Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 11:42 am  |  4 responses

New Trailer For Isaiah Thomas’ Film (VIDEO)

Mr. Irrelevant stays paranoid to keep his spot.

Isaiah Thomas has had fans on the edge of their seats in Sacramento since he was drafted with the final pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. Now, almost a year since TJ Regan—the filmmaker behind the movie—dropped the first preview for the documentary chronicling Thomas’ life in the League, TeamZEKE has released the newest trailer dubbed “Stay Paranoid.” The film, titled Mr. Irrelevant, has been in production since Thomas was a junior in college and to date there have been four trailers. Both Regan and Thomas have no release date in sight because, as they put it, “the story just keeps getting better.”

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  • DeMacksBack

    It’s always humbling to see “David defeat Goliath”!!

  • burnt_chicken

    TJ Regan seriously needs to invest in an editor. ND and 80 filters when shooting would also really clean the footage up if he can’t light. Great story, some neat shots, some very amateur-ish cinematography and post choices though.

  • patrick

    what? he says there are a lot of players in the hood better than in the nba? i doubt that..if that’s true, then wtf are gm’s doing? the gm who can recruit these players and sign them up for cheap..their team is gonna reap big benefits

  • asdasd

    true. people don’t realise the nba is a different style and a system. you got a lot of talented streetballers who claim they d burn a derek fisher- and they might too, but can they playa role, run an offence, be a professional, remember plays, stay within their limitations. alot of players LOOK better- but these guys train every ady – to shoot 50% they shoot 90 % in the gym, it looks easier than it is- their pros and they make it look easy. I had a friend who went pro in our national league and lasted only 5 months- we all thought he d dominate- or at least do well- (he averaged 55 in high school, played in the senior team as a junior, was 6’4″, could shoot 50% from halfcourt) but he sucked, totally different pressures, style technique, players to go against. you can imagine how good these nba cats are.