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Derrick Rose x adidas ‘Basketball Is Everything’ Commercial (VIDEO)

If you took away the money, the fame, the lifestyle…

Along with family, the most important thing in the world to Derrick Rose is basketball. Entering the ’13-14 season, he’s focused only on improving his game and winning a Championship for Chicago. Today, adidas and Derrick Rose debut, “Basketball is Everything,” a commercial that captures the essence of Derrick’s love and dedication to the game of basketball. If you took away all of the fame and notoriety of his life, he would still have what matters most: the game. The spot begins airing tonight and features rappers Big Sean, 2 Chainz and Common.

More details from adidas Basketball:

“Basketball is Everything” begins with Derrick training for the upcoming season then cuts to various scenes that portray his life which include, outside of his home, at his birthday party with family and friends including hip-hop artists Common, 2 Chainz and Dom Kennedy, at a music video shoot with rapper Big Sean and at a famous high-end jewelry store with his brother. The commercial comes full circle by showing Derrick training alone in the gym once again, emphasizing that even if you take away all of the aspects of Derrick’s life that he feels so blessed to have, he would still have the one thing that matters to him most, basketball.

“Basketball is Everything” was created by 180LA and directed by Stacy Wall.

Fans can join the “Basketball is Everything” and Derrick Rose conversation at the adidas Basketball Facebook Page and on Twitter and Instagram with @adidashoops #DRose4.

The D Rose 4 basketball shoe is available now for presale at adidasbasketball.com and officially launches with the D Rose signature collection on October 10.

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  • Dutch Geo

    Sweet! Cool music and good acting! Now lets go Knicks!

  • Karan Madhok

    what if you took away the shoes though?

  • spit hot fiyah

    opening night should be tomorrow

  • underdog

    Less money.

  • Wings23

    I believe Rose actually feels this way which makes me love this kid even more.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ben Osborne

    Tremendous ad

  • buckshot

    That’s a horrible ad! Almost start disliking Rose after watching this. Materialistic shallow bullshit.

  • Yusef Andrew

    Gr8 ad nd a very inspirational video nd was exciting…

  • Sid Leavitt

    This ad is pathetic. Because basketball ISN’T everything.

    While Rose demurely suggests to his audience that they could take away the money, fame, lifestyle and bling, the images show a self-satisfied young man reveling in those things.

    And who is the audience? Young black men and young white men who idolize black youth culture. Otherwise, Rose might have opened the ad with ‘Let me tell you something’ instead of ‘Leh-e tellya suhn-in.’

    No doubt Adidas will continue to make money by promoting basketball — and expensive Adidas shoes — to young men as ‘everything.’

    So much for education and worthwhile work. Thanks a lot, Adidas.

  • expatient

    I have been trying to remember the name of this music all week…it wont get out of my head until I remember…please help..what is the name of this classical piece of music?

  • expatient

    Hah! you are obviously not a hoosier! I grew up shooting hoops on the back of a barn and a dirt court. Basketball may not be everything, but it sure beat milking the cows!

  • Sid Leavitt

    You make an excellent point, expatient. I grew up in rural New Hampshire where there were only cows behind the barn and no basketball hoops. But I should mention that my wife is from Indiana and I understand the importance of basketball there.

  • JDotAdam

    Ask him to play for free.

  • Bob

    The music to this commerical is the March from the Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary by Henry Purcell. It was also featured as the title music in the movie A Clockwork Orange.

  • musicfan

    It’s derived from an old theme called “La Folia” that appears in hundreds of different versions. Great website at http://www.folias.nl/

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  • Steve Beckle

    So I guess friends and family don’t mean anything to him.

  • k e

    This particular version is actually Sarabande by Handel. It appeared in the movie “Barry Lyndon”