Monday, October 28th, 2013 at 10:00 am  |  3 responses

High Schooler Emmanuel Mudiay Jumps Over Allen Iverson for Dunk (VIDEO)

AI was a celebrity judge.

During a dunk contest at the midnight madness event at Prime Prep Academy, Allen Iverson served as a prop for high school star Emmanuel Mudiay. The Answer was also a celebrity judge for the contest.

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  • Max

    That dunk over AI was pretty weak, no?

  • Dfrance

    Being that AI is maybe 5’10″ and he was sitting down, yeah it was kinda weak. But it was AI! What if a draft picked up and his foot got caught in AI’s baggy jeans? Could have been disastrous.

  • OneStep

    Dunking over stuff is getting old and tired. I once dunked over two ants and a woodlouse and they were all standing. If I could’ve got her to stand still for long enough I reckon I could’ve jammed over my cat too.