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Luther Wright – ‘The Weight of the World’, Part 1 (VIDEO)

The former first-round draft pick struggles to overcome a food addiction.

As the first made-for-mobile sports reality show, Roopstigo presents Healing Agent, starring former sports agent Greg Marotta and directed by Emmy-award winner Frank Belmont. In the premiere, Marotta unveils the plight of Luther Wright, a former Seton Hall sensation and former first-round NBA draft pick. Wright, currently at 507 pounds, has beaten an addiction to crack but cannot break his food addiction despite the fact his sister died of morbid obesity. This is part one of a two-part series.

Healing Agent, an original series, puts the lens on fallen pros as Marotta guides them through rehab, whether for gambling addiction, depression or obesity.

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  • TBRK

    the other day I sat down thinking….I had a bag of Tostitos. I ate a few chips and enjoyed it, put the bag away in the cupboard went back to my desk….completely reflexively, without reason, I got up and walked back to the cupboard to grab some more….started thinking how real a food addiction, when coupled with emotional distress could really be….What if you simply couldn’t turn that switch off and stop?? Ain’t that how any other addiction works? …its something we were all born with called flesh….the flesh has desires, wants, demands….half the time out in this world we are simply trying to satisfy our flesh, living to do so even….sad thing is that, because of the evils of this world which attract our flesh, the flesh tends to diametrically oppose the spirit, feeding the flesh (literally or figuratively) we starve our spirit….the innermost part of us is empty….yet we keep seeking to fill our flesh, even to our ruin…..Matthew 26:41