Sunday, August 11th, 2013 at 10:35 am  |  27 responses

Spencer Hawes Scores 58 Points at Jamal Crawford Pro-Am (VIDEO)

Yes, really.


Spencer Hawes, streetball beast? Uh, sure. Courtesy of our friends at BallisLife, here’s some footage of the Philadelphia 76ers big man dropping a cool 58 points at the Jamal Crawford Pro-Am. According to BiL, Hawes went 19-30 from the field and 18-22 from the line to collect the 58 (to go along with an impressive 17 boards). Here’s your daily reminder that anything is possible.

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  • spit hot fiyah

    we should just call him White Wilt from now on

  • RKJ92

    Pulling off some Dirk fades.. I like, I like!

  • KingBenjamin

    Shows you how good NBA players and how hard it is to make it to the league, when a scrub like Spencer Hawes can drop 58 on legitimate hoopers.

  • fly

    I think he’s a pretty solid player. 11 and 7 in the league isn’t exactly scrubbing it

  • Terry Chaney

    Imagine if he would have stayed in college and learned the game and developed for 3-4 years. Instead he (and MANY others) rush to the league for the money (hard to argue), but the level of play is ridiculously low. The league is sink or swim, watch film and find your spots. Other than that, shoot around and go to practice then have about 20 hours of free time on your hands. So many of these players wouldn’t even be in the league 20 years ago, which is 100% true but crazy to think about. Other than music, not many things regress over a 20 years period.

  • Ugh

    Yeah, a friend of mine went to a Canadian basketball camp in the 90s and watched Bill Wennington (yes, THE Bill Wennington) shoot 80%+ from mid-court after running drills with teenagers for two hours.

  • Corey

    We should, but a White Wilt, like a White Hispanic, doesn’t exist. It’s like calling someone an African-American. You’re either African, American, European, Asian, Hispanic, Australian, or…Wilt.

  • Da Real

    That is in no way “streetball”

  • Chubachuchi

    Here we go with the ignorant Goerge Zimmerman crowd again. If you haven’t figured it out yet that American is a nationality you should shut up and get an education. And there are white hispanics dumbass ever heard of Spaniards and Portuguese, who are also present in Latin America. It’s the white media’s fault to call a mixed raced Hispanic “White-Hispanic” because he is one half German American.

    Can’t believe you consider African-Americans not American but I’m sure you consider your white self American and don’t identify as European. Get your racist sh*t together.

  • ♚L.O.A.D.B♚

    Shii only if my 6ers can get him 2 play like this during the NBA season, that would be nice

  • slayut35

    All that educational talk and this dude misspelled George. You loose, Chimichanga. I think Corey was telling a joke that you didn’t get, plus how do you know if he is white? Even if he is white, if he hasn’t ever been to Europe but was born and raised in America, his ass is American. Just like you and I.

  • soloflyer

    You mean LIBERAL media. If it was the “white” media, they wouldn’t have made up the new term “white-hispanic”, they would have just said hispanic. Liberal media…white hispanic. Moron. Plus, American is a nationality BUT SO IS AFRICAN. So if your black ass is born in America…you (might have) guess it…you are American!!! Yay. There you go…another free education.

  • Basketball_iQ

    Only if your 76ers would take the leash off his game…. He can play. Always could.

  • Bob

    African isn’t a nationality. If African were a nationality, Africa would have to be a nation, which it isn’t, it’s a continent.

  • bob


    you and me*

  • dannyb

    Spencer Hawes – single-handedly proving that Pro-Am stats are meaningless.

  • Chubachuchi

    My bad…white liberal media. No hispanic or other non white person would call GZ White Hispanic.

    For your second point, you should read Corey’s statement which I was responding to, he says African-American SHOULDN’T be a term, and I said, like you’re saying, that if you’re of African descent born in America, you should be called American. Moron.

  • Chubachuchi

    Lol really that’s your comeback? A typo? You are supporting my statement dumbass. I said anyone who was born in America is American, but Corey basically said that you have to identify with the original region of your ethnicity. Read it again. And I’m not hispanic, so Chimichganga doesn’t work.

  • joe

    you and I was actually correct but the guy making the statement is a clown

  • JL

    still reminiscing about the good ol’ days? I miss food in some places too, and often realize it wasn’t as good as I thought it was. Can’t do that with past players though. So you can argue all you want, but it’s impossible to be 100% true.

  • Mike From Spain

    Reminds me of ‘the Scallenge’…

  • Mike From Spain

    Reminds me of ‘the Scallenge’…

  • Dfrance

    Stats aside, look at the confidence he’s playing with in the video. Putting the ball on the floor, taking and making tough jumpers. If he could play a little looser in NBA games, his numbers might improve.

    But I know firsthand sometimes its hard to just “play your game” if you’re on a certain type of team, or have a certain type of coach.

  • Q from uptown

    Leave race out of it. It’s basketball… Th only true full blooded Americans are the native Americans. Every one else was imported to the states one way or another and that’s wut makes America, America. So to say there is no such thing as an African American or an Asian American or a European America is ignorant. But regardless, basketball shouldn’t be about race and y’all takin it somewhere it doesn’t need to go.

  • Ugh

    If only those Sixers were playing in the Pro-Am league they’d probably win a ring.

  • Ugh

    I can see why your educating is free. We get what we pay for.

  • ♚L.O.A.D.B♚

    Shii it’s the damn coaches, not know’n how to really coach.