Sunday, January 5th, 2014 at 11:24 am  |  7 responses

Gerald Green Throws Down Two Sick Windmill Dunks (VIDEO)

This dude’s hangtime is unfair.

With Eric Bledsoe sitting, Gerald Green was given the start Saturday night, and he took full advantage, compiling 24 points, 2 rebounds, 5 steals and the two sick highlight dunks you see above. 

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  • Tarzan Cooper

    im so happy for this guy.
    the shocker will have a nice long career.

  • VanCityBBall

    I swear I think I saw Gerald Green do a windmill while yawning…

  • http://bit.ly/1adGLWn SirGrey

    Don’t play it out, Gerald !
    Was that an Antoine Walker sighting at :24 ?

  • The Seed

    I am glad he is getting a shot, and has worked on his game. I wish the Pacers would have kept him, he worked good their rotation.

  • TriggaMan

    Lol I think that’s pj tucker

  • http://bit.ly/1adGLWn SirGrey

    Hah yeah I knew it wasn’t him it just struck me that they kinda look similar.
    SHIMMY !

  • TBRK

    just me or did the two Milwaukee defenders on that last dunk just slow up to see the show