Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 at 4:45 pm  |  24 responses

LeBron James Throws Down Huge Pregame Dunks (VIDEO)

Before helping to lead the Miami Heat to a tough 98-91 win over the Memphis Grizzlies, LeBron James kept his promise and put on a pregame air show.

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  • MightyMouse

    They showed that last one like 8 times lol

  • zogs19994


  • mike

    pretty basic dunks. every guy in the L can do those, but lebrons look beter cos he has such power and vert

  • old skool

    music made me think i was playing nba hangtime on n64

  • http://twitter.com/DPisWill DePaul Williams

    When he first came into the league, there were a whole bunch of Magic comparisons, then as time went on and he started winning games there were rumblings of a Kobe vs. Lebron rivalry, now that he finally got a ring we are trying to compare him to MJ…we are wasting too much time with all these damn comparisons, let this man do what he does and lets appreciate what he is giving to the game rather than split hairs and try to compare.

  • T-man

    HAHAHAH! Yessss!!!

  • Vag

    It”s not that the dunks are so awesome,it’s that he makes them look so awesomely easy

  • Jay Cutler

    You’d be surprised. Dudes in the dunk contest are missing the most ‘basic’ dunks.

    Besides.. no one is making it look as easy.

  • Bojangles

    Rashard Lewis wanted to be posterized to stay relevant.

  • MasterSplinter

    Lol, it’s crazy how him and Ray Allen are back together with such reduced roles…Rashard was just never the same after he got busted with performance enhancing drugs in Orlando….And Ray was never the same after he broke up with Lala Bonilla.

  • Chukaz

    If he were doing this in the dunk contest we’d be b*tching about the lack of originality and how it’s that passes that are good and not the dunks. The dunk contest is dead because of our own expectations. Look back at “legendary” dunk contests from the 80s. They’re lame as f*ck. Back then, a windmill with authority made people go crazy. Now, if that windmill with authority’s not preceded by a 360 while jumping over a prop from at least 15 feet out, they might as well have just laid it up off the glass.

  • Ugh

    You’re reducing the value of a dunk to the complexity of the move. The Dominique (which is who you’re referring to with that comment) and Jordan dunks are done with more attention to aesthetic than to complexity. Compare to the categories for scoring in diving, for example, where the position of the feet on entry and the size of the splash effect the scoring. Jordan, Drexler and Kemp’s dunks in particular are mostly about the angles and position of the limbs in relation to the hoop the floor and each other. Dominique mixed that with upper body power. The value of many of the 80s contest dunks were about finesse and aesthetic, not complexity and, frankly, schtick. If that focus was brought to the fore more by actual criteria for judging being introduced (rather than “give it a number between six and ten, preferably ten”), the dunk contest would improve rapidly.

  • Ugh

    Note: this is not a defence of the Kenny Walker dunk contest, though. There is no defence of that.

  • OneStep

    The first dunk was a 50 in any contest: the grace, the power, the hangtime etc. The final one was some kind of homage to Rex Chapman. Lol.

  • http://twitter.com/kamstyles TheNextOne

    Bron got cats open like 7-11 on his dunk game. LOL! My man Slim has the same game check out my guy on the “TheNextOne” cartoon http://bit.ly/XPptIM

  • roscoe

    So… when are the pre-game – Bron bron dunk tickets going on sale?

    I bet the networks will start airing this like when Bonds was in baseball.

  • pposse

    naw i disagree, those dunks lebron pullled off in the video are worthy enough for a victory in the dunk contest imo. I think its more or less that some of the participants nowadays will go to extremes like bringing out a painted mural or whatever other props to enhance the dunk; the real problem is that the all stars aren’t participating, they’d rather sit on the sidelines and show off their lame clothing styles instead.

  • AndyK415


  • Max

    No way, what power?

  • http://kingakai.com/ Alpha-bet

    LoL @ The old school “NBA Home Video” style music

  • Chukaz

    I agree that they are worthy, but if he were to do them in the dunk contest people would complain about how their basically game dunks with fancy passes. Video games have ruined the dunk contest. You can’t just do cool dunks with style now. The people want video game sh*t in real life. They want stuff that they’ve never seen before, but pretty much everything’s already been done. We need to return to the older format where people were allowed a miss per round. I’d rather see a well executed tomahawk in a single try like desmond mason used to do than some video game sh*t on the 15th try. Desmond Mason dunks used to get “oh sh*t!” reactions from me because they were basically surprises. Now you get that same reaction on the missed attempt and a “finally!” once they complete the dunk on their 8th try.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    this guy goes up so high he could just jump and take a sit on the rim

  • LP

    Every dunk looks great with that Classic “1980s basketball educational video” music playing in the background……. Seriously, with those first 2 dunks, he might qualify to the final round (first dunk a 50, second dunk is a “safe” dunk, 45) , i don’t think he would win tho….The dunk contest isnt awful, like some of you say…..those guys are coming with more creativity than ever and yall just kill them because they all average less than 20 minutes a game…..

  • Damn

    I’m a LeBronze hater, but that last dunk was better than the whole dunk contest this year.