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LeBron James Scores 23 Points in Less Than 6 Minutes (VIDEO)

‘I was glad I was on the bench, so I could watch the show.’ —Dwyane Wade.

LeBron James began his assault with three straight threes near the end of the first period, and the assault didn’t stop ’til Miami’s lead reached 20 points with just over eight minutes to play in the first half.

“I was glad I was on the bench, so I could watch the show,” Dwyane Wade said of James’ pouring in 23 of his 36 points in six minutes. “When a guy’s hitting like that, you don’t want to say much to him. In a sense, you don’t know what to do. You don’t know if you should leave him alone, dap him up. I don’t know. I just stayed away from him.”

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  • tmac

    13pts in 35sec… beat that LeScore

  • TBRK

    there has never been a player quite like this guy ever…..completely unique physical and skill set

  • fruizm

    Im glad I watched this. I was bored so I decided to watch this game even though I expected nothing. I was wrong!!!

  • pposse

    dont see 23 pts scored in less than 6 minutes. He scored his 23rd pt in the second beginnig of the second quarter. Last time i checked there are 12 minutes per each quarter.

  • Max

    He started doing it with 2 minutes left in the 1st. He finished when there were 8 minutes and 30 seconds left in the 2nd.
    = 23 in 6 minutes?

  • RKJ92

    pposse is just a hater Max, anything about LeBron he tries to talk down or discredit, thx for showing him wrong ;)

  • RKJ92

    Sure, LeBrons career > your 13pts in 35seconds — That was easy :)

  • pposse

    okay RKJ, im a lebron hater you got me

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  • Caboose

    You are dude, it’s PRETTY obvious.

  • Caboose

    Not to take anything away from LeBron, but this just speaks to how GOD AWFUL the Hornets defense is (watch the video, you’ll see what I mean).


    Word , but he still got a few seasons to beat that though

  • Bojangles

    some of those threes were contested though.

  • pposse

    No, i’m just trying to be objective about him and his legacy. It might be too early to talk about all that since he is still playing, but losing a championship in your prime and playing alongside d wade shouldn’t be overlooked. He’s still the second best of all time that i have seen, but a certain windy city assassin might have something to say about all that down the line.

  • Caboose

    If you honestly think Derrick Rose will EVER be anywhere near LeBron then, well, I’d think about as much of your opinion as I do now.

  • keyon dooling

    witnessing such great things outta this dude. You don’t have to refer to him as ‘King’ or bow down to the guy, but you can be appreciative of his talent. Can’t wait for May/June

  • pposse

    yo why do you keep tryin to talk about your feelings with me? I told you already go on and where them jimmy choo pumps and take yourself out on the town.

    Either drop some sort of basketball knowledge/ rebuttal or keep it moving.

  • Caboose

    Sigh, I was really enjoying my quiet weekend. Ok then:
    1. LeBron had over 13,000 points by the time he was Derrick Rose’s current age. Rose currently has under 6,000.

    2. Both LeBron and Rose had/have one MVP by age 24.

    3. By age 22, LeBron had led a team to the Finals. Rose hasn’t done that yet.

    4. LeBron had more win shares per 48 minutes by the time he was 21 than Rose has had at any point in his entire career.

    5. By age 24, Rose has an MVP, ROY, 3 All Star Games, and 1 All-NBA 1st team. By age 24, LeBron had an MVP, ROY, 5 All Star Games, 3 All-NBA 1st teams, 2 All-NBA 2nd teams, 1 All-Defensive 1st team, 1 Scoring Title, and an Olympic gold medal.

    6. Derrick Rose has regressed since his MVP season (yes, injuries count). LeBron is currently having his best season as a pro.

    7. When LeBron left his team, the Cavs went 19-63. When Rose left his team (with injuries), the Bulls are currently 7 games over .500.

    8. LeBron is one of the all time best wing defenders. Rose will NEVER be considered a premier point guard defender.

    9. In their season at age 23, LeBron put up 30-8-7-2-1. Rose put up 22-3-8-1-1. Those numbers are not comparable.

    10. Rose shot under 45% during his MVP season. LeBron hasn’t shot that low since his rookie year.

    11. Rose is officially injury prone. LeBron has never missed more than 7 games in a season.

    There? Is that enough? I can keep going.

  • pposse

    let me respond to your points so even simpletons can understand:

    1. So what, Lebron scores more points than D Rose, thats only one facet of the game, he also played a full season in the league more than Rose ever did at d rose’s age, not to mention the fact that last year was a shortened season in which D Rose missed nearly 1/3rd or maybe even 2/3rds the season. So shave about 4,500 pts off that bs stat. Cant give bron credit for a full season when d rose wasn’t even eligible to play outta hs.

