstyle and his desire to continue playing ball. What I said was the fact that he’s holding onto that hairstyle when he’s only 3 years away from being 40 years old would be a reason why some people feel that he never truly matured in the way that he should have off the court. I’m well aware of the fact that hair grows.

  • manhandled

    Although, your response is a little confusing due to wordiness, you didn`t definitively refute anything I said. Response 1: Observation speaks louder than statistics. Based on the actual game footage, both A.I.`s “jump shot form” and “shot selection” improved throughout his career as expected. There was much improvement in his mid range area jump shot and these improvements were obvious during his prime from 2005-08 especially in Denver. Anyway, the point is that they improved because Iverson “worked” to improve them during the season and in the off season. Response 2: You did in fact link “Iverson`s hair style” with him “still holding on to what he used to be” which I assumed you were referring to “what he used to be” on the court; an assumption that doesn`t seem too far-fetched. Based on the context, it seemed as though you were using your belief of “A.I. not being able to let go of his cornrows as the equivalent of him not being able to let go of basketball.” In this way, you were using him “going back and forth” with keeping and letting go of his cornrows as a metaphor for “his desire to not let go of basketball.” If my assumption was incorrect, you have my sincere apologies. But I attribute Iverson`s various dos to a mysterious hair growth that occurs when one doesn`t cut it. And instead of rocking a “Frederick Douglas” afro 24/7 like an Andrew Bynum per se he switches things up every now and again.

  • MikeC.


  • MikeC.

    An argument could be made than Iverson has been “given” opportunities that he has blown and teams would rather invest their efforts in young players that can help the future instead or upsetting the present.

  • MikeC.

    That reads more like a fan’s blog than an article.

  • manhandled

    Bleacher Report is known to be very subjective and opinion-based in their writings with little evidence to back up their claims. This is the first B/R article that I have seen in a while that make statements and backup their statements with sources. The writer doesn`t speculate about what might have happened, he simply told the readers what did happen. Nothing the article was inaccurate. He told readers the hardcore facts. It is journalism at its best: objective and accurate. Now, some readers may not like the facts but that doesn`t change what happened. I salute the writer of the article.

  • ant83

    Bring back Iverson to the nba!!!

  • str8 from samoa

    when any article about AI comes on here everyone talks about this and that buh yall dont know the real truth about ALLEN IVERSON.

  • http://www.facebook.com/koombuy.pride Koombuy Pride

    Of course. But you have to think about who the Gm of the NBA are. They wanted this dude out of the league the moment he came in. He’s the founder of tattoos and cornrows in the NBA. Nobody gonna help AI and its kinda sad…

  • http://www.facebook.com/koombuy.pride Koombuy Pride

    So Ray Allen messed up his “chance” in Boston? AI felt like he was still a starter in this league at the time and it took him time to come to grips with that. I wouldn’t expect anything else from him. Call that blown if you want to

  • http://www.facebook.com/nururdin Darryl Nururdin

    Seems disrespectful that a guy like AI that help shaped the league for the Walls, and Irvies would be this disrespected by the NBA…

  • b3N3000

    Collison is hurt with a finger/wrist problem and that’s why Fisher is starting…A.I. deserves at least a look, The Memphis and Detroit situations were very unfair situations for him and he did what he had to do for Allen Iverson…But it is what it is …I just hope that AI is afforded the opportunity to finish his career in the NBA but if not OH WELL…True fans of his game and of his HALL OF FAME career are going to love, respect, and appreciate him REGARDLESS

  • b3N3000

    I am in 100% agreement with your comment

  • manhandled

    I don`t know if Collison is playing injured but he`s coming off the bench for Dallas right now while Fisher starts.Totally agree though and I`ll take it a step further, Iverson needs to be signed by an nba team and given the chance to work himself into proper condition. I have so much respect and appreciation for this dude. Always will.

  • anita

    you have been my fav player since I fell in love with ball at 12 years old. I touch the past few years, being a women I played ball all through highschool. You were the first game I clicked on, you playing against the lakers ( Kobe Bryant) I fell in love with your style. YOU DO YOU. You inspired me! I want that player I fell for the minute you put that ball down on the court as I watch from my tv.