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Meet Darrell ‘The Motivator’ Belts (VIDEO)

This guy is going to lead your squad to the…well, we’re not exactly sure where.

Darrell “The Motivator” Belts will lead you somewhere—to a string of victories, maybe, or a series of awful losses. Who knows? Belts is a strong leader who can get through to all his teammates, though he doesn’t exactly have the captain-material skills a leader is expected to maintain. And, yes: this 5-10 guard out of Delaware is corny as all hell. Naturally.

Kevin “The Big Dog” Durant
Anton “The Spark Plug” Barrels
Spooner “The Trash-Talker” Dee
Jade “The Over-Dribbler” Yorker

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  • Teddy-the-Bear

    why is there a paid-for advertisement by Nike about a fictional character in order to promote KD’s brand on a section on news of actual basketball players…? what the hell.

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  • Max

    Because the commercials and KD are both awesome.

  • Will Lee

    Damon jones

  • bigA

    and money