    2. D Rose receieved an MVP in less NBA years than Lebron and he got it over him, and was most deserving

    3. He didn’t lead his team to the finals bc he played against a stacked Miami Heat team (only thing stopping him from the championship and ring for that matter), but Lebron went thru the East when you and every other commenter believed the East sucked

    4. fock advanced stats, i dont want to even go down that road with you, last time i brought that up you refused to acknowledge d wade’s usage % as a plausible reason for getting a future finals mvp

    5. D rose played three full seasons at age 23 in what is known as a dominant era, it takes time to pay your dues. Who was Bron’s comp..an unhealthy tmac? Individual stats mean nothing when talking about the winning ways of D Rose.

    6. He didn’t regress, he got injured – plus says he will come back better, ill take his word for it.

    7. Rose never left his team dummy! The only time he “left” was when they lost him in the playoffs, he left the team to get surgery. Contrary to your folklore D Rose is still the leader of that team, there is not advanced stat for “presence”

    8. Rose not being considered a great PG defender is silly, cause last time i checked in 2011 – 2012 not a single pg scored more than 30 pts on the bulls, in fact how about you check opponent pg PER against the bulls while your at it last year, or i can tell you for the season, it was 18 tops. meanwhile Lebron gets lit up on a consistent basis from KD. His one on one d is a tad bit overrated (lebrons)

    9. Lebrons a stat stuffer kinda like Peyton Manning. Is Peyton Manning considered the best qb? by some, but def not all and probably not the masses, the both lost the “big” one on numerous occasions, and Bron lost it when he had 4 aces in the hole. Hell he had the goddamn deck.

    10. Rose getting off better looks than bron while still being aggressive is virtually impossible, that is height discrepancy you are detailing.

    11. He suffered a torn acl, freak accident the verdict is still out on injury proness

    On top of all this nonsense, MJ didn’t have the stats Bron did at age 23 nor did he get the accolades, but MJ is still the better player right? Or is he. You want it to be both ways, your arguments aren’t consistent, just tryin to argue to argue. Plus i said Bron the second best I ever seen, so like MJ, ROSE’s best is yet to be seen and known. I naturally put weight/ optimism (call it what you want to call it) on the future.

  • pposse

    also regarding your point 9: sure lebron had monster stats, but you should know by now W’s are valued over stats when speaking to me. The Bulls had more W’s than the Heat, D Rose deserved that MVP stevie wonder can seee that…and Lebron follows that loss (losing an indvidual honor) by losing in the finals (team honor)..with a stacked team btw

  • Drig

    D.Rose didnot. Voter fatigue and Rose playing in Chicago got him the MVP over LBJ and Dwight respectively. The record certainly helped his case vs Dwight but if you swapped them with an average NBA player, Bulls would’ve still been good while the Magic would’ve bottomed out……..like they are right now.

  • Drig

    I don’t believe Rose will ever be as good as LBJ but I disagree with the notion that LBJ is better than Rose because he led his team to the Finals ( where he got swept vs a good team ).

    Heat team that Rose faced > Detroit team that LBJ faced. Plus, the depth of the East has vastly improved since then ( still trails the West though ). Bulls had some great and draining 1st round matchups.

  • Drig

    1. Exactly what other facet of the game is Rose arguably the best PG at other than scoring??? His ballhandling ain’t the best. His playmaking ain’t the best. His D ain’t the best. He’s the best cutter at his position while LBJ’s the best cutter in the L. There’s no facet of the game Rose is better than LeBron at. Not skills wise. Not efficiency wise.

    2. He deserved to be a top 3 MVP candidate. He wasn’t the outright MVP choice. There are still quite a few, including me, that believe Dwight deserved the MVP that season. I haven’t till date seen an argument that proved that Rose was much more valuable to his team than Dwight was to Orlando. Esp. when you see how both teams are now playing with an average backup in their positions.

    7. You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s a BS argument.

    8. LeBron’s praised because he can play effective defense on ALL positions. Rose’s D is lacking. Its funny you criticize LeBron’s on-ball D ( which I admit is a bit overrated ) but praise Rose’s on-ball D.SMH.

    9. Kobe lost many times in the Finals. Ducan lost in the WCF vs the Lakers which were the NBA Finals earlier in the decade. Same with Magic and Bird. Hey, atleast they got to the position in which they got the chance to win. Rose has yet to make the Finals. Going 6 of 6 or 2 of 2 ain’t better than going 6 of 10 or whatever in the NBA Finals.

