Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 at 9:00 am  |  14 responses

LeBron James Dunks All Over Paul Millsap (VIDEO)

Have mercy, Bron.

Another night, another LeBron James poster victim. On his way to a game-high 38 points, James rose over Paul Millsap for an insane finish. The Miami Heat held on for a 121-119 overtime win against the visiting Atlanta Hawks. No word yet if LeBron felt bad about doing this to Millsap.

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    Nice seeing him dunk on people his own size

  • spit hot fiyah

    so if he doesn’t feel bad about this one, does that mean that he doesn’t like millsap?

  • Dfrance

    Reason# 45187856383 to try and play defense instead of trying to take a charge.

  • Max

    Millsap had no other choice but to get posterized!!

  • BlackStar

    And I started to think Bron Bron was loosing his bunnies. SMH … Woe is Millsap.

  • Myung

    The Hawks were essentially conceding the two points to Miami. At that juncture of the game (late fourth), Miami was down three so they were playing the “we’ll score a quick two and foul the Hawks” strategy instead of settling for a three. Millsap could have challenged Bron a little more, but he was certainly not going to foul him and stop the clock and/or give Miami a chance at a three point play.

    He basically just gave up an uncontested dunk. There’s no way the refs were going to call a charge in that situation.

    Either way, it was a sick dunk. I’ll give him that.

    But let’s not give Bron too much credit beyond that.

    It was basically a lay up line, in terms of defense and game situation.

    Context, folks. It matters.

    Oh, and Bron complained to the refs about wanting a foul called on Millsap after the play.

    The easy dunk wasn’t enough?

  • Respect

    There not gonna call a charge, either go up!! or get out the way!!


    Lol this dunk looks like the Ben Mclemore dunk the other day. LeBron be like “FuckwitmeyouknowIgotit”.

  • lucentum

    Fool, show some respect. It was a fantastic dunk late in the fourth. You clearly dont like James, but your weird rationalization doesnt take away anything from Lebron.

  • Myung

    You’re coming on here telling me to show some respect, but you call me a “fool?”

    I’ve been posting/contributing to this site since Lang was running things back in 2002. Don’t talk to me like I’m some little child.

    What did I write that shows that I CLEARLY don’t like LeBron?

    I actually have no feelings toward him. As a Hawks fan, I don’t hate him nor do I like him. I’m completely apathetic towards him (although I respect him as the best player in the world today).

    “Either way, it was a sick dunk. I’ll give him that.”

    Is that not respect enough? Were those not my words?

    I merely said it was a lay up line dunk because it went uncontested. There are a good number of guys in the world who can do that same dunk (myself not being one of them but still). And if anyone did that dunk in a layup line, it would not garner a SLAM blog post. It was a pretty great dunk, but again, he’s done dunks like that all the time since he was playing at SVSM.

    I’m merely saying that as someone who actually watched the game, I didn’t think it was (in the context of the situation) nearly as impressive as the short youtube clip makes it seem.

    Bron’s two killer three pointers in the last few minutes were far more impressive than this uncontested dunk, in my opinion.

    Good win by the Heat last night. Showed a ton of resolve late in the 4th. Much respect to Bron (other than that dunk and his glare and his complaining to the ref, which wasn’t shown on the clip) and his squad.

  • Mario_Serrano

    Easy dunk? He beat his man off the dribble, he left him by the three point line, and then dunked on Milsap. He asked for the foul because it was an and1. Milsap was moving his feet while Lebron was in the air, therefore he had all the right to ask for the foul.

  • Dfrance

    I’d rather him jump and try and block the shot and get dunked on, than stand there, take some nuts to the face and wind up on his back.

  • Myung

    “easy,” relatively speaking.

    We’re talking about LeBron James here.

    Can I dunk like that? Not in my wildest dreams.

    But we’ve been watching this guy play for over a decade now. In the context of the situation, for this particular player, it was an easy dunk. For the average human, not at all.

    You seriously think it was an and 1? The no call was the right call.

    It wasn’t a charge… and it wasn’t a block… it was a no call. Millsap thought it was a charge (wrong); Bron thought it was a block (wrong). The refs got it right. I don’t even know why Millsap got in the way. He made no attempt to stop the shot, and he CLEARLY wasn’t going to foul him (thus making it a three point opportunity). I’m guessing he thought Horford was going to front him a little better, and he didn’t have much time to react.

  • Max

    Yeah you’re right, altho the outcome could’ve been even nastier if he did that.