Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 10:05 am  |  51 responses

Tyson Chandler Elbows Jeremy Lin in the Face (VIDEO)

Tyson Chandler was one of the few New York Knicks who offered resistance last night, but Jeremy Lin kept coming in his triumphant return to Gotham.

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  • Amy

    Tha black guys can’t support last year the Linmania. Too much jealousy, especially Melo. They prefer Knicks sign 30 milions for a black guy like Jerome James. One of them. Or Stoudamaire….

  • Max

    Say whut

  • pposse

    that was a dirty play, idk what anyone says, the refs should have really thought about kicking tyson out of this game. There’s really no excuse for acting like a complete moron, and then Tyson raises his hands like he went straight up and down in the air…show some class and some remorse instead of trying to plea your case..what a clown

  • tweaks

    obviously Amy is asian :) ))

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    That didn’t even look like an attempt at a block, should have been ejected for that.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    That foul was bush league, he lead with his elbow straight towards Lin’s head. Haslem’s foul on Pscho T last year got him tossed, and that was way less dangerous than this.

    Amy’s mad!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    shoulda been kicked out for this…was dirty.

  • danpowers

    thats a men’s sport so a flagrant one for this is ok. in the 90s this wouldve just been a personal foul.

  • danpowers

    crybaby cry

  • danpowers

    whut? did one of kids ever whatch nba ball in the 90s? you are way too soft for that sport if you think so

  • danpowers

    was just tyson’s way to say “welcome back to msg jeremy”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    Odd that Tyson would do this; he was one of the few that reportedly loved playing with Lin.

  • robb


  • Da-Meat-Hook

    I watched ball in the 80′s and 90′s, that was a dirty play. There’s swinging downwards with your arms straight and there’s leading with your elbow. Tyson lead with his elbow. YouTube “Karl Malone elbows Isiah Thomas”. Chandler obviously doesn’t hit Lin as hard, but he clearly swings his elbow directly at Lin’s head.

  • M Cho

    Get fouled, hit the freebies and keep smiling, baby.

  • T-man

    FYI – We’re in 2012. New rules. You can love your Knicks all you want, but you can’t deny that it was a dirty play.

  • EJ

    I like how nonchalantly Lin and his teamates reacted. No dramatization, no acting like a tough guy = no unnecessary fines or Ts.

  • Seth

    Wh… what?

  • LakeShow

    Love how Tyson tries to act like it was a clean play afterward. No NBA ref should listen to his plea’s ever again.
    Flagrant 1.
    Close to a F2.

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    It’s 2012, the games changed, the rules changed and there is a clear line between playing rough, physical defence and just being dirty. Contact is something where I have no issue with, elbowing someone intentionally is something that should not be tolerated. Back in the 90′s the knowledge of concussions and how seriously it can affect someone was nowhere near what it is today, and that is why there is a marked difference between the physicality of the game.

  • RedDragon10

    It’s 2012.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    You and Amy are both douche faces who are probably made for each other.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    well, that was pretty dumb. Thanks for that…

  • LaLa

    Tysons a punk for that

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    defensive knick fan?

  • Pais

    Ok Amy I get it, Jeremy is oh so dreamy, such a nice guy and you wanna have his babies. This is a basketball site, we follow Basketball rather than one player who’s had a stretch of brilliance followed by an abundance of mediocrity even though admittedly he does seem like a genuinely nice guy. You’re probably not aware of this but there happens to be quite a few non-black players (good ones too), has been for quite some time. The unwarranted hate Lin receives is more owing to results not measuring up to the size of his contract and unwarranted hype from the media and idiots like you. In these circumstances the same happens to guys of all colors in all sports. Also, I’m sure you have no idea whatsoever, but Melo’s been doing the damn thing for years now, a heck of a lot longer than 7 games (google it).

  • https://twitter.com/Wayne__o BuenoWayno1

    you had me at “a stretch of brilliance followed by an abundance of mediocrity” but all the other stuff while some warranted made my head hurt.

  • Bill(Birr)

    Lacism nealry arways goes ovel werr when used as a way to stlengthen youl debate, doesn’t it, Amy?

  • bill

    I see no crying. I see a smile with 2 free throws in your face, a flagrant 1, and an embarrassing blowout for the 2nd time in a row this season.

    (Video’s right there)

  • bill

    The 2nd blowout in a row, this time in Chandler’s house, was Lin’s way…

  • Yi-Cheng Chen

    sorry danpowers, let’s move on from the 90s.

  • z


  • JettaBetta

    Tyson knows better then that, dude just wanted to send a msg.

  • danpowers

    it was but a flagrant 1 is ok. people are overreacting to that. on the playgrounds its still:no blood no foul. who doesnt like that should switch to soccer or volleyball

  • danpowers

    yes he did, so a flagrant one is ok. lin didnt even complain or cry or b*tch about it as you guys do and i give him alot of credit for that

  • danpowers

    thats why he received a flagrant foul, i wont argue that it was justified. i just say people who are demanding more are overreacting. to me a justified flagrant two is when you punch a player in the face or do smth like the mwp elbow on harden

  • danpowers

    i meant amy. i give lin credit for not b*tching about the play

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    . . . The playgrounds? The place where offensive fouls can’t be called? The place where it’s not a carry if it looks cool? That’s where you’re going with this?

  • danpowers

    meh i wont

  • danpowers


  • danpowers

    add this to my other statements make a resume n then u get what i mean

  • pposse

    cmon jo, if anything like this happened on the playground them two guys are fighting.

  • danpowers

    depends on who you are playing against. anytime sobebody hits me like this i just go to the rim even harder the next time n dont complain about the foul to intimidate the other guy with my toughness lol. anyway, chandler is a good guy and it obviously was a bad move but to me not a flagrant two. that flagrant one foul punished the knicks bad enough and was a fair and just punishment of that foul. not even lin complained about it so where is the point of crying for a flagrant two?

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Okay. So, your argument is that this foul would be okay if it happened on the playground in the 90′s. Got it!

    Lin’s reaction to the dirty play should have no impact on how the foul is called. So if he acted like he got shot and flopped around like a dying fish, then Chandler should get suspended for 3 games?

  • danpowers


  • danpowers

    lol no. i just favor a rougher philosophy / approach to the game. i didnt say that lins reaction should have had any impact on the call, i just gave credit to him.

    it was a dirty foul, but as much as other fans may hate that: any knick fan who got to love the knicks during the 90s just missed this kind of hard and nasty bball (no easy layups) for more than a decade. understand it as some kind of nostalgia

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    LOL I get what you’re saying – Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley are two of my favorite players of all time! I remember Horace Grant was asked who his favorite opponent of all time was. He said he liked playing against Chares Oakley because “Oak” played hardnosed, physical basketball, but never through cheap shots or dirty elbows.

    I am all for physical basketball and am a firm believer in the “no layup rule”, but I dislike dirty plays that endanger players like intentional elbows to the head or standing underneath jump shooters a-la-Bruce-Bowen!

  • Yi-Cheng Chen

    lol. i like the 90s too, with all those big men in the center, but nowadays u see very few. yes, unfortunately.

  • danpowers

    amen. but still, even those guys handed out one or two elbows every once in a while. its not like tyson chandler does stuff like that regularly

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    True, but when they first posted the video, it seemed like you were arguing that it wasn’t a dirty play.

  • danpowers

    i see. that was not my intention. i just mean people shouldnt overreact to it, the refs punished it with a flagrant one and to me that means: all good, play on. which everybody did without any big dramas except the comment section in here