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Ray Allen Forces Overtime in Game 6 of the NBA Finals (VIDEO)

BIG shot.

The Miami Heat’s season was on the brink of collapse, until Jesus Shuttlesworth forced overtime with a super-clutch three-pointer.

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    thank you ray for coming to Miami

  • star

    danny who?

  • RedDragon10

    best game I’ve ever seen

  • Vince

    One of the best shots ever made in the Finals. That was clutch.

  • VictorDeLaWood

    Spurs game 7 strategy: put a headband on Lebron

  • OfftheWall87

    Most exciting Finals game I’ve seen since Iverson vs. the Lakers in 2001 Game 1. LeBron has to at least think about not wearing the headband at all in Game 7.

  • jdn41

    lebrons wife should give ray head. ray allen just saved lebrons legacy with that shot

  • Nathan Shane Long


  • Junior Taylor

    He is called Jesus for a reason.

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    I know Kevin Garnett is pissed the hell off.



  • truth teller

    That ain’t no bullshit. Bron was pissin his pants the last two minutes of regulation, but I’m sure his fans will conveniently forget that inconvenient fact, after all, it runs counter to their predetermined argument that LBJ is the next mj. Also, where was Duncan the 2nd half and OT? I always hear that his combo of efficiency and ability to rise to the moment in a position of leadership is what makes him the consistently BEST player since ’98. To that I now say: bullish!t. Just off the top of my head I can think of a certain someone who would have stepped up in the fourth and said “give me the freaking ball, I’m not letting lebron gain any hope,” which is probably why that certain someone has 5 rings (count ‘em and weep, haters!), 2 scoring titles and universal respect from ALL the greats of prior generations. Best player of the post-jordan era? Kobe Bryant hands down, take a pill and chill out, haters. Lebronners…come back to me when your boy’s at 5 rings and not looking more like Karl Malone than Michael Jordan in the last thirty seconds of high-pressure moments. Nbk save your stats, I’m only interested in what measures intestinal fortitude and all the evidence I can see points to Kobe being one of the 6 or 7 greatest EVER. Get over it. Having a hard time coming to terms with it? Ask magic, bird, mj, west, or anyone else whose opinion actually matters. It’s well past time for Kobe to acknowledged for what he really is: the 2nd greatest perimeter player the game has seen up to this point HANDS DOWN

  • shockexchange

    Ice water.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    I am shocked that someone already turned this into an argument about Kobe. Totally shocked.

  • H.Sidhu23

    First off so much ignorance in one post it is not even funny. Secondly were you born before 2002? O right you probably forgot that the aforementioned second greatest perimeter player all time scored two points and 8 points in two different finals games vs the Pacers. Who saved him? The most dominant center of our generation and one big shot from Big Shot Bob. What about when Kobe by himself lost the finals to the Pistons because he was so intent on taking finals MVP from Shaq. What about Ron Artest bailing him out against the Suns when he caught his airball and put it back up right before the buzzer. Or how about the fact that he shot 6-24 in game 7 of the NBA finals and needed out of this world efforts from Ron and Pau (btw I believe they shot 21 fts in that fourth quarter many of which were given to Kobe to help his stats look a little less terrible). Only Finals this guy has ever played well in is the Magic series aside from that hes just shat the bed. You slurping him is pathetic but I bet you didn’t watch this guy play. I bet you heard Skip Bayless proclaim this guy as some clutch player and then decided to copy him. Don’t get me wrong Kobe is good but he isn’t in Jordans class. Teams win rings and if the guy whose nuts you have been slobbering on realized that, they would have been the greatest team of all time with Shaq being the no.1 option till he faded away and then Kobe could have taken over. In the end he just a selfish player whose finals stats are slightly worse than James. Mj is well above Kobe but you wouldn`t know since you started following basketball today.

  • danpowers

    co-sign. i want that on livestream. no homo

  • danpowers

    he is too old to wear it at all since a couple of years anyway

  • Max


  • Shooting Guard


  • Shooting Guard

    congratulations, you know everything about basketball

  • Shooting Guard

    he came to south beach for a reason why do you think garnett is still mad?

  • Obz

    God bless MIAMI HEAT game 7 period

  • The Mighty FV

    An amazing game but clearly backing up the truth of a fixed game to get a 7. LeBron looks absolutely lost out there.

  • OfftheWall87

    Nah, it’s been a major part of his image since high school. More than anything else. Only 28. Still young. Hairline jokes can continue, not sure he cares too much about it. Chances are great he goes back to it. Rasheed Wallace is still wearing his.

  • Basketball Coach

    give credit to CB as well, he did get that rebound and assist for Ray ray’s 3pointer btw. lol


  • pposse

    you mean give credit to Greg Popovich for putting Tim Duncan on the bench to not snatch those rebounds from that soft mofo

  • pposse

    Ray Allen = David Hasselhoff = lifeguard.

    Lebron owes Ray Ray his career. Yall want to talk about Bron being clutch, just watch the last two minutes of the game. He was an eyeball witness to Tony Parkers three pointer, then he chucked up brick after brick; he made one three after terribly missing the first one and someone on his team getting a long offensive rebound. The guy is not clutch, and I am starting to wonder if he ever will be.

  • Max

    If that would’ve happened with the Heat, and Spo as coach, he would get killed for doing something like that.

  • Basketball Coach

    hmm. did you even watch the game? Timmy was nowhere in the second half, his performance was off really. not defending CB or something.

