Friday, August 9th, 2013 at 1:19 pm  |  25 responses

High Schooler Makes World Record 135 Three-Pointers In Five Minutes (VIDEO)

Josh Ruggles is good at shooting.

This is insane.

Josh Ruggles is a high schooler who is really good at shooting. Like, insanely good. For his AAU team last year, he scored 16 points per game while shooting nearly 48 percent from downtown. Pretty sick, right?

Today, Josh is making waves around the internet by setting the world record—regardless of gender—for the most made three pointers in five minutes with 135 made threes. He set the record by going 135-147, an unreal 92 percent from downtown.

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  • Otis

    This would have been so much better if his friend could have held the camera the right way round

  • LLC#12

    He just set the record for most 3′s in 5 minutes, and his friend rebounding bricks a shot from 2 feet away at the start of the video, lol.
    On the bright side, he just dropped 134 assists in 5 minutes, that’s gotta be a record in its own right…

  • spit hot fiyah

    92% is insane

  • Dfrance

    iPhone users

  • Dfrance

    Is that the HS 3 point line? Is there a record for HS, college and the pros?

  • pposse

    this is pretty ridiculous

  • Anthony

    Thats amazing…especially w/ only 1 rebounder & just 2 rocks….

  • truff

    Psshhh, tell me when someone does this in regulation time. ill be on my high horse.

  • TR

    Ah, would’ve been cooler if it was nba range. Stephen Curry should break this for fun.

  • bike

    He stepped on the line at # 73. Sorry. Disqualification.

  • danpowers


  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    So much insane.

  • griffin swinney

    Kids from my town Wheaton Illinois I know him kids a stud and it’s sick to see this show up here he’s shootin the ball at Wheaton acadamey

  • JibbsIsBallin

    This is incredible man regardless of what level he is in.

  • RT

    Well since he is IN high school, he should be shooting from the high school 3pt. line. Steph Curry would probably feel like a moron for going out and trying to break some high school kid’s record. “I’m the best shooter in the NBA watch me try to break this high schooler’s record.” Come on dude, you sound like you are in high school yourself.

  • StaggerLee

    Not sure if there is a record (although there surely is an unofficial one or 10 somewhere) but I know a few years ago Anthony Morrow hit like 94 out of 110 or something ridiculous like that. Numbers aren’t exact but close enough.

    On a different note my high school coach was really good friends with Red Auerbach and he said that Larry Bird used to go back and forth between the elbows and try to hit 75 in a row. He said if he hit at least 70 out of 75 he felt his shot would be “on” that day/night.

  • marko

    I’m not saying i can shoot that percentage but i think i can get pretty close considering he’s shooting from high school 3 plus he’s shooting set shots which won’t tire u out

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    What needs to be recognized is the quality of those passes to him. If you have any chance of getting in rythmn an keeping it those passes needed to be as crisp as pringles.

  • Dfrance

    Only if he hit 70 out of 75 huh? lol Larry Legend! I wish I could shoot like that for just one game.

  • Max

    Flip the freaking camera to its side when you are recording something dude..

  • lol

    worst comment i ever heard – he’s basicly just bouncing it on the floor where ever!

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Its a bounce pass straight into his shooting position!? You have no idea whats going on this film clip….. my word…. if ignorance is bliss I bet your the happiest person on the planet.

  • David Ventura


  • KC McNeil

    I play him on Tuesday.

  • Daddio

    What happened in the game? haha