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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Blasts Dwight Howard’s Game (VIDEO)

His Basketball IQ is not up to speed.

Having never been a fan of Dwight Howard‘s game and personality, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once again tore the young big fella to shreds in an ESPN interview.

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  • AndyK415

    All of what he said is true.

  • Fat Lever

    To play devils advocate here, KAJ says Dwight lacks that thing between his ears but then goes on to call him intelligent and well-spoken(to a degree). Why would you go out of your way to say he’s not intelligent on the bball court but then say he’s intelligent nonetheless? Aren’t they pretty much one and the same?

    Similarly, why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?

  • Conor

    They are absolutely not the same.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    i thought all the bitterness would stop after he got the statue!….seriously tho, all those things dwight CAN’T do, and he’s still the best center in the league…. what does this say?

  • berkamore

    Makes perfect sense. Bball is a skill. If you are not a Doctor, does that make you stupid? No it just means that you don’t have that skillset.

    Now if you are smart, that would make it easier for you to learn skills but you still have to learn. But I noticed that with many people, they seem to think that being smart means you don’t have to work and learn. Big mistake.

    Think about it this way, land can be fertile but if it is not farmed, nothing will grow (apart from wild grass) The fact that nothing grows doesn’t mean that the land is not fertile, it merely means that the land is not farmed.

  • berkamore

    It says that there are not that many good centers playing in the NBA today? Not, I am just being mean. LOL.

  • Fat Lever

    Nice way of putting it. I’m just saying, I would think, inherently, if you classify someone as having overall intelligence, they would be able to apply that to their craft specifically(especially if it’s their livelihood). Again, not saying I agree with that stance, I’m just trying to play the other side of the coin.

  • hashzz

    Dwight is NOT a great basketball player, he IS a supremely physically gifted young man with height that plays basketball.

  • GH

    I think Kareem went out of his way to recognize DH’s general intelligence so as not to insult him on too personal a level. But the fact is, not all muscle (or organ) development is equal. A sprinter and a power lifter will train their leg muscles in different ways, much the way an accountant will have probably developed completely different mental skills than a pro athlete would.

  • robb

    Thank you Cap.

    I don’t know why people have so much trouble realising what Kareem just said.

  • Rockwell

    Chris Dudley went to Yale, but dude was one of the worst NBA stiffs of all time! Clearly real-life IQ doesn’t necessarily translate to basketball IQ.

  • berkamore

    Got you. They have the potential, tools…….to do something and do it well. But remember,some guys get to a certain level and just start coasting. (KAJ said a few months back that Dwight’s game hadn’t changed since 2009).

    Dwight has what it takes to be great (er?). (and that may be why he drives so many people crazy. “He is pissing all those great tools away”.) So maybe his problem is desire more than anything else and you can’t really teach that.

  • Rockwell

    God, Dwight Howard is like the Miley Cyrus of the NBA. As much as I try to avoid anything related to him, I can’t! He’s everywhere!

  • Junior Taylor

    NO! especially the part about Howard “having problems on both ends of the court”. Someone should remind Kareem that Howard has 3 DPOYs and even with a bad back last season, was still one of the best defenders in the L. Gosh, I know it’s the in thing to hate on Howard but can we at least be reasonable and impartial about what he can and can’t do on the court?

  • robb

    lol please don’t disrespect Miley like that!

  • robb


  • LakeShow

    He has to re-prove he’s the best center I think.
    He’s been that his whole career, till last year.
    Marc Gasol outplayed him during the RS and Hibbert outplayed him in the post season.

  • robb

    exactly, just like emotional intelligence and mathematical intelligence are different

  • Smits#45

    Thank you!

  • Evan Boland

    He’s won 3 DPOY, and carried a team to the Finals.

  • Evan Boland

    He said he lacks BASKETBALL IQ.

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  • Fat Lever

    Thanks Sherlock for cracking that case. I got that piece, which was the basis of my point.

  • Brian Stevenson

    ESPN slurping at the alter of the Lakers? Shock.

  • kingtoooooot .

    3DPOY award in an era where defense sucks. LOL!

  • Conor

    Zone defence reigns and filters offences into collapsing posts, and Howard was the best helper in the League for years.

    Individual defensive brilliance has mostly been sabotaged/abandoned in favour of team-orientated systems (the best teams use good team defence, regardless of era). Don’t discredit the complexities of zone (though I agree that 80s/90s defences were more aesthetically appeasing and honest to the game).

  • kingtoooooot .

    I’m not discrediting zone. It is much more easier to defend. Help defense is A LOT EASIER. As you said, Howard is the best helper.

    The thing that made me say that defense sucks was the physicality of the defense/game. playoffs nowadays is just a regular season/game in the earlier eras.

  • some other guy

    the guy laughing in the background .. u re a bad person.