  • pposse

    I didn’t get to see the post game, but i really want to know what the hell Pop was thinking or not thinking. Also if this will have an effect on him coaching game 7; the Heat were given a gift by the best coach in the L. As great of a game that was I’m on the side that says the Spurs lost that game over Miami winning it.

  • Max

    Oh yeah, the refs? put Miami is such a great way to win they needed luck for a rebound and a three to go in, with Kawhi missing 1 ft..

  • pposse

    yeah i watched that game. So you mean to tell me you put Borris Diaw out there to grab rebounds over TD? The same TD who had like 15 rebounds in the game? C’mon now coach! He subbed Duncan out on defense and put him back in on offense, how does that make sense??

  • Max

    Yeah definitely, and they all said that’s what they were doing the whole year (in situations where they switch everything), so that’s what they went with.
    I’m surprised they didn’t foul Bosh, but Pop said he doesn’t do that.

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson


  • Basketball Coach

    it’s a 3 point lead. he didn’t care too much about the paint since the Heat would focus on hitting the 3. and since they’re focused on the perimeter, the paint would be more open for a rebound by the Spurs.

  • pposse

    damn that was such a missed opportunity. Not trying to second guess Pop too much, but that was a dumb strategy imo.

    It was great tv, Lebron’s Kingdom was crumbling before our very eyes, but then his lead archer came from space to save the day.

  • pposse

    yeah but Bosh has proven that even he can step out and shoot a 3, Duncan has the wingspan to atleast try and block or bother an attempt like that.
    Part of defense is completing the play by grabbing the rebound, hell that is arguably the most major part of defense. They had Borris Diaw out there to do that, that man is soft. This was a mistake that may have lost the championship for the Spurs.

  • Sizzle

    Looking lost = triple double…Please stick to commented on sports that you know something about

  • shannon

    anyway, spurs gonna win game 7

  • RayJr

    Jesus for the three! BOOM!!!

  • Solito

    Ray Allen’s work ethic and shooting routines are legendary AND borderline obsessive compulsive… but this is what you have to do in order to step back while getting chased by three defenders and knock down a shot that just might save a championship – LBJ take note!

  • Max

    Haha, he would get sooooo much hate if Ray would’ve missed.

  • Feez_22


  • Feez_22

    I bow down to thee H.Sidhu23. i dub thee honorable H.Sidhu23 for lambasting a fanboy without any profanity or ill will. Boy… the ironic thing is you owned a guy who named himself “truth teller” lmfao

  • Feez_22

    Boy… first vogel gets lambasted for taking hibbert out on a final play bc they knew he would be stretched out and wouldn’t be in the paint to contest a shot. Then pop gets criticized because he takes duncan out of the game at the end and the guy who he would have defended grabbed the crucial offensive board.

    2 coaches (1 HOF) who are now the scapegoat because of a lebron layup (if hibbert was in he would have been switched on ray allen at the 3) and a LUCKY as hell ray allen 3 pointer off an offensive rebound (if duncan is in i bet bosh stretches him to the perimeter. he is not good defending the perimeter which is why they put diaw in).

    This adjusting to the heat’s stretch lineup might be harder than all of us previously thought.

    The chess match continues!

  • Max


  • Max

    But Diaw was out double teaming Bron, so that would’ve been Timmeh. Manu should’ve tried to box out Bosh.

  • pposse

    Looked like the gameplan on that play was give it Lebron and have his shoot the three. Don’t see how this plan changes whether or not Duncan is in the game.

  • PatRileyistheMan

    Seems to me like ‘Bron hit a three with 0:20 left in the 4th to put them in position for Ray’s miracle three to force overtime. With Chalmer’s wide open on the other wing no less. Say what you want about the minute and half before that, but shooting twice in that possession shows he’s at least not afraid to pull the trigger late with game on the line. . . and he made the second one!

    In any event, it was his incredible fourth quarter play that brought them back from 12 down to be in a position to take it into overtime, and based on the fourth quarter as a whole, to say he is not clutch, is just ignorant.

  • danpowers

    i dont know man. its not that important anyway but to me he looks more charismatic without that band.

    and yeah, i wont get into a discussion about sheeds maturity now – love him tho. no homo (talking about maturity lol)

  • OfftheWall87

    When kids dress up like him, the major part of the outfit is the headband. Every superstar player has a trademark. LeBron’s is the headband.

  • paul81

    i was pulling for the spurs and i almost doo doo’d on myself when ray shot that 3 cause i knew it was going in! spurs had a chance, but miami is confident now and that ring is as good as theirs

  • spit hot fiyah

    i really thought the spurs had it, major plays down the stretch for miami

  • danpowers

    if he leaves it off, you will see kids with a shaved bald patch, that’d be a more striking trademark.

  • Eddy Wang

    Offthewall and danpowers, you got to believe that the headband actually serves a purpose in sports as well. those people who have the bald or crew cut would find those headbands helpful for preventing your sweat flow down to your eyes easily….try it on.

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  • jessedogg

    you must be special. Kobe Bryant is not relevant. Not even the same conversation. Dont mention Michael Jordan.. Its not even close. Your an idiot.

  • jama

    it’s a travel and it’s getting a little ridiculous that NBA refs don’t call ANYTHING footwise. I mean, players travel all the time when they do the first step off the dribble and in many other occasions

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