Monday, December 16th, 2013 at 9:20 am  |  16 responses

Kevin Love Leads Timberwolves Over the Grizzlies (VIDEO)

No. 42, again.

Behind yet another stellar performance from Kevin Love — 30 points and 9 rebounds in 37 minutes of work — Minnesota walked out of Memphis with a 101-93 victory.

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  • Dagger

    A real changing of the guard this year.

    Duncan and Dirk are still playing well, but Gasol and Garnett obviously aren’t, and clearly the top two PFs in the league are both under 30.

    About time.

  • AndyK415

    A great performance from Love last night. You all know that I’m biased for my Wolves…but I will have to admit that I think LA is still the better player at the moment.

  • spit hot fiyah

    grizz are in major trouble

  • Carolyn Robert1O

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    ⛗▃▄▅ ★★ ▆▅▄ ★★▃▄▅ ★⛸★ ▆▅▄★★▃▄▅★★⛗but I will have to admit that I think LA is still the better player at the moment.

  • Mike From Spain

    You might debate that on the defensive end, but I think Kevin Love is better on offense. Just that much more range and shooting 3s with good percentages mean a lot to Love’s efficiency. He’s also one of the league’s leaders in rebounding, which, to a team that shoots such low % as the Wolves, means a lot. He’s also stepped up his passing game (the outlets are ridiculous), and his D, while not a shot-blocker or defensive anchor, is better than in previous years. I don’t watch LMA to be able to make an argument for him, but I think it might be that he’s better on D and … well, that is more or less it.

  • vannshy

    Love is a free agent in 2 years right ? I was picturing him playing in San Antonio under Pop’s system. oh my. Matt Boner deluxe.

  • Mike From Spain

    hmm… he’s a superstar, Matt Bonner is a role player. Well, that and a great dude: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4810YXU-mjI‎

  • AndyK415

    Right now what get’s me is that LA is pushing his team to get victories over tougher opponents. Kevin and the Wolves do have a competent roster but they are losing games that they shouldn’t.

  • Mike From Spain

    You are right in a way, if you project wins and losses by the point differential between the Wolves and the teams they played, they should have won about 4 or 5 more games.
    BUT… I don’t think KL and LMA is the differential here.

    Kevin Love’s is single-handedly holding the Wolves together. I am trying to find the point differentials when he’s on the court to when he’s off, but the team is better by a margin of something like +20 points per 100 possessions, and the differential is also better so he’s a very clear positive.The bench is the issue for the Wolves, it is quite bad (same applies to the Blazers, they are very top heavy too). Also, the Blazers are shooting from 3 with incredible efficiency. Portland is the second in the league with 41,2 as a team (!!!) Matthews was over 50% from 3 on the season until a few games ago. The three point shooting efficiency could be attributed somewhat to LMA’s positioning and his post and mid-range being enough of a threat so as to create better spacing, but I don’t think he is ‘willing his team’ to shoot the three at an incredible clip. Which is, to me, a bigger factor than the will to win, wanting it more, or some such.

  • Mike From Spain
  • AndyK415

    Great article man. I knew it was bad from watching but I didn’t realize the actual numbers.

  • brothasdontsurf

    Makes my eyes water.
    I grew up shooting TD’s bank shot and KG’s turnaround J, now I’m watching dudes my age come into the league and put in work against them.

  • Dagger

    Nothing makes you feel your mortality quite like sports.

  • LakeShow

    Team as whole 1061 minutes OffEff 102.9/100

    Love and Pek together 542 minutes @109.5/100

    Love without Pek 205 minutes @ 112.9/100

    Pek without Love 197 minutes @92.1/100

    No Love or Pek 117 minutes @ 79.0/100

    Wow…. That’s nice haha.

  • Mike From Spain

    You could argue that the sample size is small, but it gives you an idea of where the team stands… Kevin Love holds that team together offensively. And as icing on the cake he’s something like the 2nd or 3rd rebounder in the whole league. He’s dismissed as a stat stuffer… I guess that people will say he wills his team to victory when they finally win.

  • LakeShow

    He just needs steady support like LMA is getting from Damien, Batum, Lopez, Matthews.

    That team is balling out and LMA is getting the credit, neither deservingly or undeservingly.

    K-Loves credit will come in due time.