Saturday, January 4th, 2014 at 3:07 pm  |  12 responses

Nick Young Conducts Interview as Kobe Bryant (VIDEO)

Mamba reloaded.

Reporters had plenty of questions for Kobe Bryant before Friday night’s Lakers-Jazz game. Luckily, Nick Young was there to answer them.

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  • Chubachuchi

    “We don’t have bones” lmao

  • The Seed

    LOL, is Nick Young better than you, Not in this lifetime!!

  • shockexchange

    Nick Young just outshocked the Shock Exchange!

  • Doug

    Damn, this was so awkward and stupid

  • spottieottiedopaliscious

    swaggy p sounds/looks like he just ran a marathon. breathing and sweating all over the place. take a breath homie

  • robb

    i love this guy, he’s funny and goofy but in a good way, unlike other players who try too hard and fail. Right Dwight?

  • dannyb

    Aaaaaaaaaand Kobe has made his last pass to Nick Young in this lifetime

  • The Real

    I like Nick but he is not funny at all, he is as funny as Dwight is which is not even a little bit.. U sound like a bitter Lakers fan who is still scorn about Dwights departure. When the lakers don’t make the playoffs this year u going to be one of the fans blaming players like young saying he wasn’t serious enough.

  • Ben Ireland

    As a Lakers fan, I think barring some miraculous fountain of youth type stuff from Kobe, this season’s gone. We’ve all pretty much accepted that. But Dwight isn’t funny, he’s attention seeking. I kinda enjoyed this tbh. I like that Kendall Marshall’s getting a chance, liked him from college, but this roster as constructed (even without an injury striking down every single guard ever) isn’t going to win a playoff series, though it’s possible Kobe drags it to the playoffs somehow. It might make it to the 8 seed but even then, what’s the point? We have our first round pick, let’s hit the lottery and hope Adam Silver’s first act as Commissioner is to give us Wiggins or Parker haha. I kinda hope we don’t make the playoffs, though this season blows. Long-term, let Wiggins study under Kobe, let us somehow get Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook…..
    Ah I can dream. What’s that Lebron? You wanna be a Laker?! And we don’t even have to pay you?!

  • The Real

    You hit a lot of points on the head. I too like seeing Marshall get a shot but will the Lakers continue playing him when Blake and Nash etc. Come back? will they resign him after the year? I hear what your saying about missing the playoffs and the draft but the lakers do not draft and develop players they like to win right away and with this current bunch they are not the lakers of old but their not a terrible the team to that would make the lottery they just doesnt have two or three marquee players that you can identify with. Truth is none of the guys coming in the draft this year are saviors. Wiggins is not what everybody made him out to be and randle/Parker will need to make the transition from college to the pros so I doubt they will come in and save a franchise right away. Truth is lakers are in trouble for years to come, no top tier free agents will want to play there because it’s still Kobes team for the next two years. Remember what Dwight asked during his free agent courtship? Will Kobe still be around. A lot of young guys like carmelo, love and Lebron won’t come in and take a back seat to Kobe when their time is now.

    On a brighter note Marshall could be the lakers point guard for a while if they handle him/the situation correctly. What I mean by that is resign him and continue to play him no matter if Nash comes back or Blake gets right.

  • Me that’s who

    Even with the fountain of youth Kobe by himself can’t lead that team to the playoffs let alone a finals appearance. History shows that. He needs another big time player just like Lebron, Jordan and anybody else before him he is not an exception to this.

  • robb

    I dont like Dwight never have. Him leaving LA was the best thing I could have asked for. Nick and Dwight are totally different. Nick is a genuine guy, Dwight is a fake. And dont try to make an analysis about what I think or how I feel about the situation because you dont have the slightest idea.