  • pposse

    No, false. IF you look back the past ten years you will notice most MVP’s won are won by franchise players who were on teams that won 60 plus games. D Rose could have easily been a favorite last year to win that award too, if he played in a majority of the games, which he did not due to an injury plagued season. By Lebron standards 2010 2011 was quite the disapointment for the Heat. They didn’t win 60 games even when Lebron was able to do that the previous 2 seasons with a mediocre cavs team. If you want to look at the guys who won the MVP without 60 wins in the season, I’ll say this … Steve Nash (his second MVP, most say he did not deserve this one), Kevin Garnett (lifetime achievement award more than anything), Kobe Bryant (lifetime achievement award, plus this was the first season where Kobe was ‘eligible’ to win the award as his team which did ‘okay’ and got to the finals finished first in their division, same for garnett too. If you can’t see how winning equates into the MVP pick to sportswriters who btw determine the MVP then idk what to tell you, just read my post.

  • Judith Johnson

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  • pposse

    1. D Rose’s current age vs Lebron at this age is a stupid and skewed argument, he didn’t play a game at his current age, the year before he missed a majority of the games, and he didn’t play in the league when he was 18! Lebron played in probably 2.5 times more regular season games in order to edge out D rose to a 6,000 to 13,000 pt advantage. Plus Rose is a pg the development when getting to the NBA is a little different, he was not asked in the first year or two years to score 25ppg. He needs to go back on basketball reference and do a better job at a side by side comparison.

    2. so what if wasn’t an outright MVP, he still was the MVP and deserved it, look at my other post to further elaborate this.

    3, 4, 5, 6 thank you

    7. So I guess Scottie Pippen would have developed in the same player he became if MJ was never there? Is that what your telling me? If you follow the bulls to this day and hear the way his teammates praise him, how they elect to speak about him when they can gloss over certain questions, how D Rose freely admits that his teammates “play hard for me” the head of the snake should be visible and you can easily see where the Bulls get their swag/ edge from. Like i said there is no stat for “presence”. Lebron possessed the same thing with the Cavs i called it ‘Lebronfidence’

    8. Lebron’s d is overrated, Rose’s d is underrated. like i said opponent pgs average PER was like 18, D Rose never got lit up for 30 points in 2011 2012 and if you see his games, you will notice he fights thru picks, does not go underneath them and anticipates with the best of them. In fact he only got lit up for 20 plus pts like 11 times in the season, which by the way is a pg best for that season. All signs were indicating that he was developing a rep as a defensive beast at the pg spot and that would have been the talk this year about him and his game had he not got injured. Lebron and his team got D Rose good in the east finals when they played, but a lot of that was poor decision making on a third year ball player, a whole lot of the proceeding summer was spent on fixing those mistakes. Highly doubt lebron would have had the same success guarding d rose outright if and when it came down to that. D Rose dribbled right into double teams and didn’t pass to open guys, those are more mental mistakes than anything, if i can see that you know damn well Thibs and Rose seen it, and had adjustments already for it.

    9. Kobe losing in the finals hurt his legacy, guys are split on this site even on whether he is a top 10 of all time. Duncan losing in the WCF to Shaq and Kobe is nothing to be ashamed of. Duncan losing a 2-0 series lead to the Thunder is. Duncan is going down as the greatest PF ever, but how many PF’s in league history spearheaded even one championship? duncan and spurs losing in 7 to the grizzlies too put a damper on his legacy. His position in the NBA’s top ten if you want to put him in there has lost some poll position. I’ll give him the #8 spot on a generous day.
    Rose has yet to make the finals in 3 years of playing in the NBA, the 4th year he missed the playoffs entirely, those are the facts. The ECF the bulls lost should have been the NBA finals but Miami and Lebron royally screwed that up by losing to an inferior Mavericks team.

    “a certain windy city assassin has something to say about (lebron being second best of all time) all this down the line” that was the original line i dropped. D Rose is the biggest threat to bron’s legacy as second best all time thats what i meant to say, i never outright said he was better than Lebron, just don’t prance around thinking i said something that I did not say.

  • pposse

    also that magic team was a gimmick. They had the one guy in the league that can make a team of three pt shooters who do nothing else productive on the court look good. They fit Dwights skill set, maybe SVG was right on his offensive strategy. Maybe that offense IS a reflection on Dwight Howard..a gimmick?! So how is Dwight doing on a very talented team you ask?

    I understand the lakers are banged up, the verdict is still out on how Dwight can make a good team better, he didn’t do that this year, he never did it thus far in his career. plus the magic lose the coach who came up with the offense and player in d howard all in one single off season, that team was gutted and had to learn a new offense.

  • raels

    Derrick Rose won’t even be Kevin Durant, who is next after Lebron for league’s best. It’s weird how you think he and Lebron are comparable.

  • pposse

    Kevin Durant is an amazing ball player, he definately deserves a place in the conversation of best players in the league right now..but in this particular discussion i dont think he’s relevant. Him and his team don’t play in the east. These guys thinks its good enough for Bron to make it to the finals and lose, so if KD beats him in the finals the fellow commenters logic states its still a Win for Bron’s legacy to get to the finals (which I definately do not agree with). Therefore, Bron’s biggest threat to getting to the finals and ultimate place on the all time ladder is D Rose.

  • Caboose

    That’s fair, my point is that LeBron has done more in the Playoffs than Rose has (obviously). I’ll make this simpler:
    LeBron is a better:
    Post-Up Player
    Perimeter Defender
    Post Defender
    Help Defender
    Fast-Break Player
    Team Leader

    Rose is a better:

  • Caboose

    So Rose won MVP because his team was the best? Gotcha. Way to argue your point there, sport.

  • pposse

    no youngster, he won the mvp because he made a good team GREAT. Making a bad team good is something that Carmello Anthony can do, what Dwight made a living off of in Orlando, what many many all stars past and present have done. The argument @drig is looking for is simply that. Making a good team GREAT is a bigger and better accomplishment than making a bad team good.

    Lebron btw had a great team in the 2011 Heat and lost. It took him a whole season to make a good team great, which effects his legacy.

  • Caboose

    Didn’t it take Rose 3 seasons to make a good team great? And didn’t LeBron take 3 seasons to make a BAD team great? By your logic, if Kyrie makes the Cavs info a playoff threat next year, he has the same claim to being better than LeBron that Rose has.

  • pposse

    D Rose made it to the playoffs every year in the league. D Rose exceeded expectations by a large margin. Going into the 2010 – 2011 season the Bulls were expected to do good, but not challenge Miami for the #1 seed…why you guys continue to downplay exceeding expectations is absurd, while the guy who is “most deserving” in your opinion didn’t live up to expectations, not in the regular season and not in the playoffs (finals when it counts the most). If Kyrie making the Cavs into legit threats meaning he gets the Cavs to the eastern conf. finals or better than yeah he has a claim to being a threat to Lebrons legacy..not better, but be real that is highly unlikely whats more likely is bron playing with Kyrie in two years or whatever

  • Caboose

    I am done here. If you really think that Rose will ever be better than LeBron, go ahead. The only evidence for it is one MVP season. You clearly are ill educated because one of the first things taught in science is that you need evidence to predict things, not speculation or optimism. You can keep believing in imaginary things if you want, but, like religion, I’d prefer if you just keep your ranting to yourself.

  • pposse

    no your done, bc i continuously bathe you in ether. Its my preferred baptismal method for you. Between me and you thats the only religion you will ever be a part of.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Man, getting LeBron to shoot 8 threes is probably the best chance the Hornets have at winning that game. And they were guarding LeBron with a rookie. The dude was just unconscious.
    In other words…..
    It’s hard to stop a sleepwalker. And you sure don’t want to wake them.

  • rkirby

    Kevin Durant is extremely lucky/unlucky that he plays with Russell Westbrook. He’s a great scorer, but to basically get swept in the Finals with Westbrook, Harden, and two DPOY candidates on your team? Let’s slow down with the hype. Durant’s great in his own right, but to compare him to Lebron or even Kobe at this stage in his career is so premature. Astoundingly, he and Russell Westbrook are like a bizarro Kobe Bryant and Shaq, where Russell Westbrook is Shaq and KD is the second option.


    lol but true

  • LP

    Wait……………..I won’t let you water down Rose’s MVP. He CARRIED that team all year, every game (I watched many Bulls games, it was magical), Which led to the best record….Dwight (2nd place) was OK, Lebron was too busy missing and/or passing off game winners, there wasn’t really anything remarkable about his year….Heat started off so slow (remember) and there was a period of time where they had a ~5-6 game losing streak…Lebron wasn’t awful, but he wasn’t outstanding……ROSE was awesome that year, any NBA player will tell you the same….(begins to google) only 6 other players in league history put up the numbers he put up that year….BALLGAME!