Friday, December 21st, 2012 at 3:09 pm  |  11 responses

Top 10 Game-Winners of 2012

Three, two, one…

The game-winning shot is the best moment in sports. It’s the shot every ball player wants the chance to hit. So we practice tirelessly in our backyards through the rain, sleet or snow. Three, two, one… crowd goes wild.

Here’s a look back at the best game-winning shots of the year (shout out to Meir and Hoops4life for the video).—Daniel Friedman / @DFried615

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  • Jeremys6226

    Great vid, and also stoked that don’t have to click through 10 pages!

  • SirGrey

    Question: How was #1 better than #2 ?

  • fruizm

    SLAM stepping up its game!!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Because Knicks.

  • Ugh

    This is #2? I don’t even remember Vince Carter winning a game and – oh. That one.

  • Slim

    How were 1 & 2 better than 3? Rose killed it.

  • shawnkemp4prez

    The Jeremy Lin shot had to be the biggest of the season. It was the pinnacle of Linsanity, and Linsanity was the biggest story in the league last year. And I’m not a huge Jeremy Lin fan, I’m just being objective

  • DrStrangelove

    Batum’s shot vs the Cavs was pretty tough, it deserved a spot. Also, JR Smith’s versus Charlotte.

    Good vid anyways! Thanks

  • Andy

    I would of thought it would be a toss up between KD or Lin for the no.1. Both were insane.. KD taking out the playoff game.. and Lin became the truth after his one.
    To be a real buzzer beater its gotta be the last possession and the clock running out to 0.00. At least thats how everyone plays it out in their head lol! You dont count down from 5 and throw it up at 3 =P

  • http://twitter.com/iskolares Edcel Ceniza

    Batum’s “Side view set shot” over the Cavs should be here. Definitely.

  • Ugh

    Yeah, it says game winner, not buzzer